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RE37585 Method for controlling configuration of laser induced breakdown and ablation March 19, 2002
In one aspect the invention provides a method for laser induced breakdown of a material with a pulsed laser beam where the material is characterized by a relationship of fluence breakdown threshold ( versus laser beam pulse width (T) that exhibits an abrupt, rapid, and distinct
RE36187 Acyclic pyrrolo [2,3-d]pyrimidine analogs as antiviral agents April 6, 1999
This invention relates to the use of acyclic substituted pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine nucleoside analogs in the treatment of viral infections. Such substituted compounds retain antiviral properties present in their parent compounds, yet exhibit significantly decreased levels of cytotoxic
RE35823 Proteins useful in the regulation of .kappa.B-containing genes June 9, 1998
Proteins, and corresponding DNA and RNA sequences, useful for the regulation of expression of .kappa.B-containing genes are disclosed. These proteins are useful to either stimulate or inhibit the expression of .kappa.B-containing genes. Proteins stimulating the expression of .kappa.B
D268220 Military helmet with visor March 15, 1983
D267287 Pneumatic liner for protective headgear December 21, 1982
D266711 Police helmet November 2, 1982
D266627 Protective helmet for athletes October 26, 1982
D266626 Police helmet October 26, 1982
8580509 Recurrent gene fusions in prostate cancer November 12, 2013
Recurrent gene fusions of androgen regulated genes and ETS family member genes in prostate cancer are described. Compositions and methods having utility in prostate cancer diagnosis, research, and therapy are also provided.
8580245 Compositions and methods for treating and preventing cardiomyopathy and heart disease November 12, 2013
The present invention relates to compositions and methods for treating and preventing heart disease. In particular, the present invention provides compositions comprising poloxamers (e.g., poloxamer 188-P188) and methods of using the same for treating and preventing heart disease (e.
8574934 OVJP patterning of electronic devices November 5, 2013
A method for forming an electronic device such as a passive color OLED display. Bottom electrodes are patterned onto a substrate in rows. Raised posts formed by photoresist are patterned into columns oriented orthogonally to the bottom row electrodes. One or more organic layers, such
8573259 Modular microfluidic assembly block and system including the same November 5, 2013
A modular microfluidic system comprising a base substrate, a plurality of microfluidic assembly blocks, and an adhesive component is provided. Each individual microfluidic assembly block defines a channel and has a sidewall defining an aperture into the channel. When the plurality of
8568769 Particle-containing complex porous materials October 29, 2013
Porous materials and methods for forming them are disclosed. One method for immobilizing micro-particles and/or nano-particles onto internal pore surfaces and/or external pore surfaces of porous materials includes suspending the micro-particles and/or nano-particles in a liquid adapted
8568692 Method for analyzing collagenous tissues for the detection and diagnosis of bone disease October 29, 2013
Methods and systems for diagnosing a bone disease related to collagen pathology in a subject are provided. These include providing a bone sample from the subject and determining a quantitative collagen morphology value of the bone sample. A reference value is provided from a non-affe
8564275 Reference voltage generator having a two transistor design October 22, 2013
An improved voltage reference generator is provided. The voltage reference generator comprises: a first transistor having a gate electrode biased to place the first transistor in a weak inversion mode; and a second transistor connected in series with said first transistor and having
8563947 Integrative and real-time radiation measurement methods and systems October 22, 2013
A method of determining the radiation type and energy distribution of a radiation source that outputs radiation. The method including providing a plurality of detector materials and exposing the plurality of detector materials to the radiation. Each of the plurality of detector materials
8562949 Radiolabeled dihydrotetrabenazine derivatives and their use as imaging agents October 22, 2013
This invention relates to a method of imaging vesicular monoamine transporters and to labeled compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and methods of making labeled compounds useful in imaging vesicular monoamine transporters. This invention also relates to compounds, and m
8561292 Method for manufacturing an implantable electronic device October 22, 2013
A method of manufacturing an implantable electronic device, including: providing a silicon wafer; building a plurality of layers coupled to the wafer including an oxide layer coupled to the silicon wafer; a first reactive parylene layer coupled to the oxide layer, an electrode layer
8294060 In-situ plasma/laser hybrid scheme October 23, 2012
A method and apparatus for forming layers on a target. The apparatus and method employ a direct current plasma apparatus to form at least one layer using a plasma jet containing precursors. In some embodiments, the direct current plasma apparatus utilizes axial injection of the precu
8293776 Compositions and methods for treating inflammatory conditions of the bowel October 23, 2012
The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating inflammatory conditions (e.g., of the bowel). In particular, the present invention provides methods of treating (e.g., therapeutically and/or prophylactically treating) inflammatory conditions (e.g., of the bowel),
8293354 UV curable silsesquioxane resins for nanoprint lithography October 23, 2012
Radiation-curable silsesquioxane resin materials are employed for micro- and nanolithography. The resin materials can include a radiation-curable silsesquioxane resin and a photo-initiator having low viscosity. The low viscosity of the liquid system allows imprinting with low pressure an
8293329 Organic vapor jet printing system October 23, 2012
An organic vapor jet printing system includes a pump for increasing the pressure of an organic flux.
8289063 Clock distribution network architecture with clock skew management October 16, 2012
Disclosed herein is a digital system that includes a distribution network having a path to carry a reference clock and an adjustable delay element disposed along the path, and first and second clock domains coupled to the distribution network to receive the reference clock and configured
8287585 Ostial stenting system October 16, 2012
A method and apparatus provide techniques for stenting ostial legions and other restenosis in vessels through a stenting apparatus that includes both a guidewire and a separate marker wire. In some examples, the marker wire is threaded through a tubular body of the stenting apparatus and
8285936 Cache memory with power saving state October 9, 2012
A data processing apparatus 1 comprises data processing circuitry 2, a memory 8 for storing data and a cache memory 5 for storing cached data from the memory 8. The cache memory 5 is partitioned into cache segments 12 which may be individually placed in a power saving state by power
8283569 Electrode array and method of fabrication October 9, 2012
An electrode array, having application as a cochlear implant, includes a tube formed of Parylene defining a hollow channel. A substrate formed primarily of Parylene is supported by the tube. In turn, a plurality of metallic electrodes and feed lines are supported by the substrate. Nu
8283368 Selective ligands for the dopamine 3 (D.sub.3) receptor and methods of using the same October 9, 2012
Potent and selective ligands for the dopamine 3 (D.sub.3) receptor are disclosed. The D3 receptor ligands have a structural formula (I) wherein X is C.dbd.O or SO.sub.2, R.sup.1 is C.sub.1-6 alkyl, R.sup.2 is aryl, heteroaryl, aryl, --(CH.sub.2).sub.1-3aryl, or --(CH.sub.2).sub.1-3he
8282937 Cold-adapted (CA) reassortant influenza virus October 9, 2012
The cold-adapted master strain A/Ann Arbor/6/60 7PI (H2N2) and progenitor wild type E2(3) viral strains have been deposited and their genomic sequences identified. Seven nucleotide differences were found between the sequences identified herein and the previously published sequences for
8278293 Diazo bicyclic Smac mimetics and the uses thereof October 2, 2012
The invention relates to diazo bicyclic mimetics of Smac which function as inhibitors of Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins. The invention also relates to the use of these mimetics for inducing apoptotic cell death and for sensitizing cells to inducers of apoptosis.
8276014 Stalling synchronisation circuits in response to a late data signal September 25, 2012
A data processing circuitry for processing data is disclosed. The data processing circuitry comprises: a plurality of synchronization circuits for capturing and transmitting the data in response to a clock signal and a plurality of combinational circuits arranged between the synchron
8275594 Engineered scaffolds for intervertebral disc repair and regeneration and for articulating joint September 25, 2012
Methods for the engineering and preparation of intervertebral disc repair scaffolds and articulating joint repair scaffolds are disclosed. The methodology utilizes either magnetic resonance images or combined magnetic resonance and computed tomography images as a template for creatin
8274918 Method for extending the use of single IPv4 addresses to multiple network end-hosts September 25, 2012
An address resolution system is provided where network devices are arranged to share a common public network address in a public network environment. The address resolution system includes: an address resolution table residing at a router and configured to store a public network addr
8274062 Integrative and real-time radiation measurement methods and systems September 25, 2012
A method of determining the radiation type and energy distribution of a radiation source that outputs radiation. The method including providing a plurality of detector materials and exposing the plurality of detector materials to the radiation. Each of the plurality of detector materials
8273714 ADAMTS13 genes and proteins and variants, and therapeutic compositions and methods of utilizing September 25, 2012
The present invention relates to a disintegrin and metalloproteinase containing thrombospondin 1-like domains (ADAMTS) and in particular to a novel ADAMTS13 protease and to nucleic acids encoding ADAMTS13 proteases. The present invention encompasses both native and recombinant wild-type
8268344 Particle-containing complex porous materials September 18, 2012
Porous materials and methods for forming them are disclosed. One method for immobilizing micro-particles and/or nano-particles onto internal pore surfaces and/or external pore surfaces of porous materials includes suspending the micro-particles and/or nano-particles in a liquid adapted
8268009 Mechanical extension implants for short bowel syndrome September 18, 2012
A bowel extension device implantable into a body for treatment of short bowel syndrome. The bowel extension device comprises a housing and a displaceable member coupled to the housing. The bowel extension device is configured to apply a tensile force sufficient to promote bowel growth
8267953 Angioplasty balloon with therapeutic/aspiration channel September 18, 2012
An angioplasty balloon catheter with an added channel for delivering medication or removing body fluids distal to the site of angioplasty is disclosed. The balloons are especially useful in the treatment of occlusions in saphenous vein grafts, the coronary and carotid arteries, arter
8264693 Method and system for measuring at least one property including a magnetic property of a materia September 11, 2012
A method of measuring at least one property including a magnetic property of target material is provided. A pump pulse train having one or more pump pulses is generated. The target material is irradiated with at least a portion of the one or more pump pulses so as to cause transient
8260440 Adaptive control based on retrospective cost optimization September 4, 2012
A discrete-time adaptive control law for stabilization, command following, and disturbance rejection that is effective for systems that are unstable, MIMO, and/or nonminimum phase. The adaptive control algorithm includes guidelines concerning the modeling information needed for imple
8257793 Roll to roll fabrication of microlens arrays for low cost light outcoupling from OLEDs September 4, 2012
A patterned roller, and a method of making the patterned roller, is provided. A patterned roller may be made by first forming a first mold having a negative pattern by etching pits in a flat mold surface with an etching process. Then, a second mold is formed having a positive pattern,
8255610 Crossbar circuitry for applying a pre-selection prior to arbitration between transmission reques August 28, 2012
Crossbar circuitry has data input and output paths, and at each intersection between a data input and output path, a crossbar cell is provided. A transmission circuit is responsive to a stored routing value to couple a data input path to a selected data output path. Pre-selection cir
8255061 Compact multilevel electrical integration of microsystems August 28, 2012
A microsystem comprising a substrate having an aperture formed therethrough. The aperture includes a first cross-section and a second cross-section--the first cross-section being smaller than the second cross-section to define a ledge therebetween. A probe member is disposed within t
8252834 Dendrimer conjugates August 28, 2012
The present invention relates to novel therapeutic and diagnostic dendrimers. In particular, the present invention is directed to dendrimer-linker conjugates, methods of synthesizing the same, compositions comprising the conjugates, as well as systems and methods utilizing the conjug
8251941 Selective cytopheresis devices and related methods thereof August 28, 2012
The present invention relates to systems and devices to treat and/or prevent inflammatory conditions within a subject and to related methods. More particularly, the invention relates to systems, devices, and related methods that sequester leukocytes and/or platelets and then inhibit thei
8245295 Apparatus and method for detection of malicious program using program behavior August 14, 2012
An apparatus and method of diagnosing whether a computer program executed in a computer system is a malicious program and more particularly, an apparatus and method of diagnosing whether a computer program is a malicious program using a behavior of a computer program, and an apparatu
8242493 Organic photosensitive devices using subphthalocyanine compounds August 14, 2012
An organic photosensitive optoelectronic device includes an anode, a cathode, and a donor-acceptor heterojunction between the anode and the cathode, the heterojunction including a donor-like material and an acceptor-like material, wherein at least one of the donor-like material and t
8242109 Compositions and methods relating to novel compounds and targets thereof August 14, 2012
The present invention relates to novel chemical compounds, methods for their discovery, and their therapeutic use. In particular, the present invention provides benzodiazepine compounds, and structurally and functionally related compounds, and methods of using such compounds as thera
8242037 Method of pressureless sintering production of densified ceramic composites August 14, 2012
Methods of making and compositions of dense sintered ceramic nano- and micro-composite materials that are highly stable in a variety of conditions and exhibit superior toughness and strength. Liquid feed flame spray pyrolysis techniques form a plurality of nanoparticles (e.g., powder
8241651 Multiphasic biofunctional nano-components and methods for use thereof August 14, 2012
Multiphasic nano-components (MPNs) having at least two phases and at least one active ingredient are provided. The MPNs can be used in various methods for medical diagnostics or with pharmaceutical, personal care, oral care, and/or nutritional compositions, for example, in oral care,
8239139 Multimodal spectroscopic systems and methods for classifying biological tissue August 7, 2012
Multimodal optical spectroscopy systems and methods produce a spectroscopic event to obtain spectroscopic response data from biological tissue and compare the response data with preset criteria configured to correlate the measured response data and the most probable attributes of the

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