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The Majestic Products Company Patents
The Majestic Products Company
Huntington, IN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D395079 Unvented gas log set June 9, 1998
6425390 Unvented heating appliance having system for reducing undesirable combustion products July 30, 2002
A heating appliance including a firebox having an inlet and an outlet, the firebox inlet and outlet in communication with a space containing ambient air and within which the appliance is located. A gas burner is disposed within the firebox and provides a flame, the flame supported by amb
6216687 Unvented heating appliance having system for reducing undesirable combustion products April 17, 2001
A gas-fueled heating appliance having a system for reducing the amount of undesirable combustion products released to the site in which the appliance is installed. The appliance includes a firebox partially surrounded by a heat exchanger. Ambient air is drawn into the heat exchanger
5947113 Direct vent gas appliance with vertical and horizontal venting September 7, 1999
The invention relates to a direct vent gas fireplace adapted for attachment to a concentric flue pipe assembly having an exhaust pipe and fresh air pipe. A top wall, rear wall, bottom wall and side walls define a combustion chamber. A gas burner is disposed in the combustion chamber. A
5701882 Fireplace with ceramic fiber duct December 30, 1997
A fireplace having a low density ceramic fiber duct with a first duct portion which promotes secondary combustion of unburned products of combustion and a second duct portion which removes products of combustion from the front of the combustion chamber. The ceramic fiber duct is posi
5695116 Thermally activated vent damper December 9, 1997
A thermally activated vent damper assembly for occluding passage of gases in a passageway such as a flue. The assembly includes first and second damper members which are pivotable about a common axis. Coaxial first and second support members which are spaced apart along the common axis
5673683 Induced draft fireplace October 7, 1997
The invention is directed to an induced draft fireplace including a plurality of outer walls defining an outer housing. The outer walls include at least one outer side wall and an outer top wall. A plurality of inner walls define a combustion chamber. The inner walls include at least
5626127 Clean face air circulating fireplace May 6, 1997
A fireplace including a heat exchanger beneath the combustion chamber floor. The front panel or surround of the fireplace housing includes a central opening which accesses the combustion chamber. Room air inlets and outlets, which are ducted to the heat exchanger, are horizontally arrang
5617842 Fireplace with outer housing cooling system April 8, 1997
A fireplace with a cooling air passageway within the fireplace housing that maintains the forward portion of the housing top wall cool during operation. The fireplace includes a combustion chamber, a flue, and an outer housing that encloses the combustion chamber. Plenums formed between
5603312 Direct vent wood burning fireplace February 18, 1997
The invention is directed to a balanced flue or direct vented, solid fuel burning fireplace which may be installed in a building and is operable at energy input levels greater than 75,000 BTU/hour. An enclosure including a top wall, bottom wall and four side walls defines a combustion ch
5584680 Unvented gas log set December 17, 1996
An unvented gas log set for an unvented fireplace. The unvented gas log set includes a log supporting frame, simulated logs operatively connected to the frame, a flame-producing burner in spaced relationship with the logs, and a pilot for the burner. The unvented gas log set utilizes a s

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