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Siemens Medical Systems, Inc. Patents
Siemens Medical Systems, Inc.
Iselin, NJ
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D391838 Fitted ultrasound transducer probe holder March 10, 1998
D383968 Ultrasound transducer probe holder September 23, 1997
D375450 Ultrasound transducer probe holder with groove November 12, 1996
D366528 Pod with cable for coupling a plurality of sensors to a patient monitor January 23, 1996
D363989 Pod for coupling a plurality of sensors to a patient monitor November 7, 1995
6730033 Two dimensional array and methods for imaging in three dimensions May 4, 2004
A two-dimensional array allows rapid three-dimensional ultrasound scanning. A high volume-per-second scan rate using a limited number of system channels (e.g. 192, 256 or other number of channels) is provided by a transducer array without beamforming circuitry in the probe. A fan beam of
6574491 Method and apparatus for detecting a physiological parameter June 3, 2003
A system for detecting a physiological parameter from a physiological signal, includes a source of the physiological signal. Circuitry, coupled to the signal source, detects spectral peaks in the physiological signal. Calculating circuitry, coupled to the spectral peak detecting circuitr
6473008 System for sampling a data signal October 29, 2002
A sampling system includes an input terminal for receiving a data signal having a signal component and possibly a noise component. A sampler samples the data signal at a sample rate set in responsive to a control signal. A noise detector detects the presence of a noise component, and if
6468218 3-D ultrasound imaging system and method October 22, 2002
A 3-D region of interest (ROI) of a body is imaged, preferably using an ultrasound transducer. The intensity of an echo signal from each of a pattern of pixels within the ROI is measured and stored. The pixels are then grouped into pixel blocks, and the intensity values for the pixels in
6434412 Cardiac cine imaging with a short repetition time and high contrast between the blood and the my August 13, 2002
A segmented cine MR pulse sequence of the "TrueFISP"-type having a short repetition time TR is used to acquire MR data during a single breath hold. In the resulting cine images, the blood and the myocardium have distinctly different image contrasts.
6359281 High voltage distribution system for solid state scintillation detectors and gamma camera system March 19, 2002
A high voltage distribution system for distributing a high voltage supply to a plurality of semiconductor radiation detector modules, includes a conductive strip connected to a high voltage supply. The conductive strip is preferably made of aluminum foil, and contacts a surface of each o
6341172 Acquisition scheme for an electron portal imaging system January 22, 2002
An improved acquisition scheme for a medical imaging and treatment system 100. According to one aspect of the invention, adaptive radiation detection, for determining when therapeutic or diagnostic radiation is being applied, is provided. The imaging device 124 acquires several test
6335961 Integrated high definition intensity multileaf collimator system which provides improved conform January 1, 2002
A method and system in accordance with the present invention uses the existing hardware and divides the treatment port dose into segments. In between each segment the field, with respect to the beam, would be translated, and the leaf positions would be adjusted to maintain the tumor
6314159 System and method for optimizing radiation treatment with an intensity modulating multi-leaf col November 6, 2001
A method for controlling radiation delivery from a radiation source to an object is disclosed. The method includes defining a field on the object for radiation delivery. The field includes a plurality of cells, each cell having a defined treatment intensity level. The cells are grouped t
6304628 Wedge angle optimization for a virtual wedge treatment October 16, 2001
Aspects for virtual wedge treatment with wedge angle optimization are described. In a method aspect, the method includes adjusting a preselected calibration factor based on chosen treatment conditions. The method further includes achieving an optimal wedge intensity distribution with
6303935 Combination PET/SPECT nuclear imaging system October 16, 2001
A combination PET/single photon (SPECT or planar) nuclear imaging system utilizes a pair of dedicated PET detectors and at least one dedicated single photon detector mounted on a single gantry. The single photon detector is a solid-state detector, such as CZT, and the PET detectors are
6295465 Myocardial perfusion studies using magnetic resonance imaging September 25, 2001
Gadolinium-based MR contrast agent is administered to a patient. Acquisition of MR data begins at the latest when the bolus of MR contrast agent reaches the patient's heart and continues throughout the first-pass of contrast agent through the coronary circulation. Advantageously, the
6285793 Method and apparatus for automatically determining a quantization factor value that produces a d September 4, 2001
A sequence of angiographic images is made up of frames of data. A sample sequence, made up of a number of such frames, is compressed using a lower value of the quantization factor and the resulting average compression ratio is determined. The same sample sequence is also compressed using
6281507 Interdigital photoconductor structure for direct X-ray detection in a radiography imaging system August 28, 2001
System and method aspects for a photoconductive element for direct x-ray detection in a radiography imaging system are described. The photoconductive element includes a photoconductive material layer for absorbing x-ray radiation transmitted through an object being imaged by the radi
6280387 Three-dimensional tissue/flow ultrasound imaging system August 28, 2001
An ultrasound imaging system produces three-dimensional tissue/flow images by first computing a plurality of separate two-dimensional tissue images and two-dimensional flow images. Separate tissue and flow volumes are created by applying the tissue and flow images to a three-dimensional
6273857 Method and system for correlating exam worksheet values to supporting measurements August 14, 2001
A method and a system for storing and managing dimensional measurement values and the underlying ultrasound images utilize a report generator that operates to generate an examination report of an ultrasound examination having saved measurement values. The examination report allows fo
6260999 Isocenter localization using electronic portal imaging July 17, 2001
According to an embodiment of the present invention, an isocenter of an image may be found by using a multi-leaf collimator. According to this embodiment, a center leaf is projected into the center of the x-ray field with all other leaves retracted. An image is acquired. A line through t
6249796 Real-time technique for reducing the settling time of a high pass filter June 19, 2001
A technique for resetting a HPF for improving its settling time in response to a sharp transition in its input signal, by rapid input and clocking through the high-pass filter (HPF) of new data samples after occurrence of the sharp transition. The new data samples comprise an artificial
6249565 Fractional monitor unit radiation delivery control using dose rate modulation June 19, 2001
Method and system aspects for achieving more accurate radiation delivery during radiation treatment by a radiation-emitting system are described. In a method aspect, and system for achieving same, the method includes providing a table of dose rate values for accumulated dosages in a
6246902 Lead set filter for a patient monitor June 12, 2001
A shielded conductor path comprising: a first signal conductor having an input end for acquiring a physiological signal and an output end for coupling the physiological signal to a physiological signal input of a patient monitor, and a second signal conductor positioned with respect the
6240310 Method of acquiring MR data especially for cardiac cine data sets May 29, 2001
During acquisition of one frame of MR data, the phase-encoding gradient oscillates between a maximum phase-encoding gradient and a minimum phase-encoding gradient. Each oscillation includes a zero phase-encoding gradient.
6240162 Precision dosimetry in an intensity modulated radiation treatment system May 29, 2001
A system and method for radiation therapy delivery. Known errors are compensated for by applying an offset factor to the dose at the start of the beam cycle. According to one embodiment of the invention, a dosimetry controller is configured to provide the offset connection and sense
6240161 Multi-leaf collimator constrained optimization of intensity modulated treatments May 29, 2001
A system and method for radiation therapy delivery. The present invention provides for optimizing radiation delivery by accounting for the physical attributes of a beam shielding device (401) when determining an optimal radiation treatment. These include, for example, constraining the
6239988 Current sourced gate driver for fast thyristors May 29, 2001
Circuits and methods are described for providing gate drive to a gate terminal of a first switching device. The circuit includes a transformer having a core, a primary winding, and at least one secondary winding. The primary winding of the transformer is for coupling to a power source. T
6224666 Forging cylindrical alkali halide ingots into rectangular plates May 1, 2001
A cylindrical alkali halide melt-grown single-crystal-type ingot is axially compressed in a heated dual-platen press while in a plastic state. The ingot is located mid-way between two parallel, planar, vertically extending barriers. By properly orienting the platens and the barriers
6222544 Graphical user interface for radiation therapy treatment apparatus April 24, 2001
A graphical user interface (1000) for use in a patient treatment system. The graphical user interface (1000) permits graphical display and editing of individual treatment parameters, including machine (2, 4, 6) positions and field shapes. Multiple fields grouped sequentially as an intens
6208712 Portal image within a virtual wedge treatment March 27, 2001
Method and system aspects for utilizing portal images in a virtual wedge treatment during radiation treatment by a radiation-emitting device are described. In a method aspect, and system for achieving same, the method includes utilizing an image dose with a static jaw gap position to
6205349 Differentiating normal living myocardial tissue, injured living myocardial tissue, and infarcted March 20, 2001
By administering MR contrast agent such as Gd-DPTA, waiting for a predetermined period of time and then acquiring T1-weighted MR image data, infarcted myocardial tissue can be distinguished from injured myocardial tissue. An in vivo cine MR study is used to distinguish normal myocardial
6200025 Flexible automated specification testing for quality checks March 13, 2001
A system and method for maintaining a network of multiple radiation devices, such as linear accelerator radiation therapy devices. Automated specification testing and checking of the network of radiation therapy devices facilitates integrated analysis of collected information and sys
6196973 Flow estimation using an ultrasonically modulated contrast agent March 6, 2001
Reflectors such as microbubbles in a contrast agent introduced into a blood vessel of a patient are destroyed (or otherwise acoustically altered) using focused ultrasound at a modulation point according to an input modulation sequence. This creates "gaps" in the flowing contrast agent
6183417 Docking station for a patient monitoring system February 6, 2001
A docking station for a portable patient monitor is adapted for use in a system which includes a communications network and, optionally, a bedside display. The portable monitor is coupled to sensors for receiving patient data signals. The docking station includes a platform that can be
6176830 Method and system for pre-determining spectral doppler user parameters January 23, 2001
A method of initializing a spectral Doppler mode of operation for an ultrasonic system includes acquiring ultrasound-based data during a two-dimensional mode of operation for a particular examination session and includes automatically establishing settings for the Doppler mode operat
6171245 Method of imaging scatterers based on acoustically stimulated changes of their acoustic properti January 9, 2001
A method of imaging blood with the use of contrast agents. A sequence or ensemble of imaging pulses is transmitted into a patient. Echo signals received in response to each of the imaging pulses are received and analyzed to determine if the echoes are produced by tissue or by the con
6167114 System and method for calculating scatter radiation including a collimator thickness December 26, 2000
The present invention relates to a fast and accurate method for calculating fluence of a calculation plane over a patient. According to an embodiment of the present invention, only a subset of the collimator leaves are analyzed for the fluence calculation, thus reducing the number of
6162174 Method for compensating for object movement in ultrasound images December 19, 2000
A method for producing interpolated ultrasound images by storing at least two sequential ultrasound images and detecting the movement of objects of interest within two sequential images. A movement vector is then determined that describes the movement of each object within an image. One
6160340 Multifrequency ultrasonic transducer for 1.5D imaging December 12, 2000
An ultrasonic transducer has a center row of transducers operating at a center row frequency and first and second outer rows of transducers operating at a common frequency or different frequencies lower than the center row frequency. In an enhancement of the ultrasonic transducer arr
6158708 Rotational flatness improvement December 12, 2000
A radiation treatment apparatus (10) including a stand (12), a gantry (14) movably supported on the stand (12), the gantry (14) having a vertical section (16) and a generally linear cantilevered strut section (18), the cantilevered strut section (18) having a supported end adjacent the
6155981 Diagnostic ultrasonic imaging system and method for discriminating non-linearities December 5, 2000
In a diagnostic ultrasound imaging system, a sequence of more than two signals is transmitted into the interrogation of the patient's body. In one embodiment of the invention, the pulses are grouped as pairs that have an inverted phase, that is, one is time-domain negative of the other.
6148060 Integrated automatic exposure control for portal imaging in radiotherapy November 14, 2000
Method and system aspects for integrated automatic exposure control for portal imaging in radiotherapy are described. In an exemplary method aspect, the method includes controlling scanning and blanking of a target of a camera pick-up tube to capture an initial image, and analyzing the
6146331 Method for improved clutter suppression for ultrasonic color doppler imaging November 14, 2000
A Doppler ultrasound clutter suppression system and method in which the clutter is first low-pass filtered (716) to suppress the flow component (4024) just before mean frequency estimation (718). The mean frequency is then estimated and mixed with the original clutter data which is p
6142925 Method and system for increasing resolution in a radiotherapy system November 7, 2000
Method and system aspects for increasing resolution of a radiotherapy system to achieve virtual fractional monitor unit radiation delivery are described. Included in a method aspect, and system for achieving same, is identification of a desired treatment dose, the desired treatment dose
6134296 Microgradient intensity modulating multi-leaf collimator October 17, 2000
The present invention provides for delivering two one (1) centimeter by point five (0.5) centimeter intensity maps that are orthogonal to each other so as to generate microgradients within each one centimeter by one centimeter square. Thus, an effective intensity map grid size is point
6128366 Dosimetry error reduction for optimized static intensity modulation October 3, 2000
A radiation therapy delivery and dosimetry error correction system. Rather than iteratively creating more segments to correct for dosimetry errors, the present invention receives the outputs from a segment optimization algorithm (i.e., a set of segments and an initial set of monitor unit
6118847 System and method for gated radiotherapy based on physiological inputs September 12, 2000
A radiation therapy device (2) configured to receive a signal indicative of one or more of a patient's physiological parameters. The signal controls a gating, whereby a phase of an RF pulse (1002) and an injector pulse (1006) are varied so as to inhibit X-ray production without affecting
6110114 Flexible beam sequencing for 3-dimensional ultrasound imaging August 29, 2000
A method of generating data compatible with forming a three-dimensional ultrasonic image includes selecting different frame rates for generating patterns of image information and frames of non-imaging information, such as motion information. The frame rates may be independently determine
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