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Suzuki Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Suzuki Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Shizuoka, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D298812 Four wheeled motorcycle December 6, 1988
D298811 Four wheeled motorcycle December 6, 1988
D298745 Four wheeled motorcycle November 29, 1988
D293900 Four wheeled motorcycle January 26, 1988
D285424 Four wheeled motorcycle September 2, 1986
D285058 Four wheeled motorcycle August 12, 1986
D278422 Motortricycle April 16, 1985
D277743 Motortricycle February 26, 1985
D277088 Motor-four-wheeler cycle January 8, 1985
5244426 Power steering system for an outboard motor September 14, 1993
A power steering system for an outboard motor for steering an outboard motor disposed outside of a rear portion of a hull and usually including a manual steering system mounted upon the hull for operating a steering element so as to manually steer the outboard motor body, is disclosed. A
5119917 Gear knocking sound preventing device for transmission June 9, 1992
A gear knocking sound preventing device for a transmission having a rotatable main shaft and a forward stage low speed shift shaft, a forward stage high speed shift shaft, and a forward stage maximum speed and reverse shift shaft. These latter three shift shafts are selectively axial
5114383 Apparatus for controlling continuous variable transmission May 19, 1992
An apparatus for controlling a continuously variable vehicle transmission includes a fixed pulley member and a movable pulley member which is supported for movement toward and away from the fixed pulley member. A groove defined between the pulley members has a width which is decreased
5096835 Method of discriminating particle aggregation pattern March 17, 1992
The aggregation pattern of particles is determined by obtaining luminous intensity curves representative of the particle aggregation pattern, obtaining a first threshold face by cutting the curves with a plane positioned at a first given height, obtaining a second threshold face by c
5092292 Lubricating apparatus of motorcycle engine March 3, 1992
An engine of a motorcycle is provided with a lubricating apparatus and a crank case within which is mounted a crank shaft having one end extending outwardly from a side wall of the crank case, and a cam sprocket drive gear is mounted upon the crank shaft. A cam chain chamber within which
5091078 Oil filtration circuit for a belt-type transmission February 25, 1992
A transmission includes a case having first and second case portions, an oil pump supported on the first case portion and a valve body supported on the second case portion. The valve body regulates the pressure of the oil discharged by the oil pump. The oil pump is provided with a pump m
5088769 Control apparatus of passive seat belt February 18, 1992
A passive seat belt control apparatus includes a retractor for housing part of a seat belt. The retractor includes an arrangement for sensing acceleration and deceleration of a vehicle door and the speed at which the seat belt is pulled out from the retractor, and a mechanism for locking
5074394 Clutch cooling apparatus for stepless variable speed transmission December 24, 1991
A clutch cooling apparatus for a stepless variable speed transmission having a clutch for transmitting driving power from an input shaft to an output shaft by clamping a friction plate connected to the output shaft between a pressure plate and an end plate connected to the input shaft,
5074166 Continuous speed variable transmission control method December 24, 1991
A method for controlling a continuously variable transmission having a pair of pulleys each of which includes a groove defined between a stationary pulley element and a movable pulley element, including the step of using hydraulic oil for increasing and decreasing the width of the groove
5072394 Method and apparatus for providing ignition timing alarm for internal combustion engine December 10, 1991
An ignition timing alarm device is provided for an internal combustion engine which includes an electronic ignition timing control arrangement for electronically controlling the ignition timing. A control arrangement is provided for memorizing the input of a fixed ignition timing command
5069086 Belt ratio controller for a continuously vaiable transmission December 3, 1991
A continuously variable transmission which effects a speed change by increasing and decreasing the width of a groove between a fixed pulley part and a movable pulley part. A belt ratio controller for the transmission uses oil pressure to increase and decrease the rotating radius of a
5069083 Continuous speed variable transmission control apparatus December 3, 1991
A method and apparatus for controlling a continuous speed variable transmission includes a pressure sensor for detecting atmospheric pressure, and a control unit which receives a detection signal from the pressure sensor. The control unit responds to the detected atmospheric pressure
5060770 Method of controlling rotational speed of continuous variable transmission October 29, 1991
A method of controlling the rotational speed of a continuously variable transmission having a pair of pulleys which each includes a fixed pulley member and a movable pulley member, including the steps of decreasing and increasing the groove width between each pair of fixed and movable pu
5054571 Oil tank device for motorcycle October 8, 1991
An oil tank device mounted upon the body frame of a motorcycle provided with a head pipe and other frame members for storing engine oil therein comprises a tank rail connected to the head pipe and provided with an inner hollow portion, a down tube connected to the head pipe so as to
5052239 Transmission assembly for the use in vehicles October 1, 1991
A transmission assembly for a vehicle including a transmission casing, at least two generally parallel transmission shafts rotatably supported within the casing, gears coacting between the transmission shafts for defining plural drive paths having different speed ratios, axially shif
5050455 Method of controlling continuous variable transmission September 24, 1991
A method of controlling a continuously variable transmission which includes a fixed pulley member and a movable pulley member supported relative to the fixed pulley member so as to be movable both toward and away from the fixed pulley member, including the steps of decreasing and increas
5042323 Hydraulic control method for continuously variable speed change gear mechanism for a vehicle and August 27, 1991
A hydraulic control method is applied to a continuously variable speed change gear mechanism including a pulley having a fixed pulley member fixed to a rotary shaft and a movable pulley member movable by oil pressure toward and away from the fixed pulley member so that a groove width
5033989 Continuously variable chain transmission and lubricating system July 23, 1991
A non-stage automatic transmission for vehicles includes a pair of adjustable pulleys supported for rotation within a transmission casing, and an endless metal belt which is wound around and frictionally engaged with the pulleys for rotation therewith. A mechanism for supplying lubri
5032108 Non-stage transmission for vehicle July 16, 1991
A continuously variable non-stage transmission for a vehicle includes a pair of pulleys with a belt wound around them, and an arrangement cooperable with the pulleys for varying the radius of gyration of the belt. A fluid coupling, a reverse drive brake, a neutral clutch, and one of
5027771 Method and apparatus for controlling ignition timing for marine engine July 2, 1991
An apparatus for controlling an ignition timing for a marine engine has a temperature sensor for detecting a cold or warm-up state of the engine and for outputting an ON/OFF signal, and has an ignition timing controller for receiving the signal from the temperature sensor, for receiving
5025673 Crank case of engine for motor-bicycle June 25, 1991
An engine of a motor-bicycle is provided with a crank case which includes a transmission chamber within which a transmission mechanism and a gear change mechanism are arranged. The gear change mechanism comprises first and second shift fork shafts, a gear shift cam shaft arranged between
5024310 Clutch pressure control device for continuously variable transmission June 18, 1991
A continuously variable transmission has a fixed pulley piece and a movable pulley piece supported on the fixed pulley piece so that the movable pulley piece can be moved toward and away from the fixed pulley piece, the width of a groove between the pieces being increased or decreased by
5022373 Fuel injection control apparatus for internal combustion engine June 11, 1991
A fuel injection control apparatus for an internal combustion engine includes a fuel injection valve, a throttle valve positioned in an inlet passage, a bypass passage communicating with the inlet passage downstream of the throttle valve, an arrangement for admitting ambient air into the
5022287 Method of controlling clutch of continuously variable transmission system June 11, 1991
A method of controlling a clutch of a continuously variable transmission system which controls a transmission system by either expanding or contracting the width of a channel between a stationary pulley member and an axially movable pulley member to expand or contract the radius of r
5020625 Motor bicycle provided with article accommodating apparatus June 4, 1991
A motor bicycle is provided with an article accommodating box for a helmet which is disposed above an upper portion of an engine unit. The article box is provided with a bottom portion extending rearwardly along the upper portion of an intake system connected to the engine unit and the f
5020497 Method for controlling ignition timing of an engine for marine vessels June 4, 1991
A method for controlling an engine for a marine vessel which includes, when a sudden fluctuation of a load is to be generated due to connecting or disconnecting of a load at a low speed of the engine, the step of advancing the spark ignition timing by a few degrees at the time the co
5018487 Valve timing mechanism with eccentric bushing on rocker shaft May 28, 1991
A valve moving mechanism for a four-cycle engine of a vehicle is operatively connected to a crank shaft of the engine and is adapted to move intake and exhaust valves. A cam shaft of the valve moving mechanism is operatively connected to the crank shaft and cam means including first,
5016006 Audio alarm outputting device for outboard engine May 14, 1991
An audio alarm outputting device for an outboard engine includes a plurality of sensors for detecting abnormalities, such as in the cooling water flow, and a speech outputting circuit for receiving output signals from the plurality of sensors and outputting abnormal conditions of the
5014804 Constant-speed traveling equipment May 14, 1991
A cruise control apparatus includes an actuator adapted to cooperate with an accelerator to open and close an intake throttle valve to a specified opening position, and to prevent the throttle valve from returning to a fully closed position to thereby maintain a selected vehicle speed. A
5012697 Revolution controller for a continuously variable transmission May 7, 1991
A continuously variable transmission includes a driving side pulley and a driven side pulley each having a fixed pulley part and having a movable pulley part supported for movement toward and away from the fixed pulley part, the width of a groove between the pulley parts of each pulley b
5010731 Exhausting apparatus of four-cycle four-cylinder engine April 30, 1991
An exhausting apparatus for a four-cycle four-cylinder engine having four cylinders each provided with an exhaust port comprises four exhaust pipes connected to corresponding exhaust ports of the engine cylinders. The four exhaust pipes are classified into first and second groups in acco
5009686 Air cleaner of engine for vehicle April 23, 1991
There is disclosed an air cleaner of an engine for a vehicle. The air cleaner shaped by fitting upper and lower cases together includes an air intake unit inclined downwards so that a cylindrical part, provided at the top end of the air intake unit, for joining an air valve is disposed i
5007870 Jet propulsion craft provided with exhaust noise eliminating apparatus April 16, 1991
A jet propulsion craft propelled upon a water surface generally comprises a hull structure comprising a bottom plate and an upper plate, an engine mounted upon the bottom plate at substantially a middle portion of the hull structure as considered in the longitudinal direction thereof, th
4995352 Dynamic valve mechanism of internal combustion engine February 26, 1991
A dynamic valve mechanism in an internal combustion engine for opening and closing a valve by swinging a rocker arm in accordance with rotation of a cam shaft. The valve mechanism includes a rocker shaft for swingably supporting the rocker arm, a positioning portion fixedly mounted on th
4991677 Examination device in a vehicle constant speed control apparatus February 12, 1991
An examination device for use with a vehicle constant speed control apparatus which adjusts the speed of a vehicle to a predetermined speed in response to a constant speed control command includes a first switching arrangement for connecting and disconnecting an electric power supply and
4986566 Suspending apparatus for vehicles January 22, 1991
A suspending apparatus for vehicles includes a suspension arm having a wheel-side supporting portion and two vehicle body side supporting portions to support a wheel so that the wheel can reciprocate vertically relative to the vehicle body. A first centerline connecting the two vehic
4986236 Idle speed control apparatus January 22, 1991
An idle speed control apparatus for controlling the idle speed of an internal combustion engine includes a main inlet air passage, a throttle valve positioned in the main air passage, a bypass air passage connected to the main air passage and bypassing the throttle valve, a control valve
4979480 Fuel injection system for multiple cylinder two-cycle engine December 25, 1990
A fuel injection system for a multiple cylinder two-stroke cycle engine having a plurality of cylinders provided with intake manifolds, respectively, comprises a plurality of fuel injectors each operatively connected to its respective intake manifold, a controlling unit operatively c
4976595 Trochoid pump with radial clearances between the inner and outer rotors and between the outer ro December 11, 1990
A trochoidal pump having an inner rotor and an outer rotor incorporated eccentrically to each other within a housing bore of a pump housing. The inner and outer rotors have internal and external teeth defined by a trochoid and held in intermeshing engagement. The center of the outer
4972818 Control apparatus of internal combustion engine November 27, 1990
On an outer peripheral portion of a rotor (1), three protrusions are provided per each cylinder. A pickup coil 2 is disposed facing to the outer peripheral portion with a predetermined distance. A rotation signal (S.sub.0) is converted to a rotation signal pulse (S.sub.1) having three
4971583 Apparatus for outboard engine for switching to voice alarm output November 20, 1990
An apparatus for use in an outboard engine provides a voice alarm output when an abnormality of cooling water or the like is detected during operation of a radio or the like, the abnormal state being announced with a synthesized voice. The apparatus has a plurality of sensors for det
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