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Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE41329 Machining apparatus for workpiece and method therefor May 11, 2010
To provide an apparatus that may impart a complicated bend deformation to an object to be machined such as a ceramic bar elongated in one direction or the like, and may reduce the non-uniformity in machining amount of the object to be machined upon the machining work of the object to be
RE40928 Optical pickup October 6, 2009
An optical pickup comprises an objective-lens driving device including a movable section provided with an objective lens, a focusing coil, and tracking coils, and a fixed section provided with a single magnetic circuit having a magnetic gap, the focusing coil and the tracking coils b
RE40665 Multilayer ceramic capacitor March 17, 2009
A multilayer ceramic capacitor 1 having internal electrode layers 3, internal dielectric layers 2 having the thickness of less than 2 .mu.m, and external dielectric layers 20 wherein; the internal dielectric layers 2 and the external dielectric layers 20 include a plural number of di
RE40087 Coating composition and optical recording medium February 19, 2008
There are provided a composition for coating which can form an ink receiving layer having excellent adhesion with hydrophobic substrates, water-resistance and printing stability, and an optical recording medium having an ink receiving layer formed from this composition. The compositi
RE38648 Magneto-optical recording/reproducing pickup head with a diffraction grating and a wollaston pri November 9, 2004
A light source for generating light beams, a diffraction grating for splitting the light beam emitted from the light source into at least three light beams, and an objective lens for receiving the reflecting light beams from the recording medium, the magnification of the objective lens
RE34838 Permanent magnet and method for producing same January 31, 1995
In the rare earth-iron-boron permanent magnet, Ce and La decrease the magnetic properties when used alone but synergistically enhance iHc when used in combination.The composition provided by the present invention is generally expressed by [(Ce.sub.x La.sub.1-x).sub.y R.sub.1-y ].sub.2 [(
RE33294 Casing for magnetic tape cassette August 14, 1990
A casing for holding a magnetic tape cassette which is formed into a box shape by bending and joining a blank of a transparent .[.blastic.]. .Iadd.plastic .Iaddend.plate material which has one surface, constituting the inner surface of a casing, on which grooves and a minutely roughened
D669854 Core for electronic component October 30, 2012
D651176 Electrical connector December 27, 2011
D649115 Coil component November 22, 2011
D644608 Bobbin for transformer September 6, 2011
D644175 Core for electronic component August 30, 2011
D632250 Noise filter case February 8, 2011
D630164 Coil unit January 4, 2011
D629749 Toroidal core cover December 28, 2010
D605662 Coil unit December 8, 2009
D596563 Coil unit July 21, 2009
D586745 Coil unit February 17, 2009
D560164 Bobbin for a transformer January 22, 2008
D539220 Ferrite magnetic core March 27, 2007
D537778 Ferrite magnetic core March 6, 2007
D528980 Noise filter September 26, 2006
D526960 Noise filter August 22, 2006
D526274 Noise filter August 8, 2006
D525198 Electrical signal processing module for a car radar equipment July 18, 2006
D489075 Combined slider and head for reading or writing information on a disk April 27, 2004
D475716 Combined slider and head for reading or writing information on a disk June 10, 2003
D475701 Card for wireless transmission June 10, 2003
D450069 Jig for lapping magnetic heads November 6, 2001
D427615 Jig for lapping magnetic heads July 4, 2000
D423025 Jig for lapping magnetic heads April 18, 2000
D420372 Jig for lapping magnetic heads February 8, 2000
D385848 Bobbin and magnetic core assembly November 4, 1997
D359726 Fastener for an electronic component June 27, 1995
D334913 Bobbin for use with a magnetic core April 20, 1993
D329041 Inductor for use in circuits for digital communications September 1, 1992
D323061 Package for electronic parts or the like January 14, 1992
D317155 Demagnetizer for magnetic head of cassette tape recorder May 28, 1991
D316178 Case for magnetic tape cassettes April 16, 1991
D314085 Magnetic cassette tape case January 29, 1991
D311002 Magnetic tape cassette October 2, 1990
D307000 Through-type capacitor April 3, 1990
D279762 Wrapping sheet for magnetic tape cassette July 23, 1985
D276567 Wrapping sheet for a cassette November 27, 1984
D276566 Wrapping sheet for a cassette November 27, 1984
8589105 Rotating field sensor November 19, 2013
An angle detection unit including first to third arithmetic units receives first and second signals that are associated with intensities of components of a rotating magnetic field in mutually different directions. The first arithmetic unit generates a sum of squares signal made up of
8588045 Information recording method and information recording apparatus November 19, 2013
Information is recorded on a multi-layered optical recording medium by irradiating it with a laser beam. The recording medium can form a first information recording layer that is the farthest from a light incident surface, a second information recording layer that is the second farthest
8588040 Thermally assisted magnetic head slider, head gimbal assembly, and hard disk drive with the same November 19, 2013
A thermally assisted magnetic head slider includes an air bearing surface facing to a magnetic recording medium, a read portion, and a write portion including a write element, a waveguide for guiding light generated by the light source module, and a plasmon unit provided around the w
8587922 Feed-through capacitor and feed-through capacitor mounting structure November 19, 2013
In a feed-through capacitor, a conduction unit having a plurality of conduction inner electrodes can fully secure a tolerable level of DC. A capacitor unit is formed on the mount surface side in a capacitor body, so that high-frequency noise components can be removed by the capacitor
8587903 Suspension with high conductivity ground layer November 19, 2013
A suspension is configured to support a magnetic head slider having a recording head element for recording to a magnetic recording medium and a microwave generating element that applies a high-frequency magnetic field to the magnetic recording medium when recording is conducted by the

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