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RE40497 Communication system which dynamically switches sizes of sample buffer between first size for qu September 9, 2008
An apparatus for and method of implementing a novel buffer ba full duplex communication system is disclosed. The disclosed invention is particularly useful in native sign processing systems wherein heavy contention of processor resources typically exist, such as in systems running mu
8587398 Shielded differential inductor November 19, 2013
A shielded differential inductor forms a high quality factor (high-Q) inductor that is configured to attenuate frequency spurs and/or noise from magnetic coupling generated by electrical structures on or off of a substrate as well as interference received by other components from mag
8581872 Method and apparatus for finding local maxima in a two-dimensional array November 12, 2013
A method for finding local maxima in a two-dimensional array includes generating a row array for each row in the array and a column array for each column in the array. The values in a given generated row array are indicative of local maxima of values in the corresponding row, and values
8577316 Mechanically tuned radio utilizing ratiometric time measurements and related methods November 5, 2013
Mechanically tuned radios and related methods are disclosed that utilize ratiometric time measurements to detect settings for mechanical adjustment mechanisms. The radio systems and methods disclosed make a first time measurement associated with a mechanically adjusted circuit, make
8576343 Digital signal processor (DSP) architecture for a hybrid television tuner November 5, 2013
According to one aspect, a mixed-signal tuner for analog and digital TV reception incorporates a demodulator for analog TV, employing various features for resolving limitations of the analog circuitry and for achieving compatibility with various global TV standards. Such features, wh
8571512 Implementing a passive rotating harmonic rejection mixer (RHRM) for a TV tuner in an integrated October 29, 2013
In one embodiment, a passive rotating harmonic rejection mixer (RHRM) is provided that can directly couple to an antenna to receive an incoming radio frequency (RF) signal. This RHRM can have a master RF device to receive the signal and provide first and second RF currents, a master LO
8569679 System and circuit including multiple photo detectors and at least one optical barrier October 29, 2013
A system includes a plurality of photo detectors, which generate signals proportional to incident light. The system further includes an optical barrier adjacent to a surface and includes a control circuit. The optical barrier partially obstructs reflected light from reaching the pluralit
8564256 Circuit devices and methods of providing a regulated power supply October 22, 2013
In an embodiment, a circuit includes a regulated power supply terminal, a processing circuit coupled to the regulated power supply terminal, and a low frequency responsive circuit having a first transistor adapted to be coupled to a power source and having first circuitry configured to
8290457 Performing impulse blanking based on blocker information October 16, 2012
One aspect of the present invention is directed to an apparatus to perform impulse blanking of a received signal at multiple locations of a signal processing path. To effect such impulse blanking, multiple impulse detectors and blankets may be present, in addition to other circuitry.
8288835 Microshells with integrated getter layer October 16, 2012
Microshells including a perforated pre-sealing layer and an integrated getter layer are provided. The integrated getter layer may be disposed between other layers of a perforated pre-sealing layer. The perforated pre-sealing layer may include at least one perforation, and a sealing l
8288672 Keypad system and keypad with enhanced security October 16, 2012
In one form, a keypad includes a substrate and a flexible membrane disposed above a top surface of the substrate. The substrate has the top surface, a first conductor below the top surface, an insulator layer separating the first conductor from the top surface, and a second conductor
8280319 Tuning circuitry in a communications device October 2, 2012
A communications device is provided. The communications device includes a first antenna port coupled to a signal line, transmitter circuitry coupled to the signal line and configured to broadcast a radio frequency (RF) output signal across the first antenna port, tuning circuitry cou
8274466 System and method for providing bias voltages to pad logic of an LCD controller September 25, 2012
An LCD controller includes at least one I/O pad for providing an LCD drive voltage in an LCD mode of operation. I/O pad logic drives the at least one I/O pad responsive to a provided bias voltage. Voltage selection logic selects a higher voltage between an LCD drive voltage and an ex
8273594 Planar microshells for vacuum encapsulated devices and damascene method of manufacture September 25, 2012
Low temperature, multi-layered, planar microshells for encapsulation of devices such as MEMS and microelectronics. The microshells include a planar perforated pre-sealing layer, below which a non-planar sacrificial layer is accessed, and a sealing layer to close the perforation in the
8270544 Combining soft decisions in a weather band radio September 18, 2012
According to one aspect of the present invention, an apparatus is provided to enable weather band radio signals to be received and processed using a digital signal processor (DSP). The DSP can include functionality to implement both frequency modulation (FM) demodulation and weather
8265584 Providing image rejection calibration for a receiver September 11, 2012
According to one embodiment, a method for updating filter values of an image canceller is provided. The method may include determining a channel-to-image (C/I) ratio between a channel signal and an image signal at the canceller input and generating a gain control value based at least
8265133 Radio receiver having a multipath equalizer September 11, 2012
A radio receiver has a multipath equalizer that includes a filter and a coefficient estimator. The filter provides a reconstructed signal by applying a transfer function including a reflection coefficient and a delay coefficient to a multipath radio signal. The coefficient estimator
8264387 Transceiver having multiple signal processing modes of operation September 11, 2012
A transceiver includes a processor and an analog-to-digital converter. The processor is adapted to in a transmit mode of the transceiver, generate a modulated signal in response to a first digital signal. In a receive mode of the transceiver, the processor is adapted to generate a de
8264255 Radio frequency (RF) power detector suitable for use in automatic gain control (AGC) September 11, 2012
In one form, a power detector includes first and third transistors of a first conductivity type, and second and fourth transistors of a second conductivity type. A control electrode of the first transistor receives a first bias voltage plus a positive component of a differential input
8261165 Multi-syndrome error correction circuit September 4, 2012
In a particular embodiment, a forward error correction (FEC) decoder is disclosed that includes an input responsive to a communication channel to receive sampled bits from a continuous bit stream. The circuit device further includes a logic circuit to alternately provide sets of the
8261104 System and method of classification in power over ethernet systems September 4, 2012
A method is disclosed that includes receiving a classification voltage at a powered device from a network. The classification voltage includes a baseline voltage level that is below an operating voltage range of the powered device and includes a sequence of distinct signal elements d
8260244 Rotating harmonic rejection mixer September 4, 2012
In one embodiment, the present invention includes a mixer circuit to receive and generate a mixed signal from a radio frequency (RF) signal and a master clock signal, a switch stage coupled to an output of the mixer circuit to rotatingly switch the mixed signal to multiple gain stage
8260236 Reducing power dissipation using process corner information September 4, 2012
In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for determining process corner information of an integrated circuit (IC) and controlling at least one analog current for at least one analog circuit of the IC based on the process corner information. More specifically, if the
8258893 Out-of-plane MEMS resonator with static out-of-plane deflection September 4, 2012
A microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device includes a tuning electrode, a drive electrode, and a resonator. The resonator is anchored to a substrate and is configured to resonate in response to a signal on the drive electrode. The MEMS device includes a tuning plate coupled to th
8254862 Configurable radio front end August 28, 2012
In one embodiment, the present invention includes a single chip radio tuner, which may be adapted within an integrated circuit (IC). The tuner may be provided with a configurable front end to receive and process a radio frequency (RF) signal via a signal path. This configurable front
8253613 Second-order delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter August 28, 2012
In one embodiment, a second-order delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC) includes a second-order integrator adapted to second-order integrate a value at a first node, where the first node is coupled to an input of the ADC. The ADC also includes a comparator coupled to an output
8249543 Low-IF integrated data receiver and associated methods August 21, 2012
Integrated low-IF (low intermediate frequency) data receivers and associated methods are disclosed that provide advantageous and cost-efficient solutions.
8249247 Tracking voltage regulator for a subscriber line interface circuit August 21, 2012
In one embodiment, the present invention includes an apparatus having a first pair of low voltage operational amplifiers to generate an output representative of an absolute value difference of first and second line voltages of a subscriber loop, and a third low voltage operational am
8248280 Successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) having optimized filte August 21, 2012
A system such as a mechanically tuned radio can have a signal path to receive and process an incoming radio frequency (RF) signal and to provide the processed signal to a first analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to convert the processed signal to a digital signal and to digitally demo
8248175 Oscillator with external voltage control and interpolative divider in the output path August 21, 2012
An oscillator output is controlled from an external voltage control terminal using an interpolative divider as a frequency modulator. The oscillator includes a reference clock generator, analog to digital converter, and an interpolative divider. Nominal output frequency is determined
8242849 Compensation for crystal offset in PLL-based crystal oscillators August 14, 2012
A crystal offset value is stored in non-volatile memory in an oscillator device. The crystal offset value corresponds to a ratio between a rated frequency of an output of a crystal oscillator and a measured frequency of the output of the crystal oscillator. A rated divide value that
8242844 LNA circuit for use in a low-cost receiver circuit August 14, 2012
A low-noise amplifier (LNA) includes an input terminal for receiving an input signal, an output terminal for providing an output signal related to the input signal. The LNA further includes a first transistor having a first source coupled to the input terminal through the first capacitor
8238867 Low noise amplifier (LNA) suitable for use in different transmission environments and receiver u August 7, 2012
A low-noise amplifier includes first and second transconductance paths and first and second variable capacitive dividers. The first transconductance path has a first terminal for receiving a first input signal, a control terminal, and a second terminal for providing a first output si
8238068 Electrical over-stress detection circuit August 7, 2012
In an embodiment, an electrical over-stress (EOS) circuit includes a detection circuit coupled between first and second supply terminals and configured to detect a perturbation in a supply voltage potential between the first and second supply terminals or between a supply voltage pot
8237869 Multi-standard digital demodulator for TV signals broadcast over cable, satellite and terrestria August 7, 2012
A multi-standard single-chip receiver for digital demodulation of TV signals broadcasted over any of multiple digital television means, e.g., satellite, cable and terrestrial, is provided. The receiver can receive and demodulate a variety of different signal types received from one or
8229379 Frequency planning for switching devices for multi-band broadcast radios July 24, 2012
Systems and methods are disclosed that use multiple DC-DC (direct-current-to-direct-current) regulators and configurable DC-DC regulators with respect to multi-band audio receivers in order to allow for the use of different DC-DC regulator switching clock signals for different audio
8229377 Dual antenna communications device July 24, 2012
A communications device is provided. The communications device includes first output stage circuitry configured to generate a first radio frequency (RF) output signal in response to receiving an RF input signal, a first antenna port configured to couple to a first antenna and configu
8228431 Digital phase lock loop configurable as a frequency estimator July 24, 2012
In various implementations, a re-configurable phase lock loop may have multiple signal paths, including a feedforward path to operate in a carrier frequency acquisition mode to obtain a carrier frequency estimate and a feedback loop path to operate in a carrier frequency tracking mode
8224279 Radio frequency (RF) receiver with dynamic frequency planning and method therefor July 17, 2012
A radio frequency (RF) receiver comprises an analog receiver, a digital processor, and a clock synthesizer. The analog receiver has an input for receiving an RF input signal, and an output for providing a digital intermediate frequency (IF) signal. The digital processor has a first i
8224259 Digital architecture for radio-frequency apparatus and associated methods July 17, 2012
A radio-frequency (RF) receiver includes a receiver analog circuitry and a receiver digital circuitry. The receiver analog circuitry resides within a first integrated circuit and the receiver digital circuitry resides within a second integrated circuit. The second integrated circuit
8223820 Method and apparatus for symbol synchronization for an 802.15.4 radio platform July 17, 2012
A technique for receiving a data stream including a spreading sequence packet of information containing a data payload and, in addition to the data payload, packet overhead including at least periodic information and at least one unique section of known coded information that defines a
8222721 Integrated circuit suitable for use in radio receivers July 17, 2012
An integrated circuit (500) includes a semiconductor substrate (400) and an integrated circuit package (530). The semiconductor substrate (400) has a first pair of bonding pads (442, 444) conducting a differential output signal thereon and adapted to be coupled to an input of a first
8213546 System and method for decoding RDS/RBDS data July 3, 2012
A method performed by a receiver is provided. The method includes generating an RDS/RBDS candidate codeword from a set of RDS/RBDS symbols where the RDS/RBDS candidate codeword has a subset of RDS/RBDS values that differs from corresponding subsets of RDS/RBDS values in all other pos
8213192 Primary side sensing for isolated fly-back converters July 3, 2012
A switching voltage regulator samples signals corresponding to a flyback voltage on an auxiliary winding on a primary side of the switching voltage regulator. The flyback voltage functions as feedback from the output voltage on the secondary side. On detection of presence of the flyb
8208884 Method and system for FM tuner ground isolation when using ground signal line as FM antenna June 26, 2012
Methods and systems are disclosed that utilize FM tuner ground isolation when using a ground signal line as an FM antenna for an FM tuner integrated circuit (IC) within a portable electronic system. The ground isolation can be implemented, for example, using one or more isolation ele
8207766 Method and apparatus for quantization noise reduction in fractional-N PLLs June 26, 2012
A first current source supplies a first charge amount responsive to a first pulse signal from the phase frequency detector and a second current source supplies a second charge amount according to a fixed value and a variable value. The variable value corresponds to a phase difference
8203385 Input stage for an amplifier June 19, 2012
In one embodiment, the present invention includes an amplifier having an input to receive a radio frequency (RF) signal from an output node of a source. An input stage coupled to the amplifier input may include one or more components to aid in processing of incoming signals. One such
8203370 Schmitt trigger with gated transition level control June 19, 2012
A Schmitt trigger comprises first and second circuitry. The first circuitry receives an input voltage and provides an output voltage at either a logical "low" or a logical "high" voltage level responsive to the input voltage and a first bias voltage. The second circuitry connects to
8198951 Capacitive isolation circuitry June 12, 2012
An integrated circuit having voltage isolation capabilities includes a plurality of communications channels for transceiving data from the integrated circuit. Each of the communications channel includes capacitive isolation circuitry located in conductive layers of the integrated cir
8195115 Receiver architectures for digital radio broadcasts and associated methods June 5, 2012
Receiver architectures and related methods are disclosed for high definition (HD) and digital radio FM broadcast receivers. The radio receiver architectures are configured to utilize multiple analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) to handle the digital radio spectrum and can be configur
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