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8023760 System and method for enhancing low-visibility imagery September 20, 2011
A method includes the steps of selecting an image filtering technique, receiving an image from an image source, processing the received image to provide a processed image, and displaying the processed image to a user. Processing the received image includes the steps of adjusting the
8022006 Catalyst nanoparticle September 20, 2011
A catalyst nanoparticle covalently bonded to a surface ligand wherein the surface ligand has a peripheral functional group having a property suitable to ensure solubility in a fluid such as a hydroxylic solvent, water, lower molecular weight alcohol, methanol, ethanol, iso-propanol,
8021991 Technique to radiation-harden trench refill oxides September 20, 2011
Oxide films are deposited under conditions generating a silicon-rich oxide in which silicon nanoclusters form either during deposition or during subsequent annealing. Such deposition conditions include those producing films with optical indices (n) greater than 1.46. The method of th
8021549 Method and apparatus for producing potable water from seawater using forward osmosis September 20, 2011
A method and apparatus for desalinating seawater which uses an ammonia bicarbonate forward osmosis desalination process. Seawater is pumped through one side of a membrane assembly. A draw solution is pumped through the other side of the membrane assembly. The draw solution withdraws
8021542 Method for recovering potable water from the exhaust of an internal combustion engine September 20, 2011
A water recovery method and apparatus which uses a desiccant, such as lithium chloride, to recover water vapor from the engine exhaust of a vehicle. The apparatus uses liquid-contactor to transfer water vapor from the vehicle exhaust to the liquid desiccant. The desiccant is then tra
8020505 Probe receiver device for recovering surface water vessels September 20, 2011
A method and apparatus for securing a surface water vessel to a floating station. The surface water vessel may be an unmanned surface vehicle, and the floating station may be attached to a larger parent ship. According to the invention, the surface water vessel includes a forwardly p
8019555 Virus as a scaffold for hierarchical self-assembly of functional nanoscale devices September 13, 2011
An electrically active particle is disclosed, having a virus scaffold. Nanoparticles are bonded to the surface of the virus, and the nanoparticles are connected to each other by, molecular wires.
8018096 Inductive pulse forming network for high-current, high-power applications September 13, 2011
An inductive pulse forming network stores electrical energy delivered from an outside prime power supply in the electric field of a low-voltage, high-energy density network capacitor. Through timed actuation of a series of one or more switches, the energy stored in the electric field
8017768 Catalitic synthesis of caged polynitramine compounds September 13, 2011
An improved method of preparing 2,4,6,8,10,12-hexanitro-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaazaisowurtzitane (2,4,6,8,10,12-hexanitro-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaazatetracyclo[,9.- 0.sup.3,11]dodecane) (HNIW) is disclosed. The compound is useful as a high energy, high density explosive or propellant
8017745 Plasmodium falciparum antigens and methods of use September 13, 2011
The subject invention provides novel Plasmodium falciparum antigens and novel polynucleotides encoding these antigens. Also provided by the subject invention are methods of using these antigens and polynucleotides.
8017658 Synthesis of hydrocarbons via catalytic reduction of CO.sub.2 September 13, 2011
A method of: introducing hydrogen and a feed gas containing at least 50 vol % carbon dioxide into a reactor containing a Fischer-Tropsch catalyst; and heating the hydrogen and carbon dioxide to a temperature of at least about C. to produce hydrocarbons in the reactor. An
8017091 Beadwhacker September 13, 2011
A device consisting of a low-RPM motor wherein the motor spins a flat disk, a peg is attached to the disk, a stationary spring armature wherein the peg can activate the stationary spring armature as the disk rotates, and a tube containing beads in a fluid positioned in a top plate wherei
8016303 Wheeled-vehicle dolly September 13, 2011
A dolly is particularly adapted to lift, support and maneuver a four-wheel vehicle. The dolly comprises an adjustable, generally U-shaped frame assembly for each vehicle tire. The frame assembly has pairs of reciprocally opposed first and second frame members adapted to be positioned
8015601 Controller for event-based statistical covert channels September 6, 2011
A controller for an event-based statistical covert channel includes a data receiver; a data transmitter; and a channel controller that includes a fixed distribution randomized event buffer construction processor (FDREBCP) and a fixed distribution randomized event buffer (FDREB). The
8014745 High isolation multiple carrier system architecture for communications September 6, 2011
A compensation apparatus for an integrated communication system is disclosed. The integrated communication system can include a first communication device having a first transmitter antenna, and a second communication device having a second receiver antenna, wherein the second receiv
8012699 Recombinant antigens for diagnosis and prevention of murine typhus September 6, 2011
The invention relates to the construction of recombinant, immunodominant Rickettsia typhi proteins. The invention also relates to a method for the use of the recombinant proteins, either singly or in combination, in detection and diagnostic assays. The proteins can also be used in an
8012616 Advanced apparatus for generating electrical power from aquatic sediment/water interfaces September 6, 2011
An improved benthic microbial fuel cell for generating energy at the interface of aquatic sediment and seawater includes an anode electrode embedded within the aquatic sediment, a cathode electrode positioned within the seawater and above the aquatic sediment, a rig for maintaining t
8012534 Thermosetting coatings for particulate materials and methods of application September 6, 2011
A process is provided for coating particulate materials with a thermoset polymeric coating that is less prone to creep or abrasion than a thermoplastic coating. The process provides for the coating of water-reactive and water-soluble materials which require a non-aqueous media for pr
8011424 System and method for convective heat transfer utilizing a particulate solution in a time varyin September 6, 2011
A convective heat transfer system for use with a fluid with particles, including a fluid channel having a wall and being capable of transferring the fluid, and a field emitter operable to emit a time-varying field into the fluid channel such that, when the fluid is in the channel, the ti
8011239 In situ sediment ecotoxicity assessment system September 6, 2011
A system includes a plurality of chamber holders having openings therein, and an exposure chamber positioned in each chamber holder. Each exposure chamber includes a mesh portion and a top end cap. One exposure chamber contains a mesh bottom and one contains a closed bottom. Each chamber
8010943 Dynamic memory management system and method August 30, 2011
A data expression is created to be executed on a computer. At least one of the at least two objects is tagged as temporary. A first non-assignment operator is executed to instruct the computer to perform a mathematical operation on object data corresponding to the one of the at least
8009995 Method and apparatus for photonic digital-to-analog conversion August 30, 2011
A method and apparatus for receiving a digital signal having a plurality of significant bits of resolution. The apparatus includes a mode locked laser comprising a single output. The apparatus also includes a beam divider operable to receive the single output. The apparatus also incl
8009086 System and method for geo-locating a receiver with reduced power consumption August 30, 2011
A system and process for the geo-location of an asset given no a priori knowledge regarding time and location of the asset with minimized power consumption is disclosed. In the preferred embodiment, the system is accurate to about 30 meters CEP (50% circular error probable) using just
8009084 Fully integrated microprocessor controlled radar display August 30, 2011
A special purpose decoder and display unit is designed to present special format radar signals for training. Several display formats ease operator workload while acquiring desired radar formats. A reference tone is recorded along with radar signals on a tape and a phase locked oscillator
8008626 Neutron detector with gamma ray isolation August 30, 2011
A silicon-on-insulator (SOI) neutron detector comprising a silicon-on-insulator structure, wherein the silicon-on-insulator structure consists of an active semiconductor layer, a buried layer, and a handle substrate, a lateral carrier transport and collection detector structure withi
8008527 Octafluoropentaerythrityltetramine (octafluoro-peta) and process for its preparation August 30, 2011
A composition and method of manufacturing the same. Embodiments of an aspect of the invention relate to the formula C(CH.sub.2NF.sub.2).sub.4 having the name octafluoropentaerythrityltetramine (octafluoro-PETA). In embodiments of another aspect generally relate to a method for manufa
8007989 Method and solution for forming a patterned ferroelectric layer on a substrate August 30, 2011
A method for forming a patterned ferroelectric layer, having ferroelectric electronic properties, on a substrate. A composite layer, made of ferroelectric layer producing metal acrylate compounds, a photoinitiator compound and an acrylate crosslinking compound is formed on the substr
8006937 Spacecraft docking interface mechanism August 30, 2011
A demountable docking interface mechanism and method for docking and undocking two spacecraft utilizing the demountable docking interface mechanism.
8006619 Underwater acoustic tracer system August 30, 2011
An underwater supercavitating projectile includes means to form ripples on its surrounding cavity so as to provide well-defined disturbances of the cavity boundary. As the ripples move aft of the supercavitating projectile and into the wake behind the advancing projectile, the ripples
8005767 System and method of classifying events August 23, 2011
The present invention enables identification of events such as target. From training target event data the present a very large number of clusters are formed for each class based on Euclidean distance using a repetitive k-means clustering process. Features from each cluster are ident
8005257 Gesture recognition apparatus and method August 23, 2011
A method of identifying a human gesture using a machine includes providing a time sequence of data related to the human gesture; transforming the time sequence of data into waveforms; extracting features from the waveforms; and identifying the human gesture based on the extracted fea
8004660 Method and system for determination of detection probability of a target object based on vibrati August 23, 2011
A simulation system for predicting a likelihood of whether a target object positioned in an environment will be detected by a detection system when illuminated by a laser source. The simulation system may be used for a laser rangefinder application and a laser designator application.
8004455 Antenna simulator August 23, 2011
A method and apparatus for simulating antenna apparatuses are provided. In an illustrative embodiment, the apparatus comprises a first portion configured to produce a first and third plurality of signals and to receive a second plurality of signals from a transmitter, wherein said fi
8004216 Variable intensity LED illumination system August 23, 2011
A variable intensity LED illumination system is configured to provide a change in luminance versus input voltage that corresponds to a desired transfer function, such as the dimming characteristics of an incandescent lamp, which more closely resembles the response of the human eye. The
8003713 Fabricating polymers for optical devices August 23, 2011
High concentrations of dye may be prepared in combination with thermoplastic polymers and used in optical polymers as monomeric and dimeric molecular solutions. The method of preparing high concentration levels allows the control over the aggregation of dye molecules that is required
8001902 Signal transmission surveillance system August 23, 2011
A system and method of detecting, processing, and selectively responding to radio frequency transmissions detected by at least one projectile deployed above a geographic area.
8001901 Signal transmission surveillance system August 23, 2011
A system and method of detecting, processing, and selectively responding to radio frequency transmissions detected by at least one projectile deployed above a geographic area.
7998291 Thermite torch formulation including molybdenum trioxide August 16, 2011
A thermite torch formulation that includes a metal fuel in the form of a magnalium alloy and an oxidizer in the form of MoO.sub.3. When the thermite formulation is reacted, a torch may direct at least one reaction product onto a certain region of an object to deliver a large amount of
7997203 Embedded and removable initiator for explosives August 16, 2011
A warhead including a case, a main explosive being received within the case, an initiator having at least a portion embedded within a main explosive charge, and a releasable coupling intermediate the main explosive charge and the initiator.
7997179 Hybrid water cannon August 16, 2011
A hybrid water cannon that can be configured in either a recoil mode or recoilless mode. A first barrel is attached to a breech block. Either a second barrel or breech plug is also attached to the breech block on a side opposite the first barrel. With the breech plug attached, the water
7996195 Computation of particle energy from ablation August 9, 2011
A method is provided for predicting thermal energy transfer from an entrained particle to a wall surface, the entrained particle being incorporated within a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of a flow scenario. Initially, the method generates grid geometry for the CFD model to
7995628 Recycling pump-beam method and system for a high-power terahertz parametric source August 9, 2011
A method and a system are implemented in the fabrication of a portable high power terahertz beam source that can produce a tunable, high power terahertz beam over the frequency from 0.1 THz to 2.5 THz. The terahertz source employs a recycling pump beam method and a beam quality control
7994992 Multiband current probe fed antenna August 9, 2011
A multi-band antenna comprising a conductive structure and a plurality of current probes coupled around the conductive structure. Each current probe is designed to receive and transmit in a substantially different frequency band than the other current probes. The current probes are p
7991165 Noise rejecting electronic stethoscope August 2, 2011
An acoustic-electronic stethoscope that filters aberrant environmental background noise. The chest piece employs acoustic vents to inhibit resonant amplification of noise and contains a diaphragm design that focuses vibrational energy to a raised ring, which transfers and further foc
7990804 Method and system for real-time automated change detection and classification for images August 2, 2011
A computer based system and method for real-time display of co-registered historical and current side scan sonar imagery during a side scan sonar survey. Embodiments also include modules for detection of clutter in the current imagery, identification of features, extraction of snippets,
7988802 Thermite torch formulation including combined oxidizers August 2, 2011
A thermite torch formulation that consists essentially of a metal fuel, a first oxidizer CuO, a second oxidizer MoO.sub.3, and a binder material. When the thermite formulation is reacted, a torch may direct at least one reaction product onto a certain region of an object to deliver a lar
7988801 Perchlorate-free green signal flare composition August 2, 2011
Perchlorate-free green flare compositions are disclosed which, when burned, produce green smoke and flames. Methods of producing the compositions are also disclosed.
7987805 Neutrally buoyant submerged system using lesser density ballast fluid August 2, 2011
The invention provides a means by which the attitude or orientation of a submerged object can be changed or altered using a fixed quantity of transferable ballast fluid which has a density less than that of the surrounding fluid in which the object is submerged. In one embodiment, th
7987286 Distributed situation awareness ping-based communication system (DAPICS) July 26, 2011
A communication method comprising the steps of: a) receiving object of interest detection data from a sensor that is operatively coupled to a first computer node in a wireless network of Unix-like computer nodes; b) transforming the object of interest detection data into an informational
7986585 Reception of uplink data from sonobuoys July 26, 2011
A method for improving the bit error rate in digital transmissions of sonobuoy sensor data from a sonobuoy to a receiver platform includes computing a send checksum on a frame of sonobuoy sensor data, copying the frame of data and checksum into a plurality of subframes, delaying one of
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