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RE41939 Audio/video reproducing apparatus and method November 16, 2010
An audio/video reproducing apparatus is connectable to a communications network for selectively reproducing items of audio/video material from a recording medium in response to a request received via the communications network. The audio/video reproducing apparatus may comprise a control
8584255 Networked conditional access module November 12, 2013
A networked Conditional Access Module provided on an IEEE 1394 network, by defining a Conditional Access Module as a Conditional Access Subunit of the IEEE 1394 network. There is provided an AV/C Conditional Access Commands to allow communication between the Conditional Access Subunit
8577082 Security device and system November 5, 2013
A security device and system is disclosed. This security device is particularly useful in a security system where there are many security cameras to be monitored. This device automatically highlights to a user a camera feed in which an incident is occurring. This assists a user in id
8269889 Television apparatus September 18, 2012
A television apparatus (20) including a display (22) and an audio transducer (24,28) for reproducing video and audio component parts of a television signal. A processor (40) is provided for separating from the television signal an audio descriptor component part for providing an audi
8243196 Motion adaptive image processing August 14, 2012
A method of image processing for converting interlaced images to progressive scan images comprises the steps of generating a motion dependent mixing value for determining the extent to which a preceding image field should be mixed with a current intra-field interpolated image field a
8238435 Modifying bitstreams August 7, 2012
The bitstream includes digital codes representing an information signal. At least one digital code is selected. The code occupies a part of the bitstream which is to contain at least one watermark code which represents a watermark perceptible in the information signal. The selected d
8230364 Information retrieval July 24, 2012
An information retrieval system in which a set of distinct information items map to respective nodes in an array of nodes by mutual similarity of the information items, so that similar information items map to nodes at similar positions in the array of nodes; comprises a search arran
8214858 Audio and/or video generation apparatus and method of generating audio and/or video signals July 3, 2012
An audio and/or video generation apparatus comprises a recording processor which is operable to record audio and/or video signals on a recording medium, a meta data generation processor which is operable to generate meta data identifying the content of the audio/video signals, and a
8212920 Apparatus and method of motion adaptive image processing July 3, 2012
A method of image processing for conversion of an image in a sequence of images comprises the steps of associating pixels of an image with respective motion values indicative of a degree of inter-image motion for each pixel; adjusting the motion value of each pixel based upon the mot
8151303 Television device and method of identifying consecutive programmes April 3, 2012
A television device for receiving and storing an electronic programme guide, the electronic programme guide including a plurality of programme entries for respective television programmes, each programme entry having a title field including title data for the title of the respective
8144870 Encoding and detecting apparatus March 27, 2012
An encoding data processing apparatus generates a video material item marked copy by embedding a payload data word into the video material item. The video material item includes plural video frames. A code word generator generates a water mark code word from the payload data word and
8131024 Apparatus and method of image capture for facial recognition March 6, 2012
An image capture apparatus includes a first imaging device operable to capture an image feedback image. A generator generates a feedback image from a captured image for output to a display. A facial recognition unit operates to determine the position of a face within the feedback image.
8121341 Data processing apparatus and method February 21, 2012
A water marking system generates a water marked image frame for conveying a payload data word by combining at least one image frame with a two-dimensional water mark pattern. The water mark pattern includes plural regions each associated with one of symbols of the payload data word.
8117528 Information handling February 14, 2012
An information handling apparatus, in which metadata is generated in respect of a current information item by reference to an ensemble of information items having associated metadata, the metadata having corresponding indicator data representing a degree of trust associated with that
8086075 Motion adaptive image processing December 27, 2011
An image processing method for image conversion by combining two or more source values based on a mixing parameter to generate an output pixel value. A metric is calculated for a selected pixel at a given image field based on the directly preceding image field and a spatially interpolate
8073060 Video synchronization December 6, 2011
A method of synchronizing the phase of a local image synchronization signal generator of a local video data processor in communication with an asynchronous switched packet network to the phase of a reference image synchronization signal generator of a reference video data processor also
8068682 Generating output pixels of an output image from one or more input images using a set of motion November 29, 2011
An image processing apparatus in which output pixels of an output image are generated from one or more input images using motion vectors having a sub-pixel accuracy. A motion vector allocator allocates motion vectors in the pixels, and compares a current output pixel with test image area
8055094 Apparatus and method of motion adaptive image processing November 8, 2011
An image processing apparatus includes a first motion detector, a second motion detector and a conversion selector. The first motion detector detects motion to a first level of spatial frequency sensitivity. The second motion detector detects motion to a second level of spatial frequ
8050252 Packet-based video network indicating video signal synchronization and methodology thereof November 1, 2011
A video data network device arranged to receive a video signal and an associated synchronisation signal and to launch video data packets representing the video signal onto a packet-based data network comprises means for detecting whether the video signal is synchronised with the sync
8046580 Data processing apparatus and method for generation of protection compression encoded data October 25, 2011
An encoding data processing apparatus is described which is operable to generate protected compression encoded data representative of protected media signals. The apparatus comprises a data analyser which is operable to receive compression encoded data representative of the media signals
8032361 Audio processing apparatus and method for processing two sampled audio signals to detect a tempo October 4, 2011
An audio processing apparatus for processing two sampled audio signals to detect a temporal position of one of the audio signals with respect to the other. The apparatus detects audio power characteristics of each signal in respect of successive continuous temporal portions of each of
8023728 Display apparatus and method September 20, 2011
In a method of displaying an image from an image store to a display device, each pixel has a color represented by pixel values which define a position within color space. A plurality of regions are defined within the color space, and each pixel value used within the image is allocated
8015410 Data processing apparatus and method September 6, 2011
A data processing apparatus is operable to identify one of a plurality of code words present in a watermarked version of a material item. The marked version is formed by combining each of a plurality of parts of a code word with one of a plurality of units from which the material item
8013899 Camera arrangement and method September 6, 2011
A camera arrangement comprising a plurality of camera elements and a corresponding method of arranging camera elements is described. The camera arrangement improves the resolution of a stitched image by maintaining a uniform overlap between the fields of view of adjacent camera eleme
8000534 Alias avoidance in image processing August 16, 2011
An image processing apparatus in which output pixel values are generated with respect to pixels of an input image selected in accordance with an image feature direction in the input image. The apparatus includes a mechanism comparing blocks of pixels of the input image, the blocks being
7996866 Data broadcast method August 9, 2011
A system for providing requested data sets of broadcast data service transmitted as part of a broadcast signal, including a broadcast headend configured to receive a data request from a receiver, and configured to broadcast requested data sets to the receiver in response to the data
7996567 Audio processing August 9, 2011
A network interface device connectable to a network, the device being arranged to receive digital audio data representing an audio signal and, substantially in real time, to launch data packets representing the digital audio data onto the network, the device comprising: an attribute
7971020 Embedding data in an information signal June 28, 2011
A method of controlling copying of an information signal, comprises the steps of: prior to recordal and/or transmission, applying to the information signal a substantially imperceptible modification representing copy control data including a password securely encoded according to a p
7965858 Data processing apparatus and method June 21, 2011
An encoding data processing apparatus configured to parse a compression encoded bit stream to identify frames of a video image, and to determine for image frame areas of the compression encoded bit stream providing spare data capacity as a result of the fixed data portion not being c
7962964 Watermarking and transferring material June 14, 2011
A client device for use in a system having a server, the client device including: a receiving device configured to receive information material from the server, the information material containing a reversible modification providing a visually perceptible disturbing effect having bee
7912045 Data streaming communication system and method March 22, 2011
A data communication system for communicating one or more payload streamed data signals and an auxiliary data signal, the auxiliary data signal being arranged as one or more data packets according to a data packet protocol, each packet having a packet destination address. The system
7899306 Security system March 1, 2011
A media data security system for rendering a secure media data file, having associated authentication data, for output comprises a data preparation unit operable with respect to a version of the media data file, having user controls for generating a list of desired render operations
7899205 Data content identification March 1, 2011
A method of detecting a version of input data content, there being a plurality of different versions of said data content, in which: said data content is arranged as two or more segments according to a segmentation pattern; and said versions of said data content are identifiable by
7890975 Data broadcast method February 15, 2011
A system for providing a plurality of sets of broadcast data service transmitted as part of a broadcast signal, including a processor configured to periodically extract at least some of the plurality of sets of the broadcast data service from a broadcast carousel included in the broa
7889975 Media editing February 15, 2011
A media editing apparatus for editing media items together to form a media product comprises means for displaying at least two representations of the media items, each representation relating to media items lying within a respective time period with respect to the media product; a user
7884745 Analogue to digital conversion February 8, 2011
An analog-to-digital conversion arrangement converting an input analog signal into an output digital representation. Two or more analog-to-digital conversion paths each applying a conversion mapping between input analog signal magnitudes and respective digital values generate an inte
7856119 Embedding data in material December 21, 2010
An apparatus including a transformer for transforming transform domain data into time domain data and a combiner for receiving material and combining said time domain data with said material to form data embedded material. Hence, the material is not subject any transformation at all.
7844052 Encoding and detecting apparatus November 30, 2010
An encoding data processing apparatus is arranged to generate a marked copy of an item of material by introducing at least one code word into a copy of the material item, the code word being arranged to identify a payload data word. The encoding apparatus comprises an encryption circuit
7840816 Identifying material stored using a signature as a retrieval index November 23, 2010
A method of identifying material which includes the step of inserting an identifying code into a signal as a watermark, and deriving a signature from the material. The code and signature are stored in a database. The watermarked signal may be distributed and/or transmitted through a
7831127 Combining video material and data November 9, 2010
A method of combining data with other material comprises the step of repetitively distributing the data in the other material. The data is for example metadata associated with the other material. The other material may be one or more of video, audio and data material preferably in a
7818577 Identifying material using a watermark and a signature October 19, 2010
A method of identifying material comprises the step of inserting an identifying code into a signal as a watermark, and deriving a signature from the material. The code and signature are stored in a database. The watermarked signal may be distributed and/or transmitted through a netwo
7817650 Data transmission October 19, 2010
A data communication transmitting node is provided, the transmitting node comprising: a plurality of buffers for storing data from a respective plurality of input data streams; means for monitoring an occupancy level of each of the plurality of buffers to detect if the occupancy level is
7808932 Virtual connection for packetised data transfer in a video and audio network October 5, 2010
A packet-based data network includes a packet-based network switch, and a plurality of packetised data sources coupled to the network, where the packetised data includes at least one of audio data or video data. The data network further includes at least one destination, being a data
7804522 Image analysis for smoke detection September 28, 2010
A smoke detection method for identifying, in a current input image, an area indicative of the presence of smoke, there being a sequence of two or more input images, the method comprising the steps of: storing a background estimation for a current input image; and comparing the curren
7792322 Encoding apparatus and method September 7, 2010
An encoding data processing apparatus is arranged to generate a marked copy of an image by introducing a code word into a copy of the image. The apparatus comprises a code word generator operable to generate the code word. The encoding apparatus includes an image perception analyser and
7783897 Programmable logic device August 24, 2010
A hardware decryption processor operates, when power is applied to a programmable logic device, to read an encrypted configuration program, to decrypt the encrypted configuration program using a first secret configuration key stored in a register, and to configure a programmable arra
7778516 Identifying, recording and reproducing information August 17, 2010
A signal processing system comprises a recorder (500,204) for recording information signals representing video audio and/or data material on a tape (502, 126). The recorder (500, 204) generates (152,178) first material identifiers for identifying respective pieces of material on the
7746133 Charge pump circuit June 29, 2010
A charge pump circuit including an input rail, an output rail, a voltage rail, a control line, an MOS input transistor including a gate and a channel connected between the input rail and the voltage rail, and an MOS output transistor including a gate and a channel connected between the
7739598 Media handling system June 15, 2010
A media handling system in which candidate video sequences are displayed on a display screen in schematic form for selection by a user comprises means for detecting human faces in the candidate video sequences; a display screen for displaying representations of the candidate video se
7702404 Digital audio processing April 20, 2010
A method of processing a spectrally-encoded digital audio signal comprising band data components representing audio contributions in respective frequency bands comprises the steps of altering a subset comprising one or more of the band data components; and generating recovery data to
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