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RE43152 Method and apparatus for segmenting small structures in images January 31, 2012
A method for segmenting a small feature in a multidimensional digital array of intensity values in a data processor computes an edge metric along each ray of a plurality of multidimensional rays originating at a local intensity extreme (local maximum or minimum). A multidimensional p
RE40948 APC antibodies October 27, 2009
A human gene termed APC is disclosed. Methods and kits are provided for assessing mutations of the APC gene in human tissues and body samples. APC mutations are found in familial adenomatous polyposis patients as well as in sporadic colorectal cancer patients. APC is expressed in most
RE38916 APC Antibodies December 6, 2005
A human gene termed APC is disclosed. Methods and kits are provided for assessing mutations of the APC gene in human tissues and body samples. APC mutations are found in familial adenomatous polyposis patients as well as in sporadic colorectal cancer patients. APC is expressed in most no
RE38168 Mono-allelic mutation analysis for identifying germline mutations July 1, 2003
A diagnostic strategy for detection of inherited diseases caused by germline mutations is based on somatic cell hybridization. Each allele of a human gene involved in the inherited disease is isolated in a somatic cell hybrid. The products of the isolated human allele are then observed
RE37410 Controlled local delivery of chemotherapeutic agents for treating solid tumors October 16, 2001
A method and devices for localized delivery of a chemotherapeutic agent to solid tumors, wherein the agent does not cross the blood-brain barrier and is characterized by poor bioavailability and/or short half-lives in vivo, are described. The devices consist of reservoirs which release d
RE36784 Chemoprotective isothiocyanates July 18, 2000
Sulforaphane has been isolated and identified as a major and very potent phase II enzyme inducer in broccoli (Brassica oleracea italica). Sulforaphane is a monofunctional inducer, inducing phase II enzymes selectively without the induction of aryl hydrocarbon receptor-dependent cytoc
RE36713 APC gene and nucleic acid probes derived therefrom May 23, 2000
A human gene termed APC is disclosed. Methods and kits are provided for assessing mutations of the APC gene in hum tissues and body samples. APC mutations are found in familial adenomatous polyposis patients as wel as in sporadic colorectal cancer patents. APC is expressed in most normal
8586725 MicroRNAome November 19, 2013
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small noncoding RNAs that have important regulatory roles in multicellular organisms. The public miRNA database contains 321 human miRNA sequences, 234 of which have been experimentally verified. To explore the possibility that additional miRNAs are
8574767 Thin film electrodes including metal tubes filled with active material and battery cells, and me November 5, 2013
Thin-film electrodes and battery cells, and methods of fabrication. A thin film electrode may be fabricated from a non-metallic, non-conductive porous support structure having pores with micrometer-range diameters. The support may include a polymer film. A first surface of the support is
8571663 Portable negative pressure ventilation device and methods and software related thereto October 29, 2013
Featured is an apparatus an apparatus including a monitoring and sensing means, an electrode patch and a control device operably coupled to each of the sensing means and the electrodes and outputs signals to the electrodes for purposes of stimulating the phrenic nerve to thereby cause
8568985 Breast endothelial cell expression patterns October 29, 2013
To gain a better understanding of breast tumor angiogenesis, breast endothelial cells (ECs) were isolated and evaluated for gene expression patterns. When transcripts from breast ECs derived from normal and malignant breast tissues were compared, genes that were specifically elevated
8299216 Biomarkers for melanoma October 30, 2012
The present invention relates to methods of determining melanoma status in a subject. The invention also relates to kits for determining melanoma status in a subject. The invention further relates to methods of identifying biomarker for determining melanoma status in a subject.
8299083 PDE5 inhibitor compositions and methods for treating cardiac indications October 30, 2012
The invention features methods and compositions featuring a PDE5 inhibitor for treating or preventing a cardiac indication in a subject.
8295548 Systems and methods for remote tagging and tracking of objects using hyperspectral video sensors October 23, 2012
Detection and tracking of an object by exploiting its unique reflectance signature. This is done by examining every image pixel and computing how closely that pixel's spectrum matches a known object spectral signature. The measured radiance spectra of the object can be used to estimate i
8289811 System and method for determining location of submerged submersible vehicle October 16, 2012
An aspect of the present invention is drawn to method of determining a location of a submersible vehicle. The method includes obtaining first bearing information based on a location of a ship at a first time relative to the submersible vehicle and receiving broadcast information from
8288524 Molecular diagnosis of bacteremia October 16, 2012
A highly specific assay can be used for the detection of bacteremia in the clinical setting. The ubiquitous background endogenous DNA present in all PCR reagents is eliminated using a restriction endonuclease digestion. Universal primers for eubacteria are used for detection, and spe
8283414 Compositions comprising modified collagen and uses therefor October 9, 2012
The invention provides modified collagen and related therapeutic and diagnostic methods.
8276114 Systems and methods for providing higher assurance software construction via aspects September 25, 2012
There are provided systems and methods for integrating requirements driven security code into an application system. The security code is integrated into an application system in such a way as to make the integrated security code maintainable and traceable as the application system e
8273700 Methods and compositions for treatment of cystic fibrosis September 25, 2012
The present invention relates to compounds and methods of inhibiting p97/valosin-containing protein and compounds and methods of inhibiting gp78, the compounds and methods being useful for the treatment of a disorder comprising a I.kappa.B/NF.kappa.B mediated chronic inflammatory res
8273326 Imaging infection with compounds that bind to thymidine kinase September 25, 2012
The instant invention provides a method for diagnosing an infection in a subject by administering to the subject a compound suitable for imaging which binds to a thymidine kinase present in the infecting organism, and obtaining an image of the subject to determine the presence and locati
8269215 Pyromellitic diimide organic semiconductors and devices September 18, 2012
n-type organic semiconductors have a pyromellitic diimide structure and electronic or electro-optic devices include pyromellitic diimide compounds as organic semiconductors. Specific semiconductors include pyromellitic diimide compounds have sidechains comprising fluorine substituted
8268950 Glucosamine materials September 18, 2012
Polymers comprising glucosamine (GlcN) are used to make medical devices. Examples include polyGlcN and carrier molecules containing multiple GlcN residues.
8261324 Identification and verification of peripheral devices accessing a secure network September 4, 2012
A system and method for identifying and verifying a client to access a secure network. Timing characteristics are acquired from the client, such as a peripheral device, and further verified and identified via a policy enforcement points and a policy decision points, or a measurer device
8259759 System and method for frame synchronization September 4, 2012
A system and method for calculating and applying a metric that is calculated over a binary interval that corresponds in length to a preamble. The value of the metric reflects the likelihood that the interval is the preamble. A lower value for the metric suggests that the interval is
8258996 Synthetic aperture radar hybrid-quadrature-polarity method and architecture for obtaining the st September 4, 2012
A synthetic aperture radar hybrid-quadrature-polarity method and architecture comprising transmitting both left and right circular polarizations (by alternately driving, at the minimum (Nyquist) sampling rate, orthogonal linear feeds simultaneously by two identical waveforms, +/-90.d
8258256 Compositions and methods for the treatment of cancer September 4, 2012
The instant invention provides methods and compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer, e.g., cancers characterized by the expression of prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA).
8258111 Compositions and methods related to miRNA modulation of neovascularization or angiogenesis September 4, 2012
The present invention concerns methods and compositions for diagnosing and/or treating vascular diseases including cancer, cardiac diseases, vascular diseases of the eye, and inflammatory diseases. The methods involve measuring the levels of one or multiple miRNAs in patient samples
8254210 High fidelity data compression for acoustic arrays August 28, 2012
Techniques include determining coefficients of a complex auto regression (AR) model to fit a complex average spectrum at a base frequency resolution of a set of one or more measured acoustic beams during a time block. Residuals derived by filtering actual data through an inverse of t
8248609 Cylindrical illumination confocal spectroscopy system August 21, 2012
A cylindrical illumination confocal spectroscopy system has a fluidic device having a fluid channel defined therein, an objective lens unit arranged proximate the fluidic device, an illumination system in optical communication with the objective lens unit to provide light to illuminate
8244327 Apparatus for insertion of a medical device during a medical imaging process August 14, 2012
The end-effector (150) includes a sheath (152) and a medical device or needle carrier (154) that is disposed within the interior compartment (160) of the sheath. Aperture (162) is located in a portion of the sheath proximal a distal end of the sheath that is inserted into a natural or
8241575 Molecularly imprinted polymer sensor device August 14, 2012
A molecularly imprinted polymer sensor device for detecting the presence of a taggant molecular structure in a fluid is disclosed. The molecularly imprinted polymer sensor device comprises a molecularly imprinted crosslinked polymer having a crosslinked core and a plurality of polymer
8236751 Methods of increasing muscle mass using follistatin-like related gene (FLRG) August 7, 2012
The present relates to use of follistatin-like related gene (FLRG) to increase muscle mass in a subject. As such, methods of ameliorating the severity of a pathologic condition characterized, at least in part, by a decreased amount, development or metabolic activity of muscle are pro
8236572 Chemical exchange saturation transfer based MRI using reporter genes and MRI methods related the August 7, 2012
Featured are a new class of reporter genes including reporter compositions as well as methods, MRI systems and MRI imaging kits related thereto. The genes according to the present invention provide MR contrast when the sample/subject is irradiated at a specific off-resonance radio-fr
8236523 Camp reporters and high throughput assays August 7, 2012
cAMP reporters useful for obtaining measurements of cAMP levels with high spatial and temporal resolution and in high throughput assays.
8233996 Devices and methods for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders July 31, 2012
An implantation device for releasably holding implantable microstimulators can be used to guide one or more microstimulators to any site within the gastrointestinal tract for implantation. The device can further releasably hold one or more ligation clips for securing the one or more
8232066 Peptide antibody depletion and its application to mass spectrometry sample preparation July 31, 2012
The present invention relates, e.g., to a method for pre-processing a sample for mass spectral analysis, comprising cleaving proteins in the sample to peptides and immunodepleting highly abundant and/or well-ionizing and/or proteotypic peptides from the sample. Also described are met
8228718 Ferromagnetic nanorings, mediums embodying same including devices and methods related thereto July 24, 2012
Featured is a magnetic ring structure including at least a vortex magnetic state such as symmetrically and asymmetrically shaped nanorings (FIG. 7C), having small diameters (e.g., on the order of 100 nm). In particular embodiments, the width and thickness of the maxima and minima the
8227639 N-hydroxylsulfonamide derivatives as new physiologically useful nitroxyl donors July 24, 2012
The invention relates to N-hydroxylsulfonamide derivatives that donate nitroxyl (HNO) under physiological conditions and are useful in treating and/or preventing the onset and/or development of diseases or conditions that are responsive to nitroxyl therapy, including heart failure and
8216777 Compositions and methods for the treatment or prevention of chemoresistant neoplasia July 10, 2012
The invention generally features compositions and methods useful for the treatment and diagnosis of a neoplasia in a subject. In particular, the invention provides therapeutic compositions that decrease the expression of an Nfr2 nucleic acid molecule or polypeptide for the treatment of a
8208703 Medical image analysis apparatus and image analysis control program June 26, 2012
A motion function of a biological tissue is efficiently evaluated on the basis of image data collected from different medical image diagnostic apparatuses. In terms of a common analysis algorithm applied to subject's time-series image data supplied from a separate medical image diagnosti
8206931 Methods of identifying modulators of cellular glycosylation using GTRAP3-18 June 26, 2012
The present invention provides methods and compositions for identifying compounds which modulate cellular glycosylation. The invention further provides methods for treating subjects suffering from or at risk of developing a glycosylation associated disorder.
8197811 Methods of use of sialoadhesin factor-2 antibodies June 12, 2012
Monoclonal antibodies have been generated that bind to human sialoadhesion factor-2. These antibodies are useful as diagnostic and therapeutic reagents.
8189428 Methods and systems to detect changes in multiple-frequency band sonar data May 29, 2012
Methods and systems to detect changes in a region of space relative to baseline measurements, including to process data to detect potential objects, or contacts against a natural background environment, to characterize and geo-register the contacts, to compare and correlate the conta
8168771 Use of consensus sequence as vaccine antigen to enhance recognition of virulent viral variants May 1, 2012
The invention provides consensus sequences for hepatitis C virus 1a and 1b. Also provided are non-synonymous changes for each residue of the consensus sequences. These sequences are useful as compositions or vaccines for prophylactic use or treating HCV-infected individuals. Also pro
8160338 X-ray CT apparatus and myocardial perfusion image generating system April 17, 2012
An apparatus includes a transformation table acquiring unit, a blood-flow information acquisition unit and a blood-flow image generating unit. The transformation table acquiring unit obtains a transformation table for transforming unspecified information representing a concentration of a
8153595 B7-DC variants immunogenic compositions and methods of use thereof April 10, 2012
Compositions and methods for costimulating T cells (i.e., increasing antigen-specific proliferation of T cells, enhancing cytokine production by T cells, stimulating differentiation ad effector functions of T cells and/or promoting T cell survival) are provided. Suitable compositions
8152756 Active cannula for bio-sensing and surgical intervention April 10, 2012
Disclosed is a surgical needle, or active cannula, that is capable of following a complex path through cavities and tissue within a patient's anatomy. The needle has a plurality of overlapping flexible tubes, each of which has a pre-formed curvature and a pre-determined flexibility.
8148577 Polyamines useful as anti-parasitic and anti-cancer therapeutics and as lysine-specific demethyl April 3, 2012
Polyamine, polyamine/guanidino, and polyamine/biguanide compounds are disclosed. The compounds are useful as anti-cancer and anti-parasitic treatments. The compounds are also useful as inhibitors of the enzyme lysine-specific demethylase-1.
8148347 Inhibition of interaction of PSD93 and PSDS95 with nNOS and NMDA receptors April 3, 2012
PSD-95/SAP90 antisense-treated animals not only experience a significant decrease in MAC for isoflurane, but also experience an attenuation in the NMDA-induced increase in isoflurane MAC. PSD-95/SAP90 appears to mediate the role of the NMDA receptor in determining the MAC of inhalational
8148095 Methods for predicting psychotropic drugs which elicit weight gain April 3, 2012
The atypical antipsychotic drugs (AAPDs) have markedly enhanced the treatment of schizophrenias but their use has been hindered by the major weight gain elicited by some AAPDs. We found that orexigenic AAPDs potently and selectively activate hypothalamic AMP kinase (AMPK), an action

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