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The Boeing Company Patents
The Boeing Company
Chicago, IL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE41396 Method and system for entering and displaying ground taxi instructions June 22, 2010
A system and method are provided for the efficient entry and display of ground taxi routes on an electronic airport map display. The system may include a touchscreen entry device, a display device, a computer, a map database, a vehicle position sensor and a transmitter/receiver. The
RE36787 High power induction work coil for small strip susceptors July 25, 2000
There is disclosed a high power induction heating coil for use in thermoplastic welding where a metallic susceptor is embedded in a composite assembly and is heated by eddy currents generated by the coil. The coil is comprised of several windings of Litz wire composed of multiple ind
RE36746 Plasma descaling of titanium and titanium alloys June 27, 2000
The invention provides a method of removing surface scale from a titanium or titanium alloy substrate. The method includes the steps of heating the substrate to a temperature in the range from about C. to about C., and thereafter subjecting the heated surface to a
RE34820 Amideimide sizing for carbon fiber January 3, 1995
Sizing for carbon fibers with uncapped or capped linear polyamideimides.The uncapped linear polyamideimides useful as carbon fiber sizings generally contain repeating units having the general formula: ##STR1## Wherein R.sub.2 =a trivalent organic radical and generally benzenetriyl;R.sub.
RE34008 Method of producing an aluminum alloy product July 28, 1992
A 7000 series aluminum alloy characterized by high strength, high fatigue resistance and high fracture toughness consists essentially of 5.9 to 6.9% zinc, 2.0 to 2.7% magnesium, 1.9 to 2.5% copper, 0.08 to 0.15% zirconium, a maximum of 0.15% iron, maximum of 0.12% silicon, a maximum of 0
RE32907 Airfoil flap assembly with flap track member April 18, 1989
An airfoil having a trailing edge flap assembly comprising a flap member having a track mounted thereto. The track member is operatively connected to a slide-block which is in turn mounted to stationary structure. High Fowler motion is accomplished with this arrangement. In another embod
RE31968 Methods for forming thin-film heterojunction solar cells from I-III-VI.sub. 2 August 13, 1985
An improved thin-film, large area solar cell, and methods for forming the same, having a relatively high light-to-electrical energy conversion efficiency and characterized in that the cell comprises a p-n type heterojunction formed of: (i) a first semiconductor layer comprising a pho
RE31591 Fuselage tail jet engine thrust reverser and method May 29, 1984
Production of a downwardly and forwardly directed reverse thrust discharged from a reverse-thrust duct is controlled .Iadd.during landing a door in the rearward-discharge duct having its rearward portion pivotally mounted for swinging of its forward portion between a position
RE30735 Automatic thermocouple reference junction compensator September 8, 1981
A system for automatic cold-junction referencing of thermocouples in temperature controllers wherein a differential amplifier is used to amplify the thermocouple signal prior to establishing the cold-junction compensation and measuring range. This permits the use of command signals f
D648256 Passenger lounge November 8, 2011
D647128 Font of navigation symbols October 18, 2011
D643797 Passenger sleeper cabin August 23, 2011
D639416 Interlocking vent assembly for equalizing pressure in a compartment June 7, 2011
D631446 Attendant module January 25, 2011
D627684 Seat belt and buckle assembly November 23, 2010
D622653 Aircraft August 31, 2010
D621925 Air vent August 17, 2010
D620875 Aerial refueling receptacle with raised fairing marking August 3, 2010
D617254 Airplane window configuration June 8, 2010
D616804 Cargo aircraft June 1, 2010
D615045 Attendant module May 4, 2010
D613954 Coat hook April 20, 2010
D612793 Aircraft luggage bin March 30, 2010
D611888 Aircraft window March 16, 2010
D611006 Attendant module March 2, 2010
D611005 Attendant module March 2, 2010
D610554 Attendant module February 23, 2010
D610522 Aircraft window February 23, 2010
D610521 Interior of a passenger cabin of an aircraft February 23, 2010
D609160 Bin storage compartment February 2, 2010
D608721 Overhead stowage compartment January 26, 2010
D606923 Interior archway for an aircraft December 29, 2009
D604254 Attendant module November 17, 2009
D603173 Coat hook November 3, 2009
D599375 Computer generated icon for a portion of a screen September 1, 2009
D590889 Literature pocket April 21, 2009
D580846 Aircraft November 18, 2008
D579315 Latch October 28, 2008
D578863 Quarter turn latch October 21, 2008
D578375 Rotary latch October 14, 2008
D578370 Drawer pull October 14, 2008
D578080 Airplane window control switch October 7, 2008
D577984 Lavatory handle assembly October 7, 2008
D577565 Sliding door latch September 30, 2008
D577277 Deadbolt throw latch September 23, 2008
D572515 Wall stowage compartment July 8, 2008
D570666 Sliding door handle June 10, 2008
D569706 Door hold May 27, 2008
D567064 Slam latch with deadbolt April 22, 2008
D566520 Quarter turn latch April 15, 2008

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