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Silicon Technology Corporation
Toyonaka, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6225668 Semiconductor device having a single crystal gate electrode and insulation May 1, 2001
In order to easily and accurately manufacture a micromachine comprising a member which is made of a single-crystalline material and having a complicated structure, an uppermost layer (1104) of a single-crystalline Si substrate (1102) whose (100) plane is upwardly directed is irradiated
5679060 Wafer grinding machine October 21, 1997
The wafer grinding machine uses a centrally located robot to move a wafer from an input station to a measuring station. Thereafter, the wafer is moved into a grind station and a wash station sequentially. The robot is able to move a wafer from the wash station to either the measuring sta
5351444 Blade track control system October 4, 1994
The blade track control system employs a pair of bearing pads and a pair of sensors. Each bearing pad is provided with a supply of compressed air of constant pressure to provide an aerodynamic bearing surface film against a rotating saw blade. Each bearing pad is mounted on a structure,
5329733 Wafer slicing and grinding machine and a method of slicing and grinding wafers July 19, 1994
A wafer slicing and grinding machine is provided with a saw blade assembly for the slicing of wafers from an ingot. A grinding stage is also provided for sequentially grinding the rear face of a previously sliced wafer and the front face of an ingot in order to provide a double ground wa
5319886 Tool mounting arrangement June 14, 1994
The tool mounting arrangement employs a bushing within a recessed end of a shaft. The bushing has three lobes with inclined surfaces which abut against an internal conical wall of an annular mounting portion on the end of the shaft. A threaded screw passes through a washer and the grind
5303687 Blade mount for an inner diameter saw blade April 19, 1994
A blade mount for an I.D. saw blade has an elongated female tensioning ring which has a male pilot lip which fits into a recess in a radial flange of the wheelhead. The male pilot lip and a narrowed annular flexure in the flange of the wheelhead compensate automatically for deflections i
5205028 Wafer alignment fixture for wafers having notches and/or flats April 27, 1993
The wafer alignment fixture is provided with a cassette support which can be slid between two positions on a base plate. In one position, the cassette support is aligned with a roller in order to align notched wafers with each other. In the second position, the cassette support is aligne
5189843 Wafer slicing and grinding machine and a method of slicing and grinding wafers March 2, 1993
A wafer slicing and grinding machine is provided with a saw blade assembly for the slicing of wafers from an ingot. A grinding stage is also provided for sequentially grinding the rear face of a previously sliced wafer and the front face of an ingot in order to provide a double ground wa
5185956 Wafer slicing and grinding system February 16, 1993
The grinding wheel is provided with a plurality of circumferentially spaced apart micrometer screws which can be adjusted from time to time in order to index the grind wheel into different grinding positions. An indexing mechanism can be mounted on the face of the disk with drive pins ex
5148797 Mounting for an internal diameter saw blade September 22, 1992
The spindle on which the wheelhead rotates is mounted within a spindle housing which, in turn, is mounted by a bearing at one end in a pivotally mounted housing. A pair of hydraulic cylinders engage the opposite end of the spindle housing and are actuated during a cutting stroke so as to
5111622 Slicing and grinding system for a wafer slicing machine May 12, 1992
A grinding wheel is mounted coaxially of an internal diameter saw blade and rotates with the saw blade during operation. The grinding wheel includes a grinding disc and a center rod which is movably mounted within a central bore of the spindle of the slicing machine. Compressed fluid suc
5076021 Flat grind stage assembly for an automatic edge grinder December 31, 1991
The flat grind stage assembly is programmed so that the grinding wheel is first caused to move along a straight path to form a flat on a wafer while the wafer is held in a stationary position. Thereafter, the grinding wheel is returned to the mid-point of the flat and then moved away fro
5058328 Wafer centering assembly October 22, 1991
The wafer centering assembly includes a pair of pivot arms which can be pivoted simultaneously to adjust to the diameter of a conveyed wafer. Each pivot arm has a stop which arrest the motion of a wafer such that the axis of the wafer is approximately centered on the axis of a vacuum hea
5036628 Seal assembly for a wafer grinding machine August 6, 1991
A seal assembly is mounted within a grinding machine to separate a grinding wheel from the main portions of a wafer being ground. The seal assembly has a pair of free edges which are disposed to define a V-shaped gap through which the peripheral edge of the wafer passes into grinding
5036624 Notch grinder August 6, 1991
The grinder is provided with a grind burr which is programmed to form a notch in a peripheral edge of a wafer before or after grinding of the peripheral edge of the wafer. The grind burr is mounted on the housing of the grinding wheel to be moved in common therewith. The grind wheel
4974578 Housing for mounting a spindle of an internal diameter saw blade December 4, 1990
The wafering machine is provided with a two-piece housing for mounting the spindle of the saw blade. One housing part is mounted on a fixed axis of a support shaft while the other part is pivotally mounted relative to the first housing part about a pivot axis perpendicular to the support
4716881 Blade mount for inner diameter saw blade January 5, 1988
The saw blade mount is provided with a stabilizer blade mount for imposing an axial force on the saw blade to eliminate unevenness in the saw blade. The stabilizer blade mount includes a gasket ring of plastic or elastomeric material which is abutting against the saw blade and which
4638601 Automatic edge grinder January 27, 1987
The edge profile machine employs a centering station in which a photosensor measures a number of points on the periphery of a wafer so that the shape of the wafer and location of the geometric center can be determined in a computer. A rotatable head serves to position the geometric cente
4498449 Precision tensioning device for ID saw blade February 12, 1985
An improved tensioning device is provided for use in an inner diameter saw blade housing. A tensioning ring, disposed in an annular clamping member, is internally threaded at plurality of locations along its circumference. An associated plurality of screws, disposed in cylindrical recess
4420909 Wafering system December 20, 1983
The wafering system employs a chuck assembly for moving a severed wafer from a crystal through the aperture in the cutting blade to a take-off conveyor. The chuck assembly includes a suction head which is pivotally mounted via a pivot arm assembly, a slide for moving the head back and
4171006 Fluid metering valve October 16, 1979
The present invention is related to a fluid metering valve that is specifically constructed to provide fine metering at extremely low flow rates while still providing a full shut-off capability. The fluid metering valve of the present invention is specifically adapted to be utilized in
4151826 Hydraulic tensioning seal May 1, 1979
An improved fluid-tight tensioning seal is provided for use in apparatus of the type wherein an inside diameter cutting blade is mounted in a circular saw blade housing, the blade being continuously tensioned during the cutting operation. The tensioning seal comprises two pieces, one of
4135499 Sealing piston January 23, 1979
In an apparatus for clamping and uniformly tensioning an inside diameter cutting blade, hydraulic fluid is contained within an annular fluid channel which includes an opening confronting the inside diameter blade. The hydraulic fluid is prevented from contacting the blade by a pressu
4014311 Hydraulic blade mount March 29, 1977
An improvement is provided in an apparatus for mounting and tensioning an inside diameter cutting blade which is mounted in a circular saw blade housing. The outer circumference of the blade is clamped within a mounting apparatus. Pressurized hydraulic fluid within a channel exerts press

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