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Spicer Technology Inc.
Fort Wayne, IN
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7096990 Double disconnect assembly for multi-axle vehicles August 29, 2006
An axle disconnect system is provided whereby axles of a tandem or multi-axle vehicle may be easily and quickly engaged and disengaged as required and whereby the ring gear and differential gears remain stationary when the axle is disengaged. In multi-axle vehicles, a dual disconnect
6997284 Lubricant cooling system for a motor vehicle axle February 14, 2006
In a driven axle assembly (12) for a motor vehicle that includes a differential housing located substantially in the center of the axle and tubes (16, 17) extending laterally from the differential, surrounding axle shafts (20) and opening into a lubricant reservoir (60) in the differ
6739600 Expanding sleeve fixture May 25, 2004
A push-type expandable fixture provided to secure a work-piece to a rotatable machine. An expandable sleeve is inserted within a bore of a hollow work-piece. The work-piece together with the expandable sleeve is disposed about a pair of wedge members which are in turn secured to a fi
6554732 Differential assembly with modified limited slip clutch arrangement April 29, 2003
A limited slip differential having a modified clutch pack mechanism located outside of the differential case. The mechanism include a planetary gear assembly disposed between a side gear and the clutch pack to facilitate the application of greater torque. A rotatable collar and cup-shape
6527664 Locking differential with clutch activated by magnetorheological fluid March 4, 2003
A limited slip differential includes a friction clutch mechanism, an electromagnetic coupling, and a camming mechanism disposed between the friction clutch mechanism and the electromagnetic coupling. The camming mechanism converts shearing forces within the electromagnetic coupling to
6527663 Pinion shaft for differential assembly March 4, 2003
A novel arrangement of a pinion shaft for a differential assembly having a substantially H-shaped cross-section with added oiling radii. The H-shaped pinion shaft provides substantially reduced weight of the differential pinion shaft, increases a strength-to-weight ratio, and improves
6520305 Clutch collar February 18, 2003
A collar for a clutch, particularly a clutch used in selectively connecting and disconnecting a source of drive torque with a co-axial driven shaft. More particularly, the present invention relates to a collar wherein meshing surfaces of the torque source and the driven shaft are designe
6517462 Dual disconnect drive assembly February 11, 2003
A dual disconnect differential assembly for four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle is disclosed. This disconnect differential assembly connects/disconnects both axle shafts of a differential assembly simultaneously from the side gears of the differential assembly. Both axle shafts are interconne
6511395 Sensor thrust washer January 28, 2003
A speed-sensing system for a differential assembly, wherein a tone ring positioned on the ring gear flange is eliminated and the speed-sensing equipment is specially placed in the form of a thrust washer and/or slinger with a tone sensing ring disposed between the yoke and the inner
6503167 Externally actuated locking differential assembly January 7, 2003
An electronically controlled locking differential assembly including a friction clutch assembly provided within a differential case for selectively restricting differential action. The friction clutch assembly is actuated by a selectively controllable actuator including an electrical
6497027 Method for controlling axle shaft endplay in differential assembly December 24, 2002
A method for controlling an axle shaft endplay in a differential assembly is disclosed. The desired axle shaft endplay is determined by a differential manufacturer based on the specific operating conditions of the differential assembly. In accordance with the endplay controlling meth
6488606 Limited slip differential with self contained oil supply December 3, 2002
A limited slip differential for vehicular applications that eliminates chattering noise from the differential while maintaining seal integrity. This is accomplished by the use of a differential casing that includes at least a pair of fluid seals isolating a first chamber for bathing the
6484391 Fixture and worktable to press a bushing in a carrier November 26, 2002
A bushing installation and removal assembly includes mounting table fitted with a vice fixture, a press/ram assembly having a controlled hydraulic press whereby a separate hydraulic repositioning system disposes the work piece into the press/ram assembly in a controlled manner. The workt
6478709 Axle end play adjustment systems and methods November 12, 2002
In a differential/mechanism for transmitting power from a drive shaft to the axle shafts of a motor vehicle, an axle shaft end play adjuster is threadingly disposed at the end of the axle shaft adjacent the differential pinion shaft. The end play adjuster limits the range of axially
6478708 Electrically controllable biasing differential November 12, 2002
A differential gear assembly has a friction clutch for variably restricting differential action. A simple hydraulic piston mechanism is used to amplify the axial force generated by the electric coil and mechanical ball ramp mechanism. The hydraulic system consists of an annular primary p
6474873 Adjustable preload shim for tapered bearings November 5, 2002
An assembly by which to effect incremental adjustments to the end play, or preloading, to a bearing set. Relatively rotatable first and second thrust rings have contiguously juxtaposed and interacting ramp surfaces. Interposed between the first and second thrust rings is an indexing spri
6474433 Speed sensitive on-demand torque coupling differential November 5, 2002
An axle case assembly is provided with a speed sensitive torque coupling mechanism used to transmit torque from the ring gear to a planetary differential assembly. The differential assembly provides torque transfer proportional to the speed difference between the ring gear sub-assembly
6470988 Differential assembly with synchronizing preload October 29, 2002
A differential assembly having a preload or biased differential case. A beveled thrust washer is disposed between each side gear and the differential case. The beveled thrust washer induces a preload between the side gear and differential case to help ensure that each differential side
6460677 Dual ball ramp actuator for locking differential October 8, 2002
A dual ball ramp actuator having a control ring acting with a pressure plates to supply an axial clutch clamping force to a differential clutch assembly where the ball ramp paths follow overlapping eccentric grooves that can be actuated in both the forward and reverse directions. The dua
6460268 Universal bearing pre-load tool and method for using thereof October 8, 2002
A universal differential bearing preload tool includes a pair of opposite cylindrical discs simulating differential bearing cups, a disc spreading device for adjusting a distance between the discs, and a force measuring device associated with the disc spreading device. The opposite cylin
6450914 Adjustable axle shaft endplay September 17, 2002
The device for adjusting an endplay of an axle shaft in a differential assembly includes an axle shaft supported in a differential case for rotation about a longitudinal axis, and an endplay adjustment member threadedly mounted on a terminal shoulder provided at an inboard end of the
6428441 Locking differential with clutch activated by magnetorheological fluid August 6, 2002
A limited slip differential includes a friction clutch mechanism, an electromagnetic coupling, and a camming mechanism disposed between the friction clutch mechanism and the electromagnetic coupling. The camming mechanism converts shearing forces within the electromagnetic coupling to
6409626 Axle assembly having a differential case adjustably secured to a housing June 25, 2002
An axle assembly employs a simple adjustable connection between the differential case and the housing to adjust the position of the ring gear relative to the pinion gear. A pair of adjustment collars facilitates positioning the differential case to selectively position the ring gear
6408973 Wheel end disconnect system June 25, 2002
An integrated wheel end system for a vehicle including a clutch adapted to provide driving engagement/disengagement of a wheel to convert between driven and non-driven modes of wheel movement. A vehicle is provided with both 4.times.2 and 4.times.4 capabilities and, when 4.times.4 capabi
6402655 Limited slip differential with adjustable preload June 11, 2002
A differential assembly having a limited slip device with a mechanism to adjust the preload of a clutch pack. The differential assembly includes a differential case with pinion and side gears disposed therein. The clutch pack is disposed between at least one of the side gears and the
6398686 Electronically controlled limited slip differential assembly June 4, 2002
A novel arrangement of an electronically controlled limited slip differential assembly including a friction clutch assembly provided within a differential case for selectively restricting differential action. The friction clutch assembly is contained between a separation plate fixed to
6390221 Integral knuckle and hub lock May 21, 2002
An inboard hub lock assembly integrated into a steering knuckle. Teeth are provided on an end of the CV housing and an adjacent flange extending from the wheel hub. A clutch member with corresponding teeth is movable between 1) an outboard position engaging the CV housing teeth and the w
6371500 Cam mechanism for an adjustable wheel mounting assembly April 16, 2002
An adjustable mounting assembly for a steerable wheel assembly. A cam member is rotatably disposed within a recess formed in the lower arm of a yoke assembly. An eccentric cylinder of the cam member extends within a vertically oriented slot formed in a ball joint forging which is in turn
6368242 Axle shaft retainer system April 9, 2002
The drive axles of a motor vehicle differential assembly are secured within the central bores provided in the side gears of the differential assembly by a pair of arcuate retaining element having a rounded cross section which preferably is a piece of bar stock bent to define a
6364803 Differential axle assembly with adjustable gear offset April 2, 2002
An adjustable pinion offset in a differential axle assembly. The offset between a pinion gear and shaft relative to a ring gear in the differential axle assembly is adjustable due to an eccentric mounting of the pinion assembly relative to the differential housing containing the ring
6357927 End play preload adjusting assembly for bearings March 19, 2002
An assembly to effect adjustments to the end play, or preloading, of a bearing set. The adjusting assembly utilizes a threaded bearing cup body and a correspondingly threaded adjusting ring. The bearing cup body abuts the outer race of the bearing and the adjusting ring is threaded onto
6352018 Hydraulic actuator assembly with integral damper/accumulator March 5, 2002
A novel arrangement of a hydraulic actuator assembly is disclosed. The hydraulic actuator assembly comprises a bi-directional electric motor driving a drive screw. A shaft coupler is threaded onto the drive screw. The shaft coupler is splined to a stationary coupler retainer to prevent
6336777 Face hobbing of hypoid gears using a two-spindle machine January 8, 2002
This invention is directed to a method of using a two spindle Hurth-Module multi-spindle (or similar) cutting machine to accomplish face hobbing of hypoid and spiral bevel gear sets. A first cutter mounted on a first spindle would rough cut the gears and a second cutter mounted on a seco
6334263 Yoke straightening fixture January 1, 2002
A yoke straightening fixture adapted to engage the ears of a yoke shaft which is in turn attached to an axle shaft. The fixture has a longitudinal extending central bore to facilitate an aligned rotatable connection to a connecting member of a straightening device. The fixture comprises

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