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RE39314 Housing assembly for an air bag and vehicle horn switch October 3, 2006
An apparatus for enclosing an air bag (38) on a steering wheel (22) includes an inner cover (34) at least partially enclosing the air bag (38) and having a tear seam central portion (50) along which the inner cover ruptures upon inflation of the air bag (38). An outer cover (36) at l
RE32222 Steering gear August 12, 1986
A steering gear for turning steerable wheels of a vehicle comprises a member movable in opposite directions. The member has first and second portions. The first portion comprises a rack having gear teeth extending transverse to the direction of movement of the member. A manually rota
RE31298 Spring shackle assembly July 5, 1983
An improved spring shackle assembly is utilized in an improved vehicle suspension system and includes a pair of socket assemblies which connect an end portion of a leaf spring with a mounting bracket. Each of the socket assemblies includes a rigid metal housing having an inner surface
RE31067 Hydrostatic control unit October 26, 1982
A control unit for controlling fluid flow to a fluid motor and for producing a flow proportional to the rate of rotation of an input shaft and for applying a pressure to the fluid motor proportional to the applied torque on the input shaft. The control unit includes a valve means for
RE30532 Flapper valve with independent spring action March 3, 1981
An improvement in multi-flapper check valves wherein each flapper is urged toward closure by an independent spring or springs, thereby improving the valve response for closure.
RE30479 Method of removing particles and fluids from a gas stream by charged droplets January 13, 1981
A method for the removal of particulate matter as well as noxious gases and vapors from a gas stream. This is accomplished by means of charged droplets having a size between 60 and 250 microns and preferably between 80 and 120 microns. The droplets are generated by first ejecting a stabl
RE30326 Panel hole closure July 8, 1980
A panel hole closure is composed of a rigid plate having an integral array of resilient fingers projecting from one surface of the plate inboard of the plate rim. A integral stiffener is provided for each finger which stiffens the finger against inward deflection toward the axis of the p
RE30291 Power steering system with auxiliary power capability June 3, 1980
A vehicular power steering system including a primary hydraulic circuit for operating the steered wheels and a secondary hydraulic circuit for operating auxiliary equipment such as an implement or the like which may be attached to the vehicle. The system includes a fluid controller for
RE29859 Broadband waveguide mixer December 5, 1978
A broadband waveguide mixer suitable for the microwave and millimeter wave regions is described. The mixer is characterized by having a unique dual-guide mixer mount through which extends two parallel and spaced waveguides. The RF wave and the local oscillator wave are respectively i
RE29456 Pumps with servo-type actuation for cheek plate unloading October 25, 1977
The pressure acting on a pressure loaded cheek plate in a pump is selectively vented by a servo valve actuated by the buildup of pressure in the pump outlet caused by normal parasitic losses in a downstream hydraulic flow circuit. Since it may be desirable to actuate the servo valve
RE28992 Boot seal constructions for rack and pinion gear October 5, 1976
A boot seal for rack and pinion steering gear assemblies having an integrally formed attachment opening for a fluid transfer tube, the opening being formed either as a nipple on the boot seal or as a clamp associated opening through the end of the seal.
D251784 Transfer terminal May 8, 1979
D251434 Keyboard March 27, 1979
D248233 Card reader for computerized access control system June 20, 1978
7401677 Self-centering steering system July 22, 2008
A steering system (10) for a vehicle (16) comprises a housing (20) having first and second end portions (32, 34) and an intermediate portion (50). A steering member (66) is supported for axial movement in the housing (20). A piston (100) fixed for movement with the steering member (66) h
7163230 Inflatable side curtain with fill tube January 16, 2007
Apparatus (10) for helping to protect an occupant of a vehicle includes an inflatable vehicle occupant protection device (14) inflatable between the vehicle side structure (16) and a vehicle occupant. The device (14) defines an inflatable volume (58) that includes a forward portion (64)
7123747 Enhancement of vehicle interior digital images October 17, 2006
A method for helping to control a vehicle occupant protection device (22) includes taking an image of the vehicle interior with a digital imager (50) having an array of pixels (53). A contiguous portion of the image less than the entire image is selected. At least one image enhancement
7110570 Application of human facial features recognition to automobile security and convenience September 19, 2006
An imaging system (50) for providing vehicle security and convenience features that employs face recognition software to identify and track a person. The system (50) employs infrared emitters (30) that emit an infrared signal along a predetermined field-of-view, and an infrared senso
7055646 Electric power steering assembly June 6, 2006
This invention relates to an improved structure for a rack drive assembly adapted for use in a vehicle electric power steering assembly. The electric power steering assembly includes a steering member (32), a ball nut assembly (70), a bearing assembly (80) and an electric motor (60).
7048461 Ball joint assembly with wear indication May 23, 2006
A ball joint assembly (10) comprises a socket (12) with a chamber (18), an opening extending through a first axial end (20) of the socket (12), and electrically conductive structure (60) closing the second axial end (22) of the socket (12). An electrically conductive ball stud (30) has a
7047836 Surface treatment for a locking mechanism May 23, 2006
An apparatus (10) includes first and second plates (44 and 84) extending parallel to each other and movable relative to each other. A locking mechanism (140) prevents movement between the first and second plates (44 and 84). The locking mechanism (140) has a first position applying a
7021190 Rack and pinion steering gear with integral support bearing April 4, 2006
A rack and pinion steering apparatus (10) comprises a first bearing surface (38) that is formed on a surface (36) that defines a passage (24) in housing (12). An input assembly (120) that includes a first portion (124) of a control valve (132) extends into the passage (24) of the hou
7017942 Inflatable vehicle occupant protection device with grab handle March 28, 2006
Apparatus (10) for helping to protect an occupant of a vehicle (12) that has a side structure (16) and a roof (18) includes an inflatable vehicle occupant protection device (14). The inflatable vehicle occupant protection device (14) is inflatable away from the vehicle roof (18) into
7016537 Vehicle occupant sensor apparatus and method including scanned, phased beam transmission for occ March 21, 2006
An apparatus (34) and associated method are provided for vehicle occupant sensing. An EM energy driver component (36) and associated EM energy source (40) provide a modulated beam (44, e.g., IR light), and a movable reflection component (46) scans the beam onto an occupant location. A
7015801 Vehicle-controlled tire condition sensor communication utilizing fixed tire identification March 21, 2006
A tire condition sensor unit (e.g., 18A) is for use within a tire condition communication system (10). The sensor unit (e.g., 18A) is for association with a tire (e.g., 14A) of a vehicle (12) and, via a method, communicates a tire condition to a vehicle-based unit (28). A sensor (58)
7002483 Configurable arrangement of multiple transmitters and multiple receivers for the performance of February 21, 2006
An arrangement (10) for remotely controlling convenience functions at a plurality of devices (35X 35Y) includes a plurality of device-based receivers (30X 30Y) and a plurality of portable transmitters (20A 20C). Each of the plurality of receivers (30X 30Y) include the capability of r
6984796 Electrical switch assembly January 10, 2006
An apparatus (10) includes a switch assembly (12). The switch assembly (12) includes a housing (16) and a set of contacts (14) supported by the housing. The set of contacts (14) includes a first contact (20) and a second contact (40). The first contact (20) includes a first pad portion
6983955 Air bag inflators January 10, 2006
An apparatus (10) for helping to protect a vehicle occupant includes an actuatable vehicle occupant protection device (12), and a microelectromechanical (MEMS) device (20) energizable to cause actuation of the protection device. In one embodiment, the MEMS device (20) is an energizab
6973989 Steer-by-wire steering system with road feel December 13, 2005
A steering apparatus (10) for a vehicle having steerable road-engaging wheels comprises a rotatable steering wheel (11) and a sensor (12) which senses the rotational position of the steering wheel and generates a first signal corresponding to the sensed rotational position of the steerin
6968176 Vehicle communication path tracing system for long range remote communication with a vehicle November 22, 2005
A vehicle communication path-tracing system (10) has a portable transmitter (12) and transceiver/controllers (14A-14N, 14T), located separately from the transmitter (12). A transmitter/controller (14T) is located at a target vehicle (16T) and at least one other transceiver/controller (e.
6964613 Universal joint November 15, 2005
A universal joint (10) includes a cross member (24) having a trunnion (26) with a radially outer surface (32). A cup (20) is connectable with the trunnion (26) and a yoke (18). The cup (20) has an open end (54) with a radially outer surface (58). A bearing (30) supports the cup (20) for
6964211 Steering column with improved housing November 15, 2005
A vehicle steering column (10) comprises an axially extending input shaft (12) for connecting to a vehicle steering wheel. The input shaft (12) is rotatable about an axis (A) upon rotation of the steering wheel. The vehicle steering column (10) also comprises a housing (16) at least
6960145 Belt tensioner for electric power steering unit November 1, 2005
The invention relates to a tensioning device for use in vehicle power steering assembly, in particular, having a drive unit for rotating an input pulley rotatably connected to an output pulley via a flexible belt. The tensioning device includes a housing and an arm movably attached r
6952979 Steering column October 11, 2005
A steering column (10) includes a support (24) through which a steering column member (12) extends connected with a mounting bracket (68). A locking mechanism (130) locks the support (24) in any one of a plurality of positions relative to the mounting bracket (68). The locking mechanism
6951336 Method of manufacturing a boot seal October 4, 2005
The present invention resides in a boot seal for use in sealing a joint. The joint comprises first and second relatively movable parts. The boot seal is configured in the form of a sleeve to extend between and around the vehicle relatively movable parts. The sleeve has a laminate wall wh
6947575 Apparatus and method for determining vehicle occupant characteristic utilizing imaging with prov September 20, 2005
An apparatus (30) and associated method determine a vehicle occupant characteristic. An imager (32) collects a first image of an occupant location while the occupant location is subject to a first lighting condition. A light source (38) provides light onto the occupant location. The
6945350 Steering apparatus for turning multiple sets of steerable vehicle wheels September 20, 2005
A steering apparatus (10) for turning steerable wheels of a vehicle having first and second sets (14 and 16) of steerable wheels comprises a first steering gear (22) actuatable, in response to rotation of a handwheel (110), to effect turning of the first set (14) of steerable wheels. The
6923288 Electric steering apparatus August 2, 2005
A steering apparatus (10) for a vehicle having steerable wheels. The apparatus (10) comprises a rotatable vehicle steering wheel (12) and a first assembly (100) operatively coupled to the steering wheel. The first assembly (100) includes a sensor (30) for sensing applied torque and a
6921107 Apparatus for sensing vehicle seat position July 26, 2005
An apparatus (10) for sensing the position of a vehicle seat (12) movable between a forward position and a rearward position includes a Hall effect device (80) and a magnet (82) that produces a magnetic field that acts on the Hall effect device. A member (100) is constructed of a ferroma
6914526 Intrusion detection system using linear imaging July 5, 2005
A vehicle intrusion detection system (10) for detecting an intrusion condition of a vehicle (12) having an occupant compartment (14) partially defined by an outer structure (30) of the vehicle, comprises an actuatable illuminator (40) mounted in the vehicle and having a limited field of
6914523 Method and apparatus for sensing tire pressure July 5, 2005
An apparatus for sensing pressure in vehicle tires includes an interrogator (102) for providing a tire pressure interrogation signal, and a tire pressure monitor (70) for sensing pressure within a first tire (24) of the vehicle (20) and providing an actual tire pressure signal. A first w
6908106 Inflator June 21, 2005
An inflator (22) for providing inflation fluid ( ) to inflate an inflatable vehicle occupant protection device (14) includes a container (30) storing the inflation fluid under pressure. The container (30) has an outlet passage (80) through which the inflation fluid flows from the contain
6904347 Human presence detection, identification and tracking using a facial feature image sensing syste June 7, 2005
A vehicle occupant airbag deployment system (50) that detects, identifies and tracks a person (16) in the passenger seat (18) of a vehicle (12), and provides a signal for no fire, soft fire or hard fire of the airbag (20) depending on the location of the person (16) in a crash event. The
6902637 Process for preparing free-flowing particulate phase stabilized ammonium nitrate June 7, 2005
A process for preparing free-flowing, phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate comprises the following steps. A solution of ammonium nitrate (12), a surfactant (13), a phase stabilizer (26), and an inert liquid (20) is prepared. The solution is atomized to form a stream of droplets. The dro
6902195 Seat belt pretensioner June 7, 2005
A seat belt pretensioner mechanism (40) includes a part (36) for attachment to the seat belt (20). A strap (50) is connected to the part (36). A piston (78) and piston rod (58) are movable in a first direction to move the strap (50) and the part (36) to tension the seat belt (20). A pivo
6889792 Electrically assisted power steering system with anti-theft capability May 10, 2005
An electrically assisted power steering system includes an anti-theft feature. Upon detection of an event that is indicative of a vehicle theft situation, the drive circuit for the electric assist motor is selectively actuated to excite the motor windings to either prevent or oppose move
6889128 System and method for controlling vehicle suspension components and vehicle occupant protection May 3, 2005
A system (10) for controlling an active vehicle suspension component (12) and a vehicle occupant protection device (14) includes a controller (70). The controller (70) is operatively connected to the active suspension component (12) of a vehicle (50) and the vehicle occupant protection
6884991 Steering wheel angle sensor April 26, 2005
Apparatus (10) includes a first data ring (72) rotatable with a member (24) and includes bit indicators (76) for indicating an absolute angular position of the member. Sensors (100, 102) read the bit indicators (76) of the first data ring (72) and provide a first signal indicative of the
6879252 Method and apparatus for associating tires with tire locations of a vehicle April 12, 2005
An apparatus for associating tires with tire locations of a vehicle includes two sensors, each sensor having an associated tire. Each sensor transmits an associated sensor identification in response to receipt of an interrogation signal. The interrogation signal is provided so that the t
6876296 Smart license tag system April 5, 2005
A system for providing the identification and tracking of motor vehicles that includes a probe device that transmits a radio frequency modulated signal to a transponder unit that is located within a vehicle registration tag of a vehicle. The transponder unit responds to the probe unit's

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