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RE42601 Method and system for implementing a service in a telecommunication network August 9, 2011
The invention relates to a method for implementing a service in a digital multiple-service network comprising an exchange, a first telecommunication terminal connected to the multiple-service network via a first interface and a second telecommunication terminal connected to the multi
RE42298 Method for connection establishment in a radio system relaying packet-switched traffic April 19, 2011
The invention relates to a method for connection establishment and a radio system relaying packet traffic. A terminal informs the system that it wishes to transmit data. The network part receives the message and allocates default radio resources and informs the allocated resources to
8027281 Adaptive associated control channel messaging September 27, 2011
An optional short SACCH is used when the network detects high error rate in the normal SACCH channel. The communication returns to normal mode when the network detects that the link quality has improved. In the short SACCH message only the most relevant information fields are sent. The
8015444 Protection of non-volatile memory component against data corruption due to physical shock September 6, 2011
A device, a computer readable medium, and a method are provided. The device includes, but is not limited to, a sensor, a processor, a non-volatile memory, and a computer-readable medium. The computer-readable medium includes, but is not limited to, computer-readable instructions stor
8005482 Measurements in communications systems August 23, 2011
A method of performing compressed mode measurements for selecting communication means in a communication system. Statistics are collected on handovers from a cell in a communications system to a plurality of other cells in the communications system. A cell load of each cell of the pl
8004972 Quality of service in communication systems August 23, 2011
A method for communication systems configured to provide wireless data communications for users is disclosed. The disclosed method includes communicating information with a node of a radio access part of the communication system. The information includes a first set of quality of ser
8000310 Method and system for transport block size signaling based on modulation type for HSDPA August 16, 2011
A device for communicating with a mobile device is provided. The devices includes a transmitter. The transmitter transmit a first modulation scheme, a first transport block size, and a first redundancy version to a mobile device. The first transport block size is represented by a first
7995997 Determining geographical position in IPV6 networks August 9, 2011
A computer-readable medium, device and system for responding to a request for a geographically-based service are provided. A request for a geographically-based service is received. The received request indicates that a geographical position of a target node and a radius associated wi
7995533 System and method for efficient state transfer in mobile networks August 9, 2011
A system and method for efficient state transfer in mobile networks provides improved performance by providing seamless transfer of updated reference state information across network access points during mobile node hand-off. This state transfer processing may be used in an Internet
7987270 Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating QoS and bearer setup in an IP-based communica July 26, 2011
Apparatus, and an associated method, for generating a bearer setup request in a mobile, or other, communication system. An application-level bearer setup request generator is positioned at the application level of the communication system. A request is forwarded to a transport level.
7984291 Method for distributing certificates in a communication system July 19, 2011
The invention relates to a method for delivering certificates in a communication system using Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP). The identity of a mobile node is sent to a gateway from which the identity is sent to a network entity. In the network entity is selected at least one
7974311 Configuring addresses in a communication network July 5, 2011
The present invention relates to a method for configuring addresses in a packet switched data communication system. The method comprises providing a logical network with at least two network elements, a network element comprising at least one sub-element. The method further comprises
7974266 Method and apparatus for classifying IP data July 5, 2011
A method and methodology are provided for classifying Internet Protocol (IP) data in a packet switch network. Data may be received at a first node and classified based on source routing information of said data. The source routing information may be provided within LSRR/SSRR of IPv4 data
7974260 Method of transmitting time-critical scheduling information between single network devices in a July 5, 2011
Timing control information, especially scheduling information, is transmitted between single network devices in a wireless network. Timing control information is usually time-critical information since communication parameters may be changing rapidly in wireless networks. The inventi
7966018 Transport efficiency optimization for mobile IPV6 June 21, 2011
The present invention concerns a method and system for optimizing transport efficiency between a Mobile Node and a Correspondent Node in a Mobile IP network. A short Mobile Node Identifier is assigned to the Mobile Node. A Mobile Node Identifier Destination Option header comprising t
7961675 Generic trau frame structure June 14, 2011
There is disclosed a TRAU frame comprising, in sequence, a set of control bits, a set of class A bits, a set of error check bits, and a set of Class B bits, the set of control bits including at least one bit identifying the location of the other sets of bits in the frame.
7944943 Method and apparatus for MAC layer inverse multiplexing in a third generation radio access netwo May 17, 2011
A channel inverse multiplexer/multiplexer (IMUX/MUX) (14a) of a MAC sublayer (14) of a UTRAN RNC (11) for providing to a UE (18) traffic (communication signals including in general both control and user data) at a higher rate than the UE can accept over a single channel. The channel
7937081 Recovery techniques in mobile networks May 3, 2011
A technique for protecting location information of a subscriber in a mobile network is disclosed which forwards a registration request from the subscriber to an S-CSCF including the subscriber's TA and then forwarding a location update from the S-CSCF to an HSS including the subscrib
7925271 Apparatus and method for arbitrary data rate ramp up after overload on wireless interface April 12, 2011
To prevent oscillation in load levels on radio interfaces between one or more user equipment devices and neighboring base stations after the base stations have reduced the data rates of the one or more user equipment devices connected thereto over said radio interfaces, one or more radio
7920590 Wireless communications system having built-in packet data compression and support for enabling April 5, 2011
A mobile station (100) and a compression/decompression node in a wireless network (5), preferably the GGSN 30 (30), agree on whether to apply compression/decompression, and what compression/decompression scheme to use either by pre-configuration (when the GGSN 30 is in the home network
7916725 Packet forwarding to a connection-oriented network March 29, 2011
The present invention relates to a method, routing device, and access device for forwarding a data packet with multicast purpose to a connection-oriented network, wherein a predetermined broadcast address is added to the data packet if the address of the data packet to be sent is a n
7898990 Method, system and gateway device for enabling interworking between IP and CS networks March 1, 2011
A method, system and gateway device enables interworking between an IP-based network and a circuit-switched network. A first address information of a first connection end located in the circuit-switched network is routed in a trigger message from the IP-based network to a gateway con
7876966 Switching between coding schemes January 25, 2011
Methods and units are shown for supporting a switching from a first coding scheme to a Modified Discrete Cosine Transform (MDCT) based coding scheme calculating a forward or inverse MDCT with a window (h(n)) of a first type for a respective coding frame, which satisfies constraints of
7865183 Method and system for supporting residual energy awareness in an ad hoc wireless communications January 4, 2011
A method of coordinating devices in a wireless network is provided. First capability data associated with a first type of power source and a first state of the power source of a first device is received at a second device. Second capability data is transmitted to the first device from
7466680 Transport efficiency optimization for Mobile IPv6 December 16, 2008
The present invention concerns a method and system for optimizing transport efficiency between a Mobile Node and a Correspondent Node in a Mobile IP network. A short Mobile Node Identifier is assigned to the Mobile Node. A Mobile Node Identifier Destination Option header comprising t
7463886 Method and system for supporting residual energy awareness in an ad hoc wireless communications December 9, 2008
A wireless communications device detects a change in its residual energy status, and transmits the residual energy status across a wireless communications network to a remote device that coordinates communications in the wireless communications network. For example, the remote device
7453851 QoS signaling for mobile IP November 18, 2008
A quality of service (QoS) signaling packet for arranging QoS connections upon handoff between a mobile node (MN) and a correspondent node (CN) using Internet Protocol (IP), the signaling packet includes one or more QoS flow requirements, one or more classifier parameters, QoS session
7447192 System and method for controlling a media gateway November 4, 2008
A method and system including at least one media gateway and at least one media gateway controller controlling the media gateway. The media gateway uses structured termination identities for identifying terminations on the media gateway that source and/or sink media and/or control stream
7437174 Received signal quality determination October 14, 2008
A method of generating a received signal quality signal in a communication system, the method comprising: receiving a signal from a physical channel, extracting a transport channel format combination indicator from the received signal, processing one or more transport channel signals,
7436895 Concatenated space-time coding October 14, 2008
A method for performing a space-time coding of an information signal to be transmitted by a multi-channel communication system includes demultiplexing received signals into at least two first space-time coded signals and at least two second space-time coded signals, obtaining a first
7436470 Display device having liquid crystal layer and switchable optical layer October 14, 2008
A display device including a first electrode, a liquid crystal layer positioned under and connected to the first electrode, a second electrode and a switchable optical layer. The switchable optical layer includes either a transparent state or a non-transparent state and is electrically
7430625 Connection of a memory component to an electronic device via a connection bus utilizing multiple September 30, 2008
The present invention relates to a method for connecting a memory component to an electronic device by a connection bus. At least a first interface protocol and a second interface protocol are available on the connection bus, wherein the memory component is recognized. On the basis o
7430217 Method and apparatus of prioritising the usage of slotted links by single network devices in a w September 30, 2008
Method of prioritising the usage of slotted links by single network devices in a wireless network for adapting to varying traffic loads, comprising the steps of pre-setting a distribution of priorities for using a link to predetermined values, monitoring the current link usage, and a
7426394 Method, device, base station and system for direct uplink access in a mobile communications netw September 16, 2008
The invention relates to a method between a communications device (110) and a communications network, which communications network generally provides at least a direct cell access mechanism and an alternative cell access mechanism for the communications device for uplink access to the
7423797 Coloured structures September 9, 2008
An elongate colored structure comprising: an electrically conductive wire; a dye layer surrounding a length of the conductive wire; and an electrically conductive, light transmissive layer surrounding the dye layer; wherein the dye layer is capable of changing its color when a voltag
7408872 Modulation of signals for transmission in packets via an air interface August 5, 2008
The invention relates to a method and to a modulator for modulating signals. The signals are to be transmitted by a device in packets via an air interface. Each packet is supposed to comprise at least one entity of at least two different entities, which different entities are employed
7406604 Method for protecting a memory card, and a memory card July 29, 2008
The invention relates to a memory card (2) which is arranged to be inserted in a memory card slot (4) of an electronic device (1), information being arranged to be stored in the memory (5) of the memory card (2). The information to be stored is at least partly arranged to be encrypte
7406057 Method for handling of messages between a terminal and a data network July 29, 2008
A method for handling of messages between a terminal and a data network, in which messages of a specific protocol are handled using correspondingly defined specific contexts for messages of the protocol. Messages based on the same specific protocol relate to different service categor
7398052 Method and a system for detecting communication relaying network elements July 8, 2008
A method for determining if a signal received at a radio receiver in a communication system is transmitted to the receiver via a direct radio link comprising the steps of: determining a signal characteristic based on one or more signal measurements collected at the receiver; comparing
7394798 Push-to talk over Ad-Hoc networks July 1, 2008
The invention proposes a network system comprising a plurality of network nodes (10, 11), each of the network nodes comprising means (103, 113) for temporarily forming a group with at least one of the plurality of network nodes, sending means (101, 111) for sending information (which may
7391724 System and method with policy control function for multimedia broadcast/multicast system service June 24, 2008
A system and method with policy control function (PCF) for multimedia broadcast/multicast system (MBMS) services that includes a core network, one or more application servers, and one or more policy control functions (PCF). In one embodiment, the core network includes one or more gateway
7388851 Proactive seamless service provisioning in mobile networks through transferring of application c June 17, 2008
A method for supporting relocation of an IP session during a network layer handover in a mobile communication system. In the method, application context information indicating activities that are advantageously executed pro-actively before the network layer handover is sent. The indi
7388848 Method and apparatus for transport format signaling with HARQ June 17, 2008
The invention provides a method and apparatus for providing signaling in a communication link to a sending node and a receiving node using the hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) protocol. The invention is characterized by the fact that the signalling contains a predetermined bit
7386036 Wireless multi-hop system with macroscopic multiplexing June 10, 2008
A method, device, and system in which radio links between relays and users are optimized separately from the links between relays and base stations and in which multiple simultaneous data streams between relays and base stations are created. The system includes transceivers of at least t
7385962 Method and apparatus for dynamic radio resource controlling June 10, 2008
A method and a mobile terminal for communicating with a mobile network element (IWF) comprising communicating with a mobile network element (IWF) using a bearer that is modifiable by a negotiation between the mobile terminal (MS) and the mobile network element (IWF). The data is divi
7385641 Camera arrangement with multiple illuminators for close in photography June 10, 2008
A camera arrangement comprising an illumination assembly for illuminating an object to be photographed by the camera arrangement, the illumination assembly comprising a sensor for sensing the object, first and second illuminators and a controller for controlling the illuminators, wherein
7369508 Informing network about amount of data to be transferred May 6, 2008
When uplink signalling radio bearers steal capacity from a user bearer, at least the amount of data waiting for transmission on a TBF established for the user bearer should be informed to the network. This can be done by using separate countdown values for each radio bearer, using a firs
7356313 Method to enable open loop antenna transmit diversity on channels having dedicated pilots April 8, 2008
The use of the STTD is enabled in a network so that the common channels (CPICH etc.) do not need to be transmitted using transmit diversity, but the STTD can be enabled only for channels having dedicated pilots and which are intended for the UEs supporting this functionality. Other UEs
7346340 Provision of user policy to terminal March 18, 2008
There is disclosed a method for providing a user policy to a terminal connected in a network, the method comprising: configuring a user policy for the terminal; and authenticating the terminal, wherein the method further includes providing the configured user policy to the terminal r
7336630 Simultaneous transmission of speech and data on a mobile communications system February 26, 2008
A method for transmitting speech and data simultaneously on a circuit switched two-way connection of a mobile communications system, which transfers speech and other data by use of discontinuous transmission, DTX, in which the sending is discontinued when it is indicated, that there
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