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T993001 Free body automatic laundry additive dispenser April 1, 1980
A dual-acting free body automatic dispenser for dispensing laundry additives into automatic washing machines. The dispenser comprises an assemblage of three major elements: a hollow, spherical container provided with an orifice; a resilient valve seated within the orifice and a rigid
D620638 Cosmetic product July 27, 2010
D546688 Bottle-dispenser combination July 17, 2007
D499887 Portion of a cleaning sheet December 21, 2004
D458034 Paper product June 4, 2002
D426886 Release paper for a disposable absorbent article June 20, 2000
D424811 Pattern for an embossed tissue May 16, 2000
D417006 Neck wrap November 23, 1999
D414611 Paper product October 5, 1999
D412981 Pattern August 17, 1999
D412750 Neck wrap August 10, 1999
D403578 Bottle handle January 5, 1999
D389740 Bottle cap January 27, 1998
D373536 Combined bottle and cap September 10, 1996
D344820 Laundry detergent dispensing device March 1, 1994
D336606 Dispensing container June 22, 1993
D334473 Set of bristles for a toothbrush April 6, 1993
D319979 Dispensing closure September 17, 1991
D314339 Combined closure and dispenser February 5, 1991
D314334 Bottle February 5, 1991
D292491 Pouring attachment for bottles October 27, 1987
D292489 Pouring attachment for bottles October 27, 1987
D259219 Paper toweling May 12, 1981
D245759 Bottle September 13, 1977
8585951 Process for making an embossed web November 19, 2013
A process for making an embossed web. A precursor web is provided between a forming structure and a compliant substrate. The forming structure has a plurality of discrete apertures or depressions. Pressure is provided between the compliant substrate and the forming structure to force the
8241743 Dispersible nonwoven webs and methods of manufacture August 14, 2012
Nonwoven webs that are comprised of non-thermoplastic fibers, have good in-use strength, and that disperse or break apart when subjected to agitation in water are disclosed. Pre-moistened wipes comprising such webs are also disclosed. The method of making the nonwoven webs is describ
8211408 Low pH oral care compositions with fused silica July 3, 2012
An oral care composition comprising a fused silica abrasive and a fluoride source. The oral care composition may have a lower pH to aid in fluoride and/or active stability.
8168853 Extrusion bonded laminates for absorbent articles May 1, 2012
An absorbent article of the present invention may comprise a topsheet, an outer cover, and an absorbent core disposed therebetween. The outer cover may comprise an extrusion bonded laminate. The EBL may comprise a multi-layer coextruded elastomeric film and a nonwoven. The film may c
8163130 Paper product having unique physical properties April 24, 2012
A paper product having a plurality of tessellating unit cells forming a pattern is disclosed. Each unit cell has a center and at least two continuous land areas extending in at least two directions from the center and a plurality of pillow areas each surrounded by at least one of the
8153144 Stable multiphase composition comprising alkylamphoacetate April 10, 2012
The multiphase personal care composition of the present invention comprises a first phase and a second phase. The first phase is comprised of structured surfactant phase that comprises at least about 0.5% of alkylamphoacetate. The alkylamphoacetate comprises a Percentage Diacetate of
8119064 Methods, devices, compositions, and systems for improved scent delivery February 21, 2012
Systems, devices, methods, and compositions that improve the scent perception for a user. Improved scent perception is achieved by presenting alternating scents and by varying levels of output of scents, as well as by minimizing device clogging, thereby improving evaporation profiles
8097109 Method for the concurrent converting of multiple web materials January 17, 2012
An apparatus for the concurrent converting of multiple web products includes at least a first unwind station and a second unwind station. The apparatus further includes a first web transformation station associated with a first web material unwound from the first unwind station, and a
8087357 Process for creating a unit dose product with a printed water soluble material January 3, 2012
A process for selectively and repeatedly printing at least two graphics onto a water soluble material to create a randomized print for unit dose products.
8079373 Applicator with helical applicator surface December 20, 2011
An applicator includes a handle and an applicator head coupled to the handle. The applicator head includes at least one helical applicator surface, the at least one helical applicator surface disposed about a hollow space, and a plurality of projections attached only to a section of
8048051 Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof November 1, 2011
Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent briefs, diaper holders, training pants and the like, having elastomeric ear panels and a fastening system that provides the user with different options as to how the absorbent article may be fitted to and removed from the wearer.
8029485 Tampon with offset grooves October 4, 2011
A tampon for feminine hygiene that has an insertion end, a withdrawal end, a central portion between the insertion end and the withdrawal end, a length, a longitudinal axis, a radial axis, and an outer surface. The tampon is made of compressed fibrous material. The outer surface of the
8006918 Alternating current powered delivery system August 30, 2011
An air treatment device having a piezoelectric actuator powered by a transformer. The transformer has dual inputs comprising oppositely wound coils and input power signals 180 degrees out of phase. This arrangement provides a stronger drive signal to the actuator.
7998403 Method of freshening air August 16, 2011
Air freshener products and methods for freshening air are disclosed. In some embodiments, the air freshening product may include a container for storing an air freshening composition that may contain compressed gas such as compressed air, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, inert gases, or carbon
7998222 Cosmetic compositions comprising a polymer and a colorant August 16, 2011
A cosmetic composition suitable for use on mammalian skin, hair, and nails. These compositions contain a polymer and a colorant. The polymer of the composition mitigates staining caused by the colorant, and the polymer and colorant are opposite in charge. The present invention is als
7963899 Continuous in-line pleating apparatus and process June 21, 2011
A web pleating apparatus comprising a first series of converging elongate spaced protuberances and a second series of elongate spaced protuberances converging in the machine direction. The first series of protuberances and said second series of protuberances interleave in the Z-direction
7615278 Fibrous structures comprising a polymer structure November 10, 2009
Polymer structures and methods for making such polymer structures are provided. More particularly, polymer structures comprising a hydroxyl polymer structure, such as a fiber comprising a hydroxyl polymer are provided. Even more particularly, fibrous structures comprising a hydroxyl
7507568 Three dimensional coordinates of HPTPbeta March 24, 2009
The crystal structures of catalytic domain of HPTPbeta, both ligand-bound and ligan-free are described. These structures are useful in computer aided drug design for identifying compounds that bind or activate HPTPbeta and thereby modulate angiogenesis mediated disorders or diseases.
7357350 Wipes container holder April 15, 2008
A bathroom accessory adapted to connect with a bathroom tissue roll trunnion and support a container of wipes is disclosed. The bathroom accessory may include first and second brackets connected with and extending upward from a base. The first and second brackets can be adapted to co
7226900 Liquid laundry detergent composition containing boron-compatible cationic deposition aids June 5, 2007
The invention is directed to liquid laundry detergent compositions comprising (a) at least one surfactant; (b) at least one enzyme and an enzyme stabilizing system comprising boron; (c) at least one fabric care ingredient which is not a fabric cleaning ingredient; and (d) at least on
7223361 Methods for emitting volatile compositions May 29, 2007
Methods and devices for emitting volatile materials are disclosed. In some embodiments, methods and devices for emitting two or more fragrance compositions are disclosed. In one non-limiting embodiment of a device, the device has a housing, and the housing is supported on an electrical
7144391 Feminine hygiene kit December 5, 2006
Kits of feminine hygiene products are disclosed. In particular, kits which may be used as learner kits are disclosed. Such kits preferably include at least an absorbent tampon having an absorbency of less than or equal to about 6 grams according to the syngina test. Also included are a
7112621 Coating compositions for modifying surfaces September 26, 2006
Coating compositions, methods and articles of manufacture comprising a nanoparticle system employing same to impart surface modifying benefits for all types of soft surfaces, and in some cases, hard surfaces, are disclosed. In some embodiments, dispersement of nanoparticles in a suit
7070585 Tampon having recessed portions July 4, 2006
A compressed tampon having an insertion end, a withdrawal end, a longitudinal axis, a radial axis, and an outer surface. The outer surface of the tampon has a plurality of recessed portions. Each of the recessed portions comprises a length dimension, a first side wall, and a second s
6980888 Method and apparatus for predicting the result of a coloration December 27, 2005
A method and apparatus for predicting the result of the coloration of a substrate by a coloring product. The method and apparatus involve the use of micro-processing system and are especially suitable for quickly and easily determining the result of hair coloration by a commercial hair d
6926701 Disposable excreta management device August 9, 2005
The disposable excreta management device has a longitudinal centerline, a transverse centerline, a wearer-facing surface and an opposing surface. The disposable excreta management device comprises a flexible bag to contain excreta and an adhesive flange to attach the device to the body o
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