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Solteam Electronics Co., Ltd. Patents
Solteam Electronics Co., Ltd.
Taoyuan, TW
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8076603 Axially-movable rotary switch December 13, 2011
An axially-movable rotary switch includes a casing, a fixing base, a substrate and a knob. The fixing base is fixed in the hollow casing. The substrate is fixed below the fixing base. The knob is pivotally disposed on the upper end of the hollow casing. The switching rod of the knob
7982153 Rotary combined switch structure with multistage switch function July 19, 2011
A rotary combined switch structure with multistage switch function includes a casing unit, a switch unit and a rotary unit. The casing unit has a casing, a first opening formed on a top side of the casing and a second opening formed on a bottom side of the casing. The switch unit is
7964811 Moisture-proof push-button switch module June 21, 2011
A moisture-proof push-button switch module includes a first casing unit, a second casing unit, a first movable structure, and a push structure. The first casing unit has a first outer moisture-proof structure disposed around its outer side. The first casing unit has a first receiving roo
7858890 Waterproof rotary switch December 28, 2010
A waterproof rotary switch includes a holder base that has hooks extending from the periphery, a switching component set that is mounted on the holder base and has a fixed metal terminal with a fixed contact, a movable metal terminal with a movable contact, and two conductors respect
7629549 Rotary switch December 8, 2009
A rotary switch includes a holder base holding two metal contact plates and one metal connection plate, a rotary handle vertically pivotally coupled to a pivot shaft of the holder base and rotatable relative to the holder base between a first position where a bottom recess of a circular
7291796 Press switch having a force-to-detach function November 6, 2007
A press switch includes a base, a contractible pulling rod, an upper casing, and an actuator, and when the actuator is pressed to compress a resilient spring between the upper casing and the actuator, such that the contractible pulling rod and its press terminal move downward until two
7284587 Blind structure October 23, 2007
An improved blind structure includes a Roman blind having a head-rail made up of a first and second engaging sections symmetrically extending at both top lateral sides thereof for a plurality of guide sliding seats to be respectively mounted thereto wherein a pull cord positioning seat a
6794592 Dustproof and waterproof switch September 21, 2004
A dustproof and waterproof switch includes a casing, a contact pole device, an axial joint member, a catch member and a covering member. The characteristic is in that the axial joint member is placed in the casing and lap joined to support members the axial joint member having a fitting
6713697 Dust and moisture free switch March 30, 2004
A dust and moisture free switch includes a hollow casing, a contact pole device, a control plate and an isolation part. The contact pole device is inserted to the bottom of the casing with a stationary pole and a support pole being inserted into and locating at a respective pole hole and
5629504 Voltage switch May 13, 1997
A voltage switch including a casing, a plurality of terminals fastened to the casing, a bottom board covered on the casing and having a center opening, a contact slide mounted in the casing and moved within the center opening of the bottom board to alternatively connect the terminals

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