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The Lenox Institute of Water Technology, Inc. Patents
The Lenox Institute of Water Technology, Inc.
Lenox, MA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6174434 Three zone dissolved air floatation clarifier with fixed lamellae and improved paddle-and-ramp s January 16, 2001
A compact dissolved-air-flotation (DAF) clarifier treats raw water with suspended solid contaminants first in a flocculator at the center of an annular tank where microscopic air bubbles float flocked contaminants to form a floating sludge layer. The flocculator has a fixed, cylindrical
5415771 High capacity single tank water clarification system May 16, 1995
Raw feed water is continuously clarified at a large throughput rate in a single, shallow tank using a flotation process carried out simultaneously in multiple sectors of the tank. Raw water feeds into a rotating trough. A fixed manifold system in the trough dispenses pressurized water co

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