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Telex Computer Products, Inc. Patents
Telex Computer Products, Inc.
Tulsa, OK
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D283423 Tape drive for use with a computer April 15, 1986
D252751 Capstan August 28, 1979
D252750 Capstan August 28, 1979
4743857 Digital/analog phase-locked oscillator May 10, 1988
A phase-locked oscillator (PLO) driven or derived clock system, the frequency of which is higher by a factor N than the frequency of the bit reference clock of incoming streams of data bits. The derived clock is designed to be maintained in synchronism with the bit reference clock. Two
4700909 Tape deck having improved tape path October 20, 1987
A tape deck providing means to drive and control a file reel and a machine reel including a vacuum source and a capstan drive means, the tape deck including a first vacuum column of relatively wide width and short length extending upwardly and at an acute angle to the vertical plane
4688113 Apparatus for calibrating tape drive read system August 18, 1987
An apparatus for calibrating the gain in a tape drive read system, so that with a calibrated signal source, the output of the read system will be a clean, square wave, digitized signal. Means are provided for taking the output of a read head, reading signals from a tape, applying a contr
4683507 Fixed/adjustable head mount July 28, 1987
A drive for a magnetic tape including a tape deck, a skew plate having an opening in each end thereof for attachment by means of screws to the face of the tape deck, one of the openings being internally threaded, a read/write head affixed to the skew plate between the openings and having
4674082 PBX telephone system I/O interface June 16, 1987
Apparatus is provided for converting serial bit digital signals of selected line rate from a plurality of sources into a single serial bit signal for time division multiplexing (TDM) in periodic frames by a central receiver, in a system in which each source is responsive to command signa
4664327 Reel hub latch May 12, 1987
A reel hub latch for use in holding rotating devices, such as a reel of tape, rigidly and concentrically to a rotating shaft, in which a seating surface is provided for the reel on the outside surface of a first or hub portion of the device. There is an annular channel in the outer surfa
4646322 Adaptive delta modulation codec February 24, 1987
An ADM codec includes CVSD encoder and decoder circuitry having a syllabic filter responsive to the binary state of the ADM bit samples for changing the quantization step amplitude at a rate of change directly proportional to the rate of change of slope of the received voice signal.
4415513 Method of manufacturing a composite foam tape transport capstan November 15, 1983
A capstan for use on a tape transport, including a hub, a tubular outer rim supported co-axially about the hub, and a body portion of foam plastic between the hub and rim.
4404680 Digital phase synchronizer September 13, 1983
A state clock provides a bilevel signal of frequency which is an even multiple of the frequency of an incoming digital signal. A plurality of latches are responsive to the state signal. The outputs of the latches go to corresponding inputs of a memory array, the outputs of which are a
4390795 A.C. Power control for inductive loads June 28, 1983
An electronic switching system for inductive loads in A.C. circuits, comprising a triac switch in series with an inductive load such as transformer or motor, etc. across an A.C. voltage. The control voltage for the triac switch is provided by a smaller, lower power triac driver, which
4364678 Reinkable ribbon cartridge December 21, 1982
A ribbon cartridge for use in high speed cartridge type printers, in which the ribbon is enclosed in the cartridge, and the entire cartridge must move at extremely high speeds. The cartridge is in a generally U-shaped case with the base of the U comprising a ribbon storage volume. One of
4327857 Low inertial capstan dampener May 4, 1982
An improved capstan for a tape drive of the type for attachment to the shaft of a drive motor, the capstan being formed of a body having low mass and providing a cylindrical tape engaging surface and means for axially securing the body to a motor shaft. The capstan body has a radial
4284250 Tape drive having an improved reel latch August 18, 1981
A tape drive hub having an improved reel latch, a hub body having a plurality of radial openings communicating with a reel receiving cylindrical surface, a tapered locking member carried axially by the body removable from an unlocked to a locked position, and an actuator received in
4280646 Tape transport capstan July 28, 1981
A capstan for use on a tape transport, including a hub, a tubular outer rim supported co-axially about the hub, and a body portion of foam plastic between the hub and rim.
4279386 Compact pneumatic reel latch July 21, 1981
An automatic, pneumatic reel latch, comprising a hub adapted to be attached to a drive shaft of a tape deck, the hub has an annular groove forming an inner cylindrical surface and an outer thin cylindrical shell. A cup-shaped piston is fitted with a rolling diaphragm and inserted into th
4260907 Power-on-reset circuit with power fail detection April 7, 1981
A power-on-reset circuit with power fail detection, comprises a supply voltage V, and a voltage divider comprising two series resistors connected between V and the ground. The junction between the two resistors is connected to the (+) terminal of a voltage comparator. The junction is
4260849 Low cost grounding hanger assembly April 7, 1981
Apparatus for removably supporting and electrically grounding a cover to a base structure, having an upper and lower attachment assembly, the lower assembly having a hanger with a horizontal portion and an integral vertical portion, a leaf spring of inverted V-shaped configuration with a
4250463 Overload protection to prevent saturation of video amplifiers February 10, 1981
In a dual stage power transistor type amplifier in which a video signal is applied to the base of a first stage transistor and in which the output of the first stage is direct coupled to the emitter of the second or power stage, and in which the second stage has a substantially constant
4241311 Digital majority noise filter for bi-level data reception December 23, 1980
Apparatus for filtering high frequency noise pulses from alternating analog data of a frequency F, which includes means to convert the analog signal to a square wave bi-level signal, sampling the square wave signal at a clock frequency of at least 8F, loading the sampled signals into a d
4239992 Frequency tracking adjustable duty cycle ratio pulse generator December 16, 1980
A frequency tracking, adjustable duty cycle ratio pulse generator that accepts an incoming stream of equally time spaced spike pulses, which go to a first input of an OR gate. The output of the OR gate is fed back to a comparator which has a reference voltage on one input terminal, and
4231629 Apparatus for connection of coaxial cables to a printed circuit mother board November 4, 1980
Apparatus by means of which a plurality of coaxial cables can be connected through a flexible adapter board to a printed circuit mother board, comprising, a rigid metal chassis and means to support a flexible adapter board, by means of screws attaching it to the chassis. On one end of th
4231150 Method of tuning a flyback transformer for minimum ringing November 4, 1980
The method of tuning a flyback transformer in a cathode ray tube control system, for minimum ringing, which comprises the steps of adjusting the lateral position of the center plane of the high voltage or secondary coil, with respect to the center plane of the low voltage or primary coil
4217553 Dynamic slicing compensation for attenuated signals in pulse width modulation August 12, 1980
A dynamic slicing compensator for attenuated pulse width modulated signals, for use at the receiving end of a transmission line which comprises a voltage comparator the negative input of which is connected to the end of the transmission line. A negative peak riding circuit is provided wi
4158870 Reflecting means for visual inspection of magnetic tape head June 19, 1979
This invention relates to improvements in magnetic tape transport mechanisms and provides means for facilitating the visual inspection of the magnetic head for use in combination with a flux shield for the magnetic tape. Reflector means is disposed in such a manner that the magnetic
4132607 Process for forming a capstan January 2, 1979
The present invention is an improved capstan which is used in a magnetic tape transport system, to accelerate a length of magnetic tape. The capstan includes a cylindrical post, adapted to be connected to a drive shaft of a capstan motor in a magnetic tape transport system, a pair of
4099601 Solenoid operated cone brake July 11, 1978
In an oscillograph, a roll of recording paper is supported on a rotatable shaft such that the strip of recording paper passes over a metering roller driven at constant speed by a drive motor. Means to brake the shaft and prevent overrun of the recording strip comprises a magnetic sol
4093148 Tape path for a magnetic tape transport system June 6, 1978
The invention is a tape path of a magnetic tape which is incorporated in a tape transport system. The tape path includes a file reel and a machine reel, each reel driven by a drive motor, a capstan, a magnetic head and a control system for controlling the two drive motors and the capstan
3967319 Tape excursion control means using tapered-wall vacuum column June 29, 1976
This abstract describes apparatus for improving the operation of magnetic tape decks which have two parallel wall vacuum columns and two tapered wall vacuum columns, in which means are provided to minimize the tape excursion in the tapered columns. Because of the small mass of the tape i
3941327 Tape reel positioning and latching means March 2, 1976
This invention covers means in connection with magnetic recording devices, to position, latch and remove reels from a driving hub, and actuation means therefor. The hub onto which the tape reel is placed carries an elastic sleeve about which the reel is placed. An actuation rod which
3940090 Vacuum column loading interlock February 24, 1976
This abstract describes an improvement in conventional vacuum column magnetic tape decks whereby the tape can be threaded directly across from one reel to the other after which it will automatically be threaded into the vacuum chambers, in sequential order. The first reel unwinds to load

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