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8091430 Protection system for diaphragm of MEMS device January 10, 2012
A system for protecting a diaphragm of a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device includes a housing coupled to the MEMS device such that its sensing diaphragm is surrounded thereby. A perforated barrier in the housing is adjacent to the sensing diaphragm. A protection diaphragm in
8088162 Membrane pump for synthetic muscle actuation January 3, 2012
A synthetic muscle comprises an outer layer having an interior filled with a proton containing electrolyte. A first electrode extends into the interior, and a second electrode extends through the interior. The second electrode is attached to the outer layer at two locations. An ion s
8087372 Fairlead for a tow cable handling system January 3, 2012
A handling system with an improved fairlead is provided for protecting a tow cable wherein the cable breaking strength exceeds the system-rated tension load; the fairlead being positioned collinearly between the system bellmouth and winch. A guide slot passes through the fairlead pos
8087371 Deployable and inflatable fendering apparatus and method January 3, 2012
A deployable and inflatable/deflatable fendering apparatus capable of providing protection for watercrafts and docks. The apparatus has an inflatable cylindrical body, an outer collar body, and a water reservoir with an inflating and deflating means. The collar body circumferentially
8087229 Variable supersonic mach number air heater utilizing supersonic combustion January 3, 2012
A supersonic combustion apparatus including a fixed geometric nozzle having a converging area, throat, and a diverging area, at least one movable combination of a fuel injector and an oxygen injector where the combined fuel injector and the oxygen injector is located within the diver
8085817 Automatic clock synchronization and distribution circuit for counter clock flow pipelined system December 27, 2011
A clock synchronization buffer for a counter clock flow pipelined circuit including a cascade of processing modules that receive data from a previous module and provide output results to a following module. The clock synchronization buffer receives a clock input signal and provides c
8085459 Plasmonic transistor December 27, 2011
A plasmonic transistor device includes an electro-optic substrate and a conductive layer placed on said electro-optic substrate to establish an interface therebetween. The first conductive layer and electro-optics substrate are made of materials that are suitable for transmission of a
8085216 Real time desktop image warping system December 27, 2011
The present invention relates to an image warping software algorithm for a real time alteration of a display scene running under the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The image warping software algorithm alters the display scene and allows an observer to view the display scene as a
8083448 Interlocking pallets, and shipping and storage systems employing the same December 27, 2011
Shipping and storage containers, racks, and pallets including interlocking mechanisms are provided. An embodiment of the pallet includes openings, interface fittings aligned with the openings, respectively, and sized to fit into openings of identical sizes and configurations as the f
8082849 Short term power grid disruption device December 27, 2011
An electrical power disruption device including a projectile configured to be propelled upwardly from a hand-held launcher and receiving a plurality of electrically conductive streamers.
8082802 Compact and stand-alone combined multi-axial and shear test apparatus December 27, 2011
A testing apparatus is disclosed that includes a turntable, an upper scissor jack assembly and a lower scissor jack assembly positioned in parallel planes, about a longitudinal axis and affixed to a base. The apparatus is powered by at least three motors with supporting controllers.
8081318 Non-periodic wavefront dividing interferometer December 20, 2011
A non-periodic reflection beamsplitter or reflector for use in an interferometer. The interferometer employs non-periodic reflectors or a non-periodic beamsplitter in order to produce interference patterns to analyze. The non-periodic reflectors or beamsplitters may be concentrically
8080341 Electrochemical cells for energy harvesting December 20, 2011
A device having a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an ion-conducting electrolyte in contact with both electrodes. Each electrode has a metal, a metal oxide, a hydrous metal oxide, alloy thereof, or mixture thereof, however, the electrodes are different such materials. Th
8079352 Electromagnetic decoy launcher December 20, 2011
An electromagnetic rail gun launcher for launching an armature attached to a projectile includes a barrel, having a bore, and a body that includes a pair of main rails, a first pair of augmenting rails one of each lying outboard of and coextending with each of one of the main rails f
8079154 Apparatus and method for measuring curvature of tubes December 20, 2011
An apparatus for measuring an angle of inclination of a tangent to a centerline curve of a tube includes a shuttle and a clinometer rotatably fixed to the shuttle. The shuttle comprises a pair of circular end plates and a shaft that joins the end plates. A carrier is attached to the shaf
8077540 System and method for determining vector acoustic intensity external to a spherical array of tra December 13, 2011
A system and computer implemented method for determining and displaying vector acoustic intensity fields based on signals from a rigid spherical array of acoustic sensors within a volume external to the array. The method includes a propagator with a ratio of Green's functions for the
8077098 Antenna test system December 13, 2011
A method and system are provided for testing antenna systems using position determination, orientation determination, test pattern analysis using a variety of factors and equipment including positions and orientation of antenna(s) under test at specific points and signal processing s
8076921 Self-regulating power supply for micro electronic mechanical systems thermal actuators December 13, 2011
Systems and methods for a self-regulating power supply for MEMS thermal actuators to achieve maximum actuator displacement while preventing over powering. The present invention includes a power supply configured to regulate electrical input power to a MEMS thermal actuator in order to
8076700 P-N junction for use as an RF mixer from GHZ to THZ frequencies December 13, 2011
This disclosure describes a semiconductor device that can be used as a mixer at RF frequencies extending from a few tens of GHz into the THz frequency range. The device is composed of narrow bandgap semiconductors grown by solid source molecular beam epitaxy. The device can comprise a
8075223 Deployment system for fiber-optic line sensors December 13, 2011
A system for deploying a fiber optic line sensor is provided that includes a launch vehicle to which three sections are attached. The first section is a buoy antenna section. The second section is an electronics canister section having control electronics. These sections are releasab
8074572 Conical dart sub-munitions for cargo round December 13, 2011
A cargo round (e.g., 155 mm high explosive projectile) is provided for dispensing submunitions. The round includes a nose tip, a casing attached thereto forming a chamber, a tail and a payload in the chamber between the tip and tail. The payload includes a plurality of axi-symmetric dart
8073804 System and method for type 2 KASER (Knowledge Amplification by Structured Expert Randomization) December 6, 2011
A KASER (Knowledge Amplification by Structured Expert Randomization) engine reaches conclusions in a semantic format or which take the form of a series of rules. The conclusions are parsed into an array structure having a hierarchical order of validity. A set of inserted rules is rec
8073797 Method for solving combinatoral optimization problems December 6, 2011
A method for solving a combinatorial optimization problem and applying the solutions to routing as employed in naval convoying and other transit point scheduling. The method involves isolating a plurality of vertices into open-ended zones with lengthwise boundaries. In each zone, a minim
8073289 Method of using a real time desktop image warping system to mitigate optical distortion December 6, 2011
The present invention relates to a method of using an image warping software algorithm to perform a real time alteration of a display scene running under the MICROSOFT WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM to mitigate the inherent distortion of a Stark lens cover. The image warping software algor
8073017 System and method for generating eye-safe high intensity optical pulses with two backward-shifti December 6, 2011
A system and method for converting a pulsed beam of irradiation from a laser operating at a first wavelength to a pulsed beam of irradiation at a second, Stokes, wavelength. The system includes two Raman cells filled with the same Raman-active gas. The second cell receives a backward
8072996 Multiple-buffer queueing of data packets with high throughput rate December 6, 2011
The present invention is a method and apparatus to buffer data. A buffer memory of a first type stores data associated with a connection identifier corresponding to a channel in a network. The data is organized into at least one chunk based on a linked list. The connection identifier
8070090 Stop-rotor rotary wing aircraft December 6, 2011
Systems and methods for transitioning an aircraft between helicopter and fixed wing flight modes are provided. In one embodiment, an aircraft comprises a plurality of wings each having a spar and a flap; a flap actuator configured to move the flap with respect to the spar; and a cent
8069791 Curvilinear sabot system December 6, 2011
A sabot system is defined by a tubular arrangement of curvilinear segments with the tubular arrangement being closed on a first end thereof and open on a second end thereof. The tubular arrangement defines a first outer diameter at its first end and a second and larger outer diameter at
8069770 Modular spaced armor assembly December 6, 2011
A method and device for protecting a surface. The device includes modular spaced armor assemblies having a ceramic face plate, a composite backing plate, and a lightweight low-density module therebetween. The modular spaced armor assemblies may be tiled to form a protective arrangement f
8069767 Gun mount and ejection system December 6, 2011
An armament system for aircraft includes gun mount and ejection system for a machine gun. The gun mount and ejection system includes an ejection chute assembly including a hopper positioned intermediate the uprights of a carriage supporting the machine gun.
8067875 Networked structure of electroactive polymer-based artificial neuromuscular units November 29, 2011
An artificial neuromuscular unit (ANMU) network comprising: a plurality of ANMUs, wherein each ANMU comprises an electroactive polymer (EAP) actuator layer and a uniquely addressable EAP logic layer coupled to the actuator layer; a plurality of inert, non-ion-conducting and non-charg
8066262 Powered canister opener November 29, 2011
A device for opening a cylindrically bilateral filter canister, such as that houses the M98 chemical, biological, radiological filter for storage and transport. The filter canister is sealed with an epoxy-covered pull-cord that ends in an eye-loop. The device is disposed on a platform
8065111 Systems and methods for optimization of missile and projectile aerodynamic configurations November 22, 2011
The present disclosure provides systems and methods to aid engineers and designers in pinpointing optimal aerodynamic designs given a target objective. Advantageously, the present invention allows a user to tackle shifts in requirements or to simply conduct preliminary design feasibi
8065046 Olivo-cerebellar controller November 22, 2011
Non-linear control laws are disclosed and implemented with a controller and control system for maneuvering an underwater vehicle. The control laws change the phase of one Inferior-Olive (IO) neuron with respect to another IO. One control law is global, that is, the control law works
8064722 Method and system for analyzing signal-vector data for pattern recognition from first order sens November 22, 2011
A method and system of analyzing signal-vector data from first order sensors including providing a training data set, adjusting the training data set using a background adjustment technique, normalizing and transforming the training data set into wavelet coefficients, using an automa
8064640 Method and apparatus for generating a precision fires image using a handheld device for image ba November 22, 2011
A software application to generate a Precision Fires Image (PFI) which provides a precision targeting coordinate to guide an air launched weapon using a forward deployed hand held hardware device executing the PFI software application. Suitable hardware devices to execute the PFI sof
8064555 Input/output multi-level channelizer amplifier November 22, 2011
A system includes an input multi-level channelizer, an output multi-level channelizer, and more than one amplifiers connected between the input and output channelizers. The input and output channelizers cover an operating frequency band. Each level of the input multi-level channelizer co
8064541 Hyper phase shift keying modulation November 22, 2011
A communications system and method for transmitting digital information includes arranging a modulator to have an input bit stream of binary data and arranging a signal generator to generate four orthonormal hyper phase shift keying (HPSK) basis functions that are periodic functions with
8064060 Outboard optical cable sensor system and method November 22, 2011
A plurality of optical sensors are mounted to a housing made of optically conductive material. The housing seals the optical sensors from a water-filled tube which extends through said housing. The optically conductive material provides optical coupling with the water-filled cable tu
8063838 Submarine mast antenna controller November 22, 2011
The present invention is a submarine mast antenna controller for controlling a plurality of functions performed by an antenna mast of a submarine. The submarine mast antenna controller is a solid state electronic control unit on a single card that monitors various submarine mast ante
8063473 Nanophotonic transceiver November 22, 2011
A nanophotonic device. The device includes a substrate, at least one light emitting structure and at least one electronic component. The at least one light emitting structure is capable of transmitting light and is monolithically integrated on the substrate. The at least one electron
8062443 Lead-free primers November 22, 2011
Embodiments of the present subject matter provide an improved percussion primer composition and improved hot-wire igniter acceptor, wherein lead styphnate is replaced with a lead-free material, 4,6-dinitro-7-hydroxybenzofuroxan, potassium salt (KDNP). Embodiments of the percussion pr
8061656 Hinge apparatus with an actuatable assembly November 22, 2011
A hinge apparatus for automated decoupling that includes an actuatable assembly normally coupled, very robust, and suitable for the hanging of a door/canopy and the like. When mounted, the apparatus is normally decoupled where rapid egress is necessary, and complete removal of the do
8061570 Quick release mask bracket November 22, 2011
An assembly for securing an apparatus to a facemask includes a U-shaped frame extending along similarly shaped portions of the facemask. Removable attachment clips secure the frame to the facemask. Two cylindrical pins with circumferential radiused grooves are attached to and extend
8060028 Multi-spectrum high data rate communications system with electromagnetic interference cancellati November 15, 2011
A system may include one or more transmitter processing modules each having at least one of a plurality of modulation elements arranged in parallel. Each modulation element may be configured to modulate a respective baseband data signal at a different rate than other modulation eleme
8060007 Adaptive crosspole technique November 15, 2011
An RF signal processing device which includes a countermeasure set connected to the processing device. The RF signal processing device shifts an incoming RF signal by ninety degrees and combines the phase shifted RF signal with RF jamming signals from a jammer. The processing device
8059893 Method for single pass blob image analysis November 15, 2011
A method and electronics circuit for processing very high resolution images or very high frame rate images in real time. Each pixel within a frame of pixels is compared to the neighboring pixels within the frame to determine if the pixel is part of a blob group. If the pixel is part of
8058869 Fiber laser magnetic field sensor November 15, 2011
The device includes two supports and a primary conductive strip. The primary conductive strip includes a neutral surface, a first side, and a second side. The primary conductive strip is connected one of directly and indirectly on the first side to the two supports such that the prim
8058189 Method and apparatus for resisting ballistic impact November 15, 2011
A method and apparatus for resisting ballistic impact including an outer energy absorbing assembly having a plurality of interconnected fibers, and a barrier positioned behind the outer energy absorbing assembly. A movement restraint is positioned behind the barrier and a dampener is
8057651 Electrochemical sensor with nano-wire array November 15, 2011
An electro-chemical sensor comprises a bismuth nano-wire array. The sensor is used to detect incipient corrosion under paint. It is particularly useful in admiralty and marine applications such as for detecting incipient metal oxidation such as rusting and for monitoring the progress
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