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Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. Patents
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
Alpharetta, GA
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D588600 Programmable logic controller system module March 17, 2009
D583382 Programmable logic controller system module December 23, 2008
D583381 Programmable logic controller system module December 23, 2008
D583380 Programmable logic controller system module December 23, 2008
D583379 Programmable logic controller system module December 23, 2008
D471402 Handle grip March 11, 2003
D454339 Visible step neutral bar March 12, 2002
D432094 Switch door with transparent window October 17, 2000
D430477 Handle grip September 5, 2000
D419966 Weatherproof enclosure February 1, 2000
D410437 Switch door June 1, 1999
D384332 Load center door September 30, 1997
7730611 High capacity pick and place process June 8, 2010
A method of accurately placing an object with a pick and place machine provides raw material. A desired surface topography is created in the raw material. The raw material is diced into parts using a bevel cut so that each of the parts has bevel surfaces. A fixture is provided that has a
7684879 Automating tuning of a closed loop controller March 23, 2010
The present invention is a novel device, system, and method for simultaneous selection of filters and loop proportional gain for a closed loop system. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a method provides an automated selection of the portion of the control
7635828 Methods for correcting slow roll December 22, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments comprise a method comprising a plurality of activities comprising, for a shaft of an electric motor, the shaft comprising a runout sensing area: determining an electrical runout value for the runout sensing area; rotating the shaft; and/or heating the ru
7614908 Insulating meter jaw guide for a watt-hour meter socket November 10, 2009
The invention provides an insulating meter jaw guide featuring a loop belt, a retaining fastener, a meter blade receiving slot, and a cavity housing. The insulating meter jaw guide may be positioned on a meter jaw of watt-hour meter socket, effectively covering the receiving end of a
7613542 Reference-based automatic address assignment system and method for a material handling system November 3, 2009
A material handling system and method of automatic address assignment of components of the material handling system, includes a conveying surface divided into a plurality of zones, a plurality of motors propelling each zone, a plurality of lower level controllers and a plurality of senso
7611358 Method of coupling circuit board connectors November 3, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments comprise a slide connector that can be adapted to electrically couple a first circuit board to a second circuit board. The first circuit board can comprise a first receptacle. The second circuit board can comprise a second receptacle. The slide connector
7609024 Auxiliary bus method October 27, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments can comprise a system comprising an electric drive system for a machine. The system can comprise a rectifier adapted to convert AC power from an alternator to DC power. The system can comprise an inverter adapted to receive DC power from the rectifier and
7603332 Devices, systems, and methods for mediated rule-based translation system configuration informati October 13, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a computer-based translation method that translates source information into target information using knowledge that arises from relationships between elements of the source information. In certain embodiments, the computer-based method can co
7599818 Control and diagnostics of power delivery system October 6, 2009
A method of monitoring a power delivery system includes receiving a gating signal packet from a power cell or other component of the power delivery system. The received packet includes bits that correspond to the status of one or more devices within the component. The packet also include
7599173 Systems, devices, and methods for securing covers October 6, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments comprise a system comprising an enclosure structure configured to restrict access to an electrical meter. The system can comprise a meter cover configured to cover and/or restrict access to the meter. One of the meter cover and the enclosure structure ca
7596462 Systems, methods, and devices for generating variable-frequency pulses September 29, 2009
At least one exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a method comprising obtaining a first frequency and a second frequency. The method also comprises creating a table of values comprising a plurality of target frequencies intermediate to the first and second frequencies,
7595970 Electronic trip indicator September 29, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments comprise an apparatus comprising, a circuit breaker comprising: an integral thermo-magnetic trip device adapted to trip said circuit breaker upon an occurrence of a current overload; an integral electronic trip device adapted to trip said circuit breaker upo
7595710 Maglatch mechanism for use in lighting control pod September 29, 2009
An electrical contact assembly includes a magnetic latch solenoid for actuating a moveable contact of a contact pair. The magnetic latch solenoid includes a magnet that latches the contact assembly in an open position, and a coil that moves an armature to the latched position under c
7589294 Delivery point sequencing mail sorting system with flat mail capability September 15, 2009
A method and apparatus for sorting articles to a delivery point sequence includes at least one article sorter adapted to sort articles and a conveying system operable to arrange and convey containers of articles sorted in a first sort pass to an induct of the article sorter for a sec
7584088 System and method for simulating a stress or failure in a simulated network of program logic con September 1, 2009
A system and method for simulating a stress or failure in a network of a plurality of simulated networked program logic controllers includes simulating a plurality of networked program logic controllers in a network, the networked program logic controllers each having network informa
7580772 Method of measuring a condition in a mail processing machine using a diagnostic mail unit August 25, 2009
A method for acquiring data regarding operation of a mail processing system includes the steps of configuring a diagnostic module as a mail piece, inserting the diagnostic module into a stream of mail being processed by the mail processing system, and collecting data with the diagnos
7579581 System for optically detecting an electrical arc in a power supply August 25, 2009
A system for optically detecting an electrical arc in a power supply. The system includes a light pipe, a photodetector optically coupled to the light pipe, and a signal processor connected to the photodetector.
7578711 Devices, systems, and method for coupling electrical conductors August 25, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a system, which can comprise a lug coupler that comprises a set of bus bars. Each of the set of bus bars can be adapted to be releasably attached to a corresponding terminal of a set of terminals of a circuit breaker. The system can comprise a se
7578079 Method for an autonomous loading shovel August 25, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments can comprise a method for controlling a machine. The method can comprise a plurality of activities that can comprise determining a profile of a surface responsive to a scan of the surface. The method can comprise identifying a predetermined profile from
7574821 Autonomous loading shovel system August 18, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a system comprising a processor adapted to determine a profile of a surface responsive to a scan of the surface. The processor can be adapted to identify a predetermined profile from a plurality of predetermined profiles, the identified predeterm
7568931 Integrated power cell bypass assembly and power supply including same August 4, 2009
A bypass assembly. The bypass assembly includes a plurality of movable terminals configured to mate with fixed terminals of a power cell of a power supply. At least one of the movable terminals and its corresponding fixed terminal collectively form a contact when the at least one of the
7566986 Selection line and serial control of remote operated devices in an integrated power distribution July 28, 2009
A power distribution apparatus for distributing electrical power includes circuit breaker modules and remote operated devices mounted separately in a panel. The devices may be relays, circuit breakers, meters, dimmers or other devices for controlling a circuit. An I/O controller board is
7566841 Tie bar for two pole switching device July 28, 2009
A multipole switching device for selectively switching electrical power from an electrical power source to a load circuit comprises a first control device comprising a housing, an electromechanical actuator in the housing including a movable plunger, and an electrical switch in the h
7565660 System and method for universal extensibility that supports a plurality of programmable logic co July 21, 2009
A method and system is provided for creating applications for one or more types of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). A open development kit (ODK) is provided that permits dynamic link libraries to be created and interfaced to a user application software and also to the interface
7560654 Extended drive plate rotary handle July 14, 2009
The present invention relates generally to a rotary handle. More particularly, the invention encompasses an improved support bracket for a deliberate action rotary handle. The invention further includes an improved support bracket to support an extended drive-plate deliberate action
7559793 Meter socket device with interchangeable meter jaw assembly July 14, 2009
The invention provides a meter socket assembly for a watt-hour meter with removable and changeable meter jaws. The meter socket assembly comprises a meter base, at least one meter jaw assembly with two optional terminal provisions. The assemblies are snapped on to the meter base
7558651 Dynamic setup wizard in lighting control system commissioning July 7, 2009
A dynamically configurable electrical distribution system is provided for selectively connecting an electrical power source to load devices. The system comprises an electrical distribution panel and a plurality of switching devices mounted in the panel each electrically connected bet
7555825 Systems, devices, and/or methods for balancing a rotating electric device July 7, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments provide a rotating machine assembly comprising a rotor machine assembly including a shaft, a plurality of laminations shrink fit around the circumference of the shaft, and weights affixed therebetween the laminations for balancing the rotating machine as
7554804 Electronic module configured for air flow therethrough and system including same June 30, 2009
An electronic module. The electronic module includes a chassis, a plurality of capacitors, a plurality of bus bars, and a heat sink. The chassis includes a first end and a second end. The first end is opposite the second end. The capacitors are positioned within the chassis, and at l
7554072 Amplifier configuration with noise reduction for a photodiode June 30, 2009
A system, method, and device for amplifying the signal of a photodiode are provided. The exemplary system may have a photodiode with an amplifier. The amplifier may have an amplifier inverting input, an amplifier non-inverting input, and an amplifier output. A photodiode of the system
7547174 Method of removing a flat article from a holder June 16, 2009
A method for sorting mail to a case having a plurality of slots is described, wherein each slot corresponds to a destination. The method includes steps of loading a mail piece to be sorted into a delivery robot, determining for the mail piece a destination slot the mail piece is to b
7546225 Methods and systems for electronics assembly system consultation and sales June 9, 2009
Methods and systems for electronics assembly system consultation and sales build upon an approach to modeling and simulation of such systems in which the system is modeled at a preselected level of abstraction, which in the preferred embodiment of the invention is the material flow level
7538992 System, device, and method for over-current relays protecting motors May 26, 2009
A system, method, and device for protecting an induction motor are disclosed. The exemplary system may have a module for determining the current drawn by the motor and a module for determining the state of the motor. The system may calculate a used thermal capacity based on a first f
7535605 OCR targeting device May 19, 2009
A targeting device suitable for mounting an optical scanner includes a frame, a linkage slidably mounted on the frame, an actuator arm secured to the linkage, which actuator arm has an outer surface configured to slidingly engage the surface of the object to be scanned and a holder m
7516265 System and method for providing an application with memory access methods April 7, 2009
A system for providing an application with a plurality of methods for accessing memory of a programmable logic controller includes an application, an interface for establishing communication between the application and a programmable logic controller, and a shared memory area initiat
7512669 Method for providing engineering tool services and determining expense March 31, 2009
A method and system for generating programming code and/or configuration data for programmable controller and the networks on which they operate is disclosed. In one embodiment, programming code is generated on a centralized server having a web-enabled engineering tool. The engineering
7512593 System for searching across a PLC network March 31, 2009
Certain exemplary embodiments can comprise a method, comprising: recognizing, by a PLC, that a memory device has been connected to the PLC; and configuring the PLC via a PLC executable software program resident on the memory device. Certain exemplary embodiments can comprise a method
7511975 System and method for limiting AC inrush current March 31, 2009
A system for limiting AC inrush current to a power supply. The system comprises first, second, and third windings magnetically coupled to a core of a transformer of the power supply. The system also comprises a first low-voltage contactor and a second low-voltage contactor. The syste
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