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RE41697 Method of forming planarized coatings on contact hole patterns of various duty ratios September 14, 2010
A method of forming a planarized photoresist coating on a substrate having holes with different duty ratios is described. A first photoresist preferably comprised of a Novolac resin and a diazonaphthoquinone photoactive compound is coated on a substrate and baked at or slightly above
8207532 Constant and reducible hole bottom CD in variable post-CMP thickness and after-development-inspe June 26, 2012
A new method is provided for the creation of a hole through a layer of insulating material. The method provides for combining a feed-forward method with a feed backward method and a high-polymer based hole profile, in order to establish a hole of a constant Critical Dimension for the
7972957 Method of making openings in a layer of a semiconductor device July 5, 2011
A method of making a semiconductor device including forming a first sacrificial layer over a first layer to be etched, the first sacrificial layer having a plurality of openings formed therethrough exposing a portion of the first layer; forming a first photoresist layer over the firs
7910999 Method for four direction low capacitance ESD protection March 22, 2011
The invention describes a structure and a process for providing ESD semiconductor protection with reduced input capacitance. The structure consists of heavily doped P+ guard rings surrounding the I/O ESD protection device and the Vcc to Bss protection device. In addition, there is a
7803257 Current-leveling electroplating/electropolishing electrode September 28, 2010
A current-leveling electrode for improving electroplating and electrochemical polishing uniformity in the electrochemical plating or electropolishing of metals on a substrate is disclosed. The current-leveling electrode includes a base electrode and at least one sub-electrode carried
7745904 Shallow trench isolation structure for semiconductor device June 29, 2010
A semiconductor device provides a transistor adjacent an isolation trench. The device may be formed by producing isolation trenches in a semiconductor substrate, filling the trenches with a filler material, creating voids near top edges of the trenches and annealing by a gaseous ambi
7633127 Silicide gate transistors and method of manufacture December 15, 2009
A method in which a gate and raised source/drain (S/D) regions are fully silicided in separate steps to avoid degrading the resistance or junction leakage is described. A gate dielectric layer, gate, and spacers are formed over a semiconductor layer that is preferably Si, SiGe, or SiGeC
7625806 Method of fabricating a non-floating body device with enhanced performance December 1, 2009
Provided is a method that includes forming a first semiconductor layer on a semiconductor substrate, growing a second semiconductor layer on the first semiconductor layer, forming composite shapes on the first semiconductor layer, each composite shape comprising of an overlying oxide
7615837 Lithography device for semiconductor circuit pattern generation November 10, 2009
General purpose methods for the fabrication of integrated circuits from flexible membranes formed of very thin low stress dielectric materials, such as silicon dioxide or silicon nitride, and semiconductor layers. Semiconductor devices are formed in a semiconductor layer of the membr
7604306 Reticle box transport cart October 20, 2009
A new transportation cart is provided that separates each reticle box or container from other reticle boxes contained in the cart. The transportation cart provides additional shock absorption, thus eliminating effects of vibration of the reticles, the transportation cart is equipped
7582934 Isolation spacer for thin SOI devices September 1, 2009
A semiconductor device comprises a semiconductor mesa overlying a dielectric layer, a gate stack formed overlying the semiconductor mesa, and an isolation spacer formed surrounding the semiconductor mesa and filling any undercut region at edges of the semiconductor mesa.
7580129 Method and system for improving accuracy of critical dimension metrology August 25, 2009
A method for improving accuracy of optical critical dimension measurement of a substrate is provided. A process parameter that influences the refractive index and extinction coefficient of a thin film in the substrate is identified. A refractive index and extinction coefficient acros
7576374 Semiconductor device with robust polysilicon fuse August 18, 2009
A new method is provided to create a polysilicon fuse. The invention provides for applying a first oxide plasma treatment to the surface of the created polysilicon fuse, creating a thin layer of native oxide over the surface of the created polysilicon fuse, followed by a DI water rin
7573736 Spin torque transfer MRAM device August 11, 2009
The present disclosure provides a magnetic memory element. The memory element includes a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) element and an electrode. The electrode includes a pinning layer, a pinned layer, and a non-magnetic conductive layer. In one embodiment, the MTJ element includes a
7571421 System, method, and computer-readable medium for performing data preparation for a mask design August 4, 2009
A method, computer-readable medium, and system for performing data preparation are provided. An integrated circuit design is received, and a plurality of pre-optical proximity correction processes are invoked such that the plurality of pre-optical proximity correction processes are p
7571021 Method and system for improving critical dimension uniformity August 4, 2009
A method for improving critical dimension of a substrate is provided. Manufacturing data of a plurality of critical dimension deviations corresponding to a plurality of areas on the substrate is collected. A plurality of sensitivity data corresponding to the plurality of areas is als
7564556 Method and apparatus for lens contamination control July 21, 2009
The present disclosure provides a method for measuring lens contamination in a lithography apparatus. The method includes imaging an asymmetric pattern utilizing a lens system and measuring an alignment offset of the asymmetric pattern associated with the lens system. A contamination of
7563653 ESD protection for high voltage applications July 21, 2009
An electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection device includes a diode located in a substrate and an N-type metal oxide semiconductor (NMOS) device located in the substrate adjacent the diode, wherein both the diode and the NMOS are coupled to an input device, and at least a portion of
7547605 Microelectronic device and a method for its manufacture June 16, 2009
Provided are a microelectronic device and a method for its manufacture. In one example, the method includes providing a semiconductor substrate layer having a first material (e.g., silicon or silicon germanium). An insulating layer is formed on the semiconductor substrate layer with
7545001 Semiconductor device having high drive current and method of manufacture therefor June 9, 2009
A semiconductor device including an isolation region located in a substrate, an NMOS device located partially over a surface of the substrate, and a PMOS device isolated from the NMOS device by the isolation region and located partially over the surface. A first one of the NMOS and P
7538025 Dual damascene process flow for porous low-k materials May 26, 2009
A method of forming a dual damascene opening comprising the following steps. A structure having an overlying exposed conductive layer formed thereover is provided. A dielectric layer is formed over the exposed conductive layer. An anti-reflective coating layer is formed over the diel
7534725 Advanced process control for semiconductor processing May 19, 2009
An advanced process control (APC) method for semiconductor fabrication is provided. A first substrate and a second substrate are provided. The first substrate and the second substrate include a dielectric layer. A first etch process parameter for the first substrate is determined. A
7531399 Semiconductor devices and methods with bilayer dielectrics May 12, 2009
A semiconductor device is disclosed that includes: a substrate; a first high-k dielectric layer; a second high-k dielectric layer formed of a different high-k material; and a metal gate. In another form, a method of forming a semiconductor device is disclosed that includes: providing a
7514730 Method of fabricating a non-floating body device with enhanced performance April 7, 2009
Provided is a semiconductor transistor device including a substrate having at least two regions, a semiconductive region extending to a first surface of the substrate and an insulative region extending to a second surface of the substrate. The semiconductor transistor device also inc
7514348 Sidewall coverage for copper damascene filling April 7, 2009
A general process is described for filling a hole or trench at the surface of an integrated circuit without trapping voids within the filler material. A particular application is the filling of a trench with copper in order to form damascene wiring. First, a seed layer is deposited in
7505206 Microlens structure for improved CMOS image sensor sensitivity March 17, 2009
A method of manufacturing a microlens device by depositing a microlens material layer over a substrate that includes photo-sensors. The microlens material layer is then exposed and developed to define microlens material elements, including first microlens material elements and second
7501227 System and method for photolithography in semiconductor manufacturing March 10, 2009
A method for producing a pattern on a substrate includes providing at least one exposure of the pattern onto a layer of the substrate by a higher-precision lithography mechanism and providing at least one exposure of the pattern onto a layer of the substrate by a lower-precision lith
7494830 Method and device for wafer backside alignment overlay accuracy February 24, 2009
A method for wafer backside alignment overlay accuracy includes forming a buried layer on a front-side of a wafer; forming a conductive layer on the buried layer and patterning a first test structure and a second test structure therein; forming an etch stop layer on the conductive layer;
7432192 Post ECP multi-step anneal/H.sub.2 treatment to reduce film impurity October 7, 2008
A method of forming a copper interconnect in a dual damascene scheme is described. After a diffusion barrier layer and seed layer are sequentially formed on the sidewalls and bottoms of a trench and via in a dielectric layer, a first copper layer is deposited by a first ECP process a
7407835 Localized slots for stress relieve in copper August 5, 2008
In accordance with the objectives of the invention a new method is provided for the creation of interconnect metal. Current industry practice is to uniformly add slots to wide and long copper interconnect lines, this to achieve improved CMP results. These slots, typically having a wi
7385249 Transistor structure and integrated circuit June 10, 2008
A process for forming a conductive gate structure for a sub-0.25 MOSFET technology, has been developed. The process features a conductive gate structure defined from a composite polysilicon or amorphous layer, which in turn is obtained via a dual deposition procedure. The first, or u
7371629 N/PMOS saturation current, HCE, and Vt stability by contact etch stop film modifications May 13, 2008
A method is provided for improving Idsat in NMOS and PMOS transistors. A silicon nitride etch stop layer is deposited by a PECVD technique on STI and silicide regions and on sidewall spacers during a MOSFET manufacturing scheme. A dielectric layer is formed on the nitride and then co
7364836 Dual damascene process April 29, 2008
A method of photoresist processing includes forming a first photoresist layer over composite layers of dielectric insulation and a top insulating layer and patterning a via hole pattern in the first photoresist layer by exposing to radiation of a first sensitivity. A second photoresist l
7359759 Method and system for virtual metrology in semiconductor manufacturing April 15, 2008
Provided are a method and a system for virtual metrology in semiconductor manufacturing. Process data and metrology data are received. Prediction data is generated based on the process data and metrology data using a learning control model. The system for virtual metrology in a fabricati
7358612 Plasma treatment at film layer to reduce sheet resistance and to improve via contact resistance April 15, 2008
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device contact including forming an insulating layer over a substrate and forming an agglutinating layer over the insulating layer. The agglutinating layer is then exposed to a plasma treatment. A barrier layer is formed over the plasma-treated
7358571 Isolation spacer for thin SOI devices April 15, 2008
A semiconductor device comprises a semiconductor mesa overlying a dielectric layer, a gate stack formed overlying the semiconductor mesa, and an isolation spacer formed surrounding the semiconductor mesa and filling any undercut region at edges of the semiconductor mesa.
7357838 Relaxed silicon germanium substrate with low defect density April 15, 2008
A method of forming a strained silicon layer on a relaxed, low defect density semiconductor alloy layer such as SiGe is provided.
7356656 Skew free control of a multi-block SRAM April 8, 2008
A multi-block SRAM memory system is described where a single global clock pulse is distributed to each memory block from the central control. At each SRAM memory block a local signal generator uses the globally distributed clock pulse to generate the required memory control pulse sig
7356550 Method for real time data replication April 8, 2008
A computer-based method of data replication of data in a programmable computer system having an ISAM database and a transaction log file, with the ISAM database having fields of tables and the transaction log file maintaining all files transactions of the ISAM database, comprising the
7356378 Method and system for smart vehicle route selection April 8, 2008
In one aspect a factory automation system for a wafer fab is provided. The factory automation system comprises: a manufacturing execution system ("MES") for providing lot information; a material control system ("MCS") for providing dynamic traffic information; an automated material handl
7354847 Method of trimming technology April 8, 2008
A process for trimming a photoresist layer during the fabrication of a gate electrode in a MOSFET is described. A bilayer stack with a top photoresist layer on a thicker organic underlayer is patternwise exposed with 193 nm or 157 nm radiation to form a feature having a width w.sub.1
7353077 Methods for optimizing die placement April 1, 2008
A method of optimizing die placement on a wafer having an alignment mark with a computing system includes arranging a plurality of fields on the wafer in a first position. Dummies are inserted between at least one arranged field and the alignment mark and inserted adjacent to the wafer
7351994 Noble high-k device April 1, 2008
At least one high-k device, and a method for forming the at least one high-k device, comprising the following. A structure having a strained substrate formed thereover. The strained substrate comprising at least an uppermost strained-Si epi layer. At least one dielectric gate oxide p
7351936 Method and apparatus for preventing baking chamber exhaust line clog April 1, 2008
A method and apparatus involve providing a supply of nitrogen gas, heating the supply of nitrogen gas to a temperature, and ejecting the heated nitrogen gas through the exhaust line of the baking chamber on a periodic basis. The temperature is between a temperature of the hot plate and a
7345524 Integrated circuit with low power consumption and high operation speed March 18, 2008
An integrated circuit includes a functional circuit module operating at a voltage range between a first voltage level and a second voltage level lower than the first voltage level. A power supply switch module, coupled between the functional circuit module and one or more power supplies,
7339253 Retrograde trench isolation structures March 4, 2008
Methods are provided for making retrograde trench isolation structures with improved electrical insulation properties. One method comprises the steps of: forming a retrograde trench in a silicon substrate, and forming a layer of silicon oxide on the walls of the trench by thermal oxidati
7333173 Method to simplify twin stage scanner OVL machine matching February 19, 2008
Multiple scanner or stepper machines are provided. A photoresist layer is coated on a monitor wafer. The photoresist layer is exposed through a mask pattern on a first of the multiple machines. The mask pattern is shifted by an offset and the photoresist layer is exposed through the
7303841 Repair of photolithography masks by sub-wavelength artificial grating technology December 4, 2007
A method is disclosed for repairing mask damage defects. After determining topographical information of a defect on a mask, one or more grating repair specifications are determined based on an optical simulation using the topographical information. One or more artificial grating areas ar
7301229 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for integrated circuit packages November 27, 2007
An integrated circuit package includes a package substrate with a plurality of pins coupled to a semiconductor chip having a plurality of bond pads, some of which are ic bond pads coupled to an integrated circuit formed on the semiconductor chip and others of which are floating bond
7291557 Method for forming an interconnection structure for ic metallization November 6, 2007
A method for forming an interconnection structure in an integrated circuit includes the following steps. A dielectric layer is formed on a semiconductor substrate. An opening is formed on the dielectric layer. A barrier layer is formed over inner walls of the opening and the dielectr

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