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Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd
Hyogo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7691200 Magnesium oxide single crystal and method for producing the same April 6, 2010
Provided is a MgO single crystal for obtaining a magnesium oxide (MgO) single crystal deposition material which is prevented from splashing during the vapor deposition in, e.g., an electron beam deposition method without reducing the deposition rate, and for obtaining a MgO single cr
7544345 Magnesium oxide single crystal having controlled crystallinity and method for producing the same June 9, 2009
A magnesium oxide single crystal having controlled crystallinity has a subboundary, and ranges of variation of diffraction line positions, as measured for reciprocal lattice maps with respect to a region surrounded by the same subboundary, with the range of the variation of 1.times.1
6254847 Metal hydroxide solid solution, metal oxide solid solution and processes for their production July 3, 2001
A metal hydroxide solid solution and a metal oxide solid solution, wherein the crystal form is an octahedron comprising upper and lower parallel basal planes and six peripheral pyramidal planes, the pyramidal planes consisting of upward-inclined planes and downward-inclined planes which
5891945 Magnesium hydroxide solid solutions, their production method and use April 6, 1999
A production method of a magnesium hydroxide solid solution, Mg.sub.1-x M.sup.2+ .sub.x (OH).sub.2 or a resin and/or rubber material having as its effective elements containing said solid solution as its flame retardant, characterized by having M.sup.2+ distributed unevenly in a high
5766568 Method of producing composite metal hydroxide, composite metal hydroxide obtained thereby and a June 16, 1998
A composite metal hydroxide is produced by reacting magnesium-containing aqueous solution (X) including water soluble zinc compound wherein magnesium ion concentration is 0.01 to 1 mol/liter with alkaline material (Y) at a specific reaction equivalent ratio. Further, a composite metal
5759509 Metal hydroxide and oxide solid solutions having high aspect ratios and their processes for prod June 2, 1998
By hydrating a metal oxide solid solution shown as the following formula (3), wherein an average primary crystal particle diameter is in the range of 1 to 10 .mu.m, in the presence of monocarboxylic acid and/or oxymonocarboxylic acid in aqueous medium,in which M.sup.2+ represents at lea
5726231 Flame retardant polyolefin compound having low smoking and toxicity March 10, 1998
A flame retardant polyolefin compound having low smoking and toxicity comprising 100 parts by weight of polyolefin resin, 100 to 150 parts by weight of a flame retardant, and 2 to 10 parts by weight of zinc stannate as a flame retardant auxilliary agent. The flame retardant polyolefin
5654356 Flame retardant polyolefin compound having low smoking and toxicity August 5, 1997
A flame retardant polyolefin composition comprising polofin resin and a flame-retarding component which is prepared by adding 1 to 20 parts by weight of fine carbon powder to 100 parts by weight of composite metal hydroxide expressed by the general formula Mg.sub.1-x M.sup.+2.sub.x (
4925743 Disposable body warmer and heat generating material therefor May 15, 1990
A disposable body warmer comprises a heat generating material and a structure for retaining the material. The retaining structure may be provided on its one side with a reflecting material. The heat generating material consists essentially of at least one oxide of alkaline earth meta

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