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Societe d'Etudes de Machines Thermiques SEMT Patents
Societe d'Etudes de Machines Thermiques SEMT
Saint Denis, FR
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4561253 Method of operating supercharged diesel engine with modified valve lift and bypassed intake air December 31, 1985
A method of operating a four-stroke cycle Diesel engine supercharged by an exhaust gas-driven turbocompressor with valve timing comprising a partial overlap of the opening periods of the exhaust and intake valves, with early intake closure and partial exhaust closure for the major part o
4513572 Method of recovering energy in a power generator and power generator for carrying out the said m April 30, 1985
A turbocharged internal combustion engine includes a supercharging air compressor that delivers compressed air to the engine via a compressed air delivery conduit, the compressor being coupled to an exhaust gas turbine having an inlet connected to the exhaust manifold of the engine via a
4480792 Fuel injector with gear-driven calibration of needle November 6, 1984
A fuel injector for an internal combustion engine comprising a body traversed by an injection conduit and provided with a lateral fuel inlet located in the lower half of the body, the body containing an injector needle continued by a push-member provided with a head upon which bears a
4424790 Method of improving the efficiency of a supercharged diesel engine January 10, 1984
The invention relates to a method and a device for improving the efficiency of a four-stroke-cycle internal combustion engine. The main purpose of the invention is to obtain an effective compression ratio that is capable of automatic variation without introducing additional elements what
4404805 Method of and system for power generation by supercharged internal combustion engine September 20, 1983
An internal combustion engine supercharged with air by an exhaust gas-driven turbo-compressor discharging through a by-pass duct a tapped flow rate of compressed air into the exhaust gas pipe-line feeding the turbine, said tapped flow rate of compressed air being heated by means of a
4363293 Piston for a reciprocating piston machine, particularly an internal combustion engine December 14, 1982
A piston for a reciprocating piston machine, of the type swivelled by means of a piston pin to the associated connecting rod small and consisting of two members constituting the piston head and the piston skirt, assembled together by stud bolts. The central portion of the piston skirt is
4341185 Fluid-cooled valve housing for an engine having two exhaust valves per cylinder July 27, 1982
A valve housing for an internal combustion engine having more than one intake or exhaust valve per cylinder includes complementary upper 14 and lower 16 members, with a transverse junction plane 17 intersecting a longitudinal partition 10 which divides an annular cavity 9 between a c
4334409 Device for recovering heat energy in a supercharged internal-combustion engine June 15, 1982
A method and a device for recovering energy from a supercharged internal-combustion engine by producing a complementary amount of energy from a system operating on a Rankine cycle, includes preheating the working fluid used in the Rankine cycle through heat exchange with the air issu
4327678 Support device for the set of valve rockers of an internal combustion engine, particularly a lar May 4, 1982
A support device for the set of rockers of an internal combustion engine, the device comprising a forked rocker for the operation of two exhaust valves and one rocker with two arms for the operation of two inlet valves. The shaft of the exhaust rocker is secured to the support block by
4296715 Apparatus for external cooling of an exhaust valve October 27, 1981
This invention relates to a method and devices for improving the external cooling of an exhaust valve of internal combustion engines. This method consists in extending the open period of the exhaust valve beyond the normal closing instant by preventing it from closing completely at that
4288988 Method and apparatus for improving the gas flow in an internal combustion engine exhaust manifol September 15, 1981
Method and exhaust manifold for damping the pressure oscillations in an exhaust manifold of an internal combustion engine, consisting in throttling the gas flow in the vicinity of the cylinder outlet and then in accelerating the gases flowing in the manifold by providing a uniform flow
4262638 Mushroom valve with forced fluid cooling, in particular for an internal combustion engine April 21, 1981
A valve, in particular for an internal combustion engine, of the mushroom type cooled by forced circulation of a cooling fluid, comprising a valve stem having at least two longitudinal cooling passage-ways and a valve head being provided with a substantially peripheral cooling passage-wa
4232641 Method and device for improving the efficiency of internal combustion engines November 11, 1980
A method for improving the efficiency of an internal combustion engine such as a Diesel engine, by ensuring, on the one hand, efficient cylinder scavenging, particularly at light engine loads and/or low speeds, and on the other hand, a reduction of the effective compression ratio resulti
4226216 Method of quick pneumatic braking of a diesel engine October 7, 1980
A method of improving the effectiveness of braking a reversible four-stroke V type Diesel engine with an even number of at least ten working cylinders fitted with individual starting valves sequentially fed from an engine-driven rotary pressure air distributor, the method consisting in
4196593 Internal combustion engine supercharger set April 8, 1980
A supercharger set for internal combustion engines comprising two turboblowers the two axes of which being mutually perpendicular. The high-pressure turbine is mechanically coupled to the high-pressure compressor, whereas the low-pressure turbine is mechanically coupled to the low-pr
4195610 Method and device for stopping a fuel-injection internal combustion engine in case of overspeed April 1, 1980
A method and a device for stopping a fuel-injection internal combustion engine, in which the injection pump is of the multi-cylinder single-housing type, comprising in supplying the housing of the pump with pressurized gas for separating the pump plungers and tappets from their actua
4182282 Mushroom valve housing with fluid coolant circulation for internal combustion engines January 8, 1980
The invention provides a mushroom valve housing comprising a cage (1) and a guide (2), Cage (1) comprises legs (3, 4, 5, 6) supporting a valve seat (7) containing an annular space (8). Guide (2) has an annular cavity (9) with two sections (9a, 9b) communicating with space (8) by passages
4161161 Device for damping pressure waves in an internal combustion engine fuel injection system July 17, 1979
In a device for injecting liquid fuel in a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, a pressure accumulator chamber connected through a narrow passage with an injection conduit between an injection pump and an injector and intended to suppress or reduce the pressure oscill
4143319 Method for magnetically determining the degree of wear of a piston ring of an internal combustio March 6, 1979
A method for determining the degree of the wear condition of a piston ring in sliding contact with a cylinder wall of an internal combustion engine. The piston ring has a defined magnetic property which property in sliding contact with the wall may be varied by a chromium plating. The re
4120268 Device for injecting water into the cylinders of an internal combustion engine, particularly for October 17, 1978
A device for injecting water into one cylinder of an internal combustion engine, in order to reduce the temperature of said cylinder and thus to avoid the nitrogen compounds (NOx) in the exhaust gases; said device comprising a pump connected to an injector which opens into said cylinder
4106798 Fluid-tight pipe coupling arrangement August 15, 1978
A fluid-tight pipe coupling for interconnecting two pipe sections, comprising two flanges integral with said pipe sections, respectively, and clip means for clamping said flanges against each other, the engaging faces of said flanges being flat, one of said flanges having a frusto-co
4096697 Method and means for conditioning the intake air of a supercharged, low-compression ratio diesel June 27, 1978
A method of and means for conditioning a substantially highly supercharged, low-compression ratio Diesel engine at start and low-load or idling speed operation wherein the improvement consists in the step of temporarily preheating the air supply before it enters or is pressure fed into t
4094465 Method and device for obviating the risk of injection fuel leakage, more particularly into the c June 13, 1978
The invention relates to a method and a device for obviating the risk of injection fuel leakage into the cooling system of Diesel engine injectors in the region of the glazed mating surfaces of the injector nozzle body and nozzle holder traversed by a fuel intake passage and by at least

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