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The United States of America as repesented by the Secretary of the Navy Patents
The United States of America as repesented by the Secretary of the Navy
Washington, DC
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8577658 Numerical toolbox for design of fluidic components and systems November 5, 2013
A computational "toolbox" can be used for the a priori design of optimized fluidic components. These components include a channel under low-Reynolds number, pressure-driven flow, with an arrangement of grooves cut into the top and/or bottom to generate a tailored cross-channel flow.
7969370 Liquid antennas June 28, 2011
A fluidic antenna is described, using an electromagnetic energy coupler, a non-metallic container coupled to the electromagnetic energy coupler, a fluid having charged particles moving through the non-metallic container at a predetermined rate, and a charge focuser disposed about the
4324599 Gelled slurry explosive April 13, 1982
An explosive slurry containing red water, a nitrocellulose containing prolant, oxidizer, passivated aluminum and a thickening agent.
4083238 System for testing proximity fuzes April 11, 1978
A system for testing the performance and vulnerability of proximity fuzes der simulated live hardware conditions. The performance of the system is evaluated by the application of a repeater jammer signal within the cutoff range of the proximity fuze which is mounted in a free space test

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