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The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Army
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RE41157 Microparticle carriers of maximal uptake capacity by both M cells and non-M cells March 2, 2010
.[.In a solvent extraction process for preparing microspheres of a biodegradable polymer, the improvement comprising: preparing a homogenized antigen-sucrose matrix and adding a solvent to the sucrose-antigen matrix to form a solution; preparing a solution of a biodegradable polymer
RE40786 Vaccines against intracellular pathogens using antigens encapsulated within biodegradable-biocom June 23, 2009
This invention relates to parenteral and mucosal vaccines against diseases caused by intercellular pathogens using antigens encapsulated within a biodegradable-biocompatible microspheres(matrix).
RE34649 Multicolor .[.infrared.]. photodetector June 28, 1994
A multicolor .[.infrared.]. detection device comprising a number of doped antum well structural units. Each unit consists of a thick well and a thin well separated by a thin barrier. This arrangement produces strong coupling. .[.Infrared radiation.]. .Iadd.Radiation .Iaddend.incident on
RE34419 Method to demilitarize, extract, and recover ammonium perchlorate from composite propellants usi October 26, 1993
Liquid ammonia is maintained at the required operating conditions to efficiently and rapidly achieve propellant demilitarization including recovery of ammonia perchlorate (AP) for reuse, by an environmentally safe method to comminute and remove propellant from existing rocket motor h
RE33736 Periodic permanent magnet structure with increased useful field November 5, 1991
A device is disclosed which uses permanent magnets to manipulate charged ticle beams, such as those employed in traveling wave tubes, wigglers, and undulators. Tapered pole pieces are inserted between magnets in a periodic permanent magnet array, and the taper is oriented away from the
H994 Transposed air core homopolar generator conductors November 5, 1991
Current state of the art air core homopolar generators employ large time ying magnetic fields (4 Tesla Range). These high fields are required for proper voltage, but also induce significant eddy currents. Use of novel transposed rotor conductors and a novel transposed coil winding reduc
H993 Thin film thickness mapping technique November 5, 1991
A narrow, high energy, electron beam is caused to impinge upon an integra circuit. The accelerating voltage of the electron beam is increased until the electrons have just enough energy to penetrate through the thickness of the passivation layer of the integrated circuit. The accele
H99 Modular unstable ring resonator with multiple output couplers August 5, 1986
A modular unstable ring resonator utilizing several independent gain modules is used to obtain output of a multiple set of mutually coherent beams. Additionally, rigorous mutual coherence is maintained even when the system operates on more than one longitudinal mode or/and on more than o
H985 Cell compartment for battery matrix November 5, 1991
The invention disclosed herein is a battery cell compartment which is use in limiting the number of batteries in any battery cell matrix. The battery cell compartment permits the use of relatively few batteries for practically any power need. The battery cell compartment essentially
H976 Apparatus and method for measuring elongational viscosity of a polymeric solution November 5, 1991
A novel falling cylinder extensional rheometer is provided for measuring elongational viscosity of a polymeric solution at stretch rates comparable to those associated with aerodynamic liquid breakup and which is suitable with toxic liquids. The rheometer consists of an upper cylin
H961 Heat exchanger and heater September 3, 1991
A heat exchanger and heater of a tube type is provided for heating a liquid n a coiled type housing having an inlet and an outlet for liquid of various types. Hot materials in a gas flow are introduced into the system and a liquid is vaporized to heat the heat exchanger system. In a secon
H960 Discarding rotating band/obturator September 3, 1991
A discardable apparatus for mating with a full-caliber hollow tubular protile. The apparatus being discardable after expulsion from a cannon barrel. The apparatus essentially of a simple, one-piece discardable obturator having an outer cylindrically engravable surface for imparting
H952 Method of preparing a quartz surface for sweeping August 6, 1991
A quartz surface is prepared for sweeping by a method including the steps : f(A) cleaning the quartz surface,(B) depositing a metal electrode onto the cleaned quartz surface, and(C) creating periodic openings in the metal electrode in such a manner that the metal is not disconnected by the a
H944 Heterogeneous composite and method of making August 6, 1991
Freestanding, flexible, heterogeneous composites of insulating polymeric m containing relatively small percentages of an electrically conductive polymer wherein the conductive polymer exists as the dispersed phase are made by dissolving the insulating polymeric material and less than 15
H942 Saboted munition with a movable fin group August 6, 1991
An armor piercing convertible fin saboted round for a machine gun includes penetrator on which a fin group is mounted so that the penetrator can extend into a prelaunch sabot with the fin group arranged around the penetrator. The fin group advantageously carries a pin which engages in an
H940 Positioning apparatus for strand igniter systems August 6, 1991
Apparatus is disclosed for positioning and protecting a plurality of flexe burn cords in an ammunition shell. The burn cords ignite propellant in the ammunition. The positioning apparatus includes a closing plug which is secured to the base of the ammunition shell, a cover plate which
H934 Maleic anhydride adjunct to triphenylbismuthine to improve mechanical properties of hydroxy term July 2, 1991
Maleic anhydride, MAN, as an adjunct to triphenylbismuthine (TPB) yields roved benefits to the mechanical properties of isophorone diisocyanate cured hydroxy terminated polymer binders. Results from several propellant mixes indicate that both pot life and mechanical properties are affec
H932 Projectile fin July 2, 1991
The invention is a projectile stabilizing fin formed with a laterally exting flat, triangular shaped tab positioned so that one point of the triangle points in the direction of the intended projectile direction and tilted so that air flow will impinge on the tab surface and cause the
H93 Elongational rheometer July 1, 1986
An apparatus and method for measuring elongational viscosity of a test fl comprises extruding the test fluid through a capillary downwardly into a host fluid having a lower density than the test fluid and being immiscible with the test fluid. This formed a spherical drop at the lower
H927 Post burn hydrogen light gas cartridge June 4, 1991
A post burn hydrogen light gas cartridge utilizes a separation tube to prde a high velocity flow to allow for separation of hydrogen gas from the hydrogen-oxygen combustion product water in a high temperature state produced in a primer initiated combustion chamber containing pressurized
H926 Rimfire blank adaptor kit for M16 rifles June 4, 1991
A conversion kit for allowing an M16 rifle to fire .22 caliber ball and bk ammunition in semi-automatic and automatic firing modes, comprises a bolt replacement which replaces the standard bolt in the rifle. The bolt replacement moves in the rifle receiver and is engageable with a sear
H925 Encapsulated signal illumination flare composition June 4, 1991
An encapsulated signal illuminant flare composition is comprised of powde magnesium from about 45 to about 60 weight percent, of powdered sodium nitrate from about 32 to about 49 weight percent, and of capsular adhesives containing about 91 weight liquid materials contained within c
H923 Accelerated fabric drying and decontaminating apparatus and method June 4, 1991
An apparatus and method for accelerated drying and decontamination of wet fabric and material. A pair of metal electrodes electrically isolated from each other by a "U" shaped insulating frame is used to hold the wetted fabric in an electric field of between 10.sup.3 and 10.sup.4 volts
H921 Stress controlling mounting structures for printed circuit boards May 7, 1991
A printed circuit board having a plurality of traces and pads printed then. Slots or openings of various geometric shapes are formed in the board to provide flexible mounting members. The pads are mounted on the mounting members. Surface-mounted electrical components have their term
H913 Explosive devices for foxhole manufacture, demolition and urban warfare May 7, 1991
Explosive devices for foxhole manufacture, demolition and urban warfare. devices comprise a hollow metal cylinder; a cap at the top end closing said metal liner, said cap having a waveshaper on the interior thereof, and said cap having a hole therethrough for insertion of an ignition
H911 Fiber optic link for detecting mechanical vibration in the presence of an electromagnetic field May 7, 1991
An apparatus for detecting mechanical vibration in the presence of an electromagnetic pulse, which is of particular use in the testing of land mines. An optical fiber link is provided between the device under test and a remote data collection station. A vibration sensor and optical t
H905 Fin assembly April 2, 1991
A fin assembly is adapted for rear mounting on a projectile. The assembly s a body with a longitudinal axis and a front adapted for mounting to the projectile. A plurality of angularly spaced fins are pivotally mounted on the body for rotating outwardly from an axial to an extended posit
H904 Safe secure survivable door locking assembly for an overpack container April 2, 1991
There is disclosed an improved locking assembly mounted on a door assembly f a SOC and including a plurality of segmented linear bolts peripherally-disposed about the door assembly for engaging cooperating latches mounted on the container body and operatively connected to handle assem
H901 Method of identifying the composition of a material sample March 5, 1991
A material sample is rubbed with an abrasive material until streaking appears in the abrasive indicating that the material sample has become embedded in the abrasive and the abrasive material then analyzed using qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis.
H894 IR detector structure and method of making March 5, 1991
An IR detector structure is made from a CdTe substrate by polishing the C subtrate, and transferring the cleaned substrate to a chamber for successive epitaxial growth of HgCdTe and CdTe layers insitu without removal reducing contamination at the interfaces due to exposure to the at
H883 Protective mask February 5, 1991
A protective mask is provided, which contains the eyes, nose and mouth, crising a protruding lens so as to provide increased peripheral vision and preferably a nose cup which is shaped to provide a channel for passing defogging air to the lens, and peripheral areas of the mask which fol
H881 TV seeker electronic color filter January 1, 1991
A TV seeker electronic color filter that has a three color striped solid te video sensor chip mounted in the optical path of a TV camera of a missile with the color filter stripes being manually selected by an individual to provide an optical response in portions of the spectrum to
H88 Ammunition bolt for a firearm, having improved shaped locking lugs thereon July 1, 1986
A firearm bolt comprises a base having a plurality of outwardly radially ending lugs. Transition surfaces between adjacent lugs are each concavely curved toward the base so that each lug has a broad base area connecting the lug to the base.
H87 One piece ejector/ejector spring for cartridge firing weapons July 1, 1986
A combined one piece cartridge case ejector and ejection spring useful in guns which have non-locking bolts for which conventional coil spring ejectors are not feasible. The device comprises a solid piece of elastic material such as hard rubber or nylon which is arranged in the path of t
H867 Tandem warheads separated by missile booster motor January 1, 1991
A tandem warhead arrangement that has a booster motor mounted between first nd second warheads with the booster motor providing penetrator structure for the second warhead and a blast shield portion for protecting the second warhead from the blast of the first warhead.
H863 Chemical protective hood January 1, 1991
A chemical protective hood is made of nylon/butyl cloth and assembled using t butt and tape method of construction with the joints thereof covered by nylon/butyl tape. The hood has a cap portion with a face piece opening in which is mounted a butyl/natural rubber face piece in sealed rela
H862 Method of indicating the state of change of a battery using a light emitting diode (LED) clock c December 4, 1990
A method of indicating the state of charge of a battery is provided wherein a LED clock electrically connected to the battery operates each time current passes through the battery and stops when there is no battery current; the clock retaining the amount of time already passed so that
H86 Arrangement for counteracting shock tube rarefaction waves July 1, 1986
An improved shock tube generates a reflected wave of an adjustable magnit which arrives at a test object located within the shock tube at the same time that a rarefaction wave arrives so as to cancel the rarefaction wave thereat and counteract the undesirable effects of the rarefact
H855 Optical beam switching circuit for photovoltaic energy conversion December 4, 1990
Optical power is supplied to a remote location and switched between conveon circuits for converting the optical power to electrical power to remotely power a system or device. Laser light is guided by a fiber optic to illuminate photovoltaic cells to produce the electrical power. The
H854 Rocket stabilizing apparatus December 4, 1990
Apparatus for stabilizing the flight of a rocket wherein the body of the ket is provided with a plurality of petals arranged around the periphery of the aft end of the rocket with the leading end of each petal being pivotally attached to the rocket body such that the trailing end of eac
H853 Slitted hybrid composite design for gun launch applications December 4, 1990
A rocket motor casing comprises a tube made of helically wound and cured phite/epoxy resin. A plurality of circumferentially spaced axially extending slits are cut into the graphite/epoxy structure which is subsequently covered by an aramid fiber/rubberized resin system which is hoo
H849 Method of making a cathode from tungsten and iridium powders using a strontium peroxide containi November 6, 1990
A cathode is made from a mixture of tungsten and iridium powders using a ontium peroxide containing material as the impregnant.
H848 Method of passivating a substrate surface November 6, 1990
The surface of a substrate is passivated by the introduction of a thin la of (Hg,Cd)Te, of increased Cd content, on the substrate surface before the growth of the desired composition of (Hg,Cd)Te.
H844 Energy conversion using spatially multiplexed optical inputs November 6, 1990
Optical energy is conveyed through a region and is subsequently converted to electrical energy when it reaches the area of its intended use. Spatially multiplexed laser light is transmitted through an optical fiber to convey the energy through the area. Several light beams or several
H843 High power RF generation with optically activated bulk GaAs devices November 6, 1990
Utilizing sections of charged transmission line cables and optically-actied semiconductor switches, the direct generation of high power RF is demonstrated.
H841 Single laser exposure and monitoring of holograms November 6, 1990
A system in which the light of a single laser is used to both expose a hologram and to simultaneously measure the formation of the hologram in the recording material.
H839 Fabric moisture detector November 6, 1990
A fabric moisture detector and method is provided. The detector has a supt insulating structure, and a pair of electrodes, which have a pair of opposite faces separated by a gap of selective thickness, such as four inches or ten centimeters. The detector also has a current sensor, for
H838 Variable resistivity slip ring November 6, 1990
The series wound, air core (SWAC) homopolar generator includes a pair of ls connected in series with a rotor having a pair of slip rings joined by conductive bars. To reduce eddy currents induced in the slip rings, their radius and axial length are chosen such that the circumferential a
H832 Planar monolithic self-oscillating mixer October 2, 1990
A planar monolithic self-oscillating mixer for millimeter wave applications s formed on a gallium arsenide substrate. A via hole extends from the bottom surface to the top surface of the substrate. Metal is plated on the bottom surface of the substrate and in the via hole forming a heat s
H829 Rechargeable lithium-organic electrolyte battery having overcharge protection and method of prov October 2, 1990
Overcharge protection is provided for a rechargeable lithium-organic eleclyte battery by including lithium bromide in the electrolyte.

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