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RE43282 Assessing the condition of a joint and devising treatment March 27, 2012
Methods are disclosed for assessing the condition of a cartilage in a joint, particularly .Iaddend.a human knee. The methods include converting an image such as an MRI to a three dimensional map of the cartilage. The cartilage map can be correlated to a movement pattern of t
RE40014 Method for presenting high level interpretations of eye tracking data correlated to saved displa January 22, 2008
A software program stores during a recording session eye-tracking data and all other communication device activities of a test person that self-controlled confronts her/himself with display scenarios or virtual pages. The display scenarios are stored simultaneously either: 1. after
RE38668 Method for inferring metal states from eye movements December 7, 2004
A computer-implemented method infers mental states of a person from eye movements of the person. The method includes identifying elementary features of eye tracker data, such as fixations and saccades, and recognizing from the elementary features a plurality of eye-movement patterns.
RE35224 Histamine derivatives as immune modulators April 30, 1996
Histamine derivatives are disclosed which find use as effect and tissue-specific immune modulators. Specifically, the primary terminal nitrogen in histamine is derivatized to introduce a variable length side chain having 0 to 1 branch of from 1 to 3 carbons; 0 to 2 non-oxo-carbonyl g
RE35102 Capillary electrophoretic device employing structure permitting electrical contact through ionic November 28, 1995
A capillary tube has a structure in its wall that permits ions to flow but no substantial amount of electrolyte to move therethrough. The structure therefore permits electrical contact between the electrolyte inside the tube and the outside environment without diluting the electrolyte. T
8589387 Information extraction from a database November 19, 2013
Techniques for extracting information from a database are provided. A database such as the Web is searched for occurrences of tuples of information. The occurrences of the tuples of information that were found in the database are analyzed to identify a pattern in which the tuples of
8586305 Profiling of cell populations November 19, 2013
Understanding the heterogeneity within a stem cell population remains a major impediment to the development of clinically effective cell-based therapies. Gene expression patterns exhibited by individual cells are a crucial component of this heterogeneity, yet transcriptional events w
8586294 Detection of protein translocation by beta-galactosidase reporter fragment complementation November 19, 2013
Methods and compositions are provided for detecting molecular translocations, particularly protein translocations within and between subcellular copartments, using at least two components that exhibit a localization-dependent difference in complementation activity. In particular, alp
8585973 Nano-sensor array November 19, 2013
In one embodiment, a method is provided for the manufacture of a nano-sensor array. A base having a sensing region is provided along with a plurality of nano-sensors. Each of the plurality of nano-sensors is formed by: forming a first nanoneedle along a surface of the base, forming a
8580504 Methods and compositions for use in analyte detection using proximity probes November 12, 2013
Methods and compositions for detecting an analyte in a sample are provided. In practicing the subject methods, a sample is combined with at least a pair of proximity probes that each include an analyte binding domain and a nucleic acid domain. The resultant mixture is then contacted
8575534 Cross-strip charge multiplexing readout for differential detector arrays with capacitive row and November 5, 2013
An array of two-terminal detectors is configured to provide output signals that provide position sensitive radiation detection (e.g., outputs A and B provide vertical position and outputs C and D provide horizontal position), and which are differential (i.e., signal A+B is equal and
8574842 Direct molecular diagnosis of fetal aneuploidy November 5, 2013
Methods and materials for detection of aneuploidy and other chromosomal abnormalities using fetal tissue are disclosed. Results can be obtained rapidly, without cell culture. The method uses digital PCR for amplification and detection of single target sequences, allowing an accurate
8574583 AAV capsid library and AAV capsid proteins November 5, 2013
Recombinant adeno-associated viral (AAV) capsid proteins are provided. Methods for generating a library of recombinant adeno-associated viral capsid proteins are also provided.
8574547 Photoacoustic probes and methods of imaging November 5, 2013
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for photoacoustic probes, methods of determining the presence and location of a specific target, methods of determining the presence and location of an enzyme, methods of determining the presence and location of a specific target and an enzym
8569941 Diamondoid monolayers as electron emitters October 29, 2013
Provided are electron emitters based upon diamondoid monolayers, preferably self-assembled higher diamondoid monolayers. High intensity electron emission has been demonstrated employing such diamondoid monolayers, particularly when the monolayers are comprised of higher diamondoids.
8569573 Method of expanding human hepatocytes in vivo October 29, 2013
Described herein is a method of expanding human hepatocytes in vivo using an immunodeficient mouse which is further deficient in fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase (Fah). The method comprises transplanting human hepatocytes into the immunodeficient and Fah-deficient mice, allowing the hep
8568878 Directly fabricated nanoparticles for raman scattering October 29, 2013
A Raman-active nanoparticle is provided that includes a dish-shape plasmonically active metal base, and a plasmonically active metal pillar disposed on the plasmonically active metal base, where the plasmonically active metal pillar is disposed within the dish-shape plasmonically act
8563183 Integrated dry gasification fuel cell system for conversion of solid carbonaceous fuels October 22, 2013
An integrated dry gas fuel cell (IDG-FC) is provided. The IDG-FC includes at least one solid oxide fuel cell having an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte membrane disposed between the anode and the cathode. The IDG-FC further includes a conversion bed, where carbon dioxide gas is pr
8562997 Methods of treating acute myeloid leukemia by blocking CD47 October 22, 2013
Methods are provided to manipulate phagocytosis of cancer cells, including e.g. leukemias, solid tumors including carcinomas, etc.
8562804 Fluorescent finger prints for indirect detection in isotachophoresis October 22, 2013
Indirect detection and/or identification of analytes by ITP can be enhanced by adding a mixture of labeled carrier ampholytes (CAs) to the sample to provide a continuous range of mobility markers. Each analyte can be detected and quantified by corresponding gaps in the CA signal. Thi
8300693 Image transform for video coding October 30, 2012
A method is disclosed for decomposing a set of even and odd pictures into low-band and high-band pictures respectively in a image decomposing unit, in which the even picture is used by at least two prediction motion compensators on which the output signal of each prediction motion co
8300231 System and method for using slow light in optical sensors October 30, 2012
An optical sensor includes at least one optical coupler and an optical waveguide in optical communication with the at least one optical coupler. The optical waveguide is configured to receive a first optical signal from the at least one optical coupler. The first optical signal has a
8296859 Prototyping station for atomic force microscope-assisted deposition of nanostructures October 23, 2012
A localized nanostructure growth apparatus that has a partitioned chamber is provided, where a first partition includes a scanning probe microscope (SPM) and a second partition includes an atomic layer deposition (ALD) chamber, where the first partition is hermetically isolated from the
8296076 Noninvasive diagnosis of fetal aneuoploidy by sequencing October 23, 2012
Disclosed is a method to achieve digital quantification of DNA (i.e., counting differences between identical sequences) using direct shotgun sequencing followed by mapping to the chromosome of origin and enumeration of fragments per chromosome. The preferred method uses massively par
8294461 Reverse circularly polarized non-tissue damaging RF in MRI detection of coupled RF current produ October 23, 2012
A method for detecting coupled RF current magnetic resonance (MR) objects in a body and determining MR risk is provided. The body is scanned with reverse circularly polarized RF. MR signals generated by coupling of the reverse circularly polarized RF with the RF current MR objects are
8293501 Methods and compositions for performing low background multiplex nucleic acid amplification reac October 23, 2012
Methods and compositions for performing low background multiplex nucleic acid amplification reactions are provided. Aspects of the invention include contacting a nucleic acid sample with two or more primer pairs for two or more target nucleic acids under template dependent primer ext
8293470 Non-invasive fetal genetic screening by digital analysis October 23, 2012
The present methods are exemplified by a process in which maternal blood containing fetal DNA is diluted to a nominal value of approximately 0.5 genome equivalent of DNA per reaction sample. Digital PCR is then be used to detect aneuploidy, such as the trisomy that causes Down Syndrome.
8290582 Device and method to treat tissue with electric current October 16, 2012
A method of modifying properties of intrinsic tissue of an organ is provided. The method includes providing an organ, where a first electrode is disposed proximal to the organ first end. The first electrode has a surface area and insulator. A second electrode is disposed opposite the
8290031 Arrangements and methods for providing compensation for non-idealities of components in communic October 16, 2012
For use in or as part of a communications system benefiting from compensation for one or more non-idealities of components in the communications system, aspects of the invention are directed to providing compensation for such non-idealities. An example method which is applicable in a
8289521 Low-noise fiber-optic sensor utilizing a laser source October 16, 2012
A fiber-optic sensor includes an optical fiber coil and a laser source optically coupled to the coil. Light from the source is transmitted to the coil as a first optical signal and a second optical signal counter-propagating through the coil. The optical paths of the first optical si
8287581 Methods and devices for prevention of hypothermia in a mammal during prolonged exposure to extre October 16, 2012
Methods and devices for preventing a change in the core body temperature of a mammal under cold conditions are provided. In the subject methods, a requirement for thermal energy input in said mammal is first detected. In response to the detection of this requirement for thermal energy in
8283171 Method and apparatus for avalanche-mediated transfer of agents into cells October 9, 2012
The present invention provides a method and apparatus for transferring an agent into a cell. The method includes the steps of providing an agent outside of a cell and generating a vapor bubble and a plasma discharge between an avalanche electrode and a conductive fluid surrounding the
8278647 Quantum dot transistor October 2, 2012
One or more quantum dots are used to control current flow in a transistor. Instead of being disposed in a channel between source and drain, the quantum dot (or dots) are vertically separated from the source and drain by an insulating layer. Current can tunnel between the source/drain
8278053 Methods of studying a biomarker, and methods of detecting a biomarker October 2, 2012
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for methods of studying (e.g., detecting, localizing, and/or quantifying) biomarker(s) and the like.
8277628 Method and apparatus using electric field for improved biological assays October 2, 2012
Disclosed are a method and apparatus that use an electric field for improved biological assays. The electric field is applied across a device having wells, which receive reactants, which carry a charge. The device thus uses a controllable voltage source between the first and second e
8277496 Methods and devices for manipulating the thermoregulatory status of a mammal October 2, 2012
Methods and devices for manipulating the thermoregulatory status of a mammal are provided. In the subject methods, thermal energy is transferred between the environment and both of the thoracic/abdominal core body and head of the mammal. In general, thermal energy transfer between th
8276433 Sensor for measuring properties of liquids and gases October 2, 2012
The present invention provides a device that measures at least one property of the liquid or gas, where the invention is a CMUT sensor that includes a substrate, a first layer disposed on the substrate, where the first layer includes a cavity, and a compound plate, where the compound
8275027 Multi-mode transmitter September 25, 2012
A multi-mode transmitter within an integrated circuit device. The multi-mode transmitter transmits a first data sequence in a baseband signal when a first transmission mode is enabled, and transmits the first data sequence in a multi-band signal when a second transmission mode is ena
8273247 Water reclamation without biosludge reproduction September 25, 2012
An apparatus for cleaning of wastewater comprising a submerged membrane biological reactor system (MBR) and a submerged membrane module (MBD) wherein the MBR is in fluid communication with the MBD for feeding excess sludge from the MBR to the MBD and wherein the MBR comprises an outlet
8269976 Gyroscope utilizing MEMS and optical sensing September 18, 2012
A gyroscope and a method of detecting rotation are provided. The gyroscope includes a structure configured to be driven to move about a drive axis. The structure is further configured to move about a sense axis in response to a Coriolis force generated by rotation of the structure ab
8268977 Strongly quenching oligomeric excimer/quencher pairs for detection schemes September 18, 2012
Compositions and systems are provided for the high efficiency quenching small water-soluble oligomers, or oligofluors, of from about 1-10 kd in size, where the oligofluors comprise multiple excimeric or exciplex forming fluorophores arranged on a scaffold, which are efficiently quenc
8265730 Assessing the condition of a joint and preventing damage September 11, 2012
Methods are disclosed for assessing the condition of a cartilage in a joint, particularly a human knee. The methods include converting an image such as an MRI to a three dimensional map of the cartilage. The cartilage map can be correlated to a movement pattern of the joint to assess the
8263715 Hydrogel compositions and methods of preparation thereof September 11, 2012
A block copolymer includes a hydrophobic block and a hydrophilic block, wherein the hydrophobic block and the hydrophilic block include repeating units derived from ring opening polymerization of one or more cyclic carbonate monomers. The one or more cyclic carbonate monomers are ind
8263417 Self-illuminating dot systems and methods of use thereof September 11, 2012
Generally, conjugate systems, self-illuminating quantum dot conjugates, methods of detecting a target in a host, methods of treating a disease in a host, and the like, are described herein.
8263332 Mismatched end DNA ligase September 11, 2012
A mismatched end DNA ligase is provided, which ligates two single strands to each other at a high efficiency, even if the other two single strands are not compatible. In one embodiment, the polypeptides of the ligase are Ku, Cernunnos, and XRCC4/Ligase4 (XL). This association can ligate
8260596 Method and composition for crystallizing G protein-coupled receptors September 4, 2012
Certain embodiments provide a method for crystallizing a GPCR. The method may employ a fusion protein comprising: a) a first portion of a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR), where the first portion comprises the TM1, TM2, TM3, TM4 and TM5 regions of the GPCR; b) a stable, folded protein
8258480 High energy photon detection using pulse width modulation September 4, 2012
Methods and systems for processing an analog signal that is generated by a high energy photon detector in response to a high energy photon interaction. A digital edge is generated representing the time of the interaction along a first path, and the energy of the interaction is encode
8258277 Luciferases and methods for making and using the same September 4, 2012
Briefly described, embodiments of this disclosure include polynucleotides that encode mutant Cnidarian luciferases that exhibit modulated properties as compared to the corresponding wild-type luciferases, and the modulated properties include at least one of: modulated stability; enha
8258096 Therapy procedure for drug delivery for trigeminal pain September 4, 2012
The present invention relates to methods for the treatment or prevention of trigeminal nerve-associated pain, in particular chronic, acute and procedural-related pain. The methods comprise administration of analgesic agents to the trigeminal nerve system which results in analgesia to the
8257700 Proteomic analysis of active multiple sclerosis lesions September 4, 2012
The invention provides methods for treating demyelinating inflammatory diseases by administering to the subject an effective amount of an agent that provides activated protein C activity, where the dose is effective to reduce the adverse clinical indicia of the disease. In some embod

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