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Teledyne Industries Inc. Patents
Teledyne Industries Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
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RE34873 Aerial gunnery target system March 14, 1995
An aerial gunnery target system having a visual augmenter release which includes a detention member that is moved to enable a spring biased rod to shift forward. The rod moves a pivoting contact member received within a bracket assembly extending from an end cap secured to the aft end of
RE30622 Fuel metering apparatus for a carburetor May 26, 1981
An improved fuel metering apparatus for a carburetor which provides an optimum air/fuel ratio at all engine speeds and loads. The air/fuel ratio is adjusted by means of a valve sensitive to intake manifold pressure which modulates the amount of bleed air mixed with the fuel prior to the
D432622 Filter cartridge October 24, 2000
D430673 Ear piece September 5, 2000
D427661 Wall-mount shower head with face plate July 4, 2000
D426633 Oral irrigator base June 13, 2000
D425981 Oral irrigator medicament reservoir May 30, 2000
D425615 Oral irrigator cover May 23, 2000
D422336 Hand-held shower head with face plate April 4, 2000
D422053 Hand-held shower head March 28, 2000
D420550 Travel mug February 15, 2000
D418903 Wall-mount shower head January 11, 2000
D418902 Hand-held shower head January 11, 2000
D415247 Shower head face plate October 12, 1999
D406636 Flexible shower arm March 9, 1999
D403511 Combined toothbrush handle and irrigator appliance unit January 5, 1999
D388439 Modular pump December 30, 1997
D382407 Handle for an electric toothbrush August 19, 1997
D380479 Modular pump July 1, 1997
D375841 Combined toothbrush and wall bracket November 26, 1996
D370125 Handle for electric toothbrush May 28, 1996
D370051 Filter funnel May 21, 1996
D369850 Filter funnel base May 14, 1996
D366597 Drinking mug January 30, 1996
D355846 Cup lid February 28, 1995
D346933 Design for a cup May 17, 1994
D340510 Air cleaner October 19, 1993
D337024 Barbeque tray July 6, 1993
D304231 Subgingival delivery tip for attachment to dental irrigation instruments October 24, 1989
D302229 Tray for proofer or baking oven July 18, 1989
D293114 Engine December 8, 1987
D291576 Exhaust manifold August 25, 1987
D290364 Water-cooled engine cylinder June 16, 1987
D288658 Liner for wire coils or the like March 10, 1987
D281239 Starter motor for an engine November 5, 1985
D269377 Massaging appliance June 14, 1983
D267582 Hand-held showerhead January 11, 1983
D267581 Showerhead January 11, 1983
D265245 Motor housing for an oral hygiene appliance June 29, 1982
D264189 Thermostat housing May 4, 1982
D254197 Intrusion alarm housing February 12, 1980
D252862 Combined smoke and fire alarm or the like September 11, 1979
D252847 Food grinder September 11, 1979
D249864 Warming tray October 10, 1978
D248009 Feeding spoon May 30, 1978
D247840 Training cup May 9, 1978
D247511 Hydrotherapy foot tub March 14, 1978
D247430 Vehicle March 7, 1978
6410360 Laminate-based apparatus and method of fabrication June 25, 2002
The present invention discloses a laminate-based electromechanical device and a method of fabricating laminate-based electromechanical devices. The device includes two or more layers of laminate bonded together to form a unitary laminate structure. The layers of laminate include a layer
6350387 Multilayer combined rigid/flex printed circuit board containing flexible soldermask February 26, 2002
A multilayer rigid flex printed circuit board wherein the board laminate comprises a basestock composite containing a flexible core, formed by laminating a first conductive layer to a flexible insulator layer, a second insulator layer affixed to the basestock, said second insulator l
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