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The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy Patents
The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
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H2157 Method of producing corrosion resistant metal alloys with improved strength and ductility June 6, 2006
Nickel and chromium as the exclusive components of an alloy is formed by mixing under cover of nitrogen gas and spray casting thereof wherein a molten outflow stream of such alloy components is atomized by exposure to jets of the nitrogen gas after pressurization, resulting in formation
H2148 Underwater net protection system March 7, 2006
Netting constructed from strong elongated tubular elements encloses optic fiber signal lines. Such netting is anchored at spaced locations underwater adjacent to a dock to establish a protection zone for sea vessels within the zone from terrorist threats to be delivered underwater by
H2147 Digital preemphasizer for transmission of PCM codes March 7, 2006
A method for digital preemphasizer high fidelity reconstruction of an original pulse code modulation (PCM) serial stream binary data signal which has suffered degradation of fidelity, and consequent increase in bit-error-rate, during transmission on a single channel from a transmitte
H2143 System and a method of operation thereof for analyzing the performance of a tape recorder February 7, 2006
A system, and a method of operation thereof, for analyzing the performance of a tape recorder having a playback head is disclosed. The system allows for the recorded data of the tape recorder to be routed to a analog-to-digital converter whose output is delivered to a digital signal
H2133 Fireproof protection integrating fabrication system for composite structures November 1, 2005
A composite structure having a substrate is protectively covered during fabrication by a barrier layer, such as an intumescent mat or felt, into which a fire resisting agent such as phenolic resin or water, or oil based intumescent coating is infused in-situ before attachment to the subs
H2131 Method for preparing efficient low voltage multilayer phosphor films November 1, 2005
The present invention relates to a method of preparing a multilayer phosphor (film) product on a substrate. The method comprises adding solid particulate precursor to a solution of an alkoxide precursor and a dopant precursor before hydrolysis is allowed to occur. The mixture is then
H213 Disiccant plug for missile launcher February 3, 1987
A desiccant containing plug for insertion through a launcher tube into a sle containing tube which is coaxially received in one end of the launcher tube. The plug has a perforate end which extends into the container tube and which is circumscribed by a humidity sealing ring fitted t
H2121 High surface area, nanoscale, mesoporous manganese oxides with controlled solid-pore architectur August 2, 2005
Nanoscale, mesoporous manganese oxide materials aerogels and ambigels are prepared by altering the method for removing pore liquid from manganese oxide gels. By removing pore fluid under conditions where capillary forces are substantially absent, materials exhibiting a desired high mesop
H2119 Acoustic fusion of aquatic animal tissue cells with biological agents June 7, 2005
Biological agents in solution within an underwater treatment zone are transferred by infusion to living cells under an acoustic energy field of limited duration and certain accompanying water flow and temperature conditions to maximize processing efficiency.
H2112 Method for measuring coating thickness using ultrasonic spectral tracking December 7, 2004
A method and an apparatus are provided for measuring the thickness of a coating material using ultrasonic signals. A broad band of frequencies is transmitted by a transducer towards a layer of coating layer on a substrate and a trailing signal is received from the coating layer/subst
H2102 Contamination control of gaseous emissions by corona-discharge generation of plasma May 4, 2004
Contaminants within the gaseous emission discharged from an incinerator are eliminated during passage in parallel through reactor chambers by chemical reaction induced during exposure to plasma generated within said chambers. The plasma is generated by corona-discharge breakdown of elect
H2099 Digital video injection system (DVIS) April 6, 2004
A digital video injection system having a digital image source, means for image processing, a scan converter, a seeker-dynamics interface capable of controlling the image system and a digital system controller that is used to simulate real-time flight to an imaging system, such as an ima
H2098 Multilingual communications device March 2, 2004
A computer-based device for providing spoken translations of a predetermined set of medical questions, upon the selection of individual questions. Translations are prerecorded into a number of languages, and the physician user, in cooperation with the patient, chooses the language in
H2084 Pentacene derivatives as red emitters in organic light emitting devices October 7, 2003
Pentacene derivatives substituted with two or more aromatic, substituted aromatic, heteroaromatic, or substituted heteroaromatic groups are dopants for organic electroluminescent devices. When combined with host materials and incorporated into an organic light emitting devices, the penta
H2078 Permanent bonding of corrosion resisting metallic parts by sealant attachment September 2, 2003
A sealant in its liquid phase is placed between attachment portions of paint coated metallic parts for subsequent in-place solidification into a gasket for both sealing and permanent bonding purposes. The attachment portions are then interconnected by screws extending through the gasket
H2076 Analog video processor August 5, 2003
An analog video processor is disclosed for coupling a CCD target acquisition and tracking seeker to a microcomputer via a video preprocessor, having a CCD automatic light control circuit, a video automatic gain control circuit, and a TV monitor/display circuit, and via a video proces
H2069 Signal processor July 1, 2003
A signal processor circuit has a phase-locked loop with a low-pass filter for removing phase-modulation components from a clock signal. The processor circuit has an isolated power supply for removing amplitude-modulation components from the same clock signal.
H2066 Superconductor and noble metal composite films June 3, 2003
Films having islands of noble metal protruding from and surrounded by a layer of a superconductor are formed by depositing a layer a noble metal on a substrate, and depositing a superconducting layer at a temperature that converts the noble metal film into puddles. The resulting film is
H2063 Thermal barrier and method of use May 6, 2003
A thermal barrier fabricated from pumice, or pumice-like material, and a suitable binder is provided. It may be formed as a self-supporting or load-bearing structural member, or as a thick coating for IR signature reduction. A first embodiment may be used to build a structure, e.g., a
H2061 Device, system, and method for securing an irregularly shaped device, including those with disco April 1, 2003
Provided is an apparatus, system, method of use, and method of manufacturing said apparatus, for securing an object having an irregular outer contour, including those objects having a discontinuous contour, in a standard fixture. While secured in the standard fixture modified as in a
H2040 Personal computer based utility program for an electronic countermeasure system August 6, 2002
A utility software program which provides Operational Flight Program and User Data File software files for an AN/ALQ-165 Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures set in a Personal Computer DOS compatible format. The software program is a personal computer based software utility program t
H2039 Clearing obstacles August 6, 2002
System for clearing both light and heavy obstacles, in which one or more flying metal plates are propelled against heavy obstacles by explosive forces which also expand a folded continous rod member into a curvilinear, generally annular configuration that cuts through light obstacles suc
H2038 Cartridge actuated ordnance filter August 6, 2002
The present invention comprises a capacitor, of sufficient area to cover the glass seal of a cartridge actuated ordnance device, comprising a low pass filter. This capacitor connects to the leads of the cartridge actuated ordnance device in a fashion that covers the glass seal of the
H2025 Serial output warhead June 4, 2002
This invention involves a hard target penetrating warhead designed to penetrate several layers of a target. A standard warhead casing is divided into several compartments with each compartment separated by a shock-absorbing shield. Explosive fill in contained within each compartment.
H2015 Communications system using a sharply bandlimited keying waveform March 5, 2002
This invention is a communication system utilizing sharply bandlimited waveforms for sampled data communications computed for each sample value in a sequence of data samples. The computed waveform is centered at a sample point, weighted by a corresponding data value, and truncated ou
H2009 Height adjustment device for load support January 1, 2002
A leveled load is carried by a support on one of the exterior surfaces of a pair of outer wedges maintained in parallel spaced relation to each other by an intermediate activating wedge to which selective horizontal displacement is imparted relative to the outer wedges for vertical a
H1997 Apparatus and method of concomitant scenario topography with the aid of a digital computer October 2, 2001
A system for concomitant scenario topography with the aid of a digital computer such that a two-dimensional or three-dimensional map is produced and displayed which illustrates the combined effects, particularly geo-environmental, of multiple, diverse criteria and factors relative to
H1985 Method for detecting biological toxins August 7, 2001
Biological toxins are indirectly detected by using polymerase chain reaction to amplify unique nucleic acid sequences coding for the toxins or enzymes unique to toxin synthesis. Buffer, primers coding for the unique nucleic acid sequences and an amplifying enzyme are added to a sample
H1976 Corrosion control in hollow frame structures August 7, 2001
Corrosion protection in hollow metal structures is attained by placing an injected, foam-in-place, closed cell plastic polymer foam into an interior of a hollow metal structure, thereby preventing the ingress of foreign matter, such as dirt or water.
H1966 Integrated motor/gear pump June 5, 2001
Pinion and ring gears intermeshed at one location within a pump chamber are rotationally supported therein by a cylindrical bearing portion of a housing sealingly enclosing said pump chamber between side plates of the housing within which stator windings are mounted in operative alignmen
H1962 Fast acting double puff valve June 5, 2001
The valve is designed for the ejection of a plurality of different gases from within the valve, simultaneously, by having a plurality of plenum chambers within the chamber of the valve, and a poppet therein, that are charged with gases under pressure. The gases are sealed within the
H1958 Method of processing ocean profile data using interactive graphical techniques April 3, 2001
An interactive data analysis system is disclosed that utilizes interactive graphic techniques to analyze ocean properties of a region of interest. The interactive system allows for a user to edit observed ocean data based on his/her a priori knowledge and insight so as to derive accurate
H1948 High-activity catalyst for hydrogen peroxide decomposition March 6, 2001
A high-activity hydrogen peroxide decomposition catalyst comprising an impregnated and calcined substrate with a catalyst mixture. The catalyst mixture comprises a hydrogen peroxide catalytically active compound containing a transition metal cation mixed with an alkaline promoter. A
H1945 Sustaining chaos by using basin boundary saddles March 6, 2001
A method and apparatus for sustaining chaos in a system by using the natural dynamics of the system to redirect flow towards a chaotic region along unstable manifolds of basin boundary saddles by utilizing small, infrequent parameter perturbations. The perturbations are determined based
H1939 Large spectral bandwidth, U.V. solar blind detector February 6, 2001
An early warning system for detecting the UV from a missile plume has a wide field of view, large spectral bandwidth, solar blind detector. A coated detector passes only a spectral region that embraces UV signals of interest and a wavelength shifter includes a material that shifts the
H1938 Supercavitating water-entry projectile February 6, 2001
A supercavitating water-entry projectile having empennage on the aft end which provides both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic stability and a supercavitating nose section is provided. A representative projectile is a subcaliber munition adapted for use in a 25 mm weapon using a sabot cur
H1930 Precursor warhead attachment for an anti-armor rocket January 2, 2001
A precursor warhead for a high-explosive, anti-armor (HEAA) warhead is provided. The precursor warhead is a cylindrically-shaped attachment adapted for a friction fit over the nose cone of existing HEAA warheads. The precursor warhead has an instantaneous fuse which initiates a precu
H1925 Apparatus and method for monitoring steel decarburization by remote flame emission spatial imagi December 5, 2000
An apparatus and method for monitoring a stainless steel decarburization cess includes a flame emission spatial imaging spectrometer and a telescopic lens system coupled to the spectrometer. The telescopic lens system is positioned to direct light from the furnace flame into the spe
H192 Satellite alignment sensor January 6, 1987
An optical alignment sensor capable of receiving radiation from a collima light source and subsequently providing orientation attitude and alignment data. Collimated light from the source impinges an aperture plate causing a shadow of the aperture plate pattern to fall across a two-
H1916 Hostile weapon locator system November 7, 2000
A system is disclosed for determining the location from which a sound blast having an identifiable audio signature originates. The system is particrly suited for determining the location of the muzzle blast from which a projectile, such as a bomb, is being launched by an enemy. The
H1890 Indirect modulation method for activity controlled waste incinerator afterburner October 3, 2000
This invention involves an improved technique for the modulation of waste an actively controlled compact waste incinerator afterburner. This improved technique utilizes acoustic driving to affect indirect modulation of waste flow velocities. The waste surrogate gases are modulated i
H1888 Process for applying high application-temperature coating to heat-sensitive aluminum alloys October 3, 2000
A process is provided for coating a given surface of a heat sensitive metal article (e.g., thermally massive aluminum) with a high-cure-temperatureating-forming-powder. A first oven heating step elevates the metal article's temperature to a predetermined preheat cycle high-limit-of
H1887 Drill guide for combination lock mounting and method for using drill guide October 3, 2000
A drill guide for combination lock mounting and method for fabricating and sing the drill guide is provided. The drill guide is fabricated using several interior mounting plates bonded together to form a sufficient thickness to maintain a true level bore hole. The fabrication guide plate
H1886 Optical thin-film cavities for transducing visible radiation to infrared radiation October 3, 2000
A transducer is deposited on each fiber of an optical fiber scene projector to convert portions of electromagnetic radiation to emitted radiation, h as IR. The transducer, is adaptable to large arrays of optical fibers and can be fabricated using mature conventional processes, such as
H1883 Continuous-time adaptive learning circuit October 3, 2000
A continuous-time multiplier-integrator-multiplier circuit in which the integrator is a transconductance-C circuit. This permits the integrators to have long time constants despite being tightly fabricated on an integrated semiconductor chip. The multipliers can preferably be Gilbert
H1878 Electronic chart assisted navigation system October 3, 2000
The automated charting system of the present invention comprises a computer program for inputting current position from the Global Positioning Syst accessing the Digital Nautical Chart database (DNC), selecting the best available nautical chart data for the current position, and di
H186 Recoil simulator for weapons January 6, 1987
A recoil simulator is disclosed in which one end of a flexible cable is ached to a weapon and the other end to a system comprising a rotating shaft and a clutch. As the trigger of the weapon is pulled a signal is produced which activates the clutch. The clutch creates a sudden pull on
H1844 Laser magneto-optic rotation spectrometer (LMORS) March 7, 2000
A magneto-optical rotation (MOR) spectrometer is disclosed having a laser as a light source and providing a high intensity input light source that yields improvements in the detection limits and in the dynamic operating ranges of the MOR spectrometer.
H184 2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy bis(2-fluoro-2,2-dinitroethoxy)methane and a method preparation January 6, 1987
2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy bis(2-fluoro-2,2-dinitroethoxy)methane, CF.sub.3 CHb.2 OCH[OCH.sub.2 CF(NO.sub.2).sub.2 ].sub.2, is an energetic plasticizer useful in plastic-bonded explosives. Of particular importance is its miscibility with fluoropolymers.
H1835 Bistable photoconductive switches particularly suited for frequency-agile, radio-frequency sourc February 1, 2000
A photoconductive switching device is disclosed that has an enhanced speed of response so that its closed (low) and open (high) resistive states are obtained in response to optical illumination in the less than nanosecond regime. The enhanced speed of response is achieved by neutron irra

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