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8579370 Structure of seat back with headrest November 12, 2013
A seat back of vehicle seat, on which a headrest unmovable in fore-and-aft direction is mounted, is constructed such that a resilient support member for supporting a back portion of seat occupant is provided therein, and the upper region of that resilient support member is operativel
8231173 Armrest with cup holder July 31, 2012
An armrest with cup holder is disclosed, in which the cup holder is secured in the upper surface thereof, and that upper surface is covered with an upper cover section of trim cover assembly. Localized portions of the afore-said upper cover section, which lie between a flange of the cup
8128147 Vehicle seat March 6, 2012
Vehicle seat including a link for raising and lowering the seat and a tilt pan disposed forwardly of seat cushion frame of the seat. Rotatably provided to the seat cushion frame is an actuator link having: one end portion pivoted to the tilt pan; and another end portion formed with s
8087925 Device for forming headrest January 3, 2012
A device for forming headrest in a foaming die, which includes a lid engagement mechanism operable to keep a lid member engaged in an injection nozzle placed in the foaming die, thereby preventing leakage of liquid foaming agent from the injection nozzle. Further, the device includes
8041484 Abnormality reporting device for vehicle and control program October 18, 2011
There are provided an abnormality reporting device that can generate vibration which can be easily perceived by a driver even when the driver is in a vibrating vehicle during running, and a control program therefore. The abnormality reporting device is equipped with a detector 2 for
8001869 Structure for supporting an unlocking lever of seat slide device August 23, 2011
A structure for supporting a generally U-shaped unlocking lever in seat slide device, wherein a main support portion of a generally channel cross-section is provided at each of a pair of the seat slide devices so as to support each of the two lateral portions of the unlocking lever.
7954893 Headrest for vehicle seat June 7, 2011
A headrest for vehicle seat includes: a generally inverted-U-shaped frame having a pair of headrest stays defined therein; and an impact absorption bar fixedly connected between those two headrest stays. The impact absorption bar is located in a predetermined spaced relation with an
7909405 Arrangement of operation unit in seat back March 22, 2011
An arrangement of operation unit in one upper corner portion of seat back of automotive seat is disclosed, in which an operating lever of the operation unit is accommodated in a housing fixed to a connecting bracket disposed in such one upper corner portion, and a shape retaining bracket
7828387 Seat back structure of upside-recessed-and-headrest-storage type of seat November 9, 2010
A headrest storage recession of seat back in an upside-recessed-and-headrest-storage type of seat has, provided at the backward side thereof, an integral combination of a cover element and an upward extension of a back board disposed behind the seat back. Namely, the cover element is
7798797 Foaming die device for forming armrest September 21, 2010
A foaming die device is provided, in which can be directly placed a basic armrest unit having a shaft element and a connecting bracket rotatably secured to the shaft element. The foaming die device comprises a lower die, an upper die, and an auxiliary die element of split type to be
7758114 Seat back structure of vehicle seat July 20, 2010
In a seat back with movable headrest, a pressure receiving element is movably provided, which includes pressure receiving regions for receiving loads applied from lumber and dorsal parts of seat occupant. The pressure receiving element is movably connected with a crank member which is
7731285 Arrangement for retaining crank element in automotive seat June 8, 2010
A crank element is arranged rotatably between two support elements so as to prevent removal therefrom. The crank element is formed with a pair of generally inverted-L-shaped end portions each having a horizontal first end region and a vertical second end region bent from that first end
7722116 Acoustic seat vibratory-bone-conduction type May 25, 2010
In a seat, a bass acoustic vibration transmission section and a treble acoustic vibration transmission section are arranged distinctively with respect to a seat occupant, such that those two acoustic vibration transmission sections are disposed independently of each other, thereby ac
7712835 Structure of control portion of seat height adjuster May 11, 2010
A structure of operation portion of height adjuster of vehicle seat is provided, in which a brake unit associated with the height adjuster and a support element on which a control lever is mounted are disposed. Further, a transmission mechanism of parallel linkage structure with four
7673939 Seat back structure March 9, 2010
Structure of seat back is provided, which comprises: a seat back frame; and an upholstery cover assembly including a forward upholster cover element and a backward upholstery cover element. Those two upholstery cover elements cover respective forward and backward sides of the seat ba
7668329 Acoustin structure of seat back February 23, 2010
An acoustic structure of seat back, with an acoustic unit provided in a hole of padding of the seat back. The acoustic unit includes speaker unit(s) and a support box in which the speaker unit(s) is/are supportively received. The support box is accommodated in the afore-said hole of
7614597 Seat slide for vehicle November 10, 2009
A seat slide for a vehicle, including a lower rail fixed to a floor of the vehicle, an upper rail fixed to a seat of the vehicle, a lock plate disposed within an inner space between the lower and upper rails and secured to the lower rail, a latch lever with a pawl which is disposed w
7585021 Armrest with cup-holder September 8, 2009
An armrest with cup holder of the type where the cup holder is integral with a foam padding in a trim cover assembly through a foaming process, wherein the cup holder is inserted in a hole formed in the trim cover assembly. A uniform stretcher protrusion is defined in a given local p
7543892 Seat back of automotive seat with back board June 9, 2009
A back board having a main wall region and two lateral wall regions is securely attached to a rear side of a seat back. In such combination of seat back and back board, two presser elements, fixed to the rear side of seat back, are respectively in pressing contact with: one pressure
7543890 Structure of fold-down automotive seat June 9, 2009
A fold-down automotive seat with spiral spring element for biasing a seat back thereof towards a seat cushion thereof is of such a structure wherein a first engagement element is fixedly disposed on the seat back side, whereas a second engagement element fixed to a base plate on the
7540562 Seat back structure of vehicle seat June 2, 2009
A seat back structure with headrest includes a vertical pressure-receiving element and cross pressure-receiving element. The headrest is fixed on a support rod operatively connected via a rotating link with an actuator link assembly. The vertical pressure-receiving element, upon one load
7530633 Seat back structure of vehicle seat May 12, 2009
In a seat back structure, an auxiliary frame having a pressure receiving portion and a headrest mounted thereon is movably provided in seat back frame via guide element and link element. The guide and link elements are respectively disposed in upper and lower portions respectively of the
7517020 Seat height adjustment mechanism April 14, 2009
A seat height adjustment mechanism is provided, which includes a backward link element, a ratchet-type drive mechanism operable by an operating lever to cause vertical movement of the backward link element to adjust height of seat, and a locking mechanism. The backward link element is
7510383 Device for forming foamed product integral with trim cover assembly March 31, 2009
A foaming die device is provided, which has a closure element rotatably provided therein. The foaming die device allows a three-dimensional trim cover assembly with an opening defined therein to be placed therein and also allows a liquid foaming agent to be injected into an inside of so
7494173 Retractable vehicle seat of laterally folding type February 24, 2009
A retractable seat of laterally folding type wherein a seat portion thereof is caused by a motor to displace in a direction laterally of a vehicle. The seat portion is pivotally connected, via connecting arm and support elements, with a support base element provided in the vehicle bo
7469967 Frame assembly of automotive seat December 30, 2008
In a frame assembly of an automotive seat, two lateral frame members of a seat back frame are respectively rotatably connected to two base frames via a reclining device, and a securing frame is connected between the two lateral frame members of seat back frame. Two hinge brackets are
7419217 Reclining device of two-point hinged type for seat September 2, 2008
A reclining device of two-point hinged type including a reclining plate element having one end connected via first lock mechanism with lower hinge point about which the reclining plate element is inclined and another end connected via second lock mechanism with upper hinge point abou
7418909 Sewing device for sewing sealing material with base materials September 2, 2008
Sewing device for sewing first and second strips of sealing materials with respective first and second base materials. A first guide through-hole, through which the first strip of sealing material passes, is formed in a presser foot of the sewing device adjacent to a needle hole formed i
7413248 Acoustic structure of seat back August 19, 2008
An acoustic structure of seat back includes a suspension board element provided therein. The suspension board element, which has a speaker unit provided to a backward surface thereof, is resiliently provided in a seat back frame of the seat back. A sound-conductive cushion element of a f
7360832 Impact absorption structure of vehicle seat April 22, 2008
Impact absorption structure is provided in side frame element of seat cushion frame, wherein the side frame element is basically of a closed cross-section portion therein, including forward and backward support points therein. In the structure, an opened cross-section area is defined
7350844 Structure of seat with walk-in mechanism April 1, 2008
A walk-in mechanism is provided to a seat, which includes an extension coil spring. One end of the extension coil spring is engaged with a first support element fixed to a floor, while another end thereof is engaged with a second support element fixed to the seat. The walk-in mechanism
7338129 Foamed product integral with trim cover assembly and frame element March 4, 2008
A foamed product integral with trim cover assembly, of the type having a frame element provide therein, with two local portions of the frame element projecting outwardly therefrom. The trim cover assembly used has two extensions, with an opening defined therebetween. Both two extensions
7309108 Headrest device for vehicle seat December 18, 2007
A headrest device of a vertically movable type including a headrest body, a stay element and a lock mechanism provided on a seat back of a seat. The lock mechanism includes a lock plate movably disposed therein and a biasing means for normally biasing said lock plate in a locking dir
7284800 Seat back frame for automotive seat October 23, 2007
A seat back frame of automotive seat, which has an armrest connection point in one of the two side frame members thereof, to which an armrest may be mounted. A reinforcing element is removably secured between such one of the two side frame members and a lower frame member of the seat
7281763 Automotive seat for mounting child seat thereon October 16, 2007
An automotive seat of the type allowing a child seat to be mounted thereon and including a center back portion, wherein a shape-retaining/locking element is provided to a lower region of the center back portion. The shape-retaining/locking element includes a rigid hollow support body; a
7237846 Resin side cover for automotive seat July 3, 2007
A resin side cover for covering a side frame member of seat cushion frame of automotive seat, which includes outer and inner cover elements. First and second female engagement elements are respectively provided to forward and backward regions of the outer cover element, whereas first
7216934 Automotive seat with inflatable cushion device May 15, 2007
In a seat back of automotive seat with an inflatable cushion device, an inflatable cushion element and a pair of air supply units are provided as constituent elements of the inflatable cushion device. In particular, a pair of support wire elements are provided to a seat back frame in the
7213863 Structure of vehicle seat with lifter May 8, 2007
A structure of seat with seat lifter having two lifter links pivotally connected between a seat cushion and an upwardly extending support element fixed on vehicle floor, which includes a horizontal bar element extended between the two lifter links to prevent forward slippage of a pas
7204552 Device for protecting cervical spine of seat occupant in automotive seat April 17, 2007
A device for protecting a cervical spine of seat occupant in seat back, wherein a lever element is movably provided and connected with a headrest stay element at one end thereof. The lever element has another end disposed at a return spring element. A pressure receiver element of soft
7159938 Acoustic structure of seat back January 9, 2007
An acoustic structure of seat back in which speaker units are provided in a padding of the seat back. The padding includes: a frontal backrest surface area which is recessed backwardly of the seat back; and securing holes formed in that frontal backrest surface area. An enclosure of each
7152924 Unlocking mechanism of reclining device for seat December 26, 2006
Unlocking mechanism of reclining device features an angularly movable stabilizer link mechanism of four-point articulated link structure which comprises a first link member connected with a remote lock control device, a second link member and a third link member. The second link memb
7100990 Seat back structure of vehicle seat September 5, 2006
A structure of seat back in vehicle seat, wherein a back board element is provided the said backward side of the seat back in such a manner as to normally provide a substantially flat plane rigid enough to withstand one load applied toward a backward side of the back board element, there
7090059 Powered slide rail device for vehicle seat August 15, 2006
A powered slide rail device including an electrode element extending along the lower rail thereof and a contact brush element provided in the upper runner rail element thereof which is slidably engaged with the lower rail. The electrode element is so arranged as to provide a sloped s
7066540 Structure vehicle seat with lifter June 27, 2006
Structure of vehicle seat with lifter wherein the lifter, including lifter link elements, is operatively provided between a first element provided to vehicle seat and a second element adapted for connection with a floor of vehicle. The first and second elements are each of double wall
7066539 Vehicle seat of retractable type June 27, 2006
Vehicle seat of retractable type having a rotary support link mechanism, which is displaceable between upper use position and lower storage position. The rotary support link mechanism comprises a forward link element and a backward link element smaller in length than the forward link
7059681 Headrest for vehicle seat June 13, 2006
Headrest for vehicle seat, having generally "inverted L" shape in section comprising a horizontal top portion and a vertical support portion. A headrest stay element provided to the horizontal top portion is slidable vertically on a seat back. The vertical support portion is rotatable or
7040707 Seat back of automotive seat May 9, 2006
A seat back of automotive seat, which comprises an upper seat back portion and a lower seat back portion. A foam padding of the upper seat back portion is greater in hardness than that of the lower seat back portion. A vent element is provided in each of the two seat back portions. The
7028973 Structure for foaming die for forming headrest April 18, 2006
A structure of foaming die for forming a generally inverted-L-shaped headrest, which is designed to receive and enclose an incomplete headrest unit comprising a hollow trim cover assembly of a generally "inverted L" shape having a horizontal upper portion and a vertical head support
7008013 Structure for securing cup support element in automotive seat March 7, 2006
A structure for securing a cup support element in a seat cushion of automotive seat, the cup support element being of the type comprising a body portion and a slide support member slidably inserted in the body portion for supportively receiving drinking cups or the like. A protection
6997125 Automated sewing device February 14, 2006
The automated sewing device itself includes several known constitutional elements similar to those of the earlier described prior-art automated sewing devices. Namely, a known sewing machine (M) having a sewing needle (32), a pressure foot member (31), and a feed dog member (33) is fixed
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