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Teich Aktiengesellschaft Patents
Teich Aktiengesellschaft
Weinburg, AT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D628060 Packaging for foodstuffs November 30, 2010
D604157 Container November 17, 2009
D592495 Container May 19, 2009
D586652 Packing container for pet food February 17, 2009
D579767 Food container November 4, 2008
D539134 Food container and the lid for a food container March 27, 2007
7789262 Two-ply sealing element punched out in a cover shape September 7, 2010
An element which is punched out in a cover shape for sealing of containers, includes two plies with at least one opening aid which is integrated within these plies, the ply (3) located in the direction of the container having a plastic layer which is provided with perforations or sco
7429063 Counterfeit-proof metallic foil September 30, 2008
A counterfeit-proof metal foil is textured in at least a given partial area of its surface, this partial area having a radiation refraction value which is different compared to the remaining surface area. The metal foil is suitable as a packaging material, among others for medication
6200663 Rough surface packaging element March 13, 2001
The present invention pertains to a packaging element comprising a supporting material fitted, on its face turned opposite the package, with a layer presenting a marking area and, on its face turned to the package, with a rough surface coating. The coating roughness has a depth of 1 to
5914368 Vinyl alcohol copolymers and water-soluble films containing them June 22, 1999
The description relates to vinyl alcohol copolymers which can be produced by the acid-catalysed acetalisation reaction of polyvinyl alcohols with a degree of saponification of 80-99.5 mol % and preferably between 88 and 99.5 mol % with natural substances or their derivatives containing
5470015 Tubular pouch with opening aid November 28, 1995
A tubular pouch is provided with a tear-open strip which begins at a U-shaped perforation formed in one of two edge strips of the pouch which are joined across a junction area by cold-sealing into tubular pouch fins. The U-shaped perforation defines a grip formed by the wrapping material

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