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T953006 Antistatic cellular polyolefin resin products December 7, 1976
Antistatic cellular polyolefin resin products and articles thereof are provided wherein the olefin polymer composition of the cellular composition comprises an antistatic agent, especially an amine having at least one long aliphatic hydrocarbyl chain or a salt thereof, especially a q
RE37248 Coextruded plastic film label for in-mold labeling June 26, 2001
A label particularly adapted for use in in-mold labeling of blow-molded polyethylene containers comprising a heat activatable ethylene polymer adhesive layer and a surface printable layer with optional intermediate layers to provide interlayer adhesion and recycle of reground labels.
RE35499 Elimination of monocarbonate from polycarbonate April 29, 1997
A polycarbonate composition, and process for making same, wherein the monocarbonate and dicarbonate content is eliminated or limited to negligibly low levels by withholding introduction of chain terminator to the reaction mixture until the reaction of dihydroxy and carbonic acid deri
RE34745 High purity process for the preparation of 4,6-diamino-1,3-benzenediol September 27, 1994
High purity 4,6-dinitro-1,3-benzenediol is prepared by (a) contacting a 1,2,3-trihalobenzene with a nitrating agent and an acid under reaction conditions such that a 1,2,3-trihalo-4,6-dinitrobenzene is produced, (b) contacting the 1,2,3-trihalo-4,6-dinitrobenzene prepared in (a) with an
RE34605 Infrared reflective optical interference film May 10, 1994
The present invention provides an optical interference film, made of multiple layers of polymers, which reflects wavelengths of light in the infrared region of the spectrum while being substantially transparent to wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum. The optical interference
RE34589 Aqueous synthesis of 2-halo-4,6-dinitroresorcinol and 4,6-diaminoresorcinol April 19, 1994
The displacement of halogen from a 1,2,3-trihalo-4,6-dinitroresorcinol can be carried out in an aqueous medium using alkali metal hydroxide to form 2-halo-4,6-dinitroresorcinol. The product is a useful intermediate in the synthesis of 4,6-diaminoresorcinol, which is a monomer for polyben
RE34112 Condensate purification process October 27, 1992
A process for treatment of power plant condensate water particularly from a boiling water nuclear reactor, where the condensate contains colloidal material, especially oxidized iron from the steam and condensate handling system known as "crud". The colloidal iron level of the condensate
RE33658 Lubricants for reciprocating air compressors August 6, 1991
Synthetic lubricants comprising 15 to 45 weight percent of an ester of a monohydric alcohol of 4 to 18 carbon atoms with one or more aromatic or alkane dicarboxylic acids having 4 to 18 carbon atoms blended with 85 to 55 weight percent of one or more polyether polyols having a number ave
RE33478 Pyridyl(oxy/thio)phenoxy compounds herbicidal compositions and methods December 11, 1990
Certain novel pyridinyloxyphenoxy alkanoic acids, pyridinylthiophenoxy alkanoic acids, derivatives thereof and related compounds are described. More specifically, these novel compounds bear a fluorine substituent in the 3-position of the pyridinyl group and in the 5-position the subs
RE32951 Process for preparing epoxy resins having improved physical properties when cured using quaterna June 13, 1989
Epoxy resins having improved properties are prepared by reacting an epoxy resin with a dihydric phenol in the presence of a sufficient quantity of a phosphonium catalyst such that the product resulting from reacting a mixture of the catalyst, epoxy resin and dihydric phenol has a % epoxi
RE32778 Frothers demonstrating enhanced recovery of coarse particles in froth floatation November 8, 1988
The invention is a process for recovering coal or mineral values from raw coal or mineral ore which comprises subjecting the raw coal or mineral ore in the form of an aqueous pulp, to a floatation process in the presence of a floatation collector, and a flotating amount of a floatation f
RE32640 Hydration of aliphatic nitriles to amides using copper metal catalysts April 12, 1988
Aliphatic nitriles are converted to the corresponding amides by contacting the nitrile in the presence of water with a cupreous catalyst containing copper metal.
RE32418 Substituted(((phenyl)amino)carbonyl)-benzamides May 12, 1987
Novel alkoxy or alkylthio substituted(((phenyl)amino)carbonyl)-benzamides are disclosed. The compounds of the instant invention are useful as insecticides and can be formulated to provide insecticidal compositions.
RE32217 Graft copolymerization process July 29, 1986
Mass graft copolymerization carried out in an extrusion passageway having a sealing zone to prevent back flow of grafting material introduced to the extrusion passageway downstream of the sealing zone.
RE31822 Absorbent films and laminates February 5, 1985
Water swellable aerated films and laminates, made from solutions of carboxylic polyelectrolytes, together with methods for their preparation, are disclosed. The films and laminates are cured and/or crosslinked with a polyfunctional or difunctional crosslinking agent that is reactive with
RE31310 Impact resistant vinyl ester resin and process for making same July 12, 1983
Vinyl ester resins with improved impact resistance and other benefits and advantages may be obtained by a process modification wherein up to 20 percent of the unsaturated monocarboxylic acid, which is reacted with a polyepoxide, is replaced by an equivalent amount of a liquid carboxy
RE31007 Roof construction and method thereof August 10, 1982
A roof is prepared wherein the water barrier layer is placed on a roof deck and waterproof thermal insulation is placed over the water barrier layer. The water barrier layer is not subjected to the extremes of temperature that are encountered when the water barrier layer is the outermost
RE30714 Removal of copper containing incrustations from ferrous surfaces August 18, 1981
.Iadd.The invention concerns a method of removing copper from a ferrous metal surface without excessive corrosion of the ferrous metal surface. In the method, the copper is dissolved with an aqueous alkaline solution containing a ferric chelate of an alkylene polyamine polyacetic acid
RE30583 Vinyl ester resin compositions containing dicyclopentadiene alkenoate April 21, 1981
Thermosetting resin compositions containing vinyl ester resins having terminal unsaturation, vinyl aromatic monomers, and dicyclopentadiene alkenoate concentrates are useful to make fibrous reinforcement laminates. The use of the dicyclopentadiene alkenoate concentrate accelerates the
RE30497 Crosslinked olefin polymer having improved flame retardance January 27, 1981
Markedly improved flame retardance is imparted to crosslinked olefin polymers containing halogenated organic moiety by incorporating therein elemental red phosphorus. The resulting flame retardant compositions are particularly useful in fabrication of crosslinked olefin polymer foams.
RE30472 Detergent composition with antisoil and antiredeposition properties January 6, 1981
Detergent compositions of particular value in washing synthetic fabrics, especially polyester, inhibiting the redeposition of soil and imparting antisoil properties are based essentially on a combination of a nonionic surfactant and a hydroxybutylated methylcellulose of low molecular wei
RE30283 Sulfonium compounds as corrosion inhibitors in aqueous acidic cleaning solutions May 27, 1980
Certain sulfonium salts are herein described which are useful corrosion inhibitors in aqueous acidic cleaning solutions, even in the presence of ferric ions. The sulfonium salts correspond to the following formulas: ##STR1##
RE29586 Low temperature curing process and coating compositions suitable therefor March 21, 1978
Coatings may be cured by this process below F. and at temperatures as low as F. Suitable coating compositions comprise a solution in an inert organic solvent of (1) a polyaziridinyl adduct having more than one aziridinyl hydroxyalkyl group per molecule and (2)
RE29226 Preparation of carboxylate and sulfonate salts of 1-cis-(3-chloro-2-propenyl)-3,5,7-triaza-1-azo May 17, 1977
Compounds of the .[.formulas.]. .Iadd.formula .Iaddend. ##STR1## wherein X.sup.- is a lower alkyl carboxylate .[.(I).]., a phenylcarboxylate .[.(I).]., a lower alkylsulfonate .[.(II).]. or a phenylsulfonate .[.(II).]. anion, wherein the phenyl ring may have lower alkyl, lower alk
RE29225 N-substituted derivatives of 3-carboxamide and 3-thiocarboxamide May 17, 1977
Compounds of the formula ##STR1## WHERE X represents O or S and R represents lower alkyl, cycloalkyl, phenyl or substituted phenyl wherein the substituents are selected from lower alkyl, lower alkoxy, halo and sulfonyl. The compounds are prepared by reacting the .[.carbinolamine.
RE29195 7-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)-1,3,5,7-tetraazabicyclo(3.3.1)nonane and its preparation April 26, 1977
.[.7-.]..Iadd.3.Iaddend.-Cis- or .[.7.]..Iadd.3.Iaddend.-cis-trans-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)-1,3,5,7-tetraazabi cyclo(3.3.1)nonane.[.-3-methanol.]. is prepared by reacting cis-, or cis-trans-.[.7.]..Iadd.1.Iaddend.-(3-chloro-2-propenyl)-3,5,7-triaza-1-azo niatricyclo(,7)decane
RE29040 Bubble-free, high barrier vinylidene chloride polymer films and process of preparation November 16, 1976
This invention is directed to improved bubble-free, high barrier film materials prepared from substantially plasticizer-free vinylidene chloride polymer compositions containing small amounts of magnesium oxide; and to a process for the preparation of such improved films.
RE29027 Reaction products of polyepoxide and excess di-2-oxazoline November 2, 1976
This invention concerns linear, curable polymeric materials prepared by reaction of a polyepoxide with an excess of di-2-oxazoline, and to cured products produced therefrom which are particularly suited as self-adherent corrosion and chemical resistant coatings for metals.
RE28950 Straw mats for soil erosion control August 31, 1976
Straw mats useful for covering soil to prevent wind and rain erosion are made by randomly distributing straw into a layer and binding the stalks together at their points of contact with at least about 75 pounds per ton of straw of a water resistant adhesive comprising a polymer of an alk
RE28722 Butadiene-styrene copolymer-cement composition and method of preparation February 24, 1976
1. A cement .Iadd.mortar .Iaddend.composition comprising a mixture of Portland cement, mineral aggregate, about 5%-25% based on the weight of said Portland cement of styrene-butadiene-1,3 copolymer having a styrene to butadiene weight ratio of about 30:70 to 70:30, water in amount not in
H544 Impressed current cathodic protection system employing cobalt spinel structured anode November 1, 1988
Impressed current cathodic protection systems employing an anode having a cobalt spinel type surface, said surface having the formula: M.sub.x Z.sub.y Co.sub.(3-(x+y)) O.sub.4, where M is a metal or a mixture of two or more metals selected from the group of metals contained in Groups IB,
H239 Hydronic heating system March 3, 1987
A hydronic heating system that includes a tube or series of tubes placed on modular composite panels. The panels are fabricated with a grooved surface to permit the flush embedment of the tubes on the panels.
H2002 Apparatus for conducting Raman spectroscopy using fiber optics November 6, 2001
A fiber optic probe apparatus useful for conducting Raman spectroscopy remotely over optical fibers with minimal interference from Raman scattering within said fibers which includes three elements. The first element is at least one transmitting optical fiber having a first end and a
H1830 System for use-tax determination January 4, 2000
This invention relates to computer-implemented tax preparation and tax submission accounting, and the invention is directed to providing a system which enables use-tax accrual and determination. The described computer system has transaction record acquisition logic for acquiring transact
H1800 Method of oxychlorination utilizing split feeds August 3, 1999
A method for oxychlorinating ethylene to ethylene dichloride utilizing a two reactor oxychlorination system in which the oxygen and hydrogen chloride feeds are split between the reactors such that the volume ratio of HCl fed to the first reactor to the HCl fed to the second reactor, and
H1667 Solid powder coating composition July 1, 1997
Powder coating compositions that have a low melt viscosity contain:(1) 20 to 80 parts of a multifunctional epoxy resin component;(2) 80 to 20 parts of an essentially linear acid-terminated polyester resin component.
H1574 Evacuated foam insulation panel containing a getter material August 6, 1996
There is an evacuated insulation panel having a corestock of a polymer foam having an open cell content of 70 percent or more. There is a getter material in the interior of the panel to adsorb gases and vapors which may permeate into the panel over an extended period of time.
H1439 Method to increase the level of .alpha.-glycol in liquid epoxy resin May 2, 1995
The performance of epoxy resins in several end-uses is enhanced by the presence of small quantities of hydrolyzed resin terminated by .alpha.-glycol groups. The invention is a process in which a mixture that contains liquid epoxy resin and water is reacted at elevated temperatures in
H1432 Polycarbonate-block copolymer blend with improved solvent and impact resistance April 4, 1995
A modified polycarbonate composition comprising a blend of a bisphenol A-based polycarbonate and from greater than about 5% and less than about 15% by weight of a high molecular weight hydrogenated styrene-butadiene-styrene triblock copolymer has dramatically improved environmental s
H1417 Process for removing halogen gases from a gas stream containing carbon dioxide February 7, 1995
A process for removing halogen gases from a gas stream containing carbon dioxide such as flue gas from an industrial waste incinerator burning chlorinated organic wastes, the process includes seven steps. The first step is to flow fresh absorption liquor to a gas-liquid contactor (such a
H1393 Diphenyl ether and benzophenone compositions January 3, 1995
A functional fluid composition comprises a homogeneous mixture of diphenyl ether and benzophenone and at least one additional component selected from the group consisting of dibenzofuran and naphthalene. In a more specific embodiment, a functional fluid composition comprises a homogeneou
H1265 Formulations of 2-(decylthio)ethanamine December 7, 1993
The present invention is directed to an antimicrobial composition and a method of using said composition, comprising an antimicrobially effective amount of DTEA and an amount of 1-butanol, cyclohexanol, hexyl alcohol, isobutanol, ethylene glycol phenyl ether, propylene glycol phenyl ethe
H1053 Composition and method of forming extrudable food items May 5, 1992
A method of making a new food product which comprises carboxymethylcellulose, a gelling binder, food particles and typically other batter-like ingredients. The method comprises mixing carboxymethylcellulose, a gelling binder and the batter-like ingredients to form a food matrix, whic
D335083 Loose fill packing insert April 27, 1993
D326707 Trigger sprayer June 2, 1992
D302312 Corner block July 18, 1989
D296126 Housing for a reverse osmosis water purification unit June 7, 1988
D295498 Bottle May 3, 1988
D295497 Bottle May 3, 1988
D293551 Bottle January 5, 1988

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