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RE30556 Indicating element and method of manufacturing same March 24, 1981
An indicating element comprises a base plate of P-type or N-type epitaxial crystals, a N-type or P-type indicating layer of diffusion or growth planarly formed on the base plate, and an electrode layer provided on the planar indicating layer and having a desired pattern thereon. The elem
D280812 Light-emitting diode semiconductor chip with leads October 1, 1985
D278049 Light-emitting diode semiconductor chip with leads March 19, 1985
D278048 Light-emitting diode semiconductor chip with leads March 19, 1985
D277955 Light-emitting diode semiconductor chip with leads March 12, 1985
D266110 Electric discharge lamp September 7, 1982
D266026 Fluorescent lamp August 31, 1982
D260441 Fluorescent lamp August 25, 1981
D254332 Lens for a lamp February 26, 1980
D251752 Fluorescent lamp May 1, 1979
8587008 Light-emitting device November 19, 2013
A light-emitting device includes a substrate, a plurality of light-emitting elements mounted on one surface of the substrate, a first glass film provided to one surface of the substrate and having a plurality of apertures that form a light-reflecting frame surrounding the perimeter o
8584561 Method for manufacturing imaging element November 19, 2013
Provided is an accurately processed imaging element that can be readily manufactured for saving time and cost. A blade section 2 in which projecting punch blades 22 are arranged on a metal block 21, each punch blade having two sides 22a and 22b corresponding to the two mirror surface
8581287 Semiconductor light emitting device having a reflective material, wavelength converting layer an November 12, 2013
A semiconductor light-emitting device and a method for manufacturing the same can include a wavelength converting layer in order to emit various colored lights including white light. The device can include a board, a frame located on the board, at least one light-emitting chip mounted on
8581284 Semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method November 12, 2013
A semiconductor light-emitting device and a method for manufacturing the same can include a wavelength converting layer encapsulating at least one semiconductor light-emitting chip in order to emit various colored lights including white light. The semiconductor light-emitting device can
8575627 Semiconductor light emitting element having barriers which prevent forward current in a semicond November 5, 2013
A semiconductor light emitting element of the present invention includes a support substrate, a semiconductor film including a light emitting layer, a surface electrode provided on the surface on a light-extraction-surface side of the semiconductor film, and a light reflecting layer.
8568007 Vehicle headlight October 29, 2013
A vehicle headlight can include a semiconductor light source and a heat sink to radiate heat developed from the light source. The headlight can include a mounting base board mounting the light source and attached on a radiating base plate of the heat sink. At least one of a bottom surfac
8562199 Lighting device October 22, 2013
A lighting device can include an LED and a plate-like lens body including a narrow side surface configured as an elongated rectangular light exiting surface. The LED can face towards the lens body so that light emitted in a wide angle direction is directed to the front surface and th
8562191 Vehicle light October 22, 2013
A vehicle light can project light beams through ring-shaped or arc-shaped light exiting surfaces, and among them the outermost and innermost light exiting surfaces are brighter than the others. The vehicle light can include a light emitting element having an optical axis and a light guid
8300314 Display device October 30, 2012
A display device includes: a display part containing a first display region visually recognized by a viewer; an object of view arranged in a second display region; an imaging optical system of real specular image for defining a first space in which the first display region exists and a
8294983 Optical amplifier using photoelectric effect of surface plasmon resonance photons and its manufa October 23, 2012
In an optical amplifier including a metal layer having an incident/reflective surface adapted to receive incident light and output its reflective light, and a dielectric layer formed on an opposite surface of the metal layer opposing the incident/reflective surface, the incident ligh
8294849 Liquid crystal display device capable of low temperature use and having rod-shaped gold particle October 23, 2012
A liquid crystal display device comprises: a liquid crystal display element comprising a pair of glass substrates facing to each other, transparent electrode patterns, each transparent electrode pattern being formed on a facing surface of each one of said pair of glass substrates fil
8294782 Electromagnetic field high speed imaging apparatus October 23, 2012
An electromagnetic field high speed imaging apparatus, using an image sensing element having a filter function for each pixel, converts a local polarization state in detection light containing a difference frequency component .DELTA.f (|fLO-fRF|) between the modulation frequency fLO of
8294162 LED device and LED lighting apparatus October 23, 2012
An LED device and an LED lighting apparatus using the same can include a casing including a cavity and at least one pair of LED chips including a first and second LED chips. The LED chips can be adjacently located in the cavity, and an encapsulating resin including a phosphor can be
8294146 ZnO-containing semiconductor layer and device using the same October 23, 2012
Mg is doped in a ZnO-containing semiconductor layer in a concentration range from 1.times.10.sup.17 cm.sup.-3 to 2.times.10.sup.20 cm.sup.-3.
8288868 Substrate bonding method and semiconductor device October 16, 2012
A first Sn absorption layer is formed on a principal surface of a first substrate, the first Sn absorption layer being made of metal absorbing Sn from AuSn alloy and lowering a relative proportion of Sn in the AuSn alloy. A second Sn absorption layer is formed on a principal surface of a
8288788 Optical semiconductor device having uneven semiconductor layer with non-uniform carrier density October 16, 2012
In an optical semiconductor device including a first semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type, an active layer provided on the first semiconductor layer, a second semiconductor layer of a second conductivity type provided on the active layer, an insulating layer provided on a
8274208 Light-emitting device, vehicular lighting fixture comprising the device, and head lamp September 25, 2012
A light-emitting device comprising a light source which emits excitation light and a fluorescent substance which absorbs the excitation light to emit light in combination, wherein a fluorescent substance comprising an .alpha. type SiAlON represented by the general formula: (Ca.sub..a
8273586 Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof September 25, 2012
A light emitting device comprises a substrate having a plurality of light emitting elements mounted thereon; a side wall structure having a partition wall portion separating a plurality of light emitting areas that each include at least one of the light emitting elements; and encapsu
8269929 Vertically aligned liquid crystal display device with visual angle compensation September 18, 2012
A vertically aligned liquid crystal cell to be simple-matrix driven is disposed between two polarizing plates crossed-Nicol disposed, the liquid crystal cell including a liquid crystal layer having a retardation in a cross section in a thickness direction larger than 550 nm. A C plate an
8258528 Semiconductor light-emitting device September 4, 2012
The disclosed subject matter includes reliable semiconductor light-emitting devices having a favorable light distribution using an LED chip, which can emit light having a different color as compared to that emitted directly by the LED chip. The semiconductor light-emitting device can
8258527 Lighting device and semiconductor light source device September 4, 2012
A small-sized lighting device can achieve wider light distribution patterns. The lighting device can include a semiconductor light emitting element configured to emit light from a first face and a second face thereof. A mounting substrate can be provided on which the semiconductor li
8256946 Vehicle light September 4, 2012
A vehicle light can prevent the generation of glare light due to the reflection of light from a connecting surface surrounding a reflecting surface when a lens body including the reflecting surface and the connecting surface surrounding the reflecting surface is used and light emitte
8256943 Vehicle light September 4, 2012
A vehicle light can simultaneously form a light distribution pattern for a tail/stop lamp in one direction and another light distribution pattern for a side marker lamp in another direction without use of a dedicated light source(s). The vehicle light can include: a cover lens having a
8256922 Lighting device September 4, 2012
A lighting device with a stable high light intensity can effectively dissipate heat generated by an LED so that the light emission efficiency does not deteriorate while the inside temperature distribution can be maintained in an even state. The lighting device can also be configured
8256907 Vehicle reflector and reflex pin September 4, 2012
A vehicle reflector can include a plurality of retroreflection elements including a first reflection surface, a second reflection surface, and a third reflection surface which are adjacently disposed to form a corner portion of a substantially regular hexahedron. The first reflection
8251560 Vehicle headlight August 28, 2012
The disclosed subject matter includes a projector headlight using a plurality of optical units for a low beam with a high visible/visual quality. Each of the optical units can include a plurality of LED devices and a projector lens. The projector lens can include a light-emitting sur
8251559 Projector type vehicle light August 28, 2012
A projector type vehicle light is provided that can reduce temperature increase of a solenoid due to heat generated by a light source, while a shade and a projection lens can be disposed closer to each other. The vehicle light can be formed as a headlight and can include a light sour
8248561 Liquid crystal display having particular viewing angle compensators August 21, 2012
A liquid crystal display includes: a liquid crystal layer squeezed between first and second substrates and vertically aligned at a retardation of 300-1000 nm; first and second compensators disposed on the first substrate and having negative biaxial optical anisotropy; a first polariz
8240897 Optical axis adjusting apparatus and vehicle light including the same August 14, 2012
An optical axis adjusting apparatus and vehicle light include a lamp housing and a reflector. The optical axis adjusting apparatus includes a ball joint via which the lamp housing and the reflector are connected, an aiming screw, a nut portion, and a support member. The nut portion is
8236672 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device August 7, 2012
A cavity-containing layer having a plurality of cavities is formed on a growth substrate by carrying out in alternating fashion a plurality of cycles of a first and second growth steps of growing a group III nitride at growth rates different from each other. The semiconductor epitaxial
8232121 Zinc oxide-based semiconductor device and method for producing same July 31, 2012
A semiconductor device that has excellent characteristics and mass productivity wherein the introduction of defects thereinto at the time of device separation is prevented, and a method for producing the semiconductor device. In particular, there is provided a high-performance semico
8232120 Manufacturing method of semiconductor light-emitting apparatus and semiconductor light-emitting July 31, 2012
A method includes forming a light-emission operating layer on a growth substrate; forming a reflection insulating layer on the light-emission operating layer; forming opening portions in the insulating layer; forming a contact portion which has a thickness adapted to flatten the open
8231255 Vehicle light July 31, 2012
A vehicle light can electrically change over between a horizontally wide light distribution pattern and an AFS suitable light distribution pattern for projecting light beams leftward (or rightward according to the traffic system). The vehicle light can include a projection lens having a
8227281 Manufacture method for ZnO-based light emitting device July 24, 2012
A manufacture method for a ZnO-based light emitting device, includes the steps of: forming a ZnO-based semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type above a substrate; two-dimensionally growing a first ZnO-based semiconductor layer of a second conductivity type opposite to the first
8218024 Solid state camera and sensor system and method July 10, 2012
The disclosed subject matter is directed to solid state cameras and sensor systems that include a pickup surface thereof with both a distance detecting area for measuring a distance from a moving object and a movement detecting area for detecting the object's movement. The device can
8212277 Optical semiconductor device module with power supply through uneven contacts July 3, 2012
In an optical semiconductor device module constructed by an optical semiconductor device having a light emitting portion on its top surface, a mounting substrate adapted to mount the optical semiconductor device thereon, at least one wiring pattern layer formed on a front surface of
8211781 Semiconductor manufacturing method July 3, 2012
A manufacturing method for semiconductor devices having a metal support is provided. The method in one aspect includes growing a semiconductor film on a growth substrate; forming a metal support on a surface of said semiconductor film opposite to the growth substrate; thereafter removing
8207546 Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same June 26, 2012
A reliable semiconductor light-emitting device and a method for manufacturing the same can be provided in which peeling can be prevented in a phase boundary, and optical axis positional errors between the optical lens and a semiconductor light-emitting chip can be reduced or prevente
8199283 Vertical alignment type liquid crystal display device with viewing angle characteristics improve June 12, 2012
First and second polarizers are disposed in cross Nichol configuration. A liquid crystal cell is disposed between the two polarizers and establishes vertical alignment in a state of no voltage application. An even number of optical films having optical anisotropy and disposed between
8198113 Production method for semiconductor light emitting devices June 12, 2012
Producing a semiconductor film containing a first semiconductor layer, an active layer, and a second semiconductor layer, each represented as Al.sub.xIn.sub.yGa.sub.zN, on a growth substrate, the layers arranged in this order from the growth substrate side. Producing a metal layer on the
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