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Dallas, TX
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43191 Adaptive Weiner filtering using line spectral frequencies February 14, 2012
An acoustic noise suppression filter including attenuation filtering with a noise-free estimate based on a codebook of line spectral frequencies.
RE42919 Power control with space time transmit diversity November 15, 2011
A circuit is designed with a measurement circuit (432). The measurement circuit is coupled to receive a first input signal (903) from a first antenna (128) of a transmitter and coupled to receive a second input signal (913) from a second antenna (130) of the transmitter. Each of the
RE42681 Wireless system with transmitter having multiple transmit antennas and combining open loop and c September 6, 2011
A wireless communication system (40). The system comprises transmitter circuitry (42) comprising encoder circuitry (44) for receiving a plurality of symbols (S.sub.i). The system further comprises a plurality of antennas (AT1-AT4) coupled to the transmitter circuitry and for transmit
RE42494 Preventing drain to body forward bias in a MOS transistor June 28, 2011
A voltage level shifting circuit (FIG. 4) has a plurality of PMOS transistors M.sub.1, M.sub.2, M.sub.3 connected in parallel for respectively driving a capacitive load C.sub.L with a selected different voltage level V.sub.1, V.sub.2 or V.sub.3. Transistors M.sub.1, M.sub.2, M.sub.3
RE41830 Oversampling analog-to-digital converter and method with reduced chopping residue noise October 19, 2010
A delta-sigma modulator includes a chopper-stabilized integrator, a quantizer having an input coupled to an output of the integrator, an input signal acquiring circuit controlled by a switched reference feedback circuit and having an output coupled to the input of the integrator, and
RE39697 Method of making floating-gate memory-cell array with digital logic transistors June 19, 2007
A nonvolatile memory array is encased in a P-well, and the P-well encased in a deep N-well, the two wells separating the memory array from the integrated circuit substrate and from the other circuitry of the integrated circuit. At the same time the deep N-well is formed for the nonvo
RE38126 Large die photolithography May 27, 2003
An improved reticle (20) and method of using it to expose layers of wafers for large integrated circuits (10). The integrated circuit (10) is designed so that nonrepeating patterns are laid out in perimeter areas, distinct from the center area containing contiguous repeating patterns.
RE36670 Flat panel display attribute generator April 25, 2000
An electronic terminal employs a liquid crystal display for displaying desired characters. The terminal has circuitry for providing attributes to the characters, on a character-by-character basis or on a plurality of characters basis. These attributes include double width, double height,
RE36210 Circuit and method for erasing EEPROM memory arrays to prevent over-erased cells May 11, 1999
The device and process of this invention provide for eliminating reading errors caused by over-erased cells by applying flash erasing pulses, then flash programming pulses to the cells of an EEPROM array. The flash erasing pulses are sufficient in strength to over-erase the cells. The
RE35356 EEPROM cell array with tight erase distribution October 22, 1996
An electrically-erasable, electrically-programmable, read-only-memory cell array is formed in pairs at a face of a semiconductor substrate (22). Each memory cell includes a source (11) and a drain (12), with a corresponding channel (Ch) between. A control gate (14) is disposed over the f
RE35137 High speed serial data link January 2, 1996
A high bit-rate serial communications link encodes data by inserting non-data 0's and 1's. These extra bits are removed by a decoder at the receiving end of the link. Transmission of data can be made along optical fibers.
RE34916 Method and circuitry for testing a programmable logic device April 25, 1995
A test configuration register (80) associated with a programmable memory device (88), wherein the signals at the outputs of the test configuration register force elements of the memory device into certain logic states to enable the device to be tested without programming the device's log
RE34881 Graphics data processing apparatus having image operations with transparent color having selecta March 21, 1995
A graphics data processing apparatus having graphic image operations on two images. Two graphic images are formed into a single combined image based upon a predetermined combination of the multibit color codes representing corresponding pixels of the two images. A transparent color code
RE34535 Floating gate memory with improved dielectric February 8, 1994
The dielectric between the floating gate and the control gate, in an EEPROM or other floating gate memory is made by forming an oxide/nitride stack over the (first polysilicon) control gate. This dielectric not only provides a very high specific capacitance, which is desired to provide
RE34311 Semiconductor slice cassette transport unit July 13, 1993
A transport mechanism (40) for transporting a semiconductor slice cassette between a clean carrier (10) and a process machine comprises a housing (41) having a forward portion (42) positioned in the people-occupied area of the clean room and a rear portion (46) positioned in the process
RE34026 CMOS sense amplifier with N-channel sensing August 11, 1992
A CMOS sense amplifier for a dynamic read/write memory employs a latch circuit with cross-coupled N-channel transistors and cross-coupled P-channel transistors, returned to the voltage supply and ground through P and N channel transistors selectively activated by sense clocks. Differ
RE33694 Dynamic memory array with segmented bit lines September 17, 1991
A semiconductor dynamic read/write memory device contains an array of rows and columns of one-transistor memory cells with a different sense amplifier for each column of cells. The sense amplifier has a pair of balanced bit lines extending from its inputs, in a folded bit line config
RE33469 Monolithic microwave wide-band VCO December 4, 1990
A monolithic microwave voltage-controlled oscillator including one or more FETS integrated with a wide-ratio varactor. The varactor includes interdigitated anode and cathode patterns laid out on a single thin epitaxial layer. The punch through voltage of the epitaxial layer, and henc
RE33287 Carrier tracking system August 7, 1990
An infrared tracker for tracking a carrier in clutter comprises a pyrotechnically heated emitter, a beam concentrator, and a blanking means all of which are mounted on the carrier, and a command link, a thermal detector, a display signal storage means, a display, and a comparator all
RE33261 Trench capacitor for high density dynamic RAM July 10, 1990
A dynamic one-transistor read/write memory cell employs a trench capacitor to increase the magnitude of the stored charge. The trench is etched into the silicon surface at a diffused N+ capacitor region similar to the N+ bit line, then thick oxide is grown over the bit line and over the
RE32033 Automated slice processing November 19, 1985
In an electronic component manufacturing system, slices are transported in serial fashion between a plurality of work stations. As the slices move through the system, each work station performs a separate manufacturing operation on each slice. The manufacturing operations are performed i
RE31977 Digital computing system having auto-incrementing memory August 27, 1985
A digital computing system having an auto-incrementing memory subsystem includes one or more separate memories. Each memory in the memory subsystem has its own address counter which is automatically incremented to the next sequential address after each memory readout. In the case of
RE31864 Self-test feature for appliance or electronic systems operated by microprocessor April 9, 1985
A microwave oven is disclosed as a typical appliance controlled by a microprocessor device. The oven has an LED digital display, a number of indicator LED's, and a capacitive touch keyboard, along with circuits for controlling a magnetron, a broiler unit, and a blower. A "self-test"
RE31473 System for fabrication of semiconductor bodies December 27, 1983
A system and method is provided for forming semiconductor tear-drop shaped bodies having minimal grain boundaries. Semiconductor material is melted in a capillary tube at the top of a tower, and forced under gas pressure through a nozzle. Separate semiconductor bodies are formed. They ar
RE31367 Motor starting and protecting apparatus August 30, 1983
A combination starting and protecting device particularly useful with split phase motors such as those used with refrigeration compressors is disclosed in which an element of material having a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) of resistivity characteristic and a thermally responsive
RE30671 Microprocessor system having high order capability July 7, 1981
A microprocessor system with high order capabilities is provided with the two non-volatile memories which are read-only-memories (ROMs) in the disclosed embodiment. A first ROM stores the microcode for controlling the operation of the microprocessor circuits. The second ROM, which is
RE29421 Laser system having electronically selectable gain September 27, 1977
A laser system for selectively producing, in response to electronic signals, laser pulses at random intervals and of preselected and variable energy, including a laser cavity capable of being electronically controlled to effect a selectively variable gain. An acousto-optic deflector
H1970 Variable function programmed system June 5, 2001
A variable function calculator utilizes a fixed program memory array such as a programmed read only memory in which a number of programs are stored depending upon the desired functions of the calculator. The calculator also includes a program counter, an instruction register, control
D371775 Portable computer keyboard July 16, 1996
D352703 Plotter pen housing November 22, 1994
D330216 Spatial light modulator exposure unit for a laser printer October 13, 1992
D329225 Replaceable fuser unit for a spatial light modulating printer September 8, 1992
D328608 Replaceable photoreceptor cartridge August 11, 1992
D328469 Industrial printer August 4, 1992
D328294 Telecommunication device with hinged cover July 28, 1992
D321204 Replaceable developer unit October 29, 1991
D316543 Portable computer April 30, 1991
D262890 Case for printing calculator or the like February 2, 1982
D261773 Design for a handheld calculator November 10, 1981
D261005 Case for an electronic calculator September 29, 1981
D260515 Case for interchangeable program module for a personal computer or the like September 1, 1981
D259200 Case for an electronic calculator May 12, 1981
D258827 Case for printing calculator or the like April 7, 1981
D257959 Wall thermostat January 20, 1981
D257002 Digital clock housing September 23, 1980
D256472 Case for an electronic calculator August 19, 1980
D256370 Case for hand-held electronic calculator August 12, 1980
D256028 Case for an electronic learning aid, game or similar apparatus July 22, 1980
D255333 Wrist watch June 10, 1980
D255224 Digital wrist watch June 3, 1980

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