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Sundstrand Data Control, Inc. Patents
Sundstrand Data Control, Inc.
Redmond, WA
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RE33401 Microwave landing system October 23, 1990
The invention provides independent guidance and monitoring to be integrated into an MLS landing system and also provides a scaled-down MLS landing guidance system useable at small airports. In both cases an added fixed beam precision guidance system is integrated into the MLS time sequen
5285686 Coliolis rate sensor using tunnel-effect displacement sensor February 15, 1994
A rate detection system (10) uses a balanced resonant sensor (12) having first and second tines (14,16) interconnected with a mounting pad (20). A sensing circuit (50) including a tunnel effect displacement sensor (38) having a first probe (40) connected to the mounting pad (20) and a se
5283574 Altitude loss after take-off warning system utilizing time and altitude February 1, 1994
Warning systems for aircraft that provide a warning to the pilot of an excessive altitude loss or an excessive descent rate after take-off as long as he is flying below a predetermined altitude have the problem that they require a valid radio altitude signal for proper operation, and ten
5136518 Pitch guidance system August 4, 1992
A pitch guidance system for an aircraft utilizes inertially derived pitch information to provide the pilot with information defining the optimum pitch angle for maximum climb during a wind shear condition. The system utilizes a pitch reference modulator that receives a stall warning
5135312 Temperature transducer August 4, 1992
A vibrating crystal transducer for measuring temperature including a bonding area from which three or more tines extend. The tines have a torsional mode resonant frequency that is a function of temperature. Electrodes on the transducer excite the tines into vibration so that the tors
5113698 Vibrating beam transducer drive system May 19, 1992
A drive system for providing different excitation voltages to the separate beams of a multiple beam vibrating transducer is disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention an amplified voltage at the resonant frequency of a master beam is amplified and applied to a secondary beam, to force
5097490 Apparatus and method for improving the resolution with which a test signal is counted March 17, 1992
Apparatus and method for counting frequency of a signal with improved resolution. Frequency counters (10, 60, and 100) accumulate clock cycles from a reference oscillator (20) during a sample interval. In the simplest form of the frequency counter, the reference clock signal is inverted
5097172 Mounting system for transducer March 17, 1992
A mounting system for mounting a transducer to a case, such that the transducer position is fixed and stable, and such that stresses on the transducer due to thermal expansion are minimized. The mounting system comprises a band, lower arms extending in a first axial direction from the
5097100 Noble metal plated wire and terminal assembly, and method of making the same March 17, 1992
A lightweight, substantially corrosion-proof, conductive wire and terminal assembly (10) comprising a wire (12) laid on and welded to a terminal pad (18) at or near the end (16) of the wire. The wire (12) has an electrically conductive core (24) having a cylindrical surface. The cyli
5095264 Frequency counter and method of counting frequency of a signal to minimize effects of duty cycle March 10, 1992
A dual-edge frequency counter and method for minimizing the effects of duty cycle modulation. In its simplest form, a dual-edge counter (50) includes a first counter (52) that accumulates reference clock pulses between successive rising edges of an input signal. An input signal is also
5095263 Anti-aliasing for frequency output sensors March 10, 1992
A technique for reducing the effects of aliasing in a frequency output sensor system. The system includes a sensor for producing a sensor output signal at a frequency that varies within a modulation range as a function of an input parameter. The system also includes a processor for measu
5093846 Signal acquisition using modulation by a preselected code group March 3, 1992
In the signal acquisition system disclosed herein, frequency, phase and time uncertainties are resolved essentially simultaneously by including a preselected code group in the transmitted signal and by applying the received signal to a differential detector and then to a passive diff
5090243 Preload system for accelerometer February 25, 1992
An improved preload system for an accelerometer in which an acceleration sensitive structure is clamped between first and second clamping members. The acceleration sensitive structure includes a paddle supported such that the paddle has a degree of freedom along a sensing axis. The accel
5085079 Accelerometer with mounting/coupling structure for an electronics assembly February 4, 1992
A mounting/coupling structure for use in an accelerometer to mount the electronics assembly with respect to the case, and to electrically couple the electronics assembly to the acceleration sensitive structure. The mounting/coupling structure may be positioned such that it provides gas
5075685 Warning system for tactical aircraft December 24, 1991
A system for warning the pilot of a tactical aircraft in a tactical maneuver such as a dive of the point at which recovery must be immediately initiated to prevent the aircraft from descending below a minimum desired altitude monitors and the altitude, descent rate and pitch angle of the
5066911 Apparatus and method for sensing displacement using variations magnetic flux linkage November 19, 1991
A transformer and method for sensing displacement, A linear variable displacement transformer (LVDT) 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250) is disclosed with respect to several embodiment,s each including a core (52, 102, 152, 202, and 252) having a primary leg (56, 104, 154, 204, and 254), and two
5059964 Predictive windshear warning instrument October 22, 1991
An instrument (10) is disclosed for an aircraft having a windshear warning system to vary the threshold alarm setting as a function of a thermodynamic property of the air and as a function of local geographic and seasonal conditions. Specifically, a function generator 16 and other ci
5046447 Limit sensing indicator September 10, 1991
A limit sensing device for permanently indicating when a predetermined temperature limit has been reached in a fluid conduit, includes a housing mounted on the conduit in heat transmitting relation with the fluid and an indicator movable in the housing between a retracted position and an
5043690 Balanced snap action thermal actuator August 27, 1991
A thermal actuator utilizes a bimetallic snap action member such as a disc to actuate a member such as the armature of a switch to effect opening and closing of the switch. A resilient biasing member, such as an elongated curved spring member or a compressible member, engages the bimetal
5038141 Configuration responsive descent rate warning system for aircraft August 6, 1991
Warning systems that monitor the altitude above ground and descent rate of an aircraft and generate a warning if the descent rate of the aircraft is excessive for the altitude in which the aircraft is flying are well suited to aircraft whose flight and operational characteristics are rea
5031987 Fiber optic thermal switch utilizing frustrated total internal reflection readout July 16, 1991
A fiber optic transducer utilizes a single optical fiber having one end surface, disposed adjacent a sensor element, cut at an angle to result in frustrated total internal reflection. The end surface of the optical fiber is spaced away from the sensor element. As the sensor element is di
5024089 Stress compensated transducer June 18, 1991
A transducer having compensation for a deflection due to an applied stress. The transducer a support ring (32) having a proof mass (34) cantilevered on a pair of flexures (38) between the magnets (26, 28) of a stator in which the transducer is mounted. Deflection of the support ring due
5022751 Portable localizer siting system June 11, 1991
A portable siting system particularly useful for siting a portable localizer for a collocated approach guidance system for aircraft utilizes a laser range finder in conjunction with a shaft encoder to determine the distance between the localizer and two arbitrary points along a runway
5014067 Integrated landing system May 7, 1991
An integrated landing system interleaves signals encoded in a first format such as the microwave landing system that (MLS) format with signals encoded in a second format such as the precision tactical approach guidance (PTAG) format to permit approach guidance information to be trans
5005413 Accelerometer with coplanar push-pull force transducers April 9, 1991
A push-pull accelerometer in which both force transducers lie in a common plane. Thus, when implemented in silicon micromachined device, both transducers can be fabricated from a single crystal layer, thereby producing transducers with closely matched common mode responses.
5001476 Warning system for tactical aircraft March 19, 1991
A system for warning the pilot of a tactical aircraft in a tactical maneuver such as a dive of the point at which recovery must be immediately initiated to prevent the aircraft from descending below a minimum desired altitude monitors the altitude, descent rate and pitch angle of the
4990921 Multi-mode microwave landing system February 5, 1991
A guidance system for landing an aircraft is described which uses a source of signals identifiable with the aircraft and a ground station which is linked to the aircraft. Specifically, the ground station includes a receiver which is connected to one or more pairs of antennas having a
4987413 Aircraft terrain warning system with configuration modified warning and improved mode switching January 22, 1991
A proximity to terrain warning system for aircraft utilizes a first set of warning criteria to generate a warning in the event of insufficient terrain clearance after take off. A different set of criteria are employed to generate warnings when the aircraft in in a cruise or approach phas
4970485 Snap action thermal actuator November 13, 1990
A snap action thermal actuator utilizes a pair of mechanically coupled bimetallic members having different temperature characteristics to provide a fast and positive snap action thermal actuator even when a low temperature differential is required. The actuator is particularly useful
4968909 Compact bi-directional torque motor November 6, 1990
A compact torque motor providing bi-directional, limited angle reactionless torque to opposed structures. A motor (10, 150) includes an X-shaped core (12), and first and second pole pieces (14 and 16), which are disposed at opposite sides of the core. Two opposed legs on the X-shaped cor
4947164 Flight path responsive aircraft wind shear alerting and warning system August 7, 1990
A wind shear warning system monitors the flight path of an aircraft and wind shear in the vicinity of the aircraft and generates an advisory or cautionary message for the pilot based both on the magnitude of the wind shear and the flight path of the aircraft. When the aircraft is flying
4944401 Crash survivable enclosure for flight recorder July 31, 1990
A crash survivable enclosure for flight data recorders used in aircraft and other vehicles operating over land and water includes a strong, light-weight metal shell for enclosing and protecting an information storage device having power, signal, and address lines connected thereto. T
4944184 Asymmetric flexure for pendulous accelerometer July 31, 1990
An improved accelerometer of the type that includes a proof mass suspended from a support by one or more flexures, such that the proof mass can pivot with respect to the support about a hinge axis. The proof mass includes a paddle attached to the flexures, the paddle having first and sec
4939513 System for alerting a pilot of a dangerous flight profile during low level maneuvering July 3, 1990
A system that warns the pilot of an aircraft performing low level maneuvers of a dangerous flight profile monitors the altitude of the aircraft above ground, and provides a first specific warning to the pilot if the altitude of the aircraft drops below a predetermined minimum altitude ab
4935883 Apparatus and method for leveling a gravity measurement device June 19, 1990
Apparatus and method for establishing a level plane and with respect to the level plane, vertically aligning an acceleration sensitive axis of a gravity measurement device (10). The gravity measurement device includes an accelerometer (68), which is rotatably mounted on a gimbal shaft (6
4932258 Stress compensated transducer June 12, 1990
A transducer having compensation for a deflection due to an applied stress. The transducer includes a support ring (32) having a proof mass (34) cantilevered on a pair of flexures (38) between the magnets (26, 28) of a stator in which the transducer is mounted. Deflection of the support
4929957 Method and apparatus for detecting receiver compression in multiple lobe guidance systems May 29, 1990
A method and apparatus for detecting amplitude compression in a guidance system utilizes a transmitting system that transmits two pulses having a predetermined amplitude differential therebetween on each of a plurality of directional beams. The amplitudes of the pulses received from an
4929860 Electrode configuration for vibrating beam transducers May 29, 1990
A technique is described for tailoring the configuration of electrodes on a piezoelectric beam such that the tendency of the beam to vibrate in a predetermined flexure mode is enhanced. The mode has a predetermined longitudinal strain versus longitudinal position profile. At least two
4919993 Flexures and method for creating flexures in a wafer April 24, 1990
Flexures, and a method for creating flexures, for use in micromechanical sensors such as accelerometers in which a first member is pivotally connected to a second member. In one aspect, the invention provides first and second flexures connecting the first and second members, the flexures
4916447 Warning system for aircraft landing with landing gear up April 10, 1990
A system for providing a voice warning to the pilot of a fighter/attack aircraft when the aircraft is landing with the landing gear up monitors the radio altitude, airspeed and engine power of the aircraft and provides a predetermined voice warning if the landing gear is not down when th
4914436 Ground proximity approach warning system without landing flap input April 3, 1990
A ground proximity warning system is disclosed which can recognize when an aircraft is on a final approach to an airport without utilizing a landing flap signal input. Airports together with the surrounding terrain topography are modeled by a simple geometric shape, such as, an inverted
4912990 Magnetically driven vibrating beam force transducer April 3, 1990
A vibrating beam force transducer that can be realized in a silicon micromachined device such as a micromachined accelerometer. The transducer includes a beam having a longitudinal axis, and a drive circuit electrically coupled to the beam for causing the beam to oscillate at a reson
4905000 Reactive windshear warning instrument February 27, 1990
An instrument (10) is disclosed for an aircraft having a windshear warning system to vary the threshold alarm setting as a function of a thermodynamic property of the air and as a function of local geographic and seasonal conditions. Specifically, a function generator 16 and other ci
4901586 Electrostatically driven dual vibrating beam force transducer February 20, 1990
A dual vibrating beam force transducer having an electrostatic drive system. The transducer comprises a body having first and second generally parallel beams, coupled together at their ends. First and second electrodes are positioned adjacent to but not in contact with the respective
4896268 Apparatus and method for processing the output signals of a coriolis rate sensor January 23, 1990
Apparatus and method for increasing the resolution of angular rate of rotation and linear acceleration of a body with respect to three orthogonal axes. Three pairs of accelerometers (10, 12; 14, 16; and 18, 20) are arranged with their sensitive axes antiparallel to each other, and ea
4891982 Temperature compensation of a steady-state accelerometer January 9, 1990
Prior steady-state accelerometers are subject to errors caused by differential thermal expansion between the force transducers and other accelerometer components. This problem is overcome by the present accelerometer that comprises a housing (32), a proof mass (30), a support (34,36)
4891642 Wind shear detection system January 2, 1990
A wind shear detection system compares air-speed with a composite signal derived from signals representative of longitudinal acceleration, normal acceleration, angle of attack and flight path angle to generate a shear signal. An enhanced version of the system is also compensated for roll
4881408 Low profile accelerometer November 21, 1989
A compact, low g range accelerometer comprising a support (22), a proof mass (20), flexures (24, 26) for mounting the proof mass to the support, and a force sensing element (40). The proof mass has a single rotational degree of freedom about a hinge axis (H) perpendicular to the acce
4879914 Unitary push-pull force transducer November 14, 1989
A push-pull force transducer comprising a unitary body formed from a crystalline substrate. The body comprises first and second mounting elements for mounting the force transducer to first and second structures, and first and second force sensing elements connected to the mounting el
4872343 Matched pairs of force transducers October 10, 1989
A matched pair of vibrating beam force transducers for use in an instrument such as an accelerometer, to provide enhanced linearity and common mode tracking, while decreasing the possibility of lock in or cross-talk between the transducers. In a preferred embodiment, first and second
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