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The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Air Patents
The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Air
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RE36915 Process for sodium sulfide/ferrous sulfate treatment of hexavalent chromium and other heavy meta October 17, 2000
A process for treating industrial waste water containing hexavalent chromium (Cr.sup.+6) and other heavy metals is disclosed which comprises reduction of Cr.sup.+6 to trivalent chromium (Cr.sup.+3) and the precipitation thereof with other heavy metals by addition of sulfide ion and f
H999 Transparency distortion measurement process December 3, 1991
A method for measuring optical distortion in a transparency is described which comprises the steps of acquiring an analog image of a grid board through the transparency, digitizing the analog image to form a digitized image comprising a multiplicity of pixels defining the shape of the gr
H979 Cockpit vision and protection apparatus November 5, 1991
An aircraft windshield system which employs a relatively thin outer windshield member in combination with a thicker ballistic protection inner windshield member and a plurality of electively disposable specific threat protecting panel members is disclosed. The specific threat protecting
H971 Regidized porous material and method October 1, 1991
A small particle porous material rigid wicking structure and a method of fabrication therefor are disclosed. The structure is fabricated from micron sized uniformly graded and shaped powder particles using a viscous slurry starting material and a one step or multiple step heating sequenc
H954 Lumped element digital phase shifter bit August 6, 1991
Digital phase shifter bits of predetermined phase shift capability and lumped element network component fabrication arrangement are described. A variety of phase shifter bits including the capability of eleven and one-quarter, twenty-two and one-half, forty-five, ninety, and one hundred
H933 Infrared coherent optical sensor July 2, 1991
A dual-beam amplitude-modulated laser transmitter/receiver suitable for laser-radar applications is scalable to high powers because there is no active modulator element that the laser beam passes through. The transceiver comprises a laser source with two separate independent laser op
H924 Signal analysis in leaky Lamb wave NDE technique June 4, 1991
A system and method for detecting defects in composite laminate material are described which comprise a first trtansducer for directing an ultrasonic beam of preselected frequency and tone burst excitation along a transmission axis through a sonic coupling bath onto a surface of the
H910 Adaptive two dimensional shading for batch synthetic aperture radar using phased array antenna April 2, 1991
A technique for correcting the non-uniform illumination and return echo strength from a mapped area resulting from antenna beam shape and range loss effects in a batch high resolution synthetic aperture radar. The technique involves changing the radar receiver gain in a precisely defined
H900 Magnetic repulsion supported ring March 5, 1991
Magnetic support structure for a rotatable machinery part is described which comprises a stationary support structure, an annular stator comprising an array of a plurality of electromagnets or one or more electrically conductive or superconductive elements supported by the support st
H887 Dispersion strengthened tri-titanium aluminum alloy February 5, 1991
A titanium alloy comprising about 15 to 25 atomic percent (a/o) aluminum, about 0.05 to 12 a/o of at least one beta eutectoid stabilizing element and about 4 to 12 a/o of at least one beta isomorphous stabilizing element, balance titanium. The beta eutectoid element is at least one of
H884 Method and apparatus for increasing the angular aperture of an acousto-optic device February 5, 1991
A method and apparatus for increasing the angular aperture of an acousto-optic device employing an acoustic zone plate positioned on an acoustic input face of an acousto-optic device. The angular spread of acoustic energy within the acousto-optic device is increased over the angular
H880 In-plane transmission line crossover January 1, 1991
A crossover for microwave electromagnetic radiation is constructed in a planar configuration for the transference of all of the power of a wave in a first transmission line to a wave in a second transmission line. The crossover is formed of two pairs of cross arms wherein, in each pair,
H878 High voltage insulators for long, linear switches January 1, 1991
A high voltage linear switch assembly is disclosed that uses a hollow quartz tube as the insulator, and houses the anode, cathode and switch within the insulator tube. The anode and cathode are fixed within the tube on opposite sides so that they do not make physical contact with each
H869 Contact insertion turret end effector January 1, 1991
A first end effector extends from a rotatable support in a first direction and has a tip portion extending in a second direction transverse to the first direction, and a second type of end effector extends in a third direction and has a tip portion extending in a fourth direction opposit
H858 Electrical battery cell wicking structure and method December 4, 1990
An improved capillary action wicking structure and method with a method for its making and with application of the wicking structure to a high temperature electrical battery cell of the sodium/sulfur type. The wicking structure includes finely-divided metal particles of nickel, for examp
H840 Single-Schottky diode liquid crystal light valve and method November 6, 1990
A single-Schottky liquid crystal is disclosed in which a series of Schottky contacts are made on one side of a photoconductor substrate by a metal matrix mirror, with a doped semiconductor back contact electrode on the other side of the substrate. The light valve offers several operation
H823 Chemical protective balaclava October 2, 1990
A protective hood (balaclava) for ground and aircrews is disclosed. The protective balaclava may be worn beneath chemical respirators and flight helmets, and is fabricated from activated charcoal fabric to provide additional protection against chemical agents. The activated charcoal
H80 Lightweight cryogenic tank with positive expulsion July 1, 1986
A lightweight tank structure for the storage and controlled expulsion therefrom of a cryogenic liquid is described which comprises a first container including a flexible metallic bladder and defining an interior collapsible volume for containing the cryogenic liquid, a second high pr
H788 Method for bonding plastic to metal June 5, 1990
A method for bonding plastic to a metallic member is described which comprises the steps of forming a preselected pattern of etched cavities in the metallic surface to be bonded, which cavities at least in part increase in width with depth of etching, and subsequently applying a plas
H777 Method for jet gas impingement quenching May 1, 1990
Method and apparatus is provided for quenching a metal workpiece by an inert gas at ambient temperature. Jet streams of gas coolant at high velocity and flow rates are directed in a balanced arrangement against opposing workpiece sides and the jets are correlated to the thickness of
H754 Arloxy p-phenylene diamines March 6, 1990
There are provided substituted p-phenylene diamines of the formula ##STR1## wherein Ar is phenyl or phenoxyphenyl.
H742 Two-line phase-matched Raman amplifier February 6, 1990
To provide a solution of the problem of medium dispersion in a two-line Raman amplifier which may increase the intensity-length product requirement and limit the conversion efficiency. By adjusting the angles between the input beams, the four-wave mixing phase mismatch due to medium
H741 Discrete complex correlation device for obtaining subpixel accuracy February 6, 1990
This invention is directed to an image processing arrangement used to estimate image displacement relative to a reference frame. It comprises a discrete complex correlator, an associated interpolator, and a displacement estimator. The unique nature of the system is its ability to est
H729 Aromatic polyisoimides February 6, 1990
There are provided polyisoimides having repeating units of the formula ##STR1## wherein R is selected from the group consisting of ##STR2## wherein Me is --CH.sub.3 and wherein X is ##STR3## The polyisoimides of the present invention are soluble in a variety of solvents,
H728 Aryloxy p-benzidine compounds February 6, 1990
There are provided substituted p-benzidines of the formula ##STR1## wherein Ar is phenyl or phenoxyphenyl.
H727 Patient monitoring device January 2, 1990
A data acquisition system receives, stores, and displays signals from multiple medical sensors. The medical sensors serve as a source of analog input signals which are measures of certain body conditions. The signals are fed to a gain network and then to low pass and high pass filters. T
H721 Production of 10 micron diameter hollow ceramic fibers January 2, 1990
Hollow ceramic fibers are made by intercalating carbon fibers with a metal chloride and then heating the intercalated fibers in air to oxidize or burn off the carbon, leaving metal oxide fibers having generally the size and structure of the carbon fiber precursors. The fibers are then so
H713 Automatic target detection and recognition November 7, 1989
A segment labeler/extractor outputs segments of video data stored in Random Access Memory for feature extraction and classification as targets. This function is accomplished by labeling the segments of a video frame as the segments are stored in a mass segment memory, sorting the mass se
H703 Manual control apparatus with electable mechanical impedance November 7, 1989
Mechanical impedance determining apparatus for the control stick of an aircraft, an aircraft simulator, or non-aircraft apparatus such as a video game. Impedance determination is accomplished by a feedback path connected from output to input of the control stick with feedback transfer fu
H680 TDD antenna--foil formed, substrate loaded laser welded assembly September 5, 1989
The antenna assembly is formed by building a shell housing by punch press operation. The housing contains the antenna features. The dielecric with load and connector is placed into the housing. Then a back is placed onto the assembly and the unit is enclosed by laser welding. This design
H668 Nonlinear optical apparatus using optical fibers September 5, 1989
A nonlinear second order signal processing apparatus having a number of high quality optical fibers that are embedded in a nonlinear optical material in such a way that their cores are in evanescent contact with one another and the nonlinear medium.
H667 Patterned tunnel junction September 5, 1989
A multijunction solar cell is disclosed which uses a patterned intercell ohmic connection as the tunnel junction to connect a top solar cell in electrical and optical series with a bottom solar cell. By confining this patterned tunnel junction to shadowed areas directly beneath the top
H661 Cathode container for sodium-sulfur cells August 1, 1989
A corrosion resistant structure for a sodium-sulfur cell is described which comprises a container structure for the sulfur cathode including an outer metallic container having an inner surface defining a volume for containing the cathode, a layer of glass on the inner surface of the
H658 High effectiveness all metal heat exchanger August 1, 1989
A perforated plate-spacer ring type of crossflow heat exchanger adapted for improved cryogenic operation. Plastic spacer rings have been eliminated and replaced by metallic spacer rings whose convoluted cross section provides good thermal isolation between adjacent perforated plates.
H648 Air passage device July 4, 1989
A bulkhead structure for separating two compartments in an aircraft engine inlet cowl or the like and for promoting fluid flow between the compartments is described which comprises a first flanged member having a first flange attached to the periphery of the bulkhead and a second flange
H647 Disk performance by co-extrusion July 4, 1989
A method for fabricating a gas turbine engine disk by co-extrusion is described which comprises the steps of preparing a cylindrical shaped preform billet having a central bore region of preselected radius r and comprising a first material, and a rim region surrounding the bore region
H646 Wideband self mixing millimeter wave receiver June 6, 1989
A self-mixing antenna-mixer millimeter wave receiver has the local oscillator and the mixer combined in one single unit, using a Gunn diode (or other device) placed at the center of a spiral antenna and proper voltage applied, so that the diode becomes an oscillator. At the same time
H641 Process for making coatings on graphite using intercalated species June 6, 1989
Carbon-graphite fibers are coated with a protective metal oxide coating by intercalating the fibers with a metal chloride and then deintercalating the chlorine by hydrolysis to form a metal oxide over the fibers. An example using aluminum chloride to form an aluminum oxide coating is
H637 Method and apparatus for rapid optical phasing June 6, 1989
A method and apparatus 10 for rapid optical phasing of optical devices utilizing white light interference fringe finding. The apparatus comprises a white light source 12, a beam splitter 18, a scanning mirror 20 and a stationary reflective surface 24. The scanning mirror 20 is moved in
H633 Method of predicting ductility of a metallic cast eutectic alloy and equation therefor June 6, 1989
The invention is a method of predicting ductility of a metallic cast eutectic alloy; the discovery of a microstructural function based upon manufacturing steps that influence ductility; and including the microstructural characteristics of the number of cells of a primary metal of the
H618 Interpupillary distance measuring device April 4, 1989
An instrument for measuring the interpupillary distance of a subject is described which comprises two parallel sighting tubes disposed in adjustable spaced relationship along parallel optical axes and interconnected for measuring the spacing between the axes, two eyepiece lenses of p
H615 High speed/low light wavefront sensor system April 4, 1989
A scalable, low light, high speed wavefront sensor system is disclosed for real time sensing of optical wavefronts using: a gateable image intensifier tube (GIIT), a monolithic lenslet array (MLM), a custom high speed switched silicon detector array, high speed analog/digital process
H609 CCD transversal filter using weighted input March 7, 1989
An analog transversal filter includes a charge transfer delay line, including a plurality of cells for storing electrical charge, and a multiphase clock to transfer electrical charge from cell to cell through the delay line. A plurality of injection electrodes are connected to predet
H605 Multi-element adaptive antenna array March 7, 1989
A phased array antenna is disclosed including a central reference element. This is surrounded by a plurality of sub-elements which form the adaptive elements of the array and have no feed networks. Each adaptive element is essentially an "L" stub, with the adaptive elements oriented such
H595 Field splice assembly for tactical fiber optic cable March 7, 1989
An optical fiber connector assembly and method for splicing a broken fiber optic cable is described which includes first and second elements joinable in a mated condition along respective first and second mating surfaces; first and second grooves in the mating surfaces extending essentia
H587 Dual toroidal electrodes February 7, 1989
An arc heater having dual toroidal rear electrodes is disclosed. In this configuration, the total arc current can be doubled without increasing the rear electrode erosion that would result with a single rear electrode. Alternatively, the total arc current can remain the same, and be divi
H574 Subject operated pupilometer February 7, 1989
An instrument for the self-examination of the eye of a subject is described which comprises a housing including a controllable light source for selectively illuminating the eye, an optical system for projecting along an optical axis an image of the eye so illuminated, photographic film f
H56 Flow measurement device May 6, 1986
A device for measuring fuel flow to a power plant such as a turbo fan engine with a very high degree of accuracy, for example, .+-.0.5%. A tubular flow loop having quick disconnect fittings for detachably connecting the loop between the aircraft fuel system outlet and the engine fuel
H559 Advancing gelation front cure technique December 6, 1988
A method for curing resin in the fabrication of a composite material is described comprising enclosing the composite material within a flexible vacuum enclosure, and substantially simultaneously pressing the material within the enclosure between first and second platens of a press to
H552 Automatic empty flatpack carrier sorter December 6, 1988
An empty flatpack carrier sorting device sorts empty carriers by types according to the flatpack associated with said carrier. A vision system determines from an image of a flatpack component the number and location of the leads and the size of the flatpack and thus the type of carrier

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