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SoundStarts, Inc. Patents
SoundStarts, Inc.
Aromas, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8075505 Massage device utilizing an unanchored magnet for primary force generation December 13, 2011
A therapeutic system for massage comprises a massage device having an activation cell comprising a hollow pocket at least partially filled with a ferro-magnetic fluid, a permanent magnet suspended in the ferro-magnetic fluid, a coil of electrically-conductive material in proximity to
8064716 Apparatus and methods for enhancing digital images November 22, 2011
A method for enhancing a digital image involves selecting an image as an original image to be enhanced, creating by a pixel mapping procedure at least two images altered from the original image in a first image attribute, each of the altered images differing in the first image attrib
8064630 Audio speaker utilizing an unanchored magnet for primary force generation November 22, 2011
A speaker apparatus has a container holding a volume of ferrofluid, a permanent magnet suspended in the ferrofluid, and a magnetic excitation apparatus proximate the container. Operation of the excitation apparatus causes movement of the permanent magnet, translated through the ferro
7912522 Methods and apparatus for carrying and using a hand-held telephone March 22, 2011
A system for securing a hand-held phone having a base with a keypad to be suspended from a lanyard around a person's neck has a support panel having a length and a width, a front side and a back side, and an opening near one end of the length, an elongate strip of material joined to the
7895978 Non-polluting two-stroke engine with air-cooled piston March 1, 2011
A two-stroke internal combustion engine has at least one cylinder having a bore diameter, a piston slip-fit in the cylinder, the piston having an upper portion and a lower portion and a central portion of significantly less than the bore diameter, providing an annular space between the
7403632 Audio speaker utilizing an unanchored magnet for primary force generation July 22, 2008
A speaker apparatus has a container holding a volume of ferrofluid, a permanent magnet suspended in the ferrofluid, and a magnetic excitation apparatus proximate the container. Operation of the excitation apparatus causes movement of the permanent magnet, translated through the ferro
7327559 Apparatus and method for heating the hands of keyboard users February 5, 2008
A computer keyboard has a chassis, internal components and keys, at least one heating element positioned in an opening into the chassis, and at least one fan positioned to urge air over the heating element and into the chassis. Air entering the chassis over the heating element is urged
7324957 Proximal advertising using hand-held communication devices January 29, 2008
A system for commercial promotion has a first computerized appliance enabled for data reception on a close-proximity wireless local area network (LAN) having a limited effective range, and for providing received data in a human-understandable form to a user of the first appliance, an
7249437 Method and apparatus for exterminating gophers and other burrowing pests July 31, 2007
An agent delivery system for eradicating rodents in an underground system of tunnels has a first chamber containing a first agent for delivery, a second chamber containing a second agent for delivery, a powered airflow device fitted to both chambers, and a tubing element fitted to both
7032025 Method and apparatus for monitoring and transferring a client from a low priority access number April 18, 2006
A network system is provided for enabling priority-based number switching from a lower priority access number to a higher priority access number during an active data session is provided. The system comprises, a CTI-switch for establishing call connections and performing call switchi
6993004 Method and apparatus for practicing IP telephony from an Internet-capable radio January 31, 2006
An Internet radio device is provided, having a dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) telephony mode for practicing telephony and for enabling one-touch initiation and call connection of an IP telephone call to a recipient device. The internet radio comprises, an IP telephony software appl
6901822 Method and apparatus for joining a handle to a hammer head June 7, 2005
A striking tool comprising a head assembled to a handle having a long axis is characterized in that the head comprises a closed cavity extending into the head in the direction of the long axis, an opening through a wall of the head into the cavity, the opening extending at substantially
6895165 Apparatus for enabling perpetual recording and instant playback or storage of a time-specific po May 17, 2005
A radio or television apparatus has tuning circuitry for selecting a channel from an input spectrum, an output for presenting a presentation from a selected channel, a recording apparatus having a memory with capacity for recording a fixed time duration T of the selected presentation
6872032 Retaining wall block and drainage system March 29, 2005
A retaining-wall block has a set of liquid impervious walls defining a completely bounded cavity having a sealable opening for filling the cavity with a fill material to add weight, and a seal element for sealing the sealable opening. In some cases the block has a second cavity with
6868435 Method and apparatus for creating and executing internet based lectures using public domain web March 15, 2005
An Internet-enabled subscription teaching service system has an Internet-connected lecture server executing a software suite, one or more teacher-author stations coupled to the Internet-connected lecture server, having input and display apparatus, and including lecture-authoring soft
6862787 Device for installing and removing valve stem cores from tire assemblies March 8, 2005
A tool for installing or removing a valve core in a valve stem of a tire assembly has an engagement end for physically engaging the valve core, an actuator cylinder for initiating rotation of the engagement end, and a planetary roller and shaft system for multiplying rotation from the
6848453 Ornamental and utilitarian toothpick extension February 1, 2005
An ornamental toothpick system has a toothpick and an ornamental extension having a body with an outer surface comprising one or more of a specular finish, ornamental indicia or text, and an engagement interface engaging the ornamental extension to the toothpick.
6726074 Mountable modular utility storage tray April 27, 2004
A modular utility carrier to mount to a folded-down windshield assembly of a vehicle has a body tray having a length, width and height, the body tray formed by side walls and a bottom wall forming an upward-facing cavity, and a plurality of attachment assemblies connected to the body and
6690918 Networking by matching profile information over a data packet-network and a local area network February 10, 2004
A system for anonymously initiating communication between system-connected communications devices is provided wherein the initiation of communication results from comparison and priority matching of profile information shared between the devices. The system in one aspect comprises at lea

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