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Spectratech Inc. Patents
Spectratech Inc.
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7570367 Optical interference apparatus August 4, 2009
A light emission section includes light generators which are operated on the basis of drive signals from a controller so as to emit near infrared interferable light beams having different specific wavelengths to a light interference section. The light interference section includes a beam
7569821 Biological information measuring apparatus August 4, 2009
A light emission section spread-spectrum modulates a base band signal at a chip frequency f to thereby generate a primary modulated signal, modulates the primary modulated signal at a frequency 2f to thereby generate a secondary modulated signal, and emits a near-infrared light beam
6038022 Coupling device for integrating and interfacing accessory modules with spectrometers for spectro March 14, 2000
A coupling mechanism for mounting a sample accessory assembly into a spectrometer. The accessory assembly, on which is mountable a sample to be analyzed by a spectrometer, has connecter ends which are insertable into stirrups on the sample compartment of the spectrometer. The connector e
5864139 Confocal microspectrometer system January 26, 1999
A microscope for use in transmissive and reflective infrared spectral analysis of a sample positioned on a sample plane. The microscope uses a collimated beam for infinity correction. A collimated irradiating beam of infrared energy is input to the microscope and focused through a single
5581085 Infrared microspectrometer accessory December 3, 1996
This invention is an apparatus and method for infrared spectroscopic or radiometric analysis of microscopic samples of solids or liquids, combining external- or internal-reflection spectroscopy with visible-radiant energy viewing of microscopic samples by integrated video microscopy.
5093580 ATR objective and method for sample analyzation using an ATR crystal March 3, 1992
An optical system, apparatus and method includes a visible energy source and a radiant energy source, means to direct visible or radiant energy at preselected but variable angles of incidence through an ATR crystal to a sample at a sample plane and means to collect encoded radiant energy
5051602 Optical system and method for sample analyzation September 24, 1991
An optical system, apparatus and method for analyzing samples includes a radiant energy source, a first mask, a first mirror system, a sample plane, a second mirror system, a second mask and a detector. The first and second masks are respectively positioned along the optical path of the
5019715 Optical system and method for sample analyzation May 28, 1991
An optical system, apparatus and method for analyzing samples includes a radiant energy source, a first mask, a first mirror system, a sample plane, a second mirror system, a second mask and a detector. The first and second masks are respectively positioned along the optical path of the
5015092 Sampling probe for optical analyzation of a sample May 14, 1991
A sampling probe for optical analyzation of a sample includes an MIR element having a cylindrical body with a flat end and a curved end. The flat end and the adjacent active portion of the body is positioned against the sample, and the curved end is operative to receive and emit radiant
4878747 Aperture image beam splitter November 7, 1989
An improved aperture beam splitter comprises an intercepting mirror positioned at an aperture image plane that is remote from any focus so as to deflect one half of the energy in a beam of incident radiant energy. the aperture image plane corresponds to an aperture stop and one half of
4877960 Microscope having dual remote image masking October 31, 1989
A universal microscope for use with a commercial FT-IR spectrophotometer comprises a visible light microscope for selecting and masking an area of a sample and an infrared microscope for sampling the masked area. The visible light microscope and the infrared microscope share a common
4863253 High magnification reflecting microscope objective having a dual magnification mode and zoom mag September 5, 1989
A modified Schwarzschild Casegrainian objective reflects radiant energy between the primary and secondary mirror two times to form a four reflection optical path. The four reflection optical path increases the magnification of the objective without making the working distance that se
4859064 Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy system and method August 22, 1989
A spectroscopy system separates the diffuse reflectance component of a reflectance spectrum from the specular reflectance component using a remote field stop filter. The surface of the sample is placed at a focal plane of an optical system. The optical system forms an image on the su
4810077 Grazing angle microscope March 7, 1989
A grazing angle microscope includes a highly convex central spherical mirror segment and a highly concave annular spherical mirror segment. A beam of incident radiant energy is sequentially directed against a part of the first convex mirror and a first part of the concave mirror onto a
4730882 Multiple internal reflectance spectroscopy system March 15, 1988
A multiple internal reflectance crystal has a sample surface and a bottom surface and reflective beveled ends such that energy may enter normal to the bottom surface, reflect off one beveled end to the bottom surface, from the bottom surface to the top surface, down the length of the
4712912 Spectrophotometric image scrambler for full aperture microspectroscopy December 15, 1987
The optical system of the present invention comtemplates directing a beam of radiant energy to either an aperture beam splitter or polarizing beam splitter. Radiant energy from the beam splitter forms a first remote image at an entrance to an image scrambler so that any image information
4661706 Blocker device for eliminating specular reflectance from a diffuse reflection spectrum April 28, 1987
Diffuse reflectance spectra may be obtained that are free from the distortions caused by specular reflections by using an apparatus and method for physically blocking out specularly reflected energy. The apparatus consists of a blocker that is positioned substantially in contact with
4653880 Reflective beam splitting objective March 31, 1987
A reflecting beam splitting objective employing only three mirrors obtains a high reflective efficiency. In one embodiment, the objective contains a small intercepting mirror between primary and secondary mirrors of a Cassegrain mirror arrangement. The position of the intercepting mirror

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