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Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company Patents
Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company
Greenville, SC
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6131619 Harness frame with heddle rod slide member October 17, 2000
A harness frame for use in weaving machines includes a generally rectangular frame formed by top and bottom slats attached to side members. Heddle rods are carried by the slats wherein heddles are placeable onto or removable from at least one end of the heddle rods. A slide member is
5871035 Heddle frame assembly with improved heddle support rods February 16, 1999
A heddle support rod for use in a heddle frame includes a first vertical segment along one of the longitudinal edges of the rod. The first vertical segment defines a first vertical front face. A second vertical segment is disposed along an opposite longitudinal edge of the support rod an
5819810 Heddle frame assembly with corner sleeve member October 13, 1998
A heddle frame has a pair of laterally extending slats and a pair of end braces connected to the slats to form a generally rectangular frame. An elongated opening is defined at least in the ends of the slats, and typically throughout the slat. A locking mechanism is configured to lock
4750526 Heddle frame for a high speed weaving machine June 14, 1988
A heddle frame having a pair of hollow laterally extending cross rails and a pair of end braces connected to adjacent ends of the cross rails to form a rectangular frame. A quick release connection is provided between the end braces and the laterally extending cross rails which includes
4596275 Reinforced heddle frame slat and method June 24, 1986
A reinforced heddle frame slat and method are disclosed which includes a hollow frame slat in which a narrow slit (42) is first made in a bottom wall (38) of the frame slat. A pair of halves of material (44, 46) formed on each side of the slit are then folded back by a punch. The folded
4492256 Extruded heddle rod and cap January 8, 1985
A heddle frame 10 for a loom is disclosed which includes an extruded, light frame slat 12 and heddle rod 20 construction wherein a hardened metal cap B is received over outer free ends 40, 42 of the heddle rod 20. Cap B includes rear and forward wear surfaces 44, 46 which protrude past p
4476900 Composite heddle rod October 16, 1984
A heddle rod 16, 42, 44 is disclosed constructed of metal outer layer A and dissimilar metal and/or non-metal core B whereby most impact and wear of the heddle rod with the eye 20 of an associated heddle 18 is taken by the side edges 52, 54 of metal bars A while core B of different elast
4441529 Stabilized shuttle grip April 10, 1984
An encapsulated shuttle grip (B) is disclosed as including a molded housing (28) which co-operates with a shelf cut (C, C') in shuttle block (A) to interlock the shuttle grip positively and firmly in place. Compressible protrusions (58) carried on molded side wall ribs (54, 56) are compr
4432398 Wraparound adjustable center brace attachment February 21, 1984
An adjustable wraparound sleeve A member is disclosed for attaching a center brace 26 between top and bottom frame slats 16, 18 on a heddle frame 10 of a loom. The sleeve member may be adjusted longitudinally on the frame slat and set in place by means of locking members 56 having me
4364420 Foldable nose guide device for a heddle frame December 21, 1982
A guide device A is disclosed for attachment to a heddle frame to space and align adjacent heddle frames on a weaving loom during shedding which includes a pair of guide legs 26 and 28 which pivot from a guide position to a folded position for accommodating placement of the heddle frame
4331865 Dent counter for loom reed May 25, 1982
A counter for counting the dents of a loom reed including a housing having a relatively smooth bottom surface for allowing the housing to be manually slid over the dent of a reed for counting the dents. A light beam is directed by means of a fiber optic member onto the dent and is reflec
4232713 Heddle frame nose guide November 11, 1980
A nose guide device is disclosed for a heddle frame of a weaving loom which operates as a guide to maintain adjacent heddle frames separated during shedding wherein ends of a front and back side of the device are split and uniquely constructed to interlock with an open slot in a frame sl
4183380 Lease rods for textile apparatus January 15, 1980
A lease rod for textile apparatus including weaving looms and drawing in machines is disclosed comprising central enlongated hollow metal tube with inserted end tips preferably of molded synthetic plastic material the ends of the tube being disposed at an angle for engagement of compleme
4114828 Bobbin September 19, 1978
A bobbin for use in a shuttle having a shuttle spring provided with grooves therein for receiving the rings of the bobbin. The bobbin has a resilient sleeve provided on a reduced diameter portion of the butt end. The sleeve has grooves provided therein for receiving the rings. Vibrations
4106529 Heddle frame August 15, 1978
Heddle frames are disclosed having heddle supporting rods with provisions to resist impact and for reduction of wear and abrasion and for noise reduction, this being accomplished by using a heddle rod with synthetic plastic material at the impact and wear surfaces or a heddle rod of such
4060102 Heddle frames November 29, 1977
A heddle frame for looms for weaving is provided having a readily attachable and removable brace for the frame intermediate its ends for preventing distortion of the top and bottom rails, the brace being of synthetic plastic material and/or metal with connectors at the top and bottom
4036264 Loom harness July 19, 1977
A heddle frame for weaving looms is disclosed having heddle supporting rods detachably carried by the top and bottom rails of the heddle frame, the rods being made in a plurality of interengaging sections.
4036263 Heddle frame July 19, 1977
A heddle frame is disclosed for use with weaving machines such as Sulzer or others which includes an extruded upper frame rail and an extruded lower frame rail connected at their ends by side struts, the upper and lower frame rails having heddle rods affixed thereto for carrying heddles
3993265 Plastic bobbin or quill November 23, 1976
A quill or bobbin for holding a supply of yarn wound thereon in overlapping layers having an elongated barrel and an enlarged butt end integral therewith. The entire quill is molded utilizing a mixture of thermoplastic material and a blowing agent. A substantial portion of the barrel is

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