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The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
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8199044 Artificial dielectric composites by a direct-write method June 12, 2012
The present invention is generally directed to an artificial dielectric composite having an electrically non-conducting substrate, an electrically non-conducting pattern on the substrate, and an electrically conducting coating on the pattern. The substrate may be a textile such as pa
8197619 Host-guest complexes of solid energetic materials and metal-organic frameworks June 12, 2012
A process for making metal-organic frameworks and metal-organic frameworks having host-guest complexes of either liquid energetics, solid energetics, or solid oxidizers.
8196513 Stand-off disrupter apparatus June 12, 2012
The invention in one variation is a stand-off disrupter apparatus that includes a delivery vessel having an enlarged rounded front end with an apex and an elongate cylindrical section that in part serves to fit the apparatus onto the barrel of a shotgun. The shotgun provides propulsion.
8195758 Control for signal redundancy June 5, 2012
A process is provided by method and circuit for transmitting message information from a first platform to a second platform. The first platform has first and second servers. The second platform has first and second receivers that correspond to the server counterparts. Each of the ser
8195368 Coordinated control of two shipboard cranes for cargo transfer with ship motion compensation June 5, 2012
The present invention is typically embodied to exert active control of two same-shipboard cranes performing joint lifting of a payload. Sensory signals indicative of ship motion, and of luff angle and hoist line length of both cranes, are transmitted to a computer. The sensory signals
8195013 Miniature fiber optic temperature sensors June 5, 2012
An intensity-based fiber optic temperature sensor having a fiber probe with a multimode transmit/receive fiber, a reflector spaced apart from the end of the fiber, and a housing affixed at its ends to the fiber probe and reflector, the housing having a larger or smaller thermal expan
8193955 Modular units for synchro-to-digital conversion and digital-to-synchro conversion June 5, 2012
The inventive data conversion device is typically embodied as a modular unit including a PCBA and a frame that houses it. The PCBA includes a PCB and electronic components mounted thereon including a computer and one or more conventional conversion devices, viz., at least one conventiona
8192646 Inorganic particle conjugates June 5, 2012
The ionic conjugates include an inorganic particle electrostatically associated with a macromolecule which can interact specifically with predetermined chemical species or biological targets.
8190366 LC resonance probe for determining local plasma density May 29, 2012
An apparatus and method for determining plasma parameters such as plasma electron density n.sub.e. The probe apparatus includes an LC resonance probe comprising an inductive element and a capacitive element connected in series. The capacitive element of the probe can be in the form of a
8189560 Retransmission switch box May 29, 2012
An apparatus for use with a first data device, a second data device, and a third data device operable to generate one of directly and indirectly an interrupt signal and to disable one of directly and indirectly the interrupt signal. The apparatus includes a switch connectable to the
8188862 Remote detection of covertly carried metal objects May 29, 2012
An apparatus for remotely detecting metal objects carried by a person includes an antenna and a signal generator coupled to the antenna operable to cause the antenna to emit a first electromagnetic signal to the person at a frequency that is known to be resonant with the human body.
8188638 Cooling acoustic transducer with heat pipes May 29, 2012
A transducer with a closed heat pipe is provided with a hot surface and a cold surface. The hot surface is in contact with the transducer interior and the cold surface is in contact with a cooler contact area. A fluid is used in the pipe which boils at the temperature of the hot surface
8188622 Tunable resonant frequency kinetic energy harvester May 29, 2012
An energy harvester comprising: a substrate; two magnets coupled to the substrate in close proximity to each other with like magnetic poles facing each other creating a flux gap; a coil coupled to the substrate and disposed within the flux gap, wherein the coil and the magnets are co
8188142 Polymers from propenyl ether monomers May 29, 2012
The compounds shown below. R is --O--, --O--(CH.sub.2).sub.n--O--, or --(O--CH.sub.2--CH.sub.2).sub.n--O--; and n is a positive integer. Heating an allyl ether compound in the presence of Fe(CO).sub.5 and a base to form the below propenyl ether monomer. Polymerizing the below propeny
8187489 Biodegradable ionic liquids for aircraft deicing May 29, 2012
A process and deicing composition.
8187032 Guided missile/launcher test set reprogramming interface assembly J2 connector clamp May 29, 2012
A guided missile/launcher test set reprogramming interface assembly J2 connector clamp includes a frame having an upper side, a lower side, and at least one aperture with a threaded portion that extends through the frame and is adapted to threadingly associate with threads on a conne
8186275 Non-lethal projectile for dispersing payload upon target impact May 29, 2012
A non-lethal projectile has an enclosed frangible shell with a nose assembly coupled thereto. The nose assembly is designed to be frangible and absorb shock energy incident on the nose assembly. Frangible containers disposed in the shell occupy a portion of the volume defined thereby
8185490 Class-specific iterated subspace classifier May 22, 2012
A method is provided for calculating a class-specific iterated subspace for a classification system utilized in a computing system. Training data in the specific class for the class-specific iterated subspace is collected. A linear orthogonal transform is applied transforming the data
8185357 Nonlinear blind demixing of single pixel underlying radiation sources and digital spectrum local May 22, 2012
Changes, increase or decrease, in the body fluid are passively detected by using a single pixel, non-linear blind de-mixing procedure, which can be extended to general biomedical measurement and diagnosis instruments. More specifically, the single pixel, non-linear blind de-mixing proced
8183390 Bis(thienyl)isopyrazoles and process for preparing and method for using bis(thienyl)isopyrazoles May 22, 2012
The invention demonstrates the synthesis of a new pyrazole-containing monomer by means of an easily implemented two-step process. This monomer can be electropolymerized to yield a stable n-doping polymer that may easily be electrochemically characterized. It is demonstrated that the
8182917 Reduced graphene oxide film May 22, 2012
Spin coating a mixture of graphene oxide platelets, water, and an organic solvent by placing a drop of the mixture on a spinning substrate while blowing a drying gas onto the substrate and allowing the water and the organic solvent on the substrate to evaporate; and repeating the spin
8182584 Method for recovering potable water from the exhaust of an internal combustion engine May 22, 2012
A water recovery method which uses a desiccant, such as lithium chloride, to recover water vapor from the engine exhaust of a vehicle.
8181576 Projectile for standoff destruction of explosive devices May 22, 2012
A projectile for safe standoff destruction of explosive devices. The projectile's casing encloses a chamber containing combustible material located opposite a roughened surface on the chamber. The combustible material is mounted so upon the projectile impacting the explosive device,
8180875 Ping-based communication system (PICS) May 15, 2012
A method of synchronizing clocks between local and remote unix-like computers comprising: sending internet control message protocol (ICMP) ping packets between at least two computers in a network; archiving ICMP echo-request and echo-reply packets from the networked computers in an a
8180595 Portable data acquisition system May 15, 2012
According to typical inventive embodiments, a compact data acquisition unit is modularly assembled of COT components, based on a PC-104 or other form factor of relatively small size. Inside a durable casing, a dc-dc converter increases battery-generated dc voltage for a computer processo
8179327 Subsurface deployable antenna array May 15, 2012
A subsurface deployable antenna array is provided which expands upon deployment and contracts for storage to provide an antenna array that can be stored in a comparatively compact space. Electronically interconnected antenna modules are connected by expandable/contractable connectors. A
8178429 Nanofabrication using dip pen nanolithography and metal oxide chemical vapor deposition May 15, 2012
Fabrication of a semiconductor structure is achieved by using a Dip Pen Nanolithography (DPN) tip to apply a metal catalyst to a prepared substrate. The catalyst is applied in a predetermined pattern, and crystal growth is established at the catalyst site.
8177721 Remote blood pressure waveform sensing method and apparatus May 15, 2012
The invention as disclosed is a non-contact method and apparatus for continuously monitoring a physiological event in a human or animal, such as blood pressure, which involves utilizing a laser-based interferometer system in combination with a laser tracking system and a signal processor
8176834 Determination of weapons fratricide probability May 15, 2012
A method is provided for determining fratricide probability of projectile collision from a projectile launcher on a platform and an interception hazard that can be ejected or launched from a deployment position. The platform can represent a combat vessel, with the projectile launcher
8176831 Armor plate May 15, 2012
An armor plate transforms projectile energy into solid-state lattice waves and facilitates absorption of these waves at different wavelengths. For high frequency lattice waves, dopants are used for absorbing the lattice waves and converting them to thermal energy. Heavy dopants and l
8176031 System and method for manipulating database search results May 8, 2012
Systems and methods for extracting information from large databases include the initial step of searching a database using a query. The search results are then normalized by formatting the search results in a standard text format. The normalized search results are then crawled accord
8175827 RF probe technique for determining plasma potential May 8, 2012
An rf probe is placed within a plasma and an rf signal from a network analyzer for a given dc bias voltage V.sub.p is applied The frequency applied by the network analyzer, .omega., is less than the plasma frequency,, and therefore is not in the resonant absorption ran
8175796 Method for vehicle collision avoidance May 8, 2012
A method involves transmitting a first signal to a device, the first signal comprising vehicle identification data and vehicle operational data, receiving a second signal from the device, the second signal comprising road and lane information and vehicle information vectors of other
8175547 Disposable chemical sensor and wireless communication device May 8, 2012
A disposable sensor device for remote sensing of conditions such as temperature and dangerous gasses includes a body defining an enclosed chamber, a power source mounted in the chamber, an on-off switch mounted on and accessible from outside the body, a processor mounted in the chamb
8174430 Detection of concealed object by standing waves May 8, 2012
A process is provided to detect an object within a defined region using standing longitudinal cavity mode waves. The process includes disposing first and second conductive lines substantially parallel to the axis, transmitting an electromagnetic signal through the first line at a set
8174352 Method for making a transducer, transducer made therefrom, and applications thereof May 8, 2012
A method for manufacturing or preparing thin-film stacks that exhibit moderate, finite, stress-dependent resistance and which can be incorporated into a transduction mechanism that enables simple, effective signal to be read out from a micro- or nano-mechanical structure. As the stru
8174325 Adaptive injection-locked oscillator array for broad spectrum RF analysis May 8, 2012
The present invention provides an array of tunable, injection-locking oscillators which are scalable to higher frequencies and measure the entire relevant frequency space simultaneously. The scalable, highly-parallelized, adaptive receiver architecture uses arrays of tunable, injecti
8174166 Uniformly distributed lead zirconate titanate strain sensor May 8, 2012
The invention as disclosed is a strain sensor that locates and quantifies the strain energy from a structure. The strain sensor has a lead zirconate titanate wafer with a circular shape such that the shape does not directionally restrict the signal of the sensor.
8174083 Dual-suspension system for MEMS-based devices May 8, 2012
A dual-suspension system for MEMS-based devices includes a proof mass, an upper spring system, and a lower spring system. The proof mass is formed from a handle wafer, a first layer of silicon coupled to one side of the handle wafer, and a second layer of silicon coupled to the other sid
8173084 Yb:Y.sub.2O.sub.3 ceramic powders May 8, 2012
A high purity nano-sized Yb.sup.3+ doped Y.sub.2O.sub.3 (Yb:Y.sub.2O.sub.3) ceramic powder with a narrow size distribution and without hard agglomerates is provided. Also provided is a process for manufacturing the same wherein water in the reaction bath is replaced by a non-water wa
8170980 Universal software architecture for decision support May 1, 2012
A universal software architecture for decision support includes an n-tiered architecture for building a universal task and workload management software system. The design incorporates a connectivity tier for activating a data object representative of application specific data; a mana
8170272 Method for classifying vessels using features extracted from overhead imagery May 1, 2012
Methods for processing overhead imagery of a vessel include the step of determining an initial classification and classification probability based on the vessel length and length-to-width ratio. Next, mutually exclusive deck features can be extracted from the image. For several embod
8169372 Electrolytic fluid antenna May 1, 2012
An antenna comprising: a first current probe comprising a core of ferromagnetic material having an aperture therein; a pump comprising a nozzle, wherein the pump is configured to pump a free-standing stream of electrolytic fluid out the nozzle and through the aperture such that the s
8169360 Systems and methods of range tracking May 1, 2012
A system(s) and method(s) of tracking a target(s). Systems include at least one electronic waveform processor operatively associated with an apparent emitted signal electronic sensor and a reflected signal electronic sensor and configured and programmed to generate an estimate of the
8167670 Blow-off float vehicle recovery apparatus May 1, 2012
The invention in one variation is a modular recovery apparatus for dispensing a tether spool having a tow line with a float, where the tow line can be used to retrieve an unmanned underwater vehicle and other underwater platforms. The modular recovery apparatus can be triggered under
8166903 Deadrise-altering adjunct for marine hull bottom May 1, 2012
As typically embodied, the present invention's add-on device includes two wedge-shaped structural components that are oppositely congruent and symmetrically connected. In profile, the device describes a pair of nearly triangular quadrilateral figures that are enantiomorphs (mirror im
8165728 Method and system for providing a GPS-based position April 24, 2012
A cooperative engagement group-position determining system employs a group of at least three cooperative units, for example a group of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's), with each unit including a GPS system for determining a GPS-based position, an inter-distance measurement module fo
8165557 Frequency down-conversion system using arrays of coupled non-linear elements April 24, 2012
A system includes at least a first array connected to a second array. The first array includes an odd number, greater than one, of unidirectionally-coupled non-linear first array elements. The second array includes an odd number, greater than one, of unidirectionally-coupled non-line
8164534 Conversion of an antenna to multiband using current probes April 24, 2012
A multi-band antenna comprising a conductive structure and a plurality of current probes coupled around the conductive structure is disclosed. An existing antenna capable of generating H fields having a first signal line is converted into a multi-signal line antenna with increased fr
8164021 Electrically assisted friction stir welding April 24, 2012
An electrically assisted friction stir welding method and arrangement in which the required downward/pressing force typically exerted on a workpiece is substantially reduced. The method and apparatus involves the creation of a localized heated zone on a workpiece undergoing a welding
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