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Telefonica de Espana, S.A. Patents
Telefonica de Espana, S.A.
Madrid, ES
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D421816 Modular lighting fixture March 21, 2000
D415205 Indicator panel October 12, 1999
D410003 Public telephone May 18, 1999
D407391 Icon for a display screen March 30, 1999
D404925 Separator panel February 2, 1999
D403870 Separator panel January 12, 1999
D400027 Display stand with extending table October 27, 1998
D399679 Display stand with back screen October 20, 1998
D399673 Display table October 20, 1998
D397153 Movable panel for advertising August 18, 1998
D396968 Display stand August 18, 1998
D396572 Modular display stand with table August 4, 1998
D395679 Movable panel for advertising June 30, 1998
D395677 Information panel June 30, 1998
D395561 Modular display stand June 30, 1998
D394963 Display stand June 9, 1998
D393160 Display stand April 7, 1998
D391416 Work table March 3, 1998
D390204 Card reader February 3, 1998
D389349 Display panel January 20, 1998
D388981 Table January 13, 1998
D388646 Monitor support January 6, 1998
D387927 Vertical support December 23, 1997
D339982 Guide for cables October 5, 1993
D337756 Ejecting and retaining catch for printed circuit board sleeves July 27, 1993
6134247 Broadband line interface circuit October 17, 2000
A broadband line interface circuit has a transmission module and a reception module. The transmission module has a parallel-to-serial converter 11 that receives data from a multiplexer 14 that multiplexes data from one or more input data tributaries. The transmission module also has
6020771 Small-scale, simplified-design frequency multiplier incorporated into integrated circuit February 1, 2000
A frequency multiplier integrated circuit (IC) has a frequency multiplier 1, an initialization signal generator 2, data sampling generator 3, and a clock generator 4. The frequency multiplier 1 has a timer 17 for calculating a first time between changes of state of an input signal, a
5930258 Structure for an electronic data system July 27, 1999
An electronic data system is shown that allows unified access to many currently available information provider services, and that gives the information provider services a way to access potential users without the requirement that they have their own infrastructure.
5829202 System of internal modular structures creating an office environment November 3, 1998
A system of internal structuring of establishments for the marketing of telecommunications services, consisting of a group of elements configuring a commercial establishment contemplating the repetitive succession of a number of identical porticos which structure the usable space of the
5812530 Network emulator in asynchronous transfer mode September 22, 1998
A network emulator in asynchronous transfer mode, consisting of emulating the performance of a digital network of integrated wideband services operating in asynchronous transfer mode, with no need to use said network, or else emulating intense operating conditions typical of a very loade
5797568 Multi-position television monitor stand August 25, 1998
A multi-position television monitor stand, comprising two pieces with a rectangular footprint. One of the larger surfaces of such pieces has a deep, semicircular, concave depression to mate with the outer surface of a vertical support. The outer surface of one of the pieces has a U-shape
5796817 Hybrid circuit for an electric operating and scanning interface, applicable to electronic record August 18, 1998
A hybrid circuit for an electric operating and scanning interface is especially applicable to electronic recorders of electromechanical telephone stations. The hybrid circuit controls voltage and current parameters on different elements of the station in different situations. The hyb
5796627 Actuating and dual scanning integrated circuit August 18, 1998
In an actuating and dual scanning integrated circuit, modulators 24 of respective programmable power regulators 11 transmit to respective power converters, energy transfer commands corresponding to programming performed in the circuit. Modulation of the modulators' output signals dep
5778025 Transmitting-receiving circuit July 7, 1998
A transmitting receiving circuit having two different blocks, one for transmitting, and one for receiving, the transmitting block relying on an inverter and a differential transmitter, while the receiving block has a differential receiver, four optocouplers, two inverters, a voltage
5777995 Translator chip for a wideband network July 7, 1998
A translator in an element of a wideband network transforms a format restored by a CCITT information cell into other predetermined formats. It performs this function by inserting cells from a microprocessor into network data flow in asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and extracting from
5704463 Coin returning mechanism, applicable to public modular telephones January 6, 1998
A coin return mechanism for public telephones has a coin box 1 with an access door 13 and a cam 15. The access door 13 and cam 15 are mounted on a shaft 14 that turns when door 13 is pushed, and return to the their resting position when the door is no longer pushed. A pusher 3 includes a
5636262 Interface scanning circuit June 3, 1997
An interface scanning circuit includes a current source at the input to a multiplexer. The current source includes a transistor disposed between two resistors, the second one of which limits reverse current. Also provided are an attenuating network including two resistors, and a low pass
5570450 Junction and modular optical sharing terminal assembly October 29, 1996
A junction and modular optical sharing terminal assembly incorporates a vertically-extending frame having a plurality of frame plates vertically mounted thereon and a plurality of horizontally-extending, telescopic tray guides mounted on the frame plates and which are movable between a
5537093 Electrooptical line module for transmitting in level-1 synchronous digital hierarchy with synchr July 16, 1996
An electrooptical line module for transmitting in Level-1 Synchronous Digital Hierarchy with a synchronizing unit that includes a single line module on a single printed circuit and components capable of performing transmission, reception, recovery and clock and alarm synchronization
5367521 Telecommunications packet switching system November 22, 1994
The present invention provides a telecommunications packet switching system including a hardware portion and a software portion forming an advanced multiprocessing, multiprocessor system (including multiple processors, capable of running more than one process at a time). The hardware and
5309498 Maintenance unit for modular public telephone May 3, 1994
Maintenance unit for modular public telephone, the unit being made up based on a microprocessor, a block for communication with the modular telephone, a rotating switch to take measurements and a condenser charger for the modular public telephone, with a rapid condenser charger to feed t
5241581 Maintenance terminal of a validation and identification unit August 31, 1993
Maintenance terminal of a validation and identification unit defined as a tool designed to accomplish two functions allowing the local initialization of the validation and identification unit or of the adaptation unit of public modular telephones, so being not necessary for the opera
4995820 Screening edge mask for printed circuit board, with withdrawing-retaining mechanism February 26, 1991
An edge mask for a printed circuit board comprises a T-sectioned strip 1, to the base web of which can be secured a printed circuit board, via lugs and screws. The strip 1 carries a handle 3 at each end pivoted on a respective shaft 13 having side walls which pass through a slot 8 and
4974257 Modular public telephone for outside use November 27, 1990
A modular public telephone has two independent armored boxes, one of which contains the telephone mechanism and the other of which is a strong coin receiving box. Both boxes are provided with front doors, and the upper box has a number of windows for receiving the respective operating mo

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