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The Bendix Corporation Patents
The Bendix Corporation
Southfield, MI
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE31658 Fuel injection system September 4, 1984
A fuel injection system employing digital logic to generate injection command pulses of a time duration calculated to provide a precise quantity of fuel to meet presently existing, varying engine requirements is disclosed herein. The system employs a first or injector selection circuit
RE31378 Drum brake adjuster September 13, 1983
A drum brake adjustment mechanism is provided to maintain a running clearance between a pair of brake shoes and a rotatable member. The adjustment mechanism includes an extendible member which is disposed between the pair of brake shoes and engageable with a pawl which is pivotally m
RE31199 Magnetic speed sensor April 5, 1983
A speed sensor for a vehicle wheel has a rotating tone wheel with a stationary magnetic sensor having a pair of sensing poles positioned proximate the tone wheel teeth. Coil means are wound on the poles and the poles are magnetized to induce a signal voltage in the coil means corresp
RE31080 Master cylinder November 16, 1982
A master cylinder has a housing with a bore therein having a tapered section located between first and second compensator ports connecting the bore to a reservoir. A sleeve locates first and second lip seals adjacent the first and second compensator ports, respectively. A first piston
RE30653 Fuel control for gas turbine engine June 23, 1981
Fuel control apparatus including a fuel conduit connected to receive pressurized fuel from a fuel pump and provided with fuel servo actuated metering valve means therein for controlling the rate of fuel flow therethrough to an engine. The fuel servo actuated metering valve is actuate
RE29509 Wheel speed sensor for an adaptive braking system January 3, 1978
The tone wheel is a heavy walled steel stamping having a flanged central opening adapted for pressing on to a pilot turned on the outside surface of the wheel hub, and a cylindrical flange contiguous to the usual offset portion of the brake disc and having teeth formed on its inside surf
RE29060 Circuit for providing electronic warm-up enrichment fuel compensation which is independent of in December 7, 1976
A circuit for recognizing and providing warm-up enrichment fuel compensation for an electronic fuel control system is described herein. The circuit is adapted to recognize and respond to an engine operating parameter indicative of engine operation at an engine temperature less than t
D269777 Diaphragm plate for a servomotor July 19, 1983
D269671 End frame for a servomotor July 12, 1983
D269670 Backing plate for servomotor diaphragm July 12, 1983
D267944 Control panel February 15, 1983
D266841 Control console November 9, 1982
D263215 End frame for a servomotor March 2, 1982
D263214 End frame for a servomotor March 2, 1982
D262950 Coordinate measurement machine for use in measuring sizes, shapes, dimensions and the like February 9, 1982
D249124 Stud checker tool August 29, 1978
4535679 Control valve for a brake booster August 20, 1985
A control valve 44 for use in a fluid pressure operated motor 10 to control the communication of fluid between first and second chambers 34 and 36. The control valve 44 includes a plunger 58, a disc 46 and a retainer 70. The retainer 70 has a cylindrical body 82 with an inwardly projecti
4531370 Brake actuation assembly July 30, 1985
A brake actuation assembly 10 having a master cylinder 12 attached to a stationary wall (14) of a vehicle and a power assist apparatus 16. Linkage 66 connects a movable wall 125 in the power assist apparatus 16 with pistons 64 and 68 in chambers 60 and 62 in the master cylinder 12. A val
4522287 Disc brake with camming member and torsion spring for vibration control June 11, 1985
A disc brake assembly (10) includes a rotor (12) having a pair of friction faces (14, 16) and a pair of friction elements (18, 20) disposed adjacent the friction faces. A caliper (32) is slidably mounted on a support member (22) by mounting mechanism (40). Mounting mechanism (40) include
4522031 Fluid pressurizing device June 11, 1985
A fluid pressurizing device 10 having a master cylinder 12 with a cylindrical projection 52 that extends through the housing of a brake booster 14. The housing of the brake booster 14 has a front shell 56 located on a shoulder 54 of the cylindrical projection 52 and a rear shell 140
4512445 Adjustment assembly for a disc brake April 23, 1985
An adjustment assembly for a disc brake includes a nut (26) and a threaded stem (28). The threaded stem (28) defines a first diameter portion (72) and a second diameter portion (76) which cooperate to form a differential area sealingly engaging an inwardly extending partition (68). The
4510752 Master cylinder April 16, 1985
A master cylinder includes a housing (24) forming a bore (26) for receiving a first piston (38) and a second piston (40). Each piston is movable during braking to generate fluid pressure within a first pressure chamber (54) and a second pressure chamber (58), respectively. The first pist
4505108 Integrated hydraulic control circuit for jet engine thrust reverser and variable exhaust nozzle March 19, 1985
The invention is an integrated hydraulic control circuit for actuating the thrust reversers and variable exhaust nozzle on high preformance gas turbine engine powered aircraft. The hydraulic circuits for both systems are integrated into a single housing and are served by common elements.
4502574 Adjuster assembly for a nonservo drum brake March 5, 1985
An adjuster assembly for a nonservo drum brake includes a pawl (44) cooperating with a star wheel (30) of an extendible strut (22). The pawl (44) includes more than one (56, 58) edge cooperating with the star wheel to control extension of the extendible strut (22).
4500144 Bearing member February 19, 1985
A bearing member (10) having a series of carbon separators (16, 16' . . . 16.sup.N) with semi-spherical pockets (52, 52' . . . 52.sup.N) on the end thereof and semi-spherical ribs (20) and (22) on its inner and outer periphery. The ribs (20) and (22) are located in grooves (50) and (58),
4500111 Suspension assembly for a wheel and brake February 19, 1985
A suspension assembly couples a wheel assembly (16) and a brake assembly (60) to a frame (10). The suspension assembly includes a support (20) for receiving an axle (24). The axle carries the wheel assembly (16) at one end of the support (20) and forms a drum (46) at the other end of the
4499729 Fast-fill master cylinder February 19, 1985
A fast-fill master cylinder with integral proportioning includes a housing with a stepped bore defining a large diameter and a small diameter. A piston is disposed with the large diameter and the small diameter to form a fast-fill chamber in the large diameter and a pressure chamber in t
4497633 Method of forming a tubular electrical insulator assembly February 5, 1985
A method of making a tubular electrical insulator assembly for an igniter plug comprising the steps of making a recess (11) in one end of a tubular insulator (10); cementing a portion of a tubular semi-conductor (20) into the recess (11) so that the remaining portion of said semi-conduct
4496197 Linear motion bearing truck and rail assembly January 29, 1985
A linear motion bearing assembly and rail in which the bearing assembly includes two bearing bodies each having a pair of projections defining recirculating bearing races. The bearing assemblies are each secured to a movable member and to each other in an adjustable preload condition and
4496195 Recirculating bearing assembly January 29, 1985
A recirculating bearing assembly and method of making it in which the bearing assembly includes a bearing path-defining structure having two primary pieces, the first being an elongated "I" shaped member having an internal aperture extending through the elongated length and having in
4494810 Anti-decoupling device for an electrical connector January 22, 1985
A pair of rotatable coupling nuts (46, 76) are nested and mounted for relative rotation to a plug shell (10) and first and second cylinders (28, 62) are arranged coaxially to cooperate with a coil (90) connected to the inner coupling nut (46) for restraining unwanted rotation thereof rel
4494696 Unit injector January 22, 1985
An injector including a self-actuating three-way valve lodged in a passage between the fuel injector supply inlet and a control valve. The three-way valve permits fuel to flow from supply through to the control valve during a metering mode of operation while prohibiting fuel to be dumped
4493742 Method for adjusting a vacuum brake booster output member relative to a master cylinder piston January 15, 1985
A vacuum brake booster is coupled to a master cylinder at the same time that an output member for the vacuum brake booster is adjusted relative to a piston for the master cylinder. The adjustment is carried out by a plunger adapted to activate a bonding material for bonding the plunger t
4493675 Universal joint January 15, 1985
A universal joint includes a first member and a second member joined via a coupling assembly. The coupling assembly includes a pair of washer-like seats engageable with ball studs carried by the pair of members and a nut and bolt assembly. The nut and bolt assembly cooperates with one of
4493527 Socket contact for electrical connectors January 15, 1985
A socket contact for electrical connectors consisting of a contact liner sleeve (16) with a rear sleeve (14) and inner and outer front sleeves (12, 10) assembled to the front and to the contact liner sleeve (16) with the outer sleeve (10) rear portion thereof formed over the rear face (4
4493307 Advance control for breakerless ignition system January 15, 1985
A breakerless ignition system in which an electronic advance circuit (30) generates an electrical trigger signal (SPKE) and a mechanical advance circuit generates a mechanical trigger signal (PCP). The mechanical trigger signal (PCP) and electrical trigger signal (SPKE) are combined in
4493153 Measuring apparatus and method of making January 15, 1985
A measurement apparatus (10) for measuring a dimension between two surfaces (26, 27) on a workpiece (20) in which the apparatus includes a pair of gaging tips (310, 320) for engaging the surfaces. The gaging tips are mounted toward the end of a spindle (120) and extend outwardly (per
4493074 Content induced transaction overlap communication system January 8, 1985
A content induced transaction overlap communication system for transmitting data over a single communication channel between a plurality of senders and at least one receiver. The senders simultaneously transmit the highest order bits of their data word, one bit at a time in serial fashio
4490977 Hydraulic brake booster January 1, 1985
A hydraulic brake booster includes a housing with a bore for receiving a first piston, a second piston and a valve assembly. The valve assembly includes a sleeve with a bore receiving a first valve member and a second valve member. The valve member cooperates with an input member to defi
4490720 Multipulse signal processing for radar system December 25, 1984
A radar system alternately transmits relatively short and long pulses. The video signals corresponding to the target returns from consecutive pulse transmissions are converted to digital format and then integrated except that radar return signals from targets within a first range resulti
4489224 Fluid level indicator December 18, 1984
A fluid level indicator is provided for a master cylinder to generate a signal in response to the fluid level reaching a predetermined level. The fluid level indicator includes a carrier assembly for holding a magnet and moving the same within a master cylinder reservoir. A reed switch i
4488400 Positive displacement air delivery system for an internal combustion engine December 18, 1984
A positive displacement air delivery system for an internal combustion engine having a multiple chamber positive displacement air pump and a control valve for directing the output of the air pump to either the engine's catalytic converter or to the engine's air intake for superchargi
4487617 Mechanism for cleaning and drying compressed gases December 11, 1984
Mechanism for cleaning and drying compressed gas (10) includes a housing (12) having an open end closed by an end cover (14). A desiccant canister (16) is mounted on a plate (24) which is clamped between the end cover (14) and the housing (12) so that the canister (16) is received within
4487470 Anti-decoupling mechanism for an electrical connector assembly December 11, 1984
A thin, flat, elongated band (50) of flexible material having opposite ends and of roughened surfaces is slidably wrapped about itself several times and around a plug shell (20) such that one end is confined against the plug shell and the other end is connected by a tab (52) to a couplin
4487300 Vibration adjustable spacer December 11, 1984
A vibration adjustable spacer (10) is disclosed. In a preferred implementation spacers 10, 10', 10" are used to damp the vibrational resonance of a number of printed circuit boards (42, 44, 46) in an assembly (40). The spacer (10) has an adjustable snubbing member (30) which extends
4487298 Drum brake assembly and adjuster therefor December 11, 1984
A drum brake assembly and adjuster therefor includes a wire element supporting a pawl and yieldably opposing movement of the pawl away from a rest position. The wire element is releasably connected to the pawl and a brake shoe for the drum brake assembly.
4487296 Wire spring for a disc brake December 11, 1984
A wire spring (60) for a disc brake includes a coiled portion (62) with a pair of arms (64, 66) cooperating with the caliper via slots (70, 76) and with a friction element (24) via ends thereof (32, 34) in order to reduce rattle caused by the friction element while at the same time relea
4487105 Four position control valve for a pneumatically operated servomotor December 11, 1984
A retainer 226 for holding a control valve 656 of a servomotor 42 in a bore 90 of a hub 78. The hub 78 which is attached to a movable wall 56 has first 92 and second 96 passages that connect the bore to first 86 and second 88 chambers in the servomotor 42. The retainer 226 limits the
4487022 Brake actuator December 11, 1984
A brake actuation assembly (10) wherein a front shell (50) of a booster mechanism (14) is attached to a stationary bulkhead (32) and the housing (58) of a master cylinder (12). On actuation of the booster mechanism (14) an output force is produced to operate the master cylinder (12). The
4486703 Boost voltage generator December 4, 1984
Circuitry (20) for activating fuel injectors (50) of an internal combustion engine including a plurality of switching circuits (60) for turning on and off associated hybrid power circuits (80). The hybrid power circuits (80) communicate the increased level of voltage generated by a singl

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