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Societe Suisse Pour L'Industrie Horlogere Management Services S.A. Patents
Societe Suisse Pour L'Industrie Horlogere Management Services S.A.
Bienne, CH
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4467255 Position detector for a stepping motor August 21, 1984
The invention provides a feed arrangement enabling the detection of the rr position of a stepping motor in relation to polarity of the motor pulses and to apply a series of long duration pulses should the polarity be considered to be wrong. The detector includes means for sampling the
4456386 Timepiece having a divider chain with an adjustable division rate June 26, 1984
The timepiece includes a low frequency oscillator serving as time base and rranged to feed a first chain of frequency dividers having an adjustable division rate in order to display the time and a high frequency oscillator feeding a second chain of frequency dividers. During an imprecise
4444512 Method and circuit for comparing the timekeeping state and contents of a register in an electron April 24, 1984
For an electronic timepiece arranged and adapted to give reminders there is rovided a method for comparing a timekeeping state (1) with the contents of a register (2), a circuit (3) for applying the method and a utilization of such circuit.A programmable register (2) releases a signal whe
4435090 Static pick-up for timepiece March 6, 1984
A static pick-up may comprise a sapphire substrate of which the upper sure bears at least two metallic electrodes and a dielectric and the lower surface is metallized in a manner to receive directly an electronic circuit adapted to detect the position of a finger placed on the pick-up.
4427952 Oscillator circuit with digital temperature compensation January 24, 1984
The oscillator circuit comprises a digital temperature compensation circuit connected to a low and a high frequency quartz oscillator. The two quartz oscillators have the same inversion temperature points and a different temperature behaviour.In the temperature compensation circuit a bea
4415870 Oscillator circuit with digital temperature compensation November 15, 1983
An oscillator circuit having a digital temperature compensation circuit which contains two low frequency quartz oscillators, a beat frequency generator and a correction circuit and a logic circuit selectively controlling an addition circuit. The beat frequency generator receives the
4408901 Miniature pushbutton October 11, 1983
The invention concerns a miniature pushbutton for a timepiece and includes head portion (1) associated with a socket (2) force fitted into a caseband (15). Considered in isolation it constitutes a dormant corrector since it lacks a return spring thus permitting a considerable reduction i
4408898 Positioning mechanism for a center wheel October 11, 1983
The invention provides a positioning mechanism for a center wheel in a tiiece enabling precision positioning for the seconds or minutes hand relative to the dial divisions. It comprises a jumper spring (1) friction mounted onto the base plate and cooperating with the teeth (3) of the
4407586 Thin wrist-watch October 4, 1983
An electronic wrist-watch of greatly reduced thickness has extremely thin me indicating discs for which a special driving and guiding system is employed. Further, a single-phase motor is provided with at least two stator windings for reducing the watch's thickness. A watch case comprises
4382693 Single phase bipolar stepping motor having two rotation senses May 10, 1983
The invention comprises a single phase bipolar stepping motor in which the otor may rotate in both senses. A stator is provided having two windings. When these are connected in series and fed with a first type of alternating polarity pulses, the rotor turns in a preferred sense. When
4365243 Interface device for the entry of data into an instrument of small volume responsive to body mov December 21, 1982
The invention concerns an interface device for the entry of data into an trument of small volume such as a timepiece and comprises a static touch responsive sensor formed by a plurality of juxtaposed electrodes. An electronic logic circuit on the one hand receives signals emitted by the
4364668 Timepiece with seconds display on demand December 21, 1982
An analog display timepiece includes an hours hand and a minutes hand. A control in association with electronic means enables transformation of the minutes hand into a seconds hand and the hours hand into a minutes hand which advances through an angle of per minute. In one ver
4351042 Timepiece including a storage arrangement September 21, 1982
The invention comprises an arrangement which permits placing a timepiece o a state of minimum energy consumption for storage purposes. It includes a manual control arranged to act on an electronic circuit. When the manual control is briefly actuated the minutes hand may be set to the mi
4346463 Movement detector for a stepping motor August 24, 1982
A feed arrangement enabling detection of the movement of a stepping motor d providing such motor with a series of long duration pulses in the event of failure to step responsive to a short duration pulse. The detector comprises means for sampling a first signal developed by the current i
4345221 Temperature compensated signal generator including two crystal oscillators August 17, 1982
A signal generator having a digital temperature compensation circuit contains high and low frequency quartz oscillators (HF and NF), the low frequency oscillator being used for temperature compensation. Both oscillators are manufactured such that the descending portion of the tempera
4344046 Signal generator including high and low frequency oscillators August 10, 1982
A signal generator includes a high frequency oscillator such as a quartz crystal oscillator at a frequency of 4.19 MHz, a low frequency quartz oscillator with a frequency of 32 kHz, a beat frequency generator for producing a correction signal which is transmitted to a programmable fr
4329601 Stepping motor May 11, 1982
A single phase bipolar stepping motor is described wherein the rotor is cble of bidirectional rotation. The rotor is so dimensioned that a combination of its moment of inertia J, its volume V and the number of pole pairs p satisfy the relation J/(V.multidot.p.sup.1,4).gtoreq.5.multi
4329110 Manipulating device, particularly for industrial robots May 11, 1982
The invention refers to a manipulating device, particularly for industrial obots, comprising an articulated gripping arm located and extending from a support, of the kind in which the articulated gripping arm comprises a lever system with at least a first, a second and a third member pivo
4323834 Movement detector for a stepping motor April 6, 1982
The invention provides a feed arrangement for a stepping motor which enables step detection and responsive to failure to step applies a series of wide (long duration) pulses in place of the normal short duration pulses. The detector includes sampling means for a first signal developed
4321839 Monodirectional torque-transmission gear March 30, 1982
A stepping motor causes a driving pinion to rotate by steps of, he stopping position being such that a driven pinion is blocked with a very small backlash by the pressure of a tooth of the driven pinion against the top face of one of the teeth of the driving pinion. Both pinion
4320484 Electro-optical analog digital display March 16, 1982
A simultaneous analog digital timepiece display comprises two superposed passive electro-optical cells one of which provides analog information and the other digital information. The timepiece is arranged and adapted such that the two types of information displayed are never directly
4320483 Attaching device of a dial on stationary parts of a timepiece movement March 16, 1982
To attach the dial to the timepiece movement it is proposed to use a magnc circuit comprising at least one permanent magnet which cooperates with a soft ferromagnetic material. The latter may be a component of the dial while the magnet is placed within the movement. The magnetic att
4310363 Sealed electric passages January 12, 1982
A process for obtaining sealed electric passages through an insulating body nvolves subjecting a titanium oxide ceramic forming a portion of the insulating body to a reduction process at selected places where the passages are desired. The reduction process involves baking the titanium
4310219 Light diffusing surface structure for a light guide in an information display January 12, 1982
A light diffusing surface structure is provided for a light guide in a passive information display wherein the surface geometry of regular texture is formed by portions of circular cylinders having their axes parallel to the general plane of the surface such cylinder portions interse
4255805 Data introducing arrangement March 10, 1981
A countdown device such as a timer employing a digital display is provided ith a plurality of up/down counters, one for each digit column. A single control switch is provided which may be in the form of a push-button and the signal obtained therefrom acts on each counter until a predeterm
4253173 Dual display synchronization system for a timepiece February 24, 1981
A timepiece is described having an electromechanical analogue display for rtain information and an electronic digital display for other information. Synchronizing means for the displays may consist of a signal generator associated with the analogue display driving mechanism and arranged
4252416 Optical instrument for gathering and distribution of light February 24, 1981
An optical instrument for the gathering and distribution of light comprises cylindrical and a planar body formed of transparent material and optically coupled together. The cylindrical body has an elliptic and circular outer surface covered with inwardly reflecting material and a light s
4245173 Beveled, coupled mode piezo-electric resonator January 13, 1981
A yzw' thickness shear crystal bar is provided with bevels cut n its longest narrow surfaces (b, c) proximate the ends in order to obtain energy trapping of the coupled mode vibrations which may arrive at said ends and thus permit shortening of the bar for a given quality fact
4236239 Electronic timepiece comprising two different displays November 25, 1980
The small-sized electronic timepiece comprises a casing susceptible to turn ntirely on itself in a support in order to expose in a first position an analog display and in a second position a digital display. The support is constituted by a rectangular plate two opposed edges of which have
4236236 Timepiece combined with a thermometer November 25, 1980
An electronic timepiece displaying both the time and the temperature. A tsducer which may take two positions is provided to reach this result: the first position incorporates the transducer within the timepiece and allowing the correction of the frequency drift of the time base which
4232384 Timesetting arrangement for electrical timepieces November 4, 1980
An electrically driven timepiece has a high frequency oscillator, a frequy divider and a time display capable of displaying at least minutes and seconds wherein correcting and setting of the display is obtained by means of a single user accessible switch capable of assuming at least two
4228648 Hour hand corrector for dual display timepiece October 21, 1980
A dual display timepiece employs a stepping motor capable of rotation in sense for driving hour and minute hands in an analogue display and an electronic digital display for displaying other information (second, date, chronograph, etc.). In order to facilitate hour hand corrections a l
4223528 Unidirectional gear transmission September 23, 1980
A unidirectional gear transmission of reduced axial thickness advantageou employed in timepieces is adapted to be driven by a stepping motor. The driving gear is provided with an alternating pattern of teeth having a first thickness and spacing and sets of two teeth having greater t
4223525 Sequential display for digital chronograph September 23, 1980
A timepiece having chronograph features has an electronic digital display pable of displaying six digits. In the chronograph operating mode these are normally minutes, seconds and hundredths of seconds. Should the instrument run for more than one hour prior to a stop or split operation,
4124809 Quartz crystal resonator November 7, 1978
A piezo electric resonator member is cut from a quartz crystal in a rotated -orientation and arranged for vibration in a thickness shear mode, the member being in the form of a bar elongated along either the X-axis or the Z'-axis having rectangular cross sections in planes parallel respec
4117283 Swimming pool touch pad construction September 26, 1978
A touch pad as used in swimming pools for timing competitions has instead an integrally formed striker plate or one comprising independently mounted panels, a plurality of hollow extruded plastic panels each with a hook portion on one edge and a hook receiving portion on the other edge
4087894 Method of manufacture of watch case May 9, 1978
A watch case is made from an electrically conductive hard material compoud from aluminum oxide and titanium carbide by forming a blank by sintering the material, subjecting the blank to a heat treatment, spark machining the blank to its final form, and fine grinding and polishing the
4085576 Monocrystalline display device with storage effect for an electronic timepiece April 25, 1978
Disclosed is an electronic timepiece display arrangement in which certain rroelectric monocrystals having two stable optical states may be switched from one state to another by voltage pulses applied through electrodes. A polarizing filter is located past one face of the crystal and a re
4084131 Process and apparatus for the determination of the inversion temperature of a quartz piezoelectr April 11, 1978
The inversion temperature of a quartz piezoelectric resonator is determined y exciting the resonator at its resonant frequency, bringing the resonator to a first temperature T.sub.h, obtaining the resonance frequency f.sub.o at the temperature T.sub.h as a standard of comparison for the s
4076987 Multiple resonator or filter vibrating in a coupled mode February 28, 1978
A multiple resonator or filter is described in the form of a rectangular of piezoelectric material having dimensional ratios selected so as to assure vibration in a thickness shear mode strongly coupled with a flexural mode. At least two energy trapping zones are provided extending
4071797 Quartz piezo-electric element vibrating in a coupled mode January 31, 1978
This specification describes a rectangular quartz crystal which has been igned with specific length-width-thickness ratios whereby vibration takes place in the thickness shear mode strongly coupled with flexural vibrations. The choice of the specific ratios permits an improved perfo
4068171 Frequency comparator January 10, 1978
Two frequencies to be compared are applied to two inputs of a flip-flop. output of the flip-flop is fed to a low pass filter and the output of the filter is a saw tooth voltage proportional to the phase difference between the two frequencies. Differentiation of the saw tooth voltage
4065651 Keyboard switch assembly having flexible rung ladder contacts December 27, 1977
A keyboard having a matrix of keys or pushbuttons arranged in a matrix is ovided with a plurality of stationary electrical contacts arranged in a similar matrix. Movable contacts operated by the pushbuttons are provided by a plurality of ladder-shaped flexible conductive members. Each
4063910 Apparatus for automatically adjusting the frequency of piezoelectric resonators in the form of b December 20, 1977
Apparatus for automatically adjusting the frequency of a piezoelectric reator in the form of a bar or plate includes circuitry for applying a voltage to the resonator to cause it to resonate, measuring the frequency of the resonator continuously during a frequency adjusting cycle, c
4062154 Process for automatically adjusting the frequency of piezoelectric resonators in the form of bar December 13, 1977
A process for automatically adjusting the frequency of a piezoelectric reator in the form of a bar or plate includes the steps of applying a voltage to the resonator to cause it to resonate, measuring the frequency of the resonator continuously during a frequency adjusting cycle, co
4041213 Power cell compartment for an electrically energized timepiece August 9, 1977
In an electrically energized timepiece, an anisotropically conductive elamer is fixed to the timepiece casing to provide a mechanical seal between the movement compartment and power cell. With slight pressure of the elastomer between the power cell and timepiece contacts, an electrical
4030337 Pickup for measuring the rate of an electronic timepiece June 21, 1977
Pickups for the measurement of the accuracy of electronic timepieces are closed. The pickups each include an induction-winding detector and an integrated-circuit frequency divider which is the same as the integrated-circuit frequency divider of timepieces to be measured therewith. T
4030283 Electrically driven time piece with means for effecting a precise setting of time June 21, 1977
An electrically driven timepiece is provided with a single user-actuated h button for controlling a modulo-three counter, the counter being utilized to control display advancing pulses derived from an oscillator and frequency divider. In a first state, the counter controls the display
4025806 Suspension and package for piezo-electric resonators May 24, 1977
This invention provides a support arrangement for suspending a piezo-elecc resonator which by providing a frame with cut out portions in its interior enables a resonator provided with suspension conductors to be placed in position by simple translation or rotation without in any way
4013343 Electro-optical display arrangement with storage effect using a solid electrolyte March 22, 1977
The embodiments disclosed are image forming devices and the like with a solid electrolyte laminated between electrodes with the electrodes insulated by transparent, insulating layers in a selected pattern to form the image.
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