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Edmonton, CA
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7925224 Wireless communication system April 12, 2011
An apparatus to facilitate wireless communication where one side of the link is designed for ultra-low power consumption. The apparatus comprises two types of transceivers: a full function transceiver (called the "Controller") and a reduced function transceiver (called the "Terminal"),
7747922 Adaptive hybrid ARQ systems with BCJR decoding June 29, 2010
A method and an apparatus of constructing hybrid Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) systems using specific properties of the BCJR error correcting algorithm. Since the convergence to an actual codeword is not always guaranteed with the BCJR, the method and apparatus implements a system,
7719962 Design of a meta-mesh of chain sub-networks May 18, 2010
A method to increase the capacity efficiency of span-restorable mesh networking on sparse facility graphs. The new approach views the network as a "meta-mesh of chain sub-networks". This makes the prospect of WDM mesh networking more economically viable than with previous mesh-based
7480416 Implementation of discrete wavelet transform using lifting steps January 20, 2009
Compact and efficient hardware architectures for implementing lifting-based DWTs, including 1-D and 2-D versions of recursive and dual scan architectures. The 1-D recursive architecture exploits interdependencies among the wavelet coefficients by interleaving, on alternate clock cycl
7295513 Scheduling of wireless packet data transmissions November 13, 2007
A method for scheduling packet data transmissions in a wireless communication system is described wherein a priority function is based on a channel state indicator (CSI), the projected average throughput of the users, and a tuning parameter designed to control the throughput and fair
7260059 Evolution of a telecommunications network from ring to mesh structure August 21, 2007
Ongoing growth in transport demand is served while deferring or eliminating expenditure for additional capacity by reclaiming the protection capacity and inefficiently used working capacity in existing multi-ring network. Reclamation is through re-design of the routing and restoratio
7075892 Topological design of survivable mesh-based transport networks July 11, 2006
A method of designing a telecommunications network, the method comprising the steps of A) for all working demand flows required to be routed in the telecommunications network, finding an initial topology of spans between nodes in the telecommunications network that is sufficient for rout
6996385 Channel code decoding for the CDMA forward link February 7, 2006
Channel coding is used on the forward link of a CDMA cellular telephone network to allow the CDMA mobile channel decoder to perform error correction. On a wireless link, channel code performance is improved by providing the channel decoder with an estimate of the reliability of each
6970416 OFDM system with simple terminals November 29, 2005
This invention is a wireless network based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) and simple terminals. In a conventional OFDM system, the signal processing hardware is divided equally between the base station and the terminal. In this invention, most of the complex signal
6940893 High-speed indoor wireless chirp spread spectrum data link September 6, 2005
This invention modulates data onto a radio channel in such a way that the deleterious effects of the channel are reduced. This is accomplished in three steps: first, the information signal is modulated using a phase-differential modulation scheme. Second, the modulated signal is spre
6914880 Protection of routers in a telecommunications network July 5, 2005
A method of configuring a node in an IP network by creating a set of router table entries which form a set of virtually preconfigured cyclical routes, or p-cycles, within the IP network. This set of p-cycles is virtual in the sense that the only resources which they normally consume are
6889060 Optical fiber based on wireless scheme for wideband multimedia access May 3, 2005
A Fiber-wireless uplink consists of a wireless channel followed by a radio-over-fiber (ROF) link. Typically, nonlinear distortion of the ROF link is the major concern when the radio frequency is only a few GHz. This especially severe in the uplink, because of the multipath fading of the
6873750 Electro-optic modulator with resonator March 29, 2005
An electro-optic modulator structure for particular use in narrowband optical subcarrier systems. A traveling wave is established across the active region of the device, instead of a standing wave. This is accomplished through the use of a directional resonator structure that prevent
6822434 Monolithic transformer compensated circuit November 23, 2004
A monolithic transformer compensated circuit with enhanced quality factor without significantly increasing noise levels is presented in this disclosure. The technique uses a monolithic transformer and a current source driving current into the transformer secondary winding to achieve
6819662 Method for protecting a telecommunications network November 16, 2004
A method of connecting a telecommunications network, in which the network is formed of plural nodes connected by plural spans. Each node has a nodal switching device for making connections between adjacent spans meeting at the node. Method steps A-F are followed. A) Select a set of candi
6765708 Optical duobinary single sideband modulator July 20, 2004
An apparatus for modulating information bearing symbols onto an optical carrier includes a polybinary coder that operates on a binary information signal to produce an envelope compatible polybinary signal; and an optical single sideband modulator that modulates an optical carrier with th
6741643 Asymmetric equalization system for data transmission May 25, 2004
This disclosure covers a method of equalization for a high speed, indoor wireless local area network. The invention is designed so that the terminal equipment is as simple as possible while the hardware required for adaptive filtering, antenna diversity and frequency diversity is imp
6734712 Logarithmic amplifier May 11, 2004
A parallel-summation logarithmic amplifier is described that uses a novel topology of cascaded and parallel amplifiers to achieve extremely high bandwidth. Included in the topology is a unique delay matching scheme for logarithmic amplifiers that is amenable to fabrication in integrated
6708146 Voiceband signal classifier March 16, 2004
A method and apparatus for classifying signals into a multiplicity of signal classes which employs discriminant functions of low-complexity discriminant variables that are computed directly from the passband signal. The method can be applied to the problem of classifying voiceband da
6654379 Integrated ring-mesh network November 25, 2003
Whether in a SONET or a dense-WDM (DWDM) transport environment, we can expect to see a continuance of the two main survivable architectures: ring and mesh. The differing advantages of these technologies has allowed both of them to find applications, although they are usually deployed and
6606312 Analog radio system with acoustic transmission properties August 12, 2003
This invention modulates voice signals so that the radio waves behave the same in the radio medium as sound waves would in the acoustic medium. This is accomplished by segmenting the voice signal and compressing the segments in time before transmitting them through the radio channel. If
6600382 Microwave phase modulator July 29, 2003
A phase modulator for direct wideband linear phase modulation of a microwave continuous wave carrier signal which is suitable for many analog and digital phase or frequency modulation techniques. Linear phase modulation range in excess of 360 degrees is provided as a result of linear
6594273 Self-configuring radio network July 15, 2003
The invention is a radio terminal that co-ordinates with similar terminals around it to form a time division multiple access (TDMA) network. No base station or special devices are needed to manage the network. The terminals autonomously establish the critical functions that form the back
6587257 Non-linear subcarrier predistortion and upconversion system July 1, 2003
A method and apparatus for harmonically upconverting a phase and/or amplitude modulated subcarrier signal to a higher frequency through a non-linear optical link is disclosed. The method requires that a bandpass signal, with a carrier frequency at a submultiple of the desired radio t
6529709 Closed loop power control scheme for wireless communication systems March 4, 2003
In a wireless terminal used in a telecommunications system in which control bits are sent from a base station to a wireless terminal (mobile station) to control the transmitted power of the wireless terminal, a (linear) predictor is used at the wireless terminal to predict the accumulati
6493334 Spread spectrum time-division multiple access communication scheme December 10, 2002
A new DTX-MAC protocol is proposed for a cellular radio telecommunications system with many users. Several users are allowed to transmit packets within a time-slotted frame structure. Direct sequence spread spectrum technique is used to spread the packets, and all packets within the fram
6424309 Broadband compact slot dipole/monopole and electric dipole/monopole combined antenna July 23, 2002
A broadband compact antenna comprises an electric dipole or monopole coupled or connected in parallel to a slot antenna. The slot antenna is composed of a flat, square or rectangular conducting sheet with a slot having a variety of possible shapes including a bow-tie or rectangle. The
6421349 Distributed preconfiguration of spare capacity in closed paths for network restoration July 16, 2002
A Method for restoring traffic in a network. The network includes plural distinct nodes interconnected by plural distinct spans, each span having working links and spare links. Each node has a digital cross-connect switch for making and breaking connections between adjacent spans forming
6377543 Path restoration of networks April 23, 2002
A distributed method for creating telecommunications paths in a network, particularly after a span failure. The network includes plural distinct nodes interconnected by plural distinct spans, each span having working links and spare links. Each node has a digital cross-connect switch for
6259836 Optical frequency shifter and transmission system July 10, 2001
An optical transmission system has an input light guide and N multipath modulators operated as frequency shifters connected in cascade to receive light from the input light guide and output light along N output light guides where N is 1 or more, wherein the light carried by each ith outp
6140972 Multiport antenna October 31, 2000
A multiport beamforming antenna provides multidirectional beam patterns with minimum interference comprising multiple, as for example twelve, radiating elements mounted on a conducting ground plane. Multiple, for example six, reflecting surfaces, each having a shape of one quarter of a
6111477 Microwave phase shifter including a reflective phase shift stage and a frequency multiplication August 29, 2000
A phase shifter/modulator which provides linear phase control of a microwave continuous wave carrier signal. Linear phase shift range in excess of 360 degrees is provided as a result of linear variation in control voltage. A reference signal, at a subharmonic of the output carrier si
6031866 Duplex decision feedback equalization system February 29, 2000
A system for equalization of two-way digital communications between a base and portable unit is described. Equalization is implemented in a manner so as to reduce the complexity of the portable unit. The reverse link (portable to base transmission) is equalized by a decision feedback
6021110 OFDM timing and frequency recovery system February 1, 2000
A synchronizing apparatus for a differential OFDM receiver that simultaneously adjust the radio frequency and sample clock frequency using a voltage controlled crystal oscillator to generate a common reference frequency. Timing errors are found by constellation rotation. Subcarrier s
5999300 Hybrid single sideband optical modulator December 7, 1999
Bandwidth reduction methods and apparatus that offset the effects of dispersion on a signal transmitted through an optical fiber. The apparatus and methods employ a generator of modulated optical signals in cascade with a modulator. One of the generator and the modulator may be an optica
5949926 Minimum phase dispersion compensator September 7, 1999
An apparatus for implementing post-detection dispersion compensation on a minimum-phase optical single sideband signal propagating along an optical fiber, in which the optical fiber induces phase distortion on the minimum-phase optical single sideband signal. The apparatus comprises a
5943457 Generalized resonant coupler filters August 24, 1999
A signal processing circuit, the signal processing circuit comprising first and second waveguides, a series of successive couplers C.sub.i between the first and second waveguides, the couplers being spaced from each other along the first and second waveguides, the first and second wavegu
5889759 OFDM timing and frequency recovery system March 30, 1999
A synchronizing apparatus for a differential OFDM receiver that simultaneously adjust the radio frequency and sample clock frequency using a voltage controlled crystal oscillator to generate a common reference frequency. Timing errors are found by constellation rotation. Subcarrier s
5887022 Peer-peer frequency hopping spread spectrum wireless system March 23, 1999
A peer--peer frequency hopping spread spectrum wireless system allows the implementation of full duplex voice/data communications in a single hop peer--peer wireless system. The system uses frequency hopping spread spectrum technique. The frequency band is divided into signalling and
5850505 Method for preconfiguring a network to withstand anticipated failures December 15, 1998
A method for restoring traffic in a network. The network includes plural distinct nodes interconnected by plural distinct spans, each span having working links and spare links. Each node has a digital cross-connect switch for making and breaking connections between adjacent spans forming
5848139 Telecommunication traffic pricing control system December 8, 1998
Delay-tolerant calls access slack capacity in a telecommunications network under variable pricing controlled by the network so as to permit the network to pick up or stimulate background traffic loads as and when desired to gain revenue from background idle capacity.
5841841 Networking computers via shared use of voice telephone lines November 24, 1998
Simultaneous communication of data and voice on a common telephone line are provided between a customer location and a central switching location. At the customer location there may be provided a series of computers each having the LAN interface connected to a common data bus at the cust
5825257 GMSK modulator formed of PLL to which continuous phase modulated signal is applied October 20, 1998
A Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying modulator that provides direct modulation of a carrier signal, produced by a single microwave high power voltage controlled oscillator. A continuous phase frequency shift keyed modulated signal with a modulation index of 0.5 is produced at the desired outp
5784032 Compact diversity antenna with weak back near fields July 21, 1998
A compact diversity antenna is presented consisting of two electrically isolated orthogonal loop conductors joined at a midpoint. This midpoint is also electrically attached to a vertical conductor which produces a third mode of operation electrically isolated from the first modes. The t
5723176 Method and apparatus for making optical components by direct dispensing of curable liquid March 3, 1998
An apparatus for forming an optical element on the surface of a substrate by ejecting a curable light guide forming liquid from a nozzle onto the substrate and curing the curable light guide forming liquid. A waveguide may be formed by moving the nozzle in a linear pattern over the surfa
5612653 LAN star connection using negative impedance for matching March 18, 1997
An impedance matched branch connection for local area networks (LANs). A stub or branch connection increases the number of computers that can connect to a LAN. A star connection is formed when several stub lines are connected at the same point. Stub connections introduce an impedance
5291031 Optical phase difference range determination in liquid level sensor March 1, 1994
An apparatus and electronic circuit for the measurement of fluid levels in containers. The circuit and apparatus constitute an instrument which measures fluid levels by optical means. Only light signals are used near the fluid itself. The instrument thus provides an intrinsically safe
5067126 Method and apparatus for mapping a digital signal carrier to another November 19, 1991
A DS-3 to 28 VT1.5 SONET Interface Circuit is shown, without using standard intermediate DS-2 and DS-1 Desynchronizer Phase-Lock Loops. The elimination of DS-2 and DS-1 Desynchronizer Phase Lock Loops results in a significant reduction in cost and complexity of SONET interface circuits

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