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The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy Patents
The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
Washington, DC
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H1025 Multi-sonobuoy launch container with fluid actuator March 3, 1992
A multi-store launch container is disclosed wherein a plurality of stores, aintained in a tandem configuration therein, can be sequentially ejected. The container is normally carried by a vehicle and receives the necessary charges, of for instance pressurized gas, at its breach end throug
H1008 Dump combustor with noncoherent flow January 7, 1992
In a combustor in which a flow area for fuel and air increases suddenly at dump so as to generate vortices which mix the fuel and air for combustion downstream of the dump, the improvement in which the flow cross section upstream of the dump is noncircular, as triangular or rectangular,
H1007 Solid fuel ramjet combustor January 7, 1992
In a solid fuel ramjet in which a fluid flow boundary layer extends along a urning fuel grain and receives combustible material liberated from the grain, exciting oscillations in air flowing toward the grain so that oscillations continue in the boundary layer and promote vortices in the
H100 Apparatus for nebulizing particulate laden samples of lubricating oils August 5, 1986
Apparatus for nebulizing particulate laden undiluted oil samples of varying iscosities suitable for subsequent analysis utilizing atomic spectroscopic principles. Undiluted samples of varying viscosity are heated as they are fed through an inlet tube where the heated oil is fed into a cha
D491372 Camouflage pattern for sheet material and uniforms June 15, 2004
D464790 United states marine corps combat utility uniform October 29, 2002
D381387 Shoulder-launched, multiple-purpose assault weapon July 22, 1997
D355157 Aircraft February 7, 1995
8589133 Dynamic simulation of a system of interdependent systems November 19, 2013
Interdependencies between pairs/groups of individual systems are evaluated in determining the composition of a universal system of interdependent systems. Data tables reflecting the interdependencies are contained in a central database resident in a server's memory. Plural/multiple c
8585982 Field colorimetric test device November 19, 2013
A field colorimetric test device includes a housing having at least one interior compartment. A sampling device is configured to be associated with a distal end of the housing. A selection device is attached to a proximal end of the housing.
8585839 Scalable low-energy modified ball mill preparation of nanoenergetic composites November 19, 2013
A large-scale synthetic method that enables the preparation of nanoenergetic composites in kilogram scales which forms superior materials as compared to the ultra-sonicated nanoenergetic composites and at a lower cost for use in explosive, pyrotechnic, agent defeat, ammunition primer
8584608 Rolling textile protective system for textile structural members November 19, 2013
A rolling textile protective system for textile structural members includes n number of concentric sleeves having void spaces therebetween. The n number of concentric sleeves are concentrically positioned about a common axis. N number of concentric sleeves includes an inner sleeve, a
8584586 Roll frequency dependency correction to control magnetic ship signatures November 19, 2013
The present invention provides three different algorithms, namely, the "divide and conquer" algorithm, the "Hiddensee compensation" algorithm, and the "impulse response" algorithm. Any one of these three inventive algorithms may be made a part of an overall degaussing algorithm for a
8584569 Plume exhaust management for VLS November 19, 2013
A system is provided for directing a flow of gas, including a launching mechanism, a plenum, a layer of meltable material, and an open-ended uptake component. The launching mechanism is adapted to expel rocket exhaust gas. The plenum includes an upper portion having at least one fire
8583573 Nonparametric mine line detection using spatial analysis November 12, 2013
A mine line detection method to identify mine-like contacts (MLCs) that fit into mine line patterns dictated by standard mine laying protocol. In general, MLCs define a minefield where the minefield has both mines and false alarms. The method classifies every MLC into one of three classe
8582100 Remote multisensor optical particle monitor for flowing fluid systems November 12, 2013
An optical fluid monitoring system for imaging debris and other particles in a flowing fluid. The system can have multiple sensors (camera and viewing port) connected to a single, remotely located, laser and computer. The system can also include multiple lasers, viewing ports and cam
8581771 Scene illuminator November 12, 2013
A system is disclosed to identify authorized EO devices and unauthorized EO devices within a scene. The system hampers the operation of the unauthorized EO devices detected within the scene.
8581160 Gyroscopic stabilizer November 12, 2013
A gyroscopic stabilizer has a ring mounted at a missile rocket nozzle exit for rotation about the exit. The ring bears vanes extended inwardly into gases exiting from the nozzle and configured for rotation by the exiting gases so that the rotating mass of the ring gyroscopically stab
8580387 Polyurea composite armor November 12, 2013
A composite armor including a ballistic armor layer and a directly attached polyurea layer. The polyurea layer is the cured reaction product of an isocyanate curing agent and a mixture of diamines having the general formula: H.sub.2N-Ph-(C.dbd.O)--O--(CH.sub.2--CH.sub.2--CH.sub.2--CH
8579535 Micro-coupling active release mechanism November 12, 2013
A micro-coupling active release mechanism including a shape memory alloy (SMA) cylindrical ring that is fit into a bushing or other mating attachment creating an interference joint held in place by frictional forces. The interference joint can be released upon actuation in which the
8579235 Technique for de-orbiting small debris from the near-earth space environment November 12, 2013
System and method for inducing rapid reentry of orbital debris including determining a spatial extent of the orbital debris, and deploying dust to the orbital debris to enhance the drag on the orbital debris. Small objects with perigee above about 900 km where the debris lifetime can be
8578759 Undersea pipeline intrusion detection system using low-frequency guided acoustic waves and distr November 12, 2013
A method and an apparatus for intrusion detection. The apparatus includes an acoustic source, a laser light source, a pressure-sensitive optical fiber including a first end and a second end. The second end is connected to the laser light source and oriented toward the acoustic source. Th
8577648 Simulating fluid flow at a moving boundary November 5, 2013
A method of simulating fluid flow in a three-dimensional volume with a moving boundary is presented. The moving boundary is provided within a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh. The CFD mesh includes mesh points defining three-dimensional mesh cells. Locations of the mesh points
8577086 Post-BLOB analysis method and article of manufacture November 5, 2013
An article of manufacture and method for performing post-BLOB analysis.
8576953 Identification of target signals in radio frequency pulsed environments November 5, 2013
A system and method for processing signals are disclosed. The method may be performed, at least partially, by the system. In one embodiment, the method comprises sending a first plurality of data including transmission parameters to a transmission system for transmitting of a first plura
8576666 Graphical user interface for flow noise modeling, analysis, and array design November 5, 2013
A system is provided that employs a programmable computer on which a graphical user interface provides parametric design and analysis of pressure sensor arrays used in aero- or hydroacoustic investigations. Use of the system allows for scientific and parametric investigations of turb
8576657 Method for calibrating a plurality of data channels in a vector sensor November 5, 2013
A system, processor and method of use for calibration processing is provided to calibrate acoustic vector sensor data collected at comparatively close range. Vector sensor data collected at close range includes data collected with source-to-receiver separations ranging from a one-ten
8576548 Communications vehicle November 5, 2013
A vehicle is provided that includes a shelter thereon that includes electronics therein. The shelter includes ports on the exterior thereof that permit data and power exchange between the vehicle and another similarly configured vehicle. The vehicle further includes dedicated wiring
8576229 Meteorology and oceanography geospatial analysis toolset November 5, 2013
System and method for providing access to ArcMap netCDF utilities and adding support for observational data to ArcMap including, but not limited to, comparing observational data to model data in a graphical manner, and maintaining the security classifications for each layer in ArcMap
8575929 Magnetic anomaly surveillance system using spherical trilateration November 5, 2013
A magnetic anomaly surveillance system includes triaxial magnetometer (TM) sensors arranged at known locations in an array. A processor coupled to the TM sensors generates a scalar magnitude of a magnetic anomaly field measured at each of the TM sensors. The scalar magnitude is indic
8574658 Fumeless latent fingerprint detection November 5, 2013
A fumeless latent fingerprint detection system using fluorescent particles.
8574468 Benzo-fused heterocyclic chromophores for nonlinear optical devices November 5, 2013
A benzo-fused-heterocyclic elongated dye having a superior molecular hyperpolarizability and yet having an acceptably-low optical absorbance of light near 1550 nm in wavelength, which is an important optical communication band for telecommunication applications.
8574467 Benzo-fused heterocyclic chromophores for nonlinear optical devices November 5, 2013
A benzo-fused-heterocyclic elongated dye having a superior molecular hyperpolarizability and yet having an acceptably-low optical absorbance of light near 1550 nm in wavelength, which is an important optical communication band for telecommunication applications.
8573291 Compact radial counterflow recuperator November 5, 2013
An annular design heat exchanger is formed from an arrangement of wedge-shaped stacks of wafers. Each wafer includes sheets of material separated by peripheral and supporting walls that define interior flow channels through which a first fluid can flow. Holes in the sheets provide in
8573109 Ammunition canister and feed system November 5, 2013
An armament system for aircraft includes an ammunition system and a mount system for a machine gun. The ammunition system includes an ammunition canister and feed system, the canister having a pair of brackets releasably coupled to a pair of receivers supported by a vertical mounting
8571371 Direct extrusion method for the fabrication of photonic band gap (PBG) fibers and fiber preforms October 29, 2013
A method and apparatus for making a substantially void-free preform for a microstructured optical fiber using a one-step process is provided. A preform is prepared from specialty glasses using a direct extrusion method. A die for use with the direct extrusion method is also provided,
8570227 High-frequency transmit antenna system October 29, 2013
A transmit antenna system includes active transmit electronics. A transistor has its gate coupled to a pulse generator for receiving the voltage pulses produced thereby. A coupled inductor is coupled to the transistor's drain. A tuning capacitor is coupled to the coupled inductor. An
8569399 Polymeric compositions containing microspheres October 29, 2013
Disclosed herein is a composition having a thermoset polymer and a plurality of hollow microsphere homogenously dispersed in the composition. The polymer is a cyanate ester thermoset, a phthalonitrile thermoset, a crosslinked acetylene thermoset, or a hydrosilation thermoset. Also di
8568076 Sea surface vessel recovery and fueling system October 29, 2013
An apparatus for securing and fueling a surface water vessel at a floating receptacle that is towed by a parent ship. The surface water vessel may be a manned or an unmanned surface vehicle, for example. According to the invention, the surface water vessel includes a retractable prob
8567744 Reusable breakaway mounting device October 29, 2013
A reusable device for detachably mounting an object to a platform includes a breakaway plate that is mounted to the object and a mounting bracket that is fixed to the platform. The breakaway plate is formed with a circumferential groove, and an o-ring is placed in the groove. A tooth
8567403 Biochemical agent filter using ultraviolet irradiation on nanoparticle-embedded ionic grids October 29, 2013
A system includes an ultraviolet light source, such as light-emitting diodes, disposed between a first ionic grid and a second ionic grid. The first and the second ionic grids have opposite ionic charges and a plurality of silver nanoparticles disposed thereon. The ultraviolet light
8567332 Advanced bilge keel design October 29, 2013
An advanced bilge keel design for improved ship roll damping performance. The advanced bilge keel design includes curved upper and bottom surfaces and improved free end edge design for providing passive roll stabilization and improved energy dissipation.
8567292 Screw removal tool October 29, 2013
A tool for loosening and/or unscrewing a screw in an object. The tool includes a frame dimensioned and configured to receive (or be mounted on) an object having at least one screw removably embedded therein.
8564879 Multispectral infrared simulation target array October 22, 2013
A composite infrared target simulation display system for field testing of infrared (IR) search and track, guidance and general sensory systems. The system includes one or more tileable emitter arrays scalable without systemic size limitation. The emitter arrays are square faced tiles
8564224 High average current, high quality pulsed electron injector October 22, 2013
An electron injector including an electron source and a conducting grid situated close to the electron source, one or more RF accelerating/bunching cavities operating at the same fundamental RF frequency; a DC voltage source configured to bias the cathode at a small positive voltage
8563762 Metal oxide surface treatment with a fluoroalkyl silanizing agent October 22, 2013
This disclosure concerns a metal oxide surface treatment with a fluoroalkyl silanizing agent.
8562361 Universal ground adapter for marine cables October 22, 2013
An electrical conduit ground device is provided for electrically and environmentally shielding an electric cable. The device includes a conduit having a receiving end through which the cable passes axially; an internal seal that inserts into the receiving end; a gland boss that inser
8300497 Method for reducing flow induced vibration and noise in towed arrays October 30, 2012
A method for reducing noise in a towed acoustic array includes providing a towed array having a length, diameter, frequency range and tow speed. The relationship between tension in the towed array and wall pressure fluctuation spectral levels is determined. Wall pressure fluctuation
8300303 Acoustically focused optical lens October 30, 2012
An acoustically-focused optical lens is provided that uses acoustic transducers arranged in diametrically-opposed pairs around an exterior surface of a cylindrical tube in order to concentrate (heavier-than-water metallic) particles suspended in water within the interior of the tube to
8299187 Method for improving acoustic impedance of epoxy resins October 30, 2012
An epoxy and rubber microcomposite is formed by adding a carboxy-terminated or amine-terminated rubber component having a glass transition temperature less than zero degrees centigrade to a bisphenol A based epoxy resin component; heating the mixture to 150 degrees centigrade; coolin

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