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The Coca-Cola Company Patents
The Coca-Cola Company
Atlanta, GA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE33969 Binary syrup system bag and valve June 23, 1992
A binary syrup system bag and valve for beverage dispensing including a pair of separate syrup bags holding two different syrup components, a single spout connected to both bags and a bag valve connected to the spout for opening or closing liquid communication to the bags. The spout and
RE33435 Ultrasound level detector November 13, 1990
An ultrasound liquid level detector system for automatically controlling the dispensing of a post-mix beverage, including microprocessor-controlled circuitry for monitoring and implementing the automatic dispensing process. The microprocessor is interfaced with an ultrasonic transducer
RE33338 Membrane seal and knife combination for a post-mix beverage dispensing system September 18, 1990
A post-mix beverage dispensing system is disclosed which comprises a syrup dispenser provided with a rupturable membrane which seals the discharge end thereof and a vent with a vent cap on the opposite end thereof. An opening device is provided comprising a cylindrical piercing knife and
RE32179 Post-mix beverage dispensing system syrup package, valving system, and carbonator therefor June 10, 1986
A post-mix carbonated beverage dispensing system for use in refrigerated cabinets includes a carbonator having a refillable water reservoir, a CO.sub.2 system coupled to said carbonator, a valving system, and a disposable package for containing and dispensing the syrup of the post-mix
RE31162 Display panel for a vending machine March 1, 1983
The present invention is directed to a display panel for use in combination with two vending machine units. The vending machine units are positioned in a side-by-side arrangement and are bolted and operatively connected together to act as a single unit. The two vending machine units are
D693609 Rack with undulating outer walls November 19, 2013
D692932 Cooler November 5, 2013
D666870 Beverage dispenser September 11, 2012
D664791 End counter display unit August 7, 2012
D659468 Beverage dispenser May 15, 2012
D656347 Shelf March 27, 2012
D655941 Modular merchandising display wall March 20, 2012
D652064 Cooler January 10, 2012
D651221 Cooler December 27, 2011
D649808 Rack December 6, 2011
D647355 Beverage dispenser October 25, 2011
D646307 Cooler October 4, 2011
D644472 Beverage dispenser September 6, 2011
D644452 Merchandising display rack September 6, 2011
D644063 Cup rest for a beverage dispenser August 30, 2011
D644039 Merchandising display rack August 30, 2011
D639659 Bottle June 14, 2011
D635802 Cabinet door April 12, 2011
D635161 Double door cooler March 29, 2011
D633532 Open front cooler March 1, 2011
D629229 Stackable display cubes with insertable poster December 21, 2010
D627398 Self-standing display board November 16, 2010
D627397 Self-standing display board November 16, 2010
D627187 Beverage dispenser November 16, 2010
D626848 Bottle November 9, 2010
D626776 Beverage dispenser November 9, 2010
D625341 Cooler October 12, 2010
D623070 Bottle September 7, 2010
D623065 Bottle September 7, 2010
D619010 Bottle July 6, 2010
D618965 Mobile combined warmer and cooler July 6, 2010
D618963 Double cartridge for a beverage dispenser July 6, 2010
D611298 Single cartridge for a beverage dispenser March 9, 2010
D606118 Vending machine December 15, 2009
D597856 Flexible stand-up pouch August 11, 2009
D597849 Bottle August 11, 2009
D597605 Vending machine August 4, 2009
D594482 Cooler June 16, 2009
D594344 Bottle June 16, 2009
D592679 Bottle May 19, 2009
D591316 Cooler April 28, 2009
D587582 Bottle March 3, 2009
D586367 Cooler February 10, 2009
D584568 Embossed cup January 13, 2009
D582290 Bottle December 9, 2008

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