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Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. Patents
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, CN
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D669189 Biochemical analyzer system October 16, 2012
D657061 Portable ultrasound device April 3, 2012
D649644 Defibrillator November 29, 2011
D637291 Portable ultrasonic imaging device May 3, 2011
D560131 Biochemical analyzer January 22, 2008
D552741 Patient monitor October 9, 2007
D550366 Portable ultrasound device September 4, 2007
8563321 Chemiluminescent compositions, enhancing reagents for chemiluminescence and methods for the prep October 22, 2013
A enhancing reagent for enhancing chemiluminescence of 1,2-dioxetane compounds and a method for using the enhancing reagent to enhance the chemiluminescence are provided, in which the enhancing reagent contains an alkyl bis-quaternary ammonium salt of Formula I. A chemiluminescent co
8561469 Three-dimensional mechanical ultrasonic probe October 22, 2013
A three-dimensional mechanical ultrasound probe includes a base; a transducer for emitting an ultrasonic signal; a driven wheel with a hole, the driven wheel being connected to the transducer, the transducer being swung by the driven wheel; a motor fixed on the base; and a transmission
8290061 Method and apparatus for adaptive frame averaging October 16, 2012
A method for adaptive frame averaging includes dividing a current frame image into a plurality of sub-blocks; obtaining a characteristic for each of the plurality of sub-blocks to obtain a characteristic image of the current frame image; determining a frame averaging coefficient for each
8282560 Frame averaging circuit for use in an ultrasound imaging system October 9, 2012
A frame averaging circuit adapted for a color blood flow frame in a medical ultrasound imaging system. The frame averaging circuit comprises two sections, i.e., a recursive calculation section and a non-recursive section. The recursive calculation section employs an IIR filter in com
8280472 Method and apparatus for measuring blood oxygen saturation October 2, 2012
A method and apparatus are disclosed for measuring blood oxygen saturation by using spectrophotometry to improve the accuracy of the measurement under a condition of low perfusion.
8275434 Method for measuring blood oxygen content under low perfusion September 25, 2012
A method for measuring blood oxygen content under low perfusion, which is used in a device for measuring blood oxygen content, includes the steps of: initializing the device that is applied with power; collecting and processing data with a driving circuit of light emitting device, a bias
8273329 Cyanine compounds, compositions including these compounds and their use in cell analysis September 25, 2012
A compound having the general formula I or a conjugate thereof, wherein various groups are as defined in the specification. A composition includes: (i) a compound having the general formula I or a conjugate thereof; and (ii) at least one surfactant selected from cationic surfactants
8265893 Digital reordering unit, ultrasonic front-end device and operating method thereof September 11, 2012
A digital reordering unit, an ultrasonic front-end device and operating method thereof are provided. The ultrasonic front-end device may be connected between a probe and a detector of the ultrasonic system and controlled by a primary controller of the ultrasonic system, the ultrasoni
8265748 Defibrillator with a normalized electrode interface and defibrillating electrode September 11, 2012
A defibrillator includes a defibrillator mainframe and a defibrillating electrode. The defibrillator mainframe includes a main control unit and a master device electrically connected to the main control unit. The defibrillating electrode comprises a slave device supporting a bus prot
8263021 Rotating mechanism for solid-solid direct-heating reaction disc September 11, 2012
The present invention discloses a rotating mechanism for rotationally driving a solid-solid direct-heating reaction disc, comprising a fixed hollow shaft, a rotating sleeve assembly and a signal commutator, wherein the fixed hollow shaft is fixed, the rotating sleeve assembly rotatably
8260836 Method and device for generating a filter coefficient in real time September 4, 2012
The present invention provides a method and device for generating a filter coefficient in real time. The method includes: looking up a converted window function value in a converted window function table based on a current coefficient index; generating a current cut-off angular frequ
8251334 Pivotable support shaft for display August 28, 2012
A pivotable support shaft for connecting a display with a base member and supporting the display is disclosed. The support is designed to enable the display to have different postures in working condition and package and transporting condition. For example, in the working condition, the
8246248 Stroke control device August 21, 2012
A stroke control device includes a first driving mechanism driving a carrier into a linear movement, the first driving mechanism comprising a rotating shaft arranged rotatably on a main body for receiving power input, a stopper being configured to move linearly, first and second limi
8211018 Time multiplexed method and device for beamforming July 3, 2012
The present invention relates to a digital beamformer in ultrasound imaging after the process of receiving a digital echo signal. Provided herein is a time multiplexed device and method for beamforming. The device includes an echo data write/read unit, a multi-beam processing unit, a
8206302 Method and apparatus for filling doppler signal gaps in ultrasound diagnostic imaging June 26, 2012
The present invention provides a method and apparatus for filling Doppler signal gaps. The method comprises steps of: storing Doppler signals before and after a gap; analyzing spectral characteristics of the Doppler signals to be filled; judging whether the Doppler signals are to be
8204332 Method and device for tone scale curve generation June 19, 2012
A method and device for generating an adaptive image tone scale curve and an image processing system including the device are provided. The method may include determining an abscissa and an ordinate of a reference control point and a reference slope of a curve passing the reference c
8197128 Method and device for temperature prediction June 12, 2012
A method and a device for temperature prediction or measurement are disclosed. The method comprises: acquiring temperature data outputted from a thermometer probe; selecting some temperature data within a valid time period from the acquired data; determining a first specific time poi
8196575 Method and an apparatus for monitoring and controlling flows June 12, 2012
A method and an apparatus for monitoring and controlling flows in medical equipment including an anesthetic machine and a ventilator for influencing a patient's respiratory system are disclosed. The apparatus includes a microprocessor and an airway system including drive gas conduits
8187192 Method and apparatus for scan conversion and interpolation of ultrasonic linear array steering i May 29, 2012
A method and apparatus for scan conversion and interpolation of linear array steering imaging in an ultrasonic system are disclosed. The method computes the points that are most related to the point to be interpolated in the principal direction of the point spread function and performs
8181921 Platform telescoping mechanism May 22, 2012
Disclosed are various embodiments of a platform telescoping system which comprises a platform, a first supporting arm, a second supporting arm, a telescopic driving mechanism which comprises a first power output, end and a rotational driving mechanism which comprises a second power outpu
8179997 Real-time digital quadrature demodulation method and device for ultrasonic imaging system May 15, 2012
A real-time digital quadrature demodulation method and device for the ultrasonic imaging system are disclosed in this invention. In addition to a multiplying step and a filtering step, the method further comprises a sine and cosine table generating step for generating the sine and cosine
8163559 White blood cell differentiation reagent and method April 24, 2012
A reagent for four-part differentiation of white blood cells is provided. In one embodiment the reagent has an osmolality below 50 mOsm/kg H.sub.2O. A method for differentiating white blood cells using the reagent is also provided. The disclosure provides for a rapid lysis of red blo
8163470 Simulated 5-part differential leukocyte granules, the method for preparing the same and control April 24, 2012
A method for preparing five-part differential leukocyte analogs from red blood cells includes selecting appropriate red blood cells; treating the red blood cells with a multi-functional reagent system for maintenance of a structural integrity of the membranes of the red blood cells and
8162838 Doppler signal spectrum calculating method and apparatus April 24, 2012
A method and apparatus is disclosed for calculating a Doppler signal spectrum. The method includes a step of estimating parameters of a Doppler signal, and a step of resolving a predefined spectrum function using the parameters, the spectrum function being at least a function of the
8162537 Thermometer quick linkage apparatus and method April 24, 2012
A thermometer quick linkage apparatus comprises an elastic member, a button, a probe, and a chamber having one end provided with an opening for receiving the end portion of the probe, and the other end also provided with an opening for receiving the button. Within the chamber, one en
8157737 Method and apparatus for real time spatial compound imaging April 17, 2012
The present invention provides a method and device for spatial compound imaging. The method comprises steps of receiving a component image C(i, j), where i denotes a steering scan cycle, and j a steering angle of the component image; computing a differential image by subtracting a co
8152733 Method for improving recognition rate of respiratory wave April 10, 2012
The present invention discloses a method for improving recognition rate of respiratory wave, which is used for a data processing module of a respiratory rate measuring or monitoring device, specifically, said method comprises the steps of: receiving, via a data processing module, res
8152722 Method and apparatus for quickly determining an imaging region in an ultrasonic imaging system April 10, 2012
A method and apparatus for quickly determining an imaging region associated with the current transmission in an ultrasonic imaging system includes determining a profile of the imaging region to be processed and, in turn, boundaries of that imaging region according to characteristics
8147412 Ultrasound doppler dealiasing without zero insertion April 3, 2012
The present application provides a method for generating dealiased Doppler signals in a spectral Doppler system. The method comprises the steps of: filtering each of two quadrature components of obtained quadrature Doppler signals by using at least four filters in at least four paral
8143064 Reagents and methods for classifying leukocytes March 27, 2012
A reagent for classification of leukocytes includes (a) at least two cationic surfactants; (b) at least one organic compound bearing a hydrophobic group and an anionic group; (c) a buffer for adjusting pH into a range of approximately 2-8. Also disclosed is a method for classifying l
8142361 Method and apparatus for automatic optimization of doppler imaging parameters March 27, 2012
A method and apparatus are disclosed for automatic optimization of Doppler imaging parameters. The method includes obtaining and storing at least two characteristic spectral lines at a predetermined pulse repetition frequency. The method further includes optimizing at least one of th
8137281 Structure for attaching needle guide to ultrasound probe March 20, 2012
A structure for attaching a needle guide to an ultrasound probe is provided, which includes a probe casing and a needle guide. The probe casing includes a head part provided at a front side of the probe casing and a grasping part provided at a back side of the probe casing and connec
8135191 Method and device for automatically detecting collimation edges March 13, 2012
A method for automatically detecting a collimation edge or region includes reading an image captured by an X-ray imaging system, detecting intersection points between a foreground and a background and between a foreground and a tissue on the X-ray image, and performing a Hough transf
8125523 Device and method for ultrasonic video display February 28, 2012
An ultrasonic video display device may comprise a memory; a programmable logic device, which may comprise a VGA signal receiving module for receiving and demodulating digital video signals and a video signal processing module including a memory controller, a gamma correcting unit, a
8112147 Method and apparatus for generating determination indexes for identifying ECG interfering signal February 7, 2012
A method for generating determination indexes for identifying ECG interfering signals includes acquiring ECG signals to obtain a sequence of data values representing original ECG signals; dividing the sequence of data values acquired during a period of time into groups and collecting
8090165 Ultrasonic imaging system and a method for optimizing the gray level of ultrasonic images January 3, 2012
The invention relates to an ultrasonic system and a method for optimizing gray level value of ultrasonic images used in the ultrasonic system, the method comprises: an acquiring step for acquiring the ultrasonic image; a searching step for searching non-evenly divided sub-areas from the
8088068 Multiple ultrasound beams transmitting and receiving method and apparatus January 3, 2012
This present application describes a multiple ultrasound beams transmitting and receiving method, comprising: transmitting a first fat beam along a first transmit line with a first transmit aperture; receiving echo of the first fat beam with a first receive aperture and forming data
8087817 Apparatus and method for automatically diluting and rinsing January 3, 2012
Disclosed is an auto-diluting and rinsing apparatus, comprising: a concentrated detergent container for holding concentrated detergent to be diluted; a diluter container for holding diluter, which is used to dilute the concentrated detergent; and a diluted detergent container for holding
8087635 Pneumatic pinch valve January 3, 2012
A pneumatic pinch valve assembly having a lever, a piston supporting a pressing piece, and a fluid tube receiving space formed between the lever and the pressing piece for receiving fluid tubes is disclosed. Air is introduced into a cavity to actuate the piston in order to pinch a fluid
8070683 Scan conversion for ultrasonic imaging and apparatus using the same December 6, 2011
A scan conversion method for ultrasonic imaging is disclosed. The method comprises a storage step for storing sample data derived from ultrasonic echo signals into a memory; a conversion step for performing conversion between target coordinate points in a display coordinate system and
8068110 Remote display method and system for a monitor apparatus November 29, 2011
A remote displaying method for monitor apparatus, comprises: converting step, for converting a plurality of graphic elements which constitute a displayed graphic on the monitor apparatus into a plurality of corresponding display instructions; transmitting step, for transmitting the d
8067602 Asymmetric cyanine fluorescent dyes, compositions and their use in staining biological samples November 29, 2011
Asymmetric cyanine fluorescent dyes are represented by general formula I. These kinds of dyes may be used as a staining agent for nucleic acids, with the spectra at 600-900 nm in the near-infrared region and without interference from background fluorescence. These kinds of dyes may be
8065004 Method and apparatus for automatic self-test of medical device November 22, 2011
A method and apparatus are disclosed for automatic self-test of a medical device. The method includes detecting whether the medical device has reached an automatic self-test time set in the last time, when the medical device is in a power-off state. If the result of the detecting is
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