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The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
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7940602 Real-time system and method of underwater depth discrepancy detection, recordation and alarm not May 10, 2011
An underwater depth discrepancy system and method are provided. A comparator compares an actual underwater depth with a predetermined/prerecorded chart depth corresponding to a current location corresponding to the location of the actual underwater depth. A first signal is generated
7940225 Antenna with shaped dielectric loading May 10, 2011
An apparatus, method of propagating a signal and method of manufacture for an antenna structure comprising a section which is positioned or formed in relation to a portion of the antenna structure, such that a portion of the electromagnetic (EM) field that is emitted from the antenna
7939805 Method and apparatus for infrared spectrometry May 10, 2011
A Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer for operation in the mid- and long-wave infrared region (about 2-15 micron wavelengths) is disclosed. The FTIR spectrometer is composed of IR-transmitting fiber and uses a broadband IR source. A fiber stretcher is provided to provide a
7939337 Carbosilane polymers and methods for use in analytical and purification applications May 10, 2011
This invention relates generally to a new class of chemoselective polymer materials primarily designed to sorb hydrogen bond basic analytes such as organophosphonate esters (nerve agents and precursors) and nitro-substituted compounds (explosives). In particular, the invention relate
7938077 Hydrogen generation apparatus for an underwater vehicle May 10, 2011
A hydrogen generation apparatus for an underwater vehicle is presented, the apparatus including a hydrolysis reaction compartment, a mass of solid lithium hydride disposed in the compartment, inlet and outlet structure for passing sea water through the compartment to generate steam,
7938066 Strip charge storage arrangement May 10, 2011
A storage arrangement for a strip charge includes a spool having a central aperture into which is placed an end of the strip charge, and a channel extending from the central aperture out to a peripheral wall around which the strip charge is wound. The channel includes a slightly curv
7938053 Armor May 10, 2011
A multi-layer armor comprises: an outer composite spaced from an inner composite. The outer composite comprises (a.) a high strength strike surface layer, (b.) a high strain rate sensitivity-hardening polymer and (c.) a second high strength layer. The inner composite comprises spaced
7937930 Semiclosed Brayton cycle power system with direct heat transfer May 10, 2011
A semiclosed power system utilizing a Brayton cycle with combustion occurring between diesel fuel and O.sub.2 in direct contact with an inert gas. The inert gas and products of combustion form a heated working fluid which is expanded in a turbine to provide power. The expanded working
7937780 Extremity armor May 10, 2011
Body armor for ballistic protection of a user's extremities preferably comprising right and left arm protection units and/or right and left leg protection units. The units include a ballistic protection material which preferably covers most of the user's upper arm, elbow region, lower ar
7936404 Method for stacking thermal actuators with liquid crystal elastomer May 3, 2011
An apparatus comprising a first liquid crystal elastomer, a first heating element, a first layer of thermal paste, and a second liquid crystal elastomer. The apparatus further comprising a second heating element, a second layer of thermal paste, and a third liquid crystal elastomer. The
7934190 Multiple amplifier matching over lumped networks of arbitrary topology April 26, 2011
A method includes generating at least one matrix representing a two-port, generating gain, noise, and stability functions of a system comprising the two-port, a generator connected to one port of the two-port, the generator having a generator reflectance, and a load connected to the
7933764 System and method for adding semantic support to existing syntactic infrastructure April 26, 2011
UDDI is not capable of handling semantic markups for Web services due to its flat data model and limited search capabilities. The present invention provides semantic service description and matchmaking with registries that conforms to UDDI specification. Specifically, the present inv
7933645 Use of EEG to measure cerebral changes during computer-based motion sickness-inducing tasks April 26, 2011
The invention relates to a method of determining early onset of motion sickness by brain imaging. The method discloses an objective means of determining the onset of motion sickness by evaluating a specific region of the brain. The method can also be utilized in evaluating the predis
7933080 Multi-axis optical mount April 26, 2011
A mounting mechanism is provided for aligning and securing an optical instrument to a platform. The mechanism includes a housing, a trunnion and a base-plate. The housing receives the optical instrument along a longitudinal axis. The housing includes an attach support for the optical
7932718 System and method using magnetic anomaly field magnitudes for detection, localization, classific April 26, 2011
A magnetic anomaly sensing system and method uses at least four triaxial magnetometer (TM) sensors with each of the TM sensors having X,Y,Z magnetic sensing axes. The TM sensors are arranged in a three-dimensional array with respective ones of the X,Y,Z magnetic sensing axes being mu
7932096 Trioxyethylene gold nanoclusters functionalized with a single DNA April 26, 2011
A method of making a nanoclusters functionalized with a single DNA strand comprising the steps of providing nanoclusters, combining said nanoclusters with thiolated DNA, incubating said nanoclusters and thiolated DNA mixture, combining said mixture with a solution comprising ethanol
7931762 Electrostatic charge dissipation compositions including energetic particles April 26, 2011
An electrostatic charge dissipation composition having at least one energetic particle component and at least one oxidized electrically active polymer deposited on the energetic component. In another embodiment, the electrostatic charge dissipation composition includes at least one e
7929375 Method and apparatus for improved active sonar using singular value decomposition filtering April 19, 2011
The invention is a method for improved active sonar using a singular value decomposition filtering and a Volterra-Hermite Basis Expansion to model real active sonar measurements. The fitting model minimizes the sum of the squared errors between a measured channel response, z(t), and
7929374 Multi-static object tracker using specular cue initiation and directed data retrieval April 19, 2011
Methods, computer-readable means, and systems for minimizing false alarm rates and operator loading while conducting multistatic active sonar operations are disclosed. A plurality of sensor nodes is established, with each sensor node including an active sonar source, and a receiver.
7928471 Group III-nitride growth on silicon or silicon germanium substrates and method and devices there April 19, 2011
A structure including a Si.sub.1-xGe.sub.x substrate and a distributed Bragg reflector layer disposed directly onto the substrate. The distributed Bragg reflector layer includes a repeating pattern that includes at least one aluminum nitride layer and a second layer having the genera
7928194 Recombinant antigen for diagnosis and prevention of murine typhus April 19, 2011
The invention relates to a recombinant immunogenic composition from Rickettsia typhi. The invention also relates to a method for the use of the recombinant proteins in detection and diagnostic assays and as a component in formulations for the induction of an anti-R. typhi immune resp
7927705 Low loss visible-IR transmitting glass-aluminum oxynitride composites and process April 19, 2011
This invention pertains to a composite of AlON and a germanate glass, and to a process for bonding AlON to the glass. The composite includes AlON and glass bonded together and having transmission in the visible and mid-infrared wavelength region. The process includes the step of heating
7927595 Methods for downregulating CCR5 in T cells with anti-CD3 antibodies and anti-CD28 antibodies April 19, 2011
Methods for modulating HIV-1 fusion cofactor expression by manipulating an accessory molecule on the surface of T cells, such as CD28, are described. The invention encompasses methods for modulating HIV-1 fusion cofactor expression by stimulating or inhibiting one or more intracellul
7927439 Shock compression sensitivity change on command of explosives containing SMART materials April 19, 2011
The invention is a method and a composition where, on command, a distributed number of micron size voids are created in an energetic material. The voids are hot spots, which change the shock compression sensitivity of the explosive composition by a factor of 2 to 10. The composition
7927438 Electrostatic charge dissipation compositions including energetic particles April 19, 2011
An electrostatic charge dissipation composition having at least one energetic particle component and at least one oxidized electrically active polymer deposited on the energetic component. In another embodiment, the electrostatic charge dissipation composition includes at least one e
7926587 Explosive water jet with precursor bubble April 19, 2011
A water jet assembly and method of use is provided comprising a tank with cutting fluid, fuel and oxidizer lines, and a tank discharge lines. In operation, the tank is filled with oxidizer; the oxidizer line is closed and cutting fluid is supplied compressing the oxidizer. When the fluid
7926356 Apparatus for measuring the health of solid rocket propellant using an embedded sensor April 19, 2011
An invented apparatus for nondestructively remotely measuring the health of an energetic material, includes a piezoelectric capacitance sensor having an exterior surface that is substantially inert to the energetic material. The piezoelectric capacitance sensor provides an analog signal
7926276 Closed cycle Brayton propulsion system with direct heat transfer April 19, 2011
A liquid metal fueled Brayton cycle power system with a direct contact heat exchanger. In this invention, a compressor compresses the working gas. A regenerator preheats the compressed working gas and passes the working gas to a reactor/storage tank with liquid metal fuel stored ther
7926275 Closed brayton cycle direct contact reactor/storage tank with chemical scrubber April 19, 2011
A closed cycle Brayton direct contact reactor/storage tank uses a chemical scrubber to assist in removing metal vapors from the working fluid. The direct contact reactor/storage tank operates by bubbling an inert gas through liquid metal fuel. The inert gas picks up metal vapors from
7925605 Evolutionary expert systems and methods using meta-rules matching April 12, 2011
In various embodiments, evolutionary expert systems and methods are disclosed. For example, a method for evolving a rule base of an expert system includes creating a set of meta-rules from a set of first rules associated with the expert system, creating a set of one or more generaliz
7925496 Method for summarizing natural language text April 12, 2011
A method includes the steps of comparing a first body of text with a user-created summary of the first body of text, creating rules based on the comparison of the first body of text with the user-created summary of the first body of text, selecting one or more summary rules for gener
7924654 System for beamforming acoustic buoy fields April 12, 2011
A system using beamforming techniques in conjunction with an active or passive acoustic buoy field, where the buoy field has a plurality of buoys, each buoy employing at least one sensor attached to and extending substantially downward from that buoy so as to form a planar or conformal
7924547 RuO.sub.0.8 electrode and structure April 12, 2011
A structure including a TiW oxygen plasma mask, a photoresist mask above and in contact with the TiW oxygen plasma mask, a 2000 angstrom thick oxygen plasma vaporizable RuO.sub.0.8 electrode layer partially under and in contact with the TiW oxygen plasma mask, the RuO.sub.0.8 electrode
7923584 Synthesis of difunctional oxyethylene-based compounds April 12, 2011
A method of reacting a toluenesulfonyl-terminated polyoxyethylene compound having the formula CH.sub.3--C.sub.6H.sub.4--SO.sub.2--(O--CH.sub.2--CH.sub.2).sub.n--O--R.s- up.1 with an ammonium salt having the formula NR.sup.2.sub.4X to form a compound having the formula X--CH.sub.2-
7923523 Synthesis of elastomeric poly(carborane-siloxane-acetelyene)S April 12, 2011
A linear polymer comprising carborane, siloxane, and acetylene units, which may be cross-linked to a cured polymer and/or pyrolyzed to a ceramic.
7921757 Body armor with electrical power supply April 12, 2011
An armor plate is provided for a body jacket to include provision for electrical power. The plate includes a flexible substrate, a ceramic cover disposed on the substrate, and a battery. The cover includes cavities along the substrate, with the battery disposed within the cavities. T
7920263 Apparatus and system for electro magnetic field measurements and automatic analyses of phase mod April 5, 2011
An apparatus, for measuring an electric field while minimally perturbing the electric field being measured, includes an analyzing stage and a sensor head. The sensor head is optically coupled to the analyzing stage by a laser probe beam transmitted from the analyzing stage. The sensor
7918310 Noise attenuation device for reducing jet engine noise during testing April 5, 2011
A noise attenuation device for testing a jet engine.
7918138 Wireless microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) pressure sensor with built-in calibration April 5, 2011
A wireless microelectromechanical system (MEMS) pressure sensor with built in calibration. An actuator is coupled with a pressure sensing device to enable the pressure to be calibrated against the known pressure exerted by the actuator. The sensing component is configured to flex und
7915577 Single-shot spatially-resolved imaging magnetometry using ultracold atoms March 29, 2011
A method and system for remotely imaging a magnetic field within an atom cloud is provided. An atom sample held in a magneto-optical trap is released, and the released atom cloud is illuminated by a Raman beam. Resonant atoms having certain velocities will absorb photon momenta from
7915143 Method of mediating forward voltage drift in a SiC device March 29, 2011
A method of reversing Shockley stacking fault expansion includes providing a bipolar or a unipolar SiC device exhibiting forward voltage drift caused by Shockley stacking fault nucleation and expansion. The SiC device is heated to a temperature above C. A current is passe
7913944 Cable brake for sea deployments of light cable March 29, 2011
A cable brake system for deployments of cable comprising: a frame configured to be mounted on a ship; a repeater supporting track mounted longitudinally to the frame, the supporting track being configured for slidingly supporting a plurality of repeaters; a spool positioned exterior
7913623 MEMS fuze assembly March 29, 2011
A MEMS fuze having a moveable slider with a microdetonator at an end for positioning adjacent an initiator. A setback activated lock and a spin activated lock prevent movement of the slider until respective axial and centrifugal acceleration levels have been achieved. Once these acce
7912114 Means for low probability of interception/detection underwater acoustic communications March 22, 2011
A direct-sequence spread-spectrum communications method of de-spreading and decoding received data transmitted through an acoustic channel. A first code match filter is applied to receive data to output a first code impulse response comprising a channel impulse response modulated by a
7906401 Method of tuning threshold voltages of interdiffusible structures March 15, 2011
A method of tuning threshold voltages of interdiffusible structures. The method includes a step of situating an interdiffusible structure in a path of a laser and a step of illuminating the interdiffusible structure with laser energy until a desired threshold voltage is obtained.
7906340 Method for quantitative determination of hydrogen peroxide using potentiometric titration March 15, 2011
An electrochemical potentiometric titration method that entails titration of a known volume of a catholyte containing an unknown amount of hydrogen peroxide in a titration cell having two electrodes, a platinum working electrode and a silver/silver chloride reference electrode. A known
7905527 Harness assembly for use in underwater recovery operations March 15, 2011
A harness assembly for use in the recovery of an object deployed underwater has legs attached to an object prior to an underwater deployment thereof. A sling is coupled to the second ends of the legs. A first support is coupled to the sling and a rigid ring. Second and third supports
7905192 Integrated underwater surface cleaning and effluent treatment system March 15, 2011
A method and apparatus for the cleaning of an underwater surface, such as a ship hull. The method and apparatus enables cleaning to be conducted while mitigating the release of removed material into surrounding waters. The integrated apparatus includes a cleaning vehicle for removing fou
7902698 Method of fabricating a micro-electro-mechanical apparatus for generating power responsive to me March 8, 2011
A method for fabricating a monolithic micro-generator comprising: fabricating a plurality of magnet layer elements by preparing a semiconductor substrate surface to define: a plurality of coil layer recesses, a plurality of magnet wells, a plurality of integral compliant regions, and
7902569 Si/SiGe interband tunneling diodes with tensile strain March 8, 2011
Some disclosed interband tunneling diodes comprise a plurality of substantially coherently strained layers including layers selected from a group consisting of silicon, germanium, and alloys of silicon and germanium, wherein at least one of said substantially coherently strained laye
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