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RE36772 Driven shielding capacitive proximity sensor July 11, 2000
A capacitive proximity sensing element, backed by a reflector driven at the same voltage as and in phase with the sensor, is used to reflect the field lines away from a grounded robot arm towards an intruding object, thus dramatically increasing the sensor's range and sensitivity.
RE28921 Visual examination apparatus August 3, 1976
An automated visual examination apparatus for measuring visual sensitivity and mapping blind spot location including a projection system for displaying to a patient a series of visual stimuli, a response switch enabling him to indicate his reaction to the stimuli, and a recording sys
D383367 Pistol grip torque-measuring power tool September 9, 1997
D273742 Computer table May 8, 1984
6141368 Method of controlling lasing wavelength(s) October 31, 2000
A method is provided to control the lasing wavelength of a laser material without changing or adjusting the mechanical components of a laser device. The rate at which the laser material is pumped with the pumping energy is controlled so that lasing occurs at one or more lasing wavelength
6138895 Manual adjustable probe tool for friction stir welding October 31, 2000
A friction stir welding tool is provided generally comprising three parts: a rotatable welding tool body (22) that has an outer threaded surface (32) and a probe (24) extending from a distal end of the body, a shoulder (26), which has a threaded inner surface (40) and a bore (36) at a di
6138131 Arc-tangent circuit for continuous linear output October 24, 2000
A device suitable for determining arc-tangent of an angle .theta. is provided. Circuitry generates a first square wave at a frequency .omega.t and a second square wave at the frequency .omega.t but shifted by a phase difference equal to the angle .theta.. A pulse width modulation signal
6135729 Blood pump bearing system October 24, 2000
An apparatus is are provided for a blood pump bearing system within a pump housing to support long-term high-speed rotation of a rotor with an impeller blade having a plurality of individual magnets disposed thereon to provide a small radial air gap between the magnets and a stator of le
6135255 Resealable roller clutch October 24, 2000
A clutch that connects a first rotating member to a second rotating member in a manner that allows directional rotation between the two members in an engaged mode and free rotation between the members in a disengaged mode. The novelty of this invention lies in the combination of directio
6134476 Transcatheter antenna for microwave treatment October 17, 2000
Method and apparatus are provided for propagating microwave energy into heart tissues to produce a desired temperature profile therein at tissue depths sufficient for thermally ablating arrhythmogenic cardiac tissue to treat ventricular tachycardia and other arrhythmias while preventing
6133572 Infrared detector system with controlled thermal conductance October 17, 2000
A thermal infrared detector system includes a heat sink, a support member, a connection support member connecting the support member to the heat sink and including a heater unit. An infrared detector element is mounted on the support member and a temperature signal representative of the
6133401 Method to prepare processable polyimides with reactive endgroups using 1,3-bis (3-aminophenoxy) October 17, 2000
Polyimide copolymers were obtained containing 1,3-bis(3-aminophenoxy)benzene (APB) and other diamines and dianhydrides and terminating with the appropriate amount of reactive endcapper. The reactive endcappers studied include but should not be limited to 4-phenylethynyl phthalic anhy
6133330 Aromatic polyimide foam October 17, 2000
A mechanically undensified aromatic polyimide foam is made from an aromatic polyimide precursor solid residuum and has the following combination of properties: a density according to ASTM D-3574A of about 0.5 pounds/ft.sup.3 to about 20 pounds/ft.sup.3 ; a compression strength accord
6133036 Preservation of liquid biological samples October 17, 2000
The present invention provides a method of preserving a liquid biological sample, comprising the step of: contacting said liquid biological sample with a preservative comprising: sodium benzoate in an amount of at least about 0.15% of the sample (weight/volume); and citric acid in an amo
6132694 Catalyst for oxidation of volatile organic compounds October 17, 2000
Disclosed is a process for oxidizing volatile organic compounds to carbon dioxide and water with the minimal addition of energy. A mixture of the volatile organic compound and an oxidizing agent (e.g. ambient air containing the volatile organic compound) is exposed to a catalyst which
6132536 Automated propellant blending October 17, 2000
An automated propellant blending apparatus and method uses closely metered addition of countersolvent to a binder solution with propellant particles dispersed therein to precisely control binder precipitation and particle aggregation. A profile of binder precipitation versus counters
6126111 Emergency flight control system using one engine and fuel transfer October 3, 2000
A system for emergency aircraft control uses at least one engine and lateral fuel transfer that allows a pilot to regain control over an aircraft under emergency conditions. Where aircraft propulsion is available only through engines on one side of the aircraft, lateral fuel transfer
6124035 High temperature transfer molding resins September 26, 2000
High temperature resins containing phenylethynyl groups that are processable by transfer molding have been prepared. These phenylethynyl containing oligomers were prepared from aromatic diamines containing phenylethynyl groups and various ratios of phthalic anhydride and 4-phenylethy
6123512 Heat driven pulse pump September 26, 2000
A heat driven pulse pump includes a chamber having an inlet port, an outlet port, two check valves, a wick, and a heater. The chamber may include a plurality of grooves inside wall of the chamber. When heated within the chamber, a liquid to be pumped vaporizes and creates pressure head t
6117674 Pathogen propagation in cultured three-dimensional tissue mass September 12, 2000
A process for propagating a pathogen in a three-dimensional tissue mass cultured at microgravity conditions in a culture vessel containing culture media and a culture matrix is provided. The three-dimensional tissue mass is inoculated with a pathogen and pathogen replication in the cells
6116202 Carbon-carbon piston architectures September 12, 2000
An improved structure for carbon--carbon composite piston architectures is disclosed. The improvement consists of replacing the knitted fiber, three-dimensional piston preform architecture described in U.S. Pat. No. 4,909,133 (Taylor et al.) with a two-dimensional lay-up or molding of
6116020 Injector for liquid fueled rocket engine September 12, 2000
An injector for liquid fueled rocket engines wherein a generally flat core having a frustoconical dome attached to one side of the core to serve as a manifold for a first liquid, with the core having a generally circular configuration having an axis. The other side of the core has a plur
6114995 Computer-implemented method and apparatus for autonomous position determination using magnetic f September 5, 2000
A computer-implemented method and apparatus for determining position of a vehicle within 100 km autonomously from magnetic field measurements and attitude data without a priori knowledge of position. An inverted dipole solution of two possible position solutions for each measurement of
6114156 Molecular level coating for metal oxide particles September 5, 2000
Polymer encapsulated metal oxide particles are prepared by combining a polyamide acid in a polar aprotic solvent with a metal alkoxide solution. The polymer was imidized and the metal oxide formed simultaneously in a refluxing organic solvent. The resulting polymer-metal oxide is an
6110730 Whole blood cell staining device August 29, 2000
An apparatus and method for using the apparatus for staining particular cell markers is disclosed. The apparatus includes a flexible tube that is reversibly pinched into compartments with one or more clamps. Each compartment of the tube contains a separate reagent and is in selective
6109270 Multimodality instrument for tissue characterization August 29, 2000
A system with multimodality instrument for tissue identification includes a computer-controlled motor driven heuristic probe with a multisensory tip. For neurosurgical applications, the instrument is mounted on a stereotactic frame for the probe to penetrate the brain in a precisely
6107081 Uni-directional cell stretching device August 22, 2000
The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for applying various degrees of linear, mechanical loads on mammalian tissues, and in particular, for effecting linear stretching of tissue and simulating changes in hydrostatic pressures encountered during tissue contraction in
6104948 Method for visually integrating multiple data acquisition technologies for real time and retrosp August 15, 2000
A system for display on a single video display terminal of multiple physiological measurements is provided. A subject is monitored by a plurality of instruments which feed data to a computer programmed to receive data, calculate data products such as index of engagement and heart rat
6104328 Resolver to linear analog converter and method August 15, 2000
The converter produces a linear analog signal that is linearly proportional to a shaft angle of a resolver over An excitation cosine signal supplied to the resolver and a response cosine signal received from the output windings of the resolver are converted to logic level si
6103864 Composition and process for retarding the premature aging of PMR monomer solutions and PMR prepr August 15, 2000
The polyimides are derived from solutions of at least one low-boiling organic solvent, e.g. isopropanol containing a mixture of polyimide-forming monomers. The monomeric solutions have an extended shelf life at ambient (room) temperatures as high as C. and consist essentia
6103271 Microencapsulation and electrostatic processing method August 15, 2000
Methods are provided for forming spherical multilamellar microcapsules having alternating hydrophilic and hydrophobic liquid layers, surrounded by flexible, semi-permeable hydrophobic or hydrophilic outer membranes which can be tailored specifically to control the diffusion rate. The
6103210 Process for producing metal compounds from graphite oxide August 15, 2000
A process for providing elemental metals or metal oxides distributed on a carbon substrate or self-supported utilizing graphite oxide as a precursor. The graphite oxide is exposed to one or more metal chlorides to form an intermediary product comprising carbon, metal, chloride, and o
6102664 Blading system and method for controlling structural vibrations August 15, 2000
A new blading system for controlling the structural vibrations in axial-flow compressors, turbines, or fans, as in aircraft engines and like turbomachines including a stator disc and a rotor disc is presented. The rotor disc defines several radial hubs that retain the rotor blading syste
6102330 Emergency multiengine aircraft system for lateral control using differential thrust control of w August 15, 2000
An emergency flight control system is disclosed for lateral control using only differential engine thrust modulation of multiengine aircraft having at least two engines laterally displaced to the left and right from the axis of the aircraft in response to a heading angle command
6101013 Optical circuit switched protocol August 8, 2000
The present invention is a system and method embodied in an optical circuit switched protocol for the transmission of data through a network. The optical circuit switched protocol is an all-optical circuit switched network and includes novel optical switching nodes for transmitting o
6099864 In situ activation of microcapsules August 8, 2000
Disclosed are microcapsules comprising a polymer shell enclosing two or more immiscible liquid phases in which a drug, or a prodrug and a drug activator are partitioned into separate phases, or prevented from diffusing out of the microcapsule by a liquid phase in which the drug is po
6097189 Object locating system August 1, 2000
A portable system is provided that is operational for determining, with three dimensional resolution, the position of a buried object or a proximately positioned object that may move in space or air or gas. The system has a plurality of receivers for detecting the signal from a target
6093454 Method of producing controlled thermal expansion coat for thermal barrier coatings July 25, 2000
A improved thermal barrier coating and method for producing and applying such is disclosed herein. The thermal barrier coating includes a high temperature substrate, a first bond coat layer applied to the substrate of MCrAlX, and a second bond coat layer of MCrAlX with particles of a
6091345 Synchronized target subsystem for automated docking systems July 18, 2000
A synchronized target subsystem for use in an automated docking or station keeping system for docking a chase vehicle with a target vehicle wherein the chase vehicle is provided with a video camera which provides adjacent frames each having a predetermined time duration. A light source m
6085594 High resolution and large dynamic range resonant pressure sensor based on Q-factor measurement July 11, 2000
A pressure sensor has a high degree of accuracy over a wide range of pressures. Using a pressure sensor relying upon resonant oscillations to determine pressure, a driving circuit drives such a pressure sensor at resonance and tracks resonant frequency and amplitude shifts with changes i
6084398 Rate of rotation measurement using back-EMFS associated with windings of a brushless DC motor July 4, 2000
A system and method are provided for measuring rate of rotation. A brushless DC motor is rotated and produces a back electromagnetic force (emf) on each winding thereof. Each winding's back-emf is integrated and multiplied by the back-emf associated with an adjacent winding. The mult
6084000 Hollow polyimide microspheres July 4, 2000
A shaped article composed of an aromatic polyimide has a hollow, essentially spherical structure and a particle size of about 100 to about 1500 .mu.m, a density of about 1 to about 6 pounds/ft.sup.3 and a volume change of 1 to about 20% by a pressure treatment of 30 psi for 10 minutes
6083158 Real-time visualization of tissue ischemia July 4, 2000
A real-time display of tissue ischemia which comprises three CCD video cameras, each with a narrow bandwidth filter at the correct wavelength. The cameras simultaneously view an area of tissue suspected of having ischemic areas through beamsplitters. The output from each camera is ad
6082635 Undulated nozzle for enhanced exit area mixing July 4, 2000
A nozzle having an undulating surface for enhancing the mixing of a primary flow with a secondary flow or ambient air, without requiring an ejector. The nozzle includes a nozzle structure and design for introducing counter-rotating vorticity into the primary flow either through (i) i
6081570 Parallel integrated frame synchronizer chip June 27, 2000
A parallel integrated frame synchronizer which implements a sequential pipeline process wherein serial data in the form of telemetry data or weather satellite data enters the synchronizer by means of a front-end subsystem and passes to a parallel correlator subsystem or a weather sat
6081235 High resolution scanning reflectarray antenna June 27, 2000
The present invention provides a High Resolution Scanning Reflectarray Antenna (HRSRA) for the purpose of tracking ground terminals and space craft communication applications. The present invention provides an alternative to using gimbaled parabolic dish antennas and direct radiating
6078223 Discriminator stabilized superconductor/ferroelectric thin film local oscillator June 20, 2000
A tunable local oscillator (10) with a tunable circuit (12) that includes a resonator (16) and a transistor (14) as an active element for oscillation. Tuning of the circuit (12) is achieved with an externally applied dc bias (22, 24) across coupled lines (20) on the resonator (16). Prefe
6077478 Microwave powered sterile access port June 20, 2000
A device and method for elimination of contamination during transfer of materials either into or from bioreactors, food containers, or other microbially vulnerable systems. Using microwave power, thermal sterilizations of mating fixtures are achieved simply, reliably, and quickly by
6074871 Cell-culture reactor having a porous organic polymer membrane June 13, 2000
A method for making a biocompatible polymer article using a uniform atomic oxygen treatment is disclosed. The substrate may be subsequently optionally grated with a compatibilizing compound. Compatibilizing compounds may include proteins, phosphorylcholine groups, platelet adhesion p
6071087 Ferroelectric pump June 6, 2000
A ferroelectric pump has one or more variable volume pumping chambers internal to a housing. Each chamber has at least one wall comprising a dome shaped internally prestressed ferroelectric actuator having a curvature and a dome height that varies with an electric voltage applied bet

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