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SmithKline Beecham Corporation Patents
SmithKline Beecham Corporation
Philadelphia, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE40988 Ligands of the neuropeptide receptor HFGAN72 November 17, 2009
Polypeptides of HFGAN72 receptor ligands and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides are provided. Methods of using these polypeptides to diagnose diseases relating to the under- or over-expression of HFGAN72 receptor ligands are also provided. In addition, methods of identifying a
RE40070 Antibody purification February 19, 2008
This invention relates to the application of hydrophobic interaction chromatography combination chromatography to the purification of antibody molecule proteins..Iadd.The questions raised in reexamination request, 09/006,966 filed Mar. 12, 2004 have been considered and the results th
RE39921 Chemical compounds November 13, 2007
The invention relates to piperazine derivatives, to processes for their preparation, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them, and to their medical use. The novel compounds are antagonists of tachykinins, including substance P and other neurokinins.
RE39792 Method for culturing Chinese hamster ovary cells August 21, 2007
A biochemically defined culture medium for culturing engineered Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines, which is essentially free from protein, lipid and carbohydrate isolated from an animal source, having water, an osmolality regulator, a buffer, an energy source, amino acids including
RE39576 Enzyme inhibitors April 17, 2007
A compound of formula (I) ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.1 is a C.sub.1-6 straight or branched chain alkyl group, a C.sub.2-6alkenyl group, a C.sub.2-6 alkynyl group, a C.sub.3-6cycloalkyl group or a C.sub.3-6cycloalkylC.sub.1-6alkyl group, each optionally substituted by one to three
RE39282 Nucleic acid derivatives September 12, 2006
This invention relates to a methodology for assessing the sensitivity of an HIV-1 sample to zidovudine and to diagnostic assays for use in such assessment.
RE37421 Rapamycin derivatives October 23, 2001
Rapamycin derivatives; pharmaceutical compositions comprising such rapamycin derivatives and pharmaceutically acceptable carriers or diluents; and methods of using such derivatives to inhibit pathogenic fungi growth, inhibit immunosuppression or treat carcinogenic tumors are disclose
D662203 Nasal dilator June 19, 2012
D609094 Container February 2, 2010
D606861 Compliance dose indicator December 29, 2009
D598738 Container August 25, 2009
D596495 Dissolving film packaging July 21, 2009
D562151 Container February 19, 2008
D561586 Flip-top cap February 12, 2008
D561399 Dental floss dispenser February 5, 2008
D558401 Flip-top dental floss dispenser cap December 25, 2007
D551440 Pill case September 25, 2007
D547649 Container July 31, 2007
D545201 Bottle June 26, 2007
D543316 Flip-top dental floss dispenser cap May 22, 2007
D540190 Container April 10, 2007
D540189 Container April 10, 2007
D535565 Bottle January 23, 2007
D534805 Bottle January 9, 2007
D513981 Pharmaceutical packaging January 31, 2006
D511465 Pharmaceutical packaging November 15, 2005
D511303 Pharmaceutical packaging November 8, 2005
D506388 Hinged container top June 21, 2005
D499646 Pharmaceutical packaging December 14, 2004
D496276 Packaging for pharmaceutical products September 21, 2004
D493014 Flip-top dental floss dispenser cap July 13, 2004
D492771 Mouthpiece for an inhalation device July 6, 2004
D489626 Bottle May 11, 2004
D487398 Nozzle for dispensing viscous material March 9, 2004
D483115 Inhalation device December 2, 2003
D482443 Inhalation device November 18, 2003
D482442 Inhalation device November 18, 2003
D482120 Inhalation device November 11, 2003
D482119 Inhalation device November 11, 2003
D479466 Nozzle for dispensing viscous material September 9, 2003
D479322 Mouthpiece for an inhalation device September 2, 2003
D478982 Actuator strap cap August 26, 2003
D477222 Bottle cap July 15, 2003
D467433 Toothbrush travel cap December 24, 2002
D464061 Icon for an electronic display screen October 8, 2002
D456074 Inhalation device holder April 23, 2002
D453961 Inhalation device February 26, 2002
D452432 Toothbrush packaging December 25, 2001
D452431 Toothbrush packaging December 25, 2001
D452430 Toothbrush packaging December 25, 2001

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