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Sterling Plumbing Group, Inc. Patents
Sterling Plumbing Group, Inc.
Rolling Meadows, IL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D413654 Handle September 7, 1999
D397425 Handle August 25, 1998
D396270 Pedestal lavatory July 21, 1998
D390933 Tank for water closet February 17, 1998
D390932 Tank for water closet February 17, 1998
D390930 Water closet February 17, 1998
D390928 Lavatory February 17, 1998
D385015 Faucet October 14, 1997
D369855 Lavatory May 14, 1996
D360026 Bathing enclosure door July 4, 1995
D353190 Lavatory December 6, 1994
D351460 Lavatory October 11, 1994
D349330 Spout August 2, 1994
D349153 Faucet July 26, 1994
D346854 Water closet May 10, 1994
D346205 Handle for a plumbing fixture April 19, 1994
D345782 Escutcheon for a control valve April 5, 1994
D344786 Plumbing fitting handle March 1, 1994
D340506 Spout October 19, 1993
D325959 Plumbing fitting handle or the like May 5, 1992
D325423 Faucet body April 14, 1992
D324902 Combined sink and colander March 24, 1992
D323020 Faucet handle or the like January 7, 1992
D322926 Escutcheon January 7, 1992
5908064 Bathing door unit June 1, 1999
A pivotal and extendable bathing door unit is disclosed wherein a first panel is pivotally connected to a supporting wall, and a second panel is extendably connected to the first panel, so that the door can operate to enclose without an overhead track. There are roller brackets with tand
5839228 Swing-up sliding door arrangement November 24, 1998
A screen is provided having overlapping leaves, an upper rail on which the leaves are hung, and a lower rail for guiding the lower ends of the leaves during their sliding movement. A runner element whereby the lower end of an outer one of the leaves is guided with respect to the lower ra
5806552 Fluid valve September 15, 1998
A cartridge-type valve is disclosed which is capable of having the flow of hot and cold water to the valve reversed for use in back to back installations. An adapter gasket is provided which has three independent pathways. In one position, the adapter effects respective fluid communi
5732734 Plumbing valve March 31, 1998
A cartridge type valve is provided. In one embodiment, the valve has an off center inlet yet still permits a rotatable engagement between a bonnet and the side walls of the lower portion of the valve cartridge. In another embodiment, post members afford a stop surface for a rotatable ste
5634219 Shower door assembly June 3, 1997
A lightweight, low cost shower door assembly for enclosing a tub or shower enclosure having sides and a base. It includes an upper support member adapted to be positioned against opposing sides of the enclosure and a lower support member adapted to be positioned against the base of the
5575022 Shower cubicle enclosure November 19, 1996
A shower cubicle enclosure is disclosed. It has a fixed panel and a slidable panel for opening and closing an access opening, and a rail which defines a cylindrically curved track. The slidable panel has runner elements which cooperate with the track so as to guide the slidable panel
5465749 Top mounting faucet assembly November 14, 1995
A top mounted valve assembly having a block member with a hinged arm which is fitted through from the top of a supporting surface and actuated by a threaded actuating member. As the actuating member is turned in one direction, the hinged arm engages the underside of the supporting surfac
5417272 Bathing door unit May 23, 1995
A pivotal and extendable bathing door unit is disclosed wherein a first panel is pivotally connected to a supporting wall, and a second panel is extendably connected to the first panel, so that the door can operate to enclose without an overhead track. There are roller tracks and rollers
5326075 Stop assembly for a valve July 5, 1994
A stop assembly for a valve is disclosed. Two stop rings are interfitted by meshing teeth and driven by a valve stem. In one embodiment, an escutcheon provides a mounting for one of the ring members as well as a stop surface for contact with both rings. The stop assembly provides a stop
5079872 Transom assembly for bathing enclosure or the like January 14, 1992
A transom assembly for a bathing enclosure or the like is disclosed. Preferably, multiple sliding transom panels are supported only at their lower end by two upwardly facing channels formed in the lintel or header of the door assembly. The panels may be positioned to overlap and thus
5063638 Hinge assembly November 12, 1991
A hinge assembly is disclosed. A jamb cover of the assembly is adjustably mounted relative to a wall jamb. An adjuster sub-assembly is mounted within the jamb cover. The adjuster sub-assembly includes a bracket with a nut mounted thereon. An adjuster screw, the head of which is secured i
4998304 Accessory mounting system for shower door frame March 12, 1991
A bathroom accessory attaches to the shower door frame assembly by means of a horizontal slot incorporated into the frame. The slot is preferably on the header and has a generally arcuate cross-section from front to back to accept a similarly dimensioned arcuate flange on the bathroom ac
4887394 Adjustment apparatus for supporting a slidable door December 19, 1989
An adjustment apparatus for supporting a slidable door is disclosed that has a bar-like pivotable frame member. A pair of track followers, such as rollers, are mounted adjacent the ends of the frame member. A door has upper and lower edges, and opposite side edges. The upper door edge is

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